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Hi, I'm Mike Adams, and I'm a nutritionist, researcher and columnist covering health topics that really matter. And in the past several years, after transforming my own health and spending more than 4,000 hours studying the true causes of health and wellness, I've come to a stunning conclusion: conventional medicine doesn't make people healthier. People tend to get sicker each time they visit conventionally-trained medical doctors who put them on dangerous prescription drugs that only lead to more heart attacks, strokes, bizarre nervous system disorders and other problems.

In a nation that claims to have the best healthcare in the world, we have the world's worst epidemics of diabetes, obesity, cancer and mental disorders. How can this be?

Conventional medicine is wrong about health

This fact may surprise you, but it's true: conventional medicine has failed us. For the first time ever, the lifespan of Americans is decreasing. And our collective quality of life has plummeted. More people are diseased, overweight, clinically depressed and suffering from heart attacks, osteoporosis, arthritis and Alzheimer's disease than ever before. And what does conventional medicine have to offer us? More drugs. Sold at sky-high prices to people who simply can't afford them anymore.

Even worse, we're seeing one scandal after another in the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to insider emails published at the Wall Street Journal, we now know that the FDA conspired with drug companies to cover-up the dangerous side effects of prescription drugs like Vioxx that may have killed tens of thousands of Americans. These drugs should have been pulled from the market years ago, and now the FDA's reputation is in shambles over the scandal.

Amazingly, even the FDA's own scientists don't trust the agency! A Health and Human Services survey acquired under the Freedom of Information Act in 2004 shows that an astounding 66% of FDA scientists say they lack confidence in the agency's ability to protect the public from dangerous drugs. Nearly one out of five FDA scientists say they were pressured to approve drugs despite their own reservations about drug safety. These are the FDA's own people, and even they say the FDA can't be trusted!

The truth is, you can't trust drug companies or the FDA anymore. They're out to just sell you more drugs, regardless of their safety. Antidepressant drugs have now been proven to cause violent thoughts and suicidal tendencies. Heartburn drugs are now known to heighten your risk of pneumonia. And even the super-popular statin drugs are now causing horrendous nervous system damage, loss of mental capabilities, and extremely painful muscle wasting conditions. And that's just what we know so far...

Let me share a secret with you: the answers to health are simple and straightforward. To prevent chronic disease, lose excess body fat, regain youthful energy and save a fortune in health care costs, you don't need prescription drugs and you don't need conventional medical doctors. All you need is the right information about the true causes of disease and health, combined with the professional assistance of a Naturopathic Physician (ND). And my mission is to bring you that information, free of charge, right here on

Health information overload?

Of course, you might already be thinking, "But I already have too much information on health! What am I supposed to pay attention to?" You're right: there's too much conflicting information out there. Unfortunately, most of that information is pure propaganda generated by pharmaceutical companies and the FDA, who are now quite clearly plotting to keep selling dangerous drugs to the American public while discrediting information about nutrition, healing herbs, and the healing power of foods.

That's why smart people are starting to reevaluate their sources of health information. They're questioning the "official" line at the FDA. They're thinking twice about taking the advice of a doctor who doesn't look very healthy himself. And they're seeking answers from people who are, themselves, healthy.

Let me ask you a question: if you wanted to learn how to swim for the first time, would you want to learn from a teacher who could swim, or would you take lessons from a person prone to drowning? Smart people know that when you want to learn how to accomplish something, you should model the behavior of people who are already successful at it. If you want to be a great public speaker, for example, you study great public speakers, right? If you want to be good at dancing, you learn from someone who knows how to dance. If you want to be wealthy, you study the strategies of the ultra-rich. It only makes sense.

Likewise, if you truly want to learn how to be healthy, get your information from people who are healthy.

Only healthy people can truly teach health

It's a radical idea, I know, but I'm interested in helping you make a radical improvement in your health. You're not going to overcome chronic disease by doing the same thing everybody else is doing -- after all, they're all still sick! If you want to be healthy, it's time to start paying attention to people who have figured out how to be healthy.

That's why I've published my own health statistics to prove a point: if a guy can be 35 years old, achieve LDL cholesterol of 67, have blood pressure of 105/60, body fat of 10.5% and be declared to be in "perfect health" by physicians, he's probably figured something out about health. That's what I accomplished over the last several years by turning to nutrition, disease prevention, whole foods and by avoiding medical doctors and prescription drugs. I transformed my own health from a state of borderline diabetes and borderline obesity to a fit, trim, mentally alert individual that now knows the down-to-earth secrets to lasting human health.

I was so moved by the power of that personal transformation that I made it my mission to help others experience the same benefits. So even though I'm a successful software company executive, with eleven years in the technology industry, I made a career change and decided to dedicate my time to helping others prevent and reverse chronic disease by exposing the deceptions of conventional medicine and promoting the lifesaving benefits of nutrition, physical exercise, healing herbs and health strategies that really work.

