Five ways hemp protein powder and hemp seeds will improve your life

Hemp is one of the most valuable sources of protein available to man. It’s important to source the best quality hemp protein powder or seeds for optimal health. Besides providing benefits such as increased energy, an improved immune system and an improved metabolism, hemp provides plenty of other ways to a better quality of life. Read More


Where to find the best, purest hemp powder

Hemp seeds come from the hemp plant (cannabis sativa), a fibrous species of plant most well-known for its historical use in making textiles, rope and paper. Hemp and its derived seeds are not the same plant as its THC potent cousin, marijuana. Hemp has been grown and used extensively in all parts of the world Read More

Hemp Seeds

Add hemp seeds to your diet for multiple benefits

There is a long tradition of cooking with hemp in many regions of the world, which unfortunately has been seen in a negative light in recent decades due to its association with marijuana. Hemp does not contain the psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana and is very beneficial for overall health. Adding hemp seeds to one’s Read More