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Originally published January 16 2004

Bad medicine: deadly dose of painkillers prescribed to boy with a headache

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Very few of these medical area stories ever make it to press, but when
they do the details are usually quite appalling. In this case doctors
manage to actually kill a 12-year-old boy suffering from nothing more
than a severe headache by prescribing a fatal cocktail of prescription
drugs. The boy's parents, naturally, are suing the hospital for
malpractice. But this news story contains other alarming medical errors
experienced by the same hospital, such as the death of another patient
from a flying fire extinguisher that was violently attracted to the
magnetic resonance imaging machine during its use. As it turns out, in
this case the hospital killed the wrong patient: the parents of the
12-year-old boy suffering from a headache are in fact old show wealthy
real estate tycoon's who have the will and the means to conduct an
aggressive, prolonged legal campaign against the hospital. The hospital
for its part, seems to be saying it's not at fault, and that the parents
of the 12-year-old boy interfere with his medical care. Apparently,
they did not interfere enough, because the hospital manage to prescribe
a deadly mix of prescription drugs that ended up killing the boy.
Medical mistakes kill at least 100,000 patients each year in hospitals
across the United States according to research published in the Journal
of the American Medical Association, prescription drugs are the third
leading cause of death in United States. That's bad medicine.


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