Conventional medicine is the #1 cause of death

Now here's my most radical advice of all: stop listening to the advice of conventional doctors. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, prescription drugs alone are killing 100,000 Americans each year. Another study by Dr. Gary Null, Death By Medicine, proves that conventional medicine is killing 750,000 Americans each year when you consider prescription drugs and medical mistakes combined. That means conventional medicine is killing more Americans than all the terrorists, murderers and criminals combined. Osama Bin Laden can't compete with these figures. The #1 leading cause of death in America is, astonishingly, conventional medicine itself!

Well, if medicine is killing people, perhaps that's not a good strategy to follow for being healthy, huh? That's why I urge people to stop following the nutritional advice of the American Heart Association -- a group whose distorted information is probably responsible for hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths over the last two decades. For decades, the AHA even warned people to avoid taking heart-healthy oils like salmon oil and flax oil! Now, they're trying to scare people off from taking antioxidants.

Don't listen to the American Diabetes Association, either. It's funded in part by the pharmaceutical companies themselves -- the very companies that earn profits when diabetics stay diabetic and don't get healthy. The ADA even holds fundraising walks that are sponsored by ridiculous corporate sponsors like soft drink companies and Glucerna, a diabetic meal bar made with hydrogenated oils and high-fructose corn syrup (two ingredients known to actually promote diabetes and heart disease). How insane is that?

Likewise, you should ignore the marketing messages of drug companies and food giants: they're all just trying to milk you for more money, regardless of what happens to your health. After all, they're not the ones paying your medical bills: you are!

Instead of paying attention to conventional medicine and all its disease organizations, start visiting Naturopathic Physicians (NDs). Start educating yourself about the true causes of health. Start following the advice of people who are, themselves, healthy. And, most of all, get plugged in to a whole new universe of health transformation and disease prevention by subscribing to the NaturalNews Insider email newsletter.

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  • Infant health secrets revealed: The dietary choices of the mother actually determine the longevity of their children! (Article #836)
  • Sad facts about the health effects of western culture: obesity follows American influence around the globe... (Article #482)
  • Cancer cure revealed! This common, everyday food has been proven, yet again, to cure cancer (don't go a day without eating some of this!)... (Article #684)
  • The one simple reason why the search for healing phytochemicals is a scientific dead end... (Article #1234)
  • Don't feed your children candy vitamins! Here's a better way to give youngsters superior nutrition... (Article #1284)
  • The shocking statistics on how few U.S. mothers breastfeed their babies... (Article #1766)
  • Health secrets for employers: why you should be giving your employees free spirulina supplements... (Article #2040)
  • True causes revealed: here's why so many kids are breaking their bones these days (and what you can do to stop it outright). (Article #85)
  • The shocking truth of why U.S. life expectancy is now falling for the first time in the history of our nation... (Article #489)
  • Turn off that TV! Here's why TV time should be restricted from your children (it's bad for their health!) (Article #789)
  • How to make sure your children grow up without getting hooked on sugary foods and soft drinks that will compromise their health as adults. (Article #1097)
  • The true cause of strokes revealed: it's the western diet, stupid! (Article #1238)
  • Breakfast cereal madness! Kellogg's ships mercury batteries inside breakfast cereals for children... (Article #1239)
  • National shame! Why our public schools still don't feed healthy foods to our children... (Article #1324)

This information promises to transform your health

You've probably already figured out that the FDA hopes you never get your hands on this information. The same is true with the pharmaceutical companies (Big Pharma), because they realize that if you actually prevent disease, they lose a paying customer. They have every financial interest in keeping you sick. It's not a conspiracy, it's just corporate greed.

The only person who benefits from you getting healthy is YOU! That's why you'll find yourself captivated by the information presented in the NaturalNews Insider, like:

  • The true story about rainforest herbs and superfoods that have been clinically proven to reverse cancer and diabetes -- and why the drug companies hope you never hear about them.
  • One simple daily action that has been scientifically shown to reverse prostate cancer, osteoporosis, depression and breast cancer. (It's completely free and available to everyone!)
  • Fascinating new discoveries in herbal medicine: one common culinary herb destroys cancer cells. Another common herb regulates blood sugar in diabetes.
  • How to lose excess body fat without drugs or surgery (and without compromising your health).
  • Shocking details on the true dangers of statin drugs and how they cause an immediate danger to the health of your heart.
  • The truth about low-carb diets: why avoiding processed carbohydrates is critical for optimum health, but most people harm their health even worse by choosing the wrong low-carb foods.
  • Details on a groundbreaking study published by the British Medical Journal that shows many common surgical procedures to be completely worthless.
  • Which common drink, found in most grocery stores, has been shown to prevent hair loss in men.
  • The truth about natural sunlight: it doesn't promote disease and, in fact, is absolutely critical to maintaining optimum health. Stop avoiding the sun!
  • The real story on how pharmaceutical companies and the FDA effectively monopolize the drug market while charging the general public outrageous fees for prescriptions.
... and hundreds of other topics on health, wellness and disease prevention (see more below).

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Unmatched credibility

You might think there's a catch here. Maybe we're trying to sell you some magic weight loss pill or line of vitamins. In fact, we have absolutely no financial ties to any health products whatsoever. Even though we regularly review and recommend lifesaving products to readers, we are never -- NEVER -- given commissions or kickbacks from such recommendations.

