Seawater Minerals and the Coming Agricultural Revolution

An exclusive interview with Ocean Grown, producers of mineral-rich, seawater concentrates

Did you know that conventionally grown produce is grown in mineral-deficient soils that create mineral-deficient food? Most of the fruits, vegetables, root crops and other plants being eaten by consumers today are chronically deficient in minerals. A healthy tomato, for example, can absorb as many as 56 minerals if grown in nutritious soils, but typical tomatoes found in the grocery store contain as few as 12 minerals.

Most of the prominent diseases in modern society have a nutritional link. Cancers are promoted by selenium deficiencies, autoimmune disorders are caused by zinc deficiencies, and heart disease is accelerate by calcium and magnesium deficiencies. Osteoporosis, depression, behavioral disorders and even diabetes have strong links to mineral deficiencies, and part of the reason western populations are so diseased today is because they lack decent mineral nutrition because the foods are all depleted, even before they're picked or processed!

But one company is trying to change all that. Ocean Grown harvests seawater and concentrates the minerals and aerobic bacteria to produce a bioactive, mineral-rich liquid additive for farms, gardens and even tabletop sprouting machines. In this exclusive NaturalNews interview, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, interviews Ocean Grown president John Hartman who reveals astonishing facts about the mineral depletion of our soils. In this free, downloadable report, you'll learn:

  • Why conventional farmers don't bother to remineralize their soils, causing widespread mineral deficiencies in croplands around the world.
  • How ocean minerals can increase crop yields, greatly improve human nutrition and even reduce pesticide use by strengthening the plant's own immune system.
  • The difference between minerals from rocks vs. minerals from plants, and why the best minerals come from plants, not pills.
  • Why virtually the entire world population is suffering from chronic mineral deficiencies that have yet to be recognized by conventional medicine.
  • Fact: Ocean water almost perfectly matches human blood in its mineral makeup, and chlorophyll is molecularly similar to human blood, replacing iron with magnesium. (The body can easily digest chlorophyll from plants and make human blood from its components.)
  • The secret of why ocean animals live far healthier than land animals (it's the minerals!)
  • How to get ocean minerals onto your garden vegetables, countertop herbs or sprouts in order to boost your own mineral uptake.
  • The little-known link between mineral deficiencies and appetite control / obesity. (Adding minerals to your diet ends carbohydrate cravings!)
  • The importance of aerobic bacteria in seawater, and how "living" seawater fixes nitrogen in soils, boosting nutrition to the plants.
  • How ocean minerals could revolutionize modern agriculture and greatly reduce the need for pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
  • Why eating natural plant-based sodium is actually good for your health, in contrast to processed salt sodium.
  • How floods, hurricanes and tsunamis actually replenish the soils with desperately-needed minerals.
  • How to grow your own mineral-rich wheatgrass and eat it to greatly increase your mineral uptake.

... and much more.

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