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Originally published November 9 2003

Mediterranean diet heals; everyday American groceries kill

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

As this research shows, dietary changes alone can dramatically alter the health of humans. People who eat olive oil are generally healthier than those who don't. And diets rich in fruits and vegetables -- and low in meat consumption -- are healthier still.

The evidence keeps piling up: diet is the cure to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and a long list of other diseases of affluence. That's because it's our groceries that cause these diseases in the first place.

Unhealthy groceries -- containing refined sugars, hydrogenated oils, chemical additives and color fixing chemicals like sodium nitrite -- lead directly to the top ten diseases in America. A Mediterranean diet reverses nearly all those diseases, before they result in what I call "extremist medicine" -- drugs and surgery.

Olive oil is remarkably healthful for the heart and cardiovascular system. Flax oil is also a dietary oil with remarkable healing properties. The Mediterranean diet, in fact, is loaded with omega-3 oils.

Interested in having a healthy heart? Avoid any food containing partially hydrogenated oil. But prepare yourself to be shocked: virtually every cracker, cookie and pastry is made with this harmful ingredient.


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