With the NaturalNews Insider, you get the straight truth without the bias found in practically every other information source: medical journals, newspapers, magazines, news networks, and internet sites. Everybody out there is on the take, it seems. But not NaturalNews. You won't find payola here.

We earn revenues from two sources: 1) the Google Adwords ads placed on articles. These are controlled by Google, not us, so we have no power over which ads actually appear. 2) the sales of ebooks at These ebooks offer compilations of valuable information at affordable prices, and people only buy them if they want them. These are the two ONLY sources of revenues for the NaturalNews Network, which is dedicated to a non-profit, public education mission.

That's my mission as well: teaching people how to be healthy. Right now, I already serve on the board of a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to public safety. I also visit local high schools and give presentations to sophomores about the dangers of drinking soft drinks. In the past, I've donated tens of thousands of dollars to the American Red Cross, Disabled American Veterans, disaster recovery groups for earthquake victims in Taiwan, local seniors centers, and "food pantry" organizations that distribute much-needed food to families living in poverty. And I'm dedicating to continuing this mission as funds become available.

Frankly, I've been blessed with business success, with opportunities to help others, and now with the task of sharing this information about health and healing with the world. I consider it a huge responsibility, and we're up against giants in the pharmaceutical industry and conventional medicine who want to censor this type of information in order to make sure you never learn the truth about health. They'll use all sorts of dirty tricks and unscrupulous tactics to distort the truth and try to convince you to take more drugs. They'll even invent totally fictitious diseases like "social anxiety disorder" and try to convince millions of Americans to buy drugs to treat it. Yet the whole thing is only imagined! Everybody's afraid of public speaking, right? That's not a disease, folks. It's human nature.

You can empower yourself with life-changing information by subscribing to the NaturalNews Insider right now. By subscribing, you'll empower yourself with information that can set you free from the chemical prisons erected by Big Pharma. You'll learn the truth about health, and you'll be able to take charge over your own health outcome, perhaps for the first time in years.

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  • How to buy groceries that won't poison your body with dangerous additives and flavor enhancers.
  • How to really get fit through smarter exercise instead of weight loss gimmicks.
  • The shocking truth about the dangers of prescription drugs: how they kill 100,000 Americans each year and injure another two million. Full details on why the FDA won't pull dangerous drugs off the market and why the pharmaceutical industry always put profits before public safety.
  • Revealed: the toxic ingredients found in personal care products like soap, shampoo and deodorant. Learn which products cause liver cancer and how you can keep your family safe from toxic chemicals in your home. Hint: never buy brand-name laundry detergent: it's loaded with perfumes that damage your liver.
  • The true motivation behind the FDA's crackdown on nutritional supplements like ephedra (hint: it has absolutely nothing to do with good science).
  • The horrifying truth about mad cow disease: full details on the USDA's cover up, the faked lab results, the insider whistleblower, their refusal to allow private testing of cattle and much more.
  • The inside story on nutritional supplements: which ones really work and which ones are a total waste of money.
  • The story behind the news on vitamins: don't believe the headlines, most of the so-called "scientific" studies on vitamins use synthetic chemicals. Get the real story right here, and learn how to get natural vitamins that offer phenomenal protective benefits to your mental and physical health.
  • The untold story behind the U.S. sugar industry: how it pushes this disease-promoting ingredient onto the general public by influencing junk food laws, collects millions of dollars each year in government subsidies, and relentlessly attacks anyone who suggests that sugar promotes diabetes or obesity.
  • Breakthrough news on natural appetite suppressants that promise to curb your appetite without drugs, helping you automatically eat less.
  • The shocking truth on cow's milk and why no human being should consume this cross-species liquid. Read how cow's milk causes chronic sinus infections, constipation and even infant deaths. It also lacks a key nutrient necessary for brain function. Get the full story right here.
  • The straight scoop on the fast food industry: it now realizes its products promote chronic disease, and a major public health backlash is expected soon. Get the real story on what's happening -- and learn how you can get involved to protect your health.
  • The real story on hydrogenated oils -- ingredients found in margarine, shortening, and most crackers and cookies -- and how it is now known to be a people killer. Read how the industry denies the science and keeps selling this deadly ingredient to unwary consumers.
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Learn more about Mike Adams

The NaturalNews Insider is written by Mike Adams, author of Superfoods For Optimum Health, The Five Soft Drink Monsters, and many other books on health and wellness. Using nothing but nutrition and physical exercise, Adams has transformed his own health and he can show you how to do the same. (Click here to view Adams' health statistics.) Adams is a noted futurist, author, successful software entrepreneur and health food advocate. He practices strength training, pilates, cycling, gymnastics and comedy improv. He's also an outspoken critic of pharmaceutical companies, the FDA, and the practice of marketing junk food to children.

Adams got involved with NaturalNews in order to share meaningful information that can help improve the lives of others. The NaturalNews Insider is an international non-profit entity. All revenues from the Google ads are reinvested in growing the reach of the organization and educating the public about health.
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