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Originally published January 6 2004

Health benefits of coffee hyped by research that ignores the rest of the story

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

This research shows that regular coffee consumptions slightly lowers diabetes risk, but the researchers only seem capable of guessing at one ingredient as the cause: caffeine. The fact is, the coffee bean is a tropical plant and is loaded with a vast spectrum of phytonutrients that probably offers a protective effect to the pancreas. Caffeine very likely has nothing to do with it.

What the study doesn't say, by the way, is that coffee is one of the most expensive ways to get health-enhancing nutrients into your body. Typically coffee is mostly water. A much better way to improve your health using tropical plants is to take supplements of Amazon herbs, which can be purchased from a variety of online sources. Another way is to eat nutrient-dense superfoods such as chlorella, spirulina or wheat grass juice. Ounce per ounce, these superfoods are no more expensive than coffee, and yet they pack in probably tens of thousands of times as much nutrition at the molecular level.

Finally, the study doesn't mention that coffee has a variety of highly destructive effects on the human body, too, such as leeching minerals from bones due to coffee's high acidity. Nor does it mention that many people use extremely unhealthy creamers in their coffee: a product often made with hydrogenated oils that are well known to contribute to heart disease. The bottom line? Coffee in the real world, not the lab, is more like a junk food than a health food, and its addiction properties make it a poor choice for people seeking balance and health. And the way most people drink it, coffee probably promotes heart disease.


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