Ocean Medicine: The Miracle of Brown Seaweed Extract

There's a little-known medicine that actually grows in the ocean and is harvested by professional divers. It contains extremely potent phytochemicals that have been clinically shown in various research projects around the world to achieve phenomenal health effects: blocking the growth of cancer tumors, regulating blood sugar, nourishing the body's need for ocean minerals, balancing nervous system function and accelerating healing, among other benefits.

It's called brown seaweed extract, and in this exclusive NaturalNews report, Mike Adams interviews Sergei Zimin, the founder of Modifilan, who reveals never-before-published details about the harvesting, processing and packaging of this truly amazing medicine provided by Mother Nature.

(Adams has no financial affiliation whatsoever with the Modifilan company and conducted this interview without compensation. The statements made by Mike Adams in this interview are his opinion alone and do not represent claims by the Modifilan company.)

In this downloadable report (PDF), you'll discover:

  • Where brown seaweed extract comes from and how it's harvested.
  • Details on the processing of the seaweed and how its healing nutrients are so highly concentrated without using heat processing.
  • How people are using brown seaweed extract to radically improve their hair and skin, from the inside out!
  • Nutritional tips for anyone wishing to prevent or reverse cancer, diabetes and other degenerative health conditions.
  • Why most people are chronically deficient in iodine, a mineral necessary for proper weight control and thyroid function, and how brown seaweed extract provides a powerful iodine boost.
  • Details on what's in brown seaweed extract: 72 trace minerals, anti-cancer nutrients and much more!
  • How brown seaweed extract can be used as part of a powerful detoxification program to help cleanse the liver, kidneys and intestinal tract.
  • Details on brown seaweed extract's anti-cancer properties.
  • The little-known history of brown seaweed extract in the former Soviet Union.
  • How brown seaweed extract was used to help treat survivors of the Chernobyl nuclear accident.
  • Is brown seaweed extract a weight loss solution? Read details on how people are dropping the pounds by taking this little-known nutrient that seems to work wonders for body weight balance.
  • How brown seaweed extract radically boosts athletic performance and muscle gains in anyone engaged in strength training. (It's now used by martial artists and hard-core military combat instructors who recommend it to their students.)
  • Where to get brown seaweed extract.

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