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Originally published January 7 2004

The human body both absorbs and emits healing light energy

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Here's an excellent overview of the principles of phototherapy, light therapy, LED therapy or whatever term you wish to use. It explains how the human body not only responds to phototherapy with a healing effect, but also emits light in a broad spectrum. The human body emits light, you say? In fact, it does. And the lore of healers and spiritual leader from Jesus Christ to Buddha shows each one surrounded in such light: a halo, or a glimmering aura. If you thought those images were just myth, think again: I'd bet that part of the healing ability of healers ancient and modern comes from their ability to intensify and direct sources of healing light, most notably in the non-visible infrared spectrum.

Interestingly, as a consumer you can get this light from a variety of sources, such as phototherapy devices (LED lights with a specific spectrum) or from practiced healers, such as graduated of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, which trains people in vibrational healing. Vibrational medicine bridges science and mysticism, and there is profound healing to be found in both realms.


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