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A petition asking President Trump to legalize non-psychoactive CBD (cannabidiol) products

The DEA has recently classified CBD as a Schedule I Controlled Substance (21 CFR Part 1308, Docket No. DEA-342) which would instantly criminalize the over one million people across America who produce or consume CBD products. Without access to CBDs, many consumers will have no choice but to turn to expensive, toxic prescription medications that lack efficacy and often worsen symptoms, requiring yet more expensive medical treatments billed to Medicare or insurance companies.

As a nation, none of us can afford to keep bankrolling pharmaceutical profits while restricting citizens' access to safe, effective and affordable alternatives from the realm of botanical medicine. Protecting access to CBD dietary supplements can help improve the lives of Americans while sharply reducing medical treatment costs that are paid by state and federal governments.

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In the process of helping to Make America Great Again, we ask that the Trump administration halt the DEA's relentless power grab that criminalizes the compassionate natural medicines our citizens rely on to eliminate pain, calm seizures, recover from cancer treatments and reduce dependence on addictive and costly prescription medications.

Protecting CBD products from predatory DEA regulation can give consumers free market choices that will save the government an enormous amount of money currently spent on expensive, addictive prescription medications such as opioids (which kill tens of thousands of people a year). We cannot be a great nation unless we are a free nation, and criminalizing Americans for possessing non-addictive, non-psychoactive botanical molecules is a grotesque contradiction of the very principles of liberty, health and free market choice.

As one of the science leaders of CBD quantitation scientific methodology, the scientists associated with Natural News (at CWC Labs, which is ISO accredited) have pioneered an extremely accurate mass-spec analysis method for quantitating CBD, CBD-A, THC and other cannabinoids in hemp extracts. We are happy to publish and share this method for industry-wide compliance and label accuracy so that consumers can choose from among reliable, honestly labeled CBD products.

Using this method, we are currently able to measure detectable concentrations of CBD and THC in a vast array of food products, including hemp seeds. This realization demonstrates the absurdity of the DEA's classification of hemp-derived substances, which ridiculously claims that any amount of CBD or THC in any product makes it a Schedule I Controlled Substance. Under this illogical reasoning, the DEA could raid Whole Foods and charge their store managers with being drug traffickers.

We recommend that CBD hemp extracts be protected from DEA overreach when their THC content is below 0.3% by volume.

Help Make America Free Again!