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Originally published November 23 2003

Mammograms produce extremely unreliable test results

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Mammograms are one of the great myths of modern medicine: they're extremely unreliable and give false positives, especially in the U.S. where intepretation standards vary widely. Even worse, mammograms are cancer-causing procedures to begin with, since they work by irradiating the human breast -- an action that inevitably increases a woman's risk of breast cance.

The whole promise of mammograms is groundless to begin with. Any cancer tumor that's big enough to show up on a mammogram is already a hundred thousand cells in size, meaning that the cancer has spread to other areas of the body. Treating one breast cancer tumor is useless. Only a holistic, body-wide approach can solve the problem.

So how do you solve it? By supporting the immune system and using healing herbs like garlic and ginger. For potent medicinal herbs that fight cancer, turn to graviola (a rainforest herb). Superfoods like spirulina also contain powerful anti-cancer phytochemicals. And, of course, raw broccoli is absolutely packed with anti-cancer phytochemicals. Raw broccoli sprouts are even better.

The bottom line? Mammograms are a myth. They do more harm than good, and they're all but worthless as an early detection protocol. Instead of relying on early detection, rely on proven cancer prevention: physical exercise, outstanding nutrition, Amazon herb, superfoods and stress reduction. You don't need mammograms if you're cancer free in the first place.


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