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The mission of The Greater Good is:

  • To take a step back from the recent divisiveness, discuss the vaccine issue's complexity and nuances, and bring the bigger picture into focus.
  • To create a safe space to bring rational and reasonable ideas back to the important vaccine discussion.
  • To serve as a resource for parents, physicians and other concerned audiences to support a national dialogue on vaccines and vaccine safety.

When you support the filmmakers, you will get to view the film forever, and you will get 5 additional documents.

In the months following completion of the documentary film The Greater Good, Producer Leslie Manookian has been compiling a Science Catalogue on the issue of vaccines and vaccine safety. To date the Catalogue features nearly 200 documents never before assembled in one place. The Catalogue is being made available for the first time here at as an exclusive sneak peak in advance of the release of the Catalogue on the film's revamped website, set to launch on September 13th.

In The Greater Good, You Will Look Honestly At:

  • Gardasil
  • Chronic Illness and Vaccination
  • Chronic Disease
  • Vaccines and Brain Damage
  • Placebos
  • Aluminum in Vaccines
  • Mercury and Cause for Concern
  • Studies Suggesting Mercury Does Not Cause Autism
  • Vaccination and Decline of Infectious Disease Mortality
  • Vaccine Schedules
  • Federal Vaccine Advisors and Conflicts of Interest
  • Drug Industry Lobbying Expenditure
  • Measles Cases in U.S.

You Will Find Out:

  • How many vaccines do kids get today?
  • Is vaccine safety just an issue for new parents?
  • Are vaccines safe?
  • What kinds of risks am I taking if I vaccinate my child?
  • How often do adverse vaccine reactions occur?
  • My doctor says that reactions such as swelling, soreness, tenderness and a lump at the injection site, fever, fussiness, tiredness, and vomiting after vaccination are normal and nothing to worry about. Is this true?
  • Are all the ingredients in vaccines safe?
  • Is the aluminum in vaccines safe?
  • Are vaccines properly studied for safety and effectiveness?
  • Do doctors know all there is to know about vaccines and their safety?
  • Aren't vaccines safer than getting the diseases?
  • Are vaccines responsible for the low levels of mortality we see from infectious diseases in the developed world?
  • Do vaccines cause chronic illness?
  • Do vaccines cause autism?
  • Hasn't science proved there is no link between mercury and autism?
  • Are vaccines mandatory?
  • If I suffer a reaction to a vaccine can I sue someone for the damage?
  • Won't disease come back if we stop vaccinating?

When supporting the filmmakers through purchasing the streaming version of the film, you will be able to view the film The Greater Good forever and you will receive additional bonus downloadable documents where you can:

  • Understand the FAQ's presented in the film
  • Discover additional sources of information
  • Learn several points about the vaccine issue by seeing a catalogue of scientific research on vaccines
  • Understand how to talk about this complex issues with your friends and family

"This is a must-see documentary. It will open your eyes to the truth about vaccines and forever change your understanding of the lies and mythologies promoted by the medical establishment."

- Mike Adams, The Health Ranger


A film by Leslie Manookian, Kendall Nelson and Chris Pilaro
A BNP Pictures Production, 2011 Produced by Leslie Manookian, Kendall Nelson and Chris Pilaro
Directed by Kendall Nelson and Chris Pilaro Written by Leslie Manookian

Executive Producer Samantha Bass Directory of Photography Daniel B. Gold Edited by Penelope Falk
Music by Stephen Thomas Cavit Animation by Awesome and Modest