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Originally published October 21 2003

Good Science, Bad Reporting: Batteries Aren't Powered By Water

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Push water through tiny channels and you can create a microcurrent. From this, some press writers have reached the ridiculous conclusion that batteries will be powered by water. In reality, anybody can create thousands of volts of electricity by walking across a carpet in their socks. Does that mean batteries will be powered by socks?

Of course not. It's the movement of the water that matters. So what power will be used to move the water through these battery devices? Apparently, the people reporting this news haven't thought of this.

Saying that this device "runs on water" implies that water is a fuel that is consumed during operation. That's undoubtedly the way most people read this story, and it's categorically incorrect. The device uses no water whatsoever during operation, and it's not powered by water at all.

Saying this device "runs on water" is equivalent to saying that hydroelectric dams run on water. It's a common misconception of those who don't understand physics. In fact, these devices convert kinetic energy into electrical energy. And that's precisely what this invention by Kostiuk and Kwok does.

It's interesting, yes. But not revolutionary. Early factories in the 19th century were powered by the exact same technology on a larger scale: water wheels.

The battery of the future could be powered by nothing but water following the discovery of the first entirely new way to generate electricity in more than 160 years. Initial applications could be mobile phones and other electronic devices that use rechargeable batteries, but Larry Kostiuk and Daniel Kwok, researchers at the University of Alberta who made the discovery, think that, in time, it could even be used for full-scale power generation. With water being made up of positive and negative elements, those with the same charge as the surface are slightly repelled; those with the opposite charge are attracted.

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