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Originally published January 2 2004

Garlic conquers superbugs that breed in hospitals overrun by prescription antibiotics

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

It takes prescription antibiotics to breed superbugs, and many U.S.
doctors are more than happy to keep on prescribing -- even when patients
don't need the drugs. But when infections become resistant to even the
most "powerful" antibiotics on the menu, where should you turn? To
nature, of course, where the humble garlic plant offers solutions that
even the most overhyped pharmaceutical labs can't match. Garlic kills
superbugs, even when antibiotics fail. So why don't U.S. doctors
prescribe garlic? Because drug companies don't promote garlic. It's
simply not profitable. You see, in practice, good science gets tossed
out the window. Using garlic to heal patients is good science and good
medicine. But most M.D.s are hardly willing to touch it. Even the news
about this comes from outside the USA.


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