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Coronavirus is now being found in biosludge


This isn’t necessarily to say that coronavirus-contaminated biosludge is definitely going to infect people who eat food grown from it with the virus, because that more than likely won’t happen. ... It’s a known fact that the federal government is lying about the safety of biosludge already, minus the added risk of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). "...

Is "biosludge" responsible for causing more cancer?


Is “biosludge” responsible for causing more cancer? Thursday, January 24, 2019 by: Ethan Huff Alex Jones , Atrazine , badcancer , badfood , badhealth , bill clinton , Biosludge , Biosludged , Brighteon , Brighteon Films , chemicals , disease , disease causes , documentary , environmentalism , film , food supply , legislation , poisoning , SV-40 , toxins , wastewater - (Natural News ) Back when Bill Clinton was president in the 1990s, legislation was passed to allow for human sewage ...

The government is LYING about the safety of "biosludge"


Despite the fact that a little known “503 rule” by the EPA clearly states that biosludge is full of toxins, the agency still insists that biosludge is perfectly safe for use – a blatant lie, and one that the American public needs to know about. ... The answer is nothing – this being another problematic element to the biosludge situation. "...

Don't be fooled: "biochar" is just incinerated biosludge


Don’t be fooled: “biochar” is just incinerated biosludge Sunday, April 21, 2019 by: Ethan Huff badclimate , badpollution , bill clinton , biochar , Biosludge , Clinton Global Initiative , crime , deception , Ecology , environ , Fake , financial fraud , fraud , green , green energy , investment , lies , new energy , Obama , Ponzi scheme , risk , scam , scams , theft - (Natural News ) Just in case a cabal of criminals tries to pull the same scam again, should you come across an alleged ...

Farmers are being lied to about the "amazing benefits" of toxic biosludge


EPA responsible for spreading lies about “safety” of biosludge So how are biosludge companies getting away with lying about the safety of their human waste product? ... Livestock was also harmed by biosludge, he showed, though it all fell on deaf ears. "...

Is your garden "fertilizer" made from toxic sewage sludge?


With that typically comes lots of fertilizer, many brands of which contain toxic sewer sludge , also known as “biosludge,” disguised as plant “food.” ... More related news about toxic biosludge can be found at Biosludge.news . Sources for this article include: SierraClub.org NaturalNews.com Previous :Consuming soy could make you an aggressive loner, reveals surprising study - More news on badhealth Is your garden “fertilizer” made from toxic sewage sludge? "...

Coronavirus "Perfect Storm" Now Exists Thanks to BIOSLUDGE, Open Borders


Coronavirus "Perfect Storm" Now Exists Thanks to BIOSLUDGE, Open Borders Coronavirus "Perfect Storm" Now Exists Thanks to BIOSLUDGE, Open Borders The Health Ranger Report Posted 1/24/2020 • Comments • Share Tagged Under: Infectious Disease , BIOSLUDGE , Coronavirus , Engineered , Bioweapons , Pandemic , Outbreak , Health Related Videos 14:08 Natural News SILENCED as weaponized CORONAVIRUS unleashed against humanity The Health Ranger Report • 1/22/2020 15:26 Health Ranger ...

Finally a use for biosludge: Scientists recycle biosolids into construction-ready bricks


Finally a use for biosludge: Scientists recycle biosolids into construction-ready bricks Tuesday, May 07, 2019 by: Edsel Cook Biosludge , Biosolids , breakthrough , clay bricks , construction materials , discoveries , eco-friendly , environment , Heavy metals , innovation , inventions , pollution , recycling , science , sewage , sustainable materials , wastewater treatment - (Natural News ) Recycling is all well and good. ... Sources include: ScienceDaily.com MDPI.com Previous ...

Exposed: Toxic "biosludge" being used on food crops for population control


And yet, in the years since, the use of biosludge on America’s croplands has only continued to increase. ... Is biosludge part of a government plot to make the general public even more ill? "...

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"Non-GMO" foods being grown in HUMAN SEWAGE SLUDGE and sprayed with glyphosate and pesticides


In fact, “Non-GMO” food can contain scary amounts of heavy metals and pesticides while being grown in biosludge as “fertilizer.” ... But the very chemicals allowed to be used on non-GMO foods — biosludge, pesticides, herbicides, etc. — can actually kill butterflies. "...

