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Originally published January 5 2004

If you eat red meat, you've been eating recycled chicken feces, thanks to the FDA and USDA

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Finally, USA Today tackles the issue with a pointed article that
questions why the FDA hasn't simply banned the use of dead cows in
cattle feed. Let's face it: mad cow disease only happens when you feed
dead cows to live cows. It's a sickening, inhumane practice, but it
makes ranchers money, and so there's tremendous political pressure to
make it happen. If you've been eating red meat all this time, hopefully
you're at least a little bit shocked that you've been eating meat from
cows that were fed chicken litter, and those chickens were fed dead,
diseased cows containing spinal cord material that could carry mad cow
disease. Knowing this, I'm not sure why any decent human being would eat
beef anymore. It's technically not that different from reaching into
your toilet bowl and chowing down on your own feces.


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