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Originally published January 7 2004

Poultry industry, like the beef industry, is steeped in evil practices

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

This is fascinating news for several reasons, not the least of which is the fact that chicken litter is being fed to cattle in the U.S. (see the mad cow disease articles for more) and, therefore, cows are ingesting highly toxic arsenic that's contained in the chicken litter. Another concern is that chicken litter, laced with arsenic, is being used as crop fertilizer. Inevitably, arsenic finds its way into the rivers, stream and even the crops that are later consumed by humans. In fact, on the face of it, the practice of feeding chickens even trace amounts of arsenic seems bizarre.

But don't put it past meat growers to use any chemical necessary to generate more profits. We've already seen how the beef industry feeds diseased, dead cow parts, including spinal cord tissue, to chickens, and then takes that chicken litter and feeds it back to cows. Is it any surprise that the poultry industry is any less inhumane in their operations? To them, it's just a factory after all. Chickens are kept in tiny cages for the duration of their miserable lives. Their beaks are cut off so they can't injure other chickens when they go mad from the conditions under which they are forced to live. And their bodies are pumped full of chemicals to make sure they stay alive just long enough to make it to the slaughterhouse. It's a cruel industry, and every time you eat chicken at a restaurant or buy chicken at the grocery store, you support it.

The solution is to buy only free range chicken, organically farmed by responsible families who allow their chickens to run free and eat bugs and weeds, just like chickens are supposed to do.


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