"Biosludge water" is even making its way into your favorite craft brews


“Our ecosystem is in the crosshairs of this biosludge industry,” warns Adams, one of the creators of Biosludged. ... Like crop biosludge, wastewater biosludge could contain any number of contaminants that aren’t filtered out using traditional wastewater treatment methods. "...

Biosludge giant Synagro filed for bankruptcy in 2013 following huge bribery scandal


“There was an odor that came on us once a year, and the first time it came on us I thought they had put my septic tanks in wrong,” says biosludge expert Craig Monk , whose suburban home near Dallas-Fort Worth was invaded by foul odors from nearby biosludge operations. To learn more about biosludge, be sure to check out Biosludge.news . You can also check out more eye-opening films like Biosludged at BrighteonFilms.com . "...

Exposed: Toxic biosludge spread on food crops is contaminated with RADIOACTIVE medical waste


Exposed: Toxic biosludge spread on food crops is contaminated with RADIOACTIVE medical waste Wednesday, January 02, 2019 by: Ethan Huff badcancer , badhealth , badmedicine , badpollution , badscience , Biosludge , Biosludged , Biosolids , Brighteon , Brighteon Films , concentrated sewage waste , Craig Monk , deception , environment , Environmental Protection Agency , EPA , farming , food supply , harvest , interview , medical waste , radiation , radioactive isotopes , radioactive ...

Many store-bought "fertilizer" products for home use are LOADED with toxic biosludge


But in reality, you may have inadvertently purchased repurposed human waste in the form of biosolids, also known as “biosludge,” without even knowing it. ... TruGreen lawn care services also uses biosludge as “fertilizer,” warns Monk Another similar brand of biosludge sold as home “fertilizer” is Hou-Actinite. "...

Concerned citizen says EPA committing consumer fraud by advertising biosludge as "safe"


Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved “biosludge” and what it’s done in and around his property located near Dallas-Fort Worth. ... Keep in mind, here, that the EPA actually categorizes biosludge as “fertilizer” that is says helps “to improve and maintain productive soils and stimulate plant growth.” "...

Wisconsin to liquefy the dead, flush into sewers, then spread the goo on food farms


Wisconsin to liquefy the dead, flush into sewers, then spread the goo on food farms Thursday, May 20, 2021 by: Ethan Huff alkaline hydrolysis , Biosludge , bodies , fertilizer , food safety , mass death , Plandemic , Sick , sludge , Twisted , Wisconsin Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/520540.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) The Wisconsin Senate has approved a new bill that allows for dead bodies to be dissolved in a chemical bath, disposed of like sewage, ...

Now 20 US states liquefy vaccine-murdered people and spread their flesh goo on food crops as "fertilizer"


Now 20 US states liquefy vaccine-murdered people and spread their flesh goo on food crops as “fertilizer” Monday, May 17, 2021 by: Mike Adams badclimate , badhealth , badmedicine , badpollution , badscience , Biosludge , Biosolids , dead people , hydrolysis , insanity , sewage , water cremation , Wisconsin Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/519617.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Now 20 US states have legalized the practice of liquefying dead people, dumping ...

Coronavirus "Perfect Storm" Now Exists Thanks to Biosludge, Open Borders, Filthy Liberal Cities


Biosludge ” is the raw human sewage sludge that’s collected by every city in America, slightly dried to reduce water mass, then loaded onto trucks and dumped on nearby farm fields. ... (See the full documentary at Biosludged.com to learn about biosludge.) #4) The now-legal practice in Washington State of liquefying dead human bodies and flushing them into the municipal sewage system, where they become biosludge to be spread on crops. "...

Synagro and other biosolids corporations are BRIBING environmental organizations to declare sewage sludge as "safe," warns activist


As revealed by biosludge expert Craig Monk during a recent interview he gave as part of the Biosludged film project – you can watch the official trailer for Biosludged at Brighteon.com – the biosludge industry has been actively bribing environmental organizations to basically look the other way and pretend as though biosludge is “safe.” ... You can also keep up with the latest news about biosludge by visiting Biosludge.news . "...