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Originally published January 16 2004

Obesity causes cancer, says American Cancer Society

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Here's some interesting research from the American Cancer Society that
discusses the links between obesity and cancer. Although the report
shows a slight decline in some cancers - such as long cancers which were
mostly due to smoking - it also establishes a much stronger lane between
obesity and about a dozen different types of cancer. This is a link
that has been frequently overlooked by almost everyone, but is now
coming out as a strong link and one that deserves attention. What it
means is that dietary factors that contribute to obesity also indirectly
contribute to cancer. So that sugarcoated donut you had in the morning
doesn't just make you fat, it may also eventually move you towards more
serious disease like diabetes or cancer. The fact is, cancer is a
metabolic disorder, not a disease caused by some sort of invading germ.
And it is systemic, not local as is sometimes implied by disorder
treatments that focus on tumor size and tumor location. And when you
have unhealthy dietary habits, such as consuming refined sugars and
grains in large quantities as most Americans do, you're going to
contribute to systemic metabolic disorders that ultimately lead to
serious diseases like cancer. The solution, of course, is to maintain a
healthy weight. If that means focusing on losing weight, then weight
loss can, indeed, be considered a cancer prevention strategy.


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