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Originally published January 16 2004

Northeastern University professor lays out the truth about mad cow disease: it may be in your freezer

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Here's a must read article on mad cow disease. It focuses on the
comments from a professor at Northeastern University who says that
contaminated beef is right now sitting in grocery stores and personal
freezers all across the country. He goes on to state that the reason
the beef and cattle industries are fighting so hard against mad cow
testing other animals is because they know that many more animals are
affected, and is simply don't want to be faced with the reality of
finding that out! He also points out that both England and Japan now
test all the cows for mad cow disease, following the earlier outbreaks,
and that the United States should follow their lead in test its own cows
as well. I couldn't agree more: the USDA is clearly protecting the
cattle industry instead of protecting consumers. It will probably take
the death of American consumers from mad cow disease before the USDA
changes its position an attempt to demand a testing of all cattle. This
article also mentions the use of brain tissue and nerve tissue in feed
given to cows at small and large ranches all across the country - a
practice that is in fact the perfect environment for the spread of mad
cow disease, and one that has been hidden from public view for many
years. I believe that the public actually knew what went into the cows
that they are eating, they wouldn't touch red meat in any form


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