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Originally published November 23 2003

Sewage sludge legal to use as fertilizer on crops

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

It's an outrage: the EPA says farmers can spread human waste sludge on their crops, regardless of what's in the sludge. And with the general public putting all sorts of toxic ingredients into their own bodies in terms of personal care products loaded with toxic chemicals and cancer-causing food additives like sodium nitrite, there's tremendous cause for concern. And this doesn't even mention the outrageous number of prescription drugs and drug chemicals being put into peoples' bodies that end up in the sewage sludge. This sludge has measurable levels of antidepressant drugs, for one thing.

All this is insanity. It's bad enough that people fill their bodies with highly toxic food ingredients, but it's even worse that the EPA allows farmers to spread this on their crops and, ultimately, allow it right back into the food supply. Doesn't anybody realize that we are poisoning ourselves in this way? There's no concern for human health here: just pure profits. Anything that can make crops grow faster and improve yields is embraced by corporate farmers and government regulators, regardless of the health implications for the general public.

It's all one more reason to buy organic foods and organic produce whenever possible.


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