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Originally published November 7 2003

Shutting down RX Depot is all about protecting drug profits, not consumers

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Background: RX Depot was importing prescription drugs from Canada (where they are cheaper) and selling them to customers in the U.S. (where the drugs are very expensive). The U.S. drug companies, of course, didn't like this, and they invented all sorts of false accusations to try to discredit RX Depot, saying that imported drugs were dangerous because they might be counterfeit, for example.

Ultimately, U.S. drug companies got the FDA involved, and the FDA managed to shut down RX Depot. But this isn't a story about protecting the U.S. consumer. It's a story about protecting a highly profitable drug distribution channel in the U.S. and keeping the medical racket alive and well.

It's a story of profiteering on the backs of U.S. consumers who are paying 3,000% markups (and more) for prescription drugs that cause liver damage, gastrointenstinal scarring, and a whole host of long-term side effects that endanger the lives of customers.

Because the real danger of prescription drugs isn't that they come from Canada: it's that over 100,000 Americans die each year from prescription drugs. That's more than 25 times the deaths on 9/11. Yet where's the outrage?

All's quiet on the drug front. Big Medicine has managed to shut down media criticism by buying the media with page after page of direct-to-consumer advertising that touts unsafe chemicals for a growing list of so-called "diseases" (like the disease of feeling nervous when speaking in front of people. According to Big Medicine, this is now a chemical imbalance in your brain, not just nervousness, and you need treatment).

Big Medicine is running the greatest con ever perpetrated on the American public. They're stuffing people full of dangerous chemicals and charging them the highest prices in the world to do so. And with the help of the FDA, they're managing to blockade alternative sources for the exact same drugs, forcing people to buy at the higher U.S. prices.

It's time to put a stop to the Big Medicine racket. Want to read more about how the FDA is all about protecting profits and not protecting consumers? Click here to read an AP article on the subject. It tells how a former FDA pharmacologist, who quit in disgust, was told to just approve drugs and not question any problems that might arise.


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