News Items:

6/17/2011 - Family subjected to terrifying FBI raid - of the WRONG house!

6/1/2011 - 18 signs that U.S. public schools are more like prisons

5/31/2011 - Get ready for mass exodus of online businesses out of California (here's why)

5/31/2011 - Government elite? Number of government limos soars under Obama administration

5/30/2011 - Total police tyranny in D.C. - silent protestors arrested for dancing, kissing (video)

5/26/2011 - Complete technical analysis proves birth certificate was assembled using modern-day computers, not typewriters from decades ago

5/9/2011 - Paul Joseph Watson demolishes White House Bin Laden fairytale

5/7/2011 - Even mainstream media is questioning the rapidly changing Bin Laden story

4/29/2011 - Pixels don't lie: Proof that Obama's birth certificate is a forgery

4/24/2011 - Distributor of child porn was a TSA screener who body searched passengers

4/20/2011 - The cruelty of animal experiments revealed - now U.S. wants to exploit yet more chimpanzees for Big Pharma's evil schemes

4/20/2011 - Exclusive photos from the Fukushima dead zone: shocking

4/20/2011 - Government wisdom at work: Unemployment office spends thousands of dollars buying superhero capes for jobless citizens

4/19/2011 - Police go crazy over man carrying umbrella in mall

4/15/2011 - TSA specifically targets those who complain about TSA

4/14/2011 - States unite to oppose TSA

4/13/2011 - Finally, a great idea from CNN: Don't let ignorant people vote!

4/13/2011 - Parents of 6-year-old groped by TSA agents speak out on camera

4/12/2011 - 25 facts prove the U.S. health care industry is a total scam

4/12/2011 - Democrats ready to tax the internet: Get ready to start paying taxes in 7,500 different jurisdictions

4/12/2011 - Life and death race against the tsunami wave: horrifying new video footage from Japan

4/12/2011 - Nuclear apologists mislead the world over Fukushima radiation

4/11/2011 - TSA caught on camera groping small children (yet again)

4/11/2011 - There is no "safe" level of radiation

4/8/2011 - Radioactive iodine now being found in BC, Canada rainwater

4/7/2011 - Biofuel demand drives up global food prices

4/7/2011 - Gerald Celente tells it like it is: The war on Libya is a complete fraud (video)

4/7/2011 - Superbugs have escaped into the wild, now infecting entire city of New Delhi

4/7/2011 - Traffic pollution can harm your brain

4/6/2011 - Mainstream media now receiving cash from Obamacare slush fund

4/6/2011 - U.S. government admits it may not be able to pay its troops

4/6/2011 - New dust bowl coming to Oklahoma?

4/6/2011 - Paul Ryan: This guy actually makes good sense talking about the U.S. economy, debt and entitlement programs (video)

4/5/2011 - Citizens for Healthcare Freedom posts alert over North Carolina's SB 31

4/5/2011 - Congress finally repeals the 1099 tax burden requirement under Obamacare

4/5/2011 - Amazing: Environmentalists want MORE nuclear power plants built!

4/5/2011 - Cell phones, alcohol and medications all reduce sperm counts in men

4/4/2011 - Fukushima is far worse than you've been told

4/3/2011 - Mainstream media reports REAL gold coins as "fake" - plays right into Federal Reserve counterfeiting monopoly

4/3/2011 - Congress votes to limit EPA's Clean Water Act limits on water pollution

4/1/2011 - Federal Reserve caught funneling billions of dollars to foreign banks, including Libya!

4/1/2011 - BLOAT: More Americans work for the government than manufacturing, farming, fishing, forestry, mining and utilities combined

4/1/2011 - Growing and selling produce now considered a crime in Oakland if you don't have the proper permits

3/31/2011 - FDA says it will "study" food dyes (it's a cover story so they can officially dismiss any concerns)

3/29/2011 - Wal-Mart CEO says consumers should expect "serious inflation" in food and clothing in the coming months

3/29/2011 - Outrageous: French mom to be sent to prison for breastfeeding her baby

3/28/2011 - Why Fukushima radiation is in a whole different category than "background radiation"

3/28/2011 - TSA fires wiccan worker for casting a spell on a co-worker's car heater (seriously)

3/28/2011 - China battery plant poisons 100 villagers

3/26/2011 - Farmers and consumer groups file lawsuit to stop GE alfalfa

3/25/2011 - Sign the petition to stop genetically modified apples!

3/24/2011 - Moronic RIAA asks for music copyright infringement damages that are greater than the entire global GDP

3/24/2011 - Fukushima plant emissions approach Chernobyl levels

3/24/2011 - New Jersey doctor bills health insurance company $59,000 for ultrasound procedure

3/23/2011 - Obama the war monger defends his Nobel Peace Prize

3/23/2011 - Japan faces hard, cold truth that it did nothing to prepare its citizens for the Fukushima catastrophe and its radioactive aftermath

3/23/2011 - Fukushima smoking gun: Engineer who helped build the plant exposes fraud, cover-up

3/23/2011 - Concern grows over possibility of radioactive fish from Japan

3/22/2011 - FDA halts food imports from Fukushima area of Japan

3/22/2011 - Seafood radiation risk as ocean waters near Fukushima are now radioactive

3/21/2011 - Scandal unfolds as it is revealed that Big Pharma excluded depressed people from its clinical trials

3/21/2011 - Confirmed: Many coolant pumps do not work

3/21/2011 - Making your own silver coins now called "domestic terrorism" and prosecuted by the FBI

3/21/2011 - Reluctant disclosure: US Supreme Court rules that Fed must disclose names of banks receiving bailout funds (aw, no more secrecy?)

3/21/2011 - Take off your pants! Autistic man forced by TSA to remove his belt; pants fall down in public view

3/21/2011 - Man who made his own coins out of pure silver convicted of "conspiracy against the United States" - FBI

3/21/2011 - WHO admits Japan radiation is far worse than what the public has so far been told

3/20/2011 - BBC now taking money from the U.S. government!

3/20/2011 - Fukushima fallout radiation now detected in Yakima, Washington

3/19/2011 - Monitor radiation levels in real time in the USA

3/19/2011 - Health Ranger to host second half of Alex Jones show on Friday, March 25th

3/19/2011 - Fukushima contains 10 times more nuclear fuel as Chernobyl

3/18/2011 - Confirmed: Abnormal radiation levels detected in food near Fukushima power plant

3/18/2011 - Spent fuel pool floor may be cracked, making refilling with water utterly impossible

3/18/2011 - Japan may be forced to entomb Fukushima just like Chernobyl

3/18/2011 - Engineers still racing against the clock to prevent a total meltdown at Fukushima

3/18/2011 - Totally useless water drops on reactor fuel rods shown in this video (complete act of desperation, and it fails anyway)

3/18/2011 - California rad reports are a total whitewash

3/18/2011 - Californians buying a huge number of gas masks, chemical suits

3/18/2011 - Reactor #4 cooling pool reaches heat 300% higher than normal

3/18/2011 - Japan raises danger level to 5 on the 7-point nuclear catastrophe scale

3/18/2011 - Japan desperately trying to reconnect power grid to nuke plant pumps in order to restart coolant circulation

3/18/2011 - Japan nuclear engineers faked maintenance reports for decades

3/18/2011 - Is the Chernobyl solution the only remaining option for Japan?

3/18/2011 - Small amounts of radioactive fallout reach California

3/17/2011 - Meltdown now underway? Photos

3/17/2011 - Japan's nuclear crisis turns into total nightmare scenario as water effort fail, pools run dry and workers hit maximum lifetime limits of exposure

3/17/2011 - Total cover-up under way in Japan (video, explicit)

3/17/2011 - US announces evacuation of Americans out of Japan

3/17/2011 - Radiation detectors set off in Dallas, Chicago airports as radioactive Japanese passengers arrive

3/17/2011 - Importers start testing Japanese food for radiation

3/17/2011 - Water cannons fail - meltdown event appearing increasingly likely

3/17/2011 - Pentagon also covering up radiation reports from Japan

3/17/2011 - Total government blackout on radiation levels in Fukushima

3/16/2011 - Huge radioactivity now detected - report from CNN contributor on the ground in Japan

3/16/2011 - Food prices experience biggest increase in 36 years

3/15/2011 - Fukushima power plant reaching "point of no return" - workers throw in the towel

3/15/2011 - Panic buying sweeps through Tokyo, store shelves stripped bare, food gone

3/15/2011 - TSA admits naked body scanner radiation 10 times higher than expected on some machines

3/15/2011 - Omega-3s reduce age-related vision loss

3/15/2011 - Guatemalans sue over illegal medical experiments carried out on them by U.S. government and Big Pharma

3/15/2011 - Lost city of Atlantis may have been found: Drowned by a tsunami!

3/15/2011 - Japan quake catastrophe could cause severe shortages in electronic components

3/15/2011 - The economic collapse of Japan has just begun

3/15/2011 - Radioactive wind heading toward Tokyo

3/15/2011 - Radioactivity could enter food chain in Japan - open talk of widespread cancer

3/15/2011 - St. Louis town votes to make cold medicines available only by prescription

3/13/2011 - Fear sweeps through Japan as future remains unknown

3/13/2011 - Michigan seeks to impose financial martial law

3/11/2011 - Blue Cross CEO gets huge $11 million payout - massive CEO salaries under scrutiny for non-profits

3/9/2011 - Johnson & Johnson drug factories must now be monitored by the feds due to seemingly endless string of atrocious quality control problems

3/9/2011 - Guatemalan victims of U.S. medical experiments may sue for damages

3/9/2011 - Doctors are ditching the insurance companies and rolling out their own monthly payment plans for patients

3/9/2011 - Washington's financial investigators give themselves guns, badges and cars with sirens so they can act like the FBI

3/9/2011 - USDA finally admits "not all calories are the same"

3/9/2011 - Remember when Obama promised to close GITMO? Now he legalizes it…

3/8/2011 - Obamacare waiver granted to the entire state of Maine

3/8/2011 - Woman arrested for salvaging perfectly good food thrown out on the sidewalk

3/8/2011 - Recycled cardboard used in cereal boxes poses cancer risk to consumers

3/8/2011 - DHS insists it has the right to monitor peaceful activist groups (animal rights = terrorism?)

3/8/2011 - Take this antidepressant and you, too, may have a violent psychotic episode

3/8/2011 - Drug companies vastly exaggerate new drug R&D costs in order to justify obscene profits

3/5/2011 - Obama White House pressuring mainstream media to stop printing pro legalization of marijuana stories

3/4/2011 - Now Texas joins resistance against TSA's naked body scanners and Fourth Amendment violations

3/4/2011 - How much arsenic is in your chicken meat?

3/4/2011 - Migraine drug linked to birth defects

3/4/2011 - Utah may return to Gold and Silver coins as legal tender

3/4/2011 - TSA is a total joke: Failure to find box cutters, guns and more

3/4/2011 - U.S. ATF openly conspired to allow hundreds of high-powered rifles into Mexico, escalating the violence there

3/3/2011 - WSJ: The reign of the U.S. dollar is coming to an end

3/2/2011 - Newspaper ordered to give up details of authors of anonