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Popular talk show host claims homeless people are being murdered for their organs

8/13/2016 - It is a story that seems too horrific to be true, but a popular Alabama talk show host who is investigating it says there may be something to it: Homeless people are being victimized by a government agency that is removing them from city streets all over the country and depriving them of their organs. In...

Selective compassion: In rush to shower benefits upon illegals, Democrats abandon U.S. homeless and veterans

6/11/2016 - Democrats are falling all over themselves to offer all kinds of goods, services and benefits to the hordes of illegal aliens pouring across the southwestern U.S. borders in Texas and Arizona, but they have so far shown little similar compassion for American veterans and homeless persons, even after...

Psychiatric hospital places patients in the middle of busy roadways to have them killed by vehicular manslaughter, says politician

12/3/2015 - If you ever happen to find yourself stranded in Mexico, begging passersby for a little extra cash to get home, watch out! A Mexican politician is calling on folks like you to be put down with a lethal injection – a practice that she claims is already taking place in a similar, but different, way...

CA's liberal utopia finally a reality as citizens defecate in streets and drink their own urine, increasing risk of deadly epidemics despite forced vaccination law

9/11/2015 - The more the statists who run California try to create the ultimate utopian paradise, the further away from it they seem to get. Case in point: San Francisco's uber-liberal politicians have made it so politically incorrect to adequately deal with the city's rising homeless population that the number...

NYC's growing homeless population becoming increasingly violent, carrying out routine assaults against innocents

9/5/2015 - New York City has a big problem with homelessness. As the number of homeless people in the Big Apple has steadily increased in recent years, so have incidences of violence carried out by desperate, often mentally ill people who are living on the city's streets. A recent spike in violent incidents...

Overweight bicycle cops fine philanthropic San Antonio woman $2,000 for feeding hungry homeless persons with a permit; only the government can feed the poor

8/12/2015 - In the ever-expanding police state that America has become, even following the rules can get you in trouble with the law. Now, apparently, only the government can help poor people, because that contributes to dependency. As reported by the San Antonio Express-News, a local woman whose charitable...

NY's homeless population hits record high as poverty explodes in America

3/9/2015 - The homeless population in the nation's largest city has exploded to an all-time high, forcing officials to provide shelter to desperate families in dilapidated tenements that have been identified by housing authorities as dangerous. New York City's Mayor Bill de Blasio arrived at City Hall following...

Homeless encampments grow in L.A. as America's economic decline accelerates

2/16/2015 - During the Great Depression in the 1930s, they were often referred to as "Hoovervilles" -- communities of homeless Americans who built shanty dwellings out of anything they could find, such as cardboard, small pieces of wood and tin. They were named after President Herbert Hoover, who was blamed for...

Seattle plans to regulate three tent cities as homelessness becomes commonplace in America

2/3/2015 - In an effort to control a growing homeless population that has become increasingly disruptive for Seattle's commuters and residents, Mayor Ed Murray is urging the development and legalization of three tent cities. Such areas would provide the homeless with shelter while keeping them away from heavily...

America today: There are a lot of good people who are homeless - video proof

1/11/2015 - A social experiment investigating how homeless people spend the money that generous souls send their way has sparked a glimmer of light in an otherwise dark age. A video crew in California recently captured one homeless man's heartwarmingly good deeds after being given $100, proving that there are still...

It is now illegal to share food with the homeless in Florida

11/26/2014 - If you're someone who believes in personal (not government-provided) charity and who likes to make sure that as many homeless people as possible get a decent meal each day, good for you. But you might want to avoid Fort Lauderdale, Florida, because you could wind up with a hefty fine and some jail time. Seriously. According...

Homeless man who caused Ebola panic in Dallas now captured and quarantined

10/6/2014 12:22:20 PM - Here at Natural News, we have often sounded the alarm against what we perceive to be unconstitutional overreaches of power, especially when those overreaches occur during an emergency. The U.S. government, the Constitution notwithstanding, is no different from any other in the history of man or that...

Fabricated compassion: Democrats abandon U.S. homeless, veterans and the hungry in rush to roll out red carpet for illegals

7/16/2014 - "We are all connected. We can't just build a wall or a fence and say no more. This is America. Our doors are open." These are the words of U.S. House of Representatives John Lewis, (1) one of many democrats who seem to be stampeding over each other to see who can offer the most enticements to accelerate...

Florida couple threatened with jail time for feeding homeless in violation of local ordinance

5/27/2014 - A Florida couple who has been feeding homeless folks in a public park for over a year was cited recently for allegedly violating a local ordinance. Daytona Beach police officers says Debbie and Chico Jimenez are not allowed to serve home-cooked meals at Manatee Island Park without the proper permits,...

48,000 United States Afghan/Iraq Vets are homeless - They should have an entire city dedicated to them

1/30/2014 - Did you know that the number of homeless (or on the brink of being homeless) veterans who served in the Middle East has tripled in just the past three years? It's true. Many "vets" are returning from multiple deployments with more stress, more injuries and more needs for help and resources. They should...

Homeless people being used by criminal gangs as cheap labor for Fukushima cleanup

1/25/2014 - Police investigations have uncovered a new problem with Japan's error-ridden effort to clean up contamination from the Fukushima disaster: criminal gangs are recruiting homeless people to work in radiation zones, then cheating them out of their pay. In 2011, a massive earthquake and tsunami triggered...

California police officer executes homeless man, caught on camera

8/6/2013 - All the facts may not yet be in, but on the surface, it seems terribly unjust and an inappropriate use of force by a police veteran. CBS Los Angeles reported Aug. 1 that an eyewitness recorded cellphone footage of a Santa Ana, Calif., police officer shooting and killing an 22-year-old unarmed homeless...

Nevada's mentally ill put on buses, dumped as homeless in other states

5/22/2013 - Call them mentally ill; call them creatively maladjusted or anything you want. There are some people who genuinely struggle and need help coping with issues in their psyche. We need a decent plan to help these people heal and to enable the ones who may never heal to live with dignity. Regardless...

Doctors Tested Bird Flu Vaccine on Homeless People

11/20/2009 - Three doctors and six nurses from the town of Grudziadz, Poland, are being investigated on charges that they recruited 350 homeless people into a clinical trial of a vaccine for the H5N1 flu virus without informing them what the study was really about. Twenty-one people died during the course of...

21 Homeless People Die After Bird Flu Vaccine Experiment

7/21/2008 - According to an article by Matthew Day published in The Telegraph, a group of doctors recruited homeless people in Poland for a vaccine trial and paid them 1-2 (less than five dollars) to be tested with what they were told was a regular flu vaccine. What the unsuspecting, impoverished victims weren't...

American Capitalism And The Moral Poverty Of Nations

5/31/2006 - Rolling through virtually any reasonably populous city or town in America, one encounters a surreal landscape blighted by grotesque temples to America's twin gods of Capitalism and Consumerism. As an increasing number of individual proprietors are driven to extinction, Wal-Mart, McDonald's, and hundreds...

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