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Originally published January 6 2004

Despite the science, the FDA allows harmful hormone replacement therapy drugs to stay on the market

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

What's most fascinating about this news is not the news itself: it's the admission that the FDA allows the continued widespread selling of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) drugs even though they have been clinically shown to cause breast cancer and heart disease! Can you imagine what magnitude of wrath the FDA would unleash on any herb that produced similar results? If echinacea were found to cause heart disease, for example, the entire medical machine -- doctors, journals, the FDA and the whole lot -- would join together in a headline-grabbing outcry campaign against the herb. And the FDA would ban it in short order, too, just like they banned ephedra, an herb linked to a mere 150 or so deaths. Hormone replacement therapy, in contrast, has now contributed to cancer and heart disease for over a hundred million patients in the last decade alone. How's that for a scale of comparison? And yet the FDA remains silent.

It's no secret why: the FDA is promoting profitable drugs while engaging in a massive campaign to unfairly discredit anything that's outside the control of Big Medicine. That's why I'm a big proponent of FDA reform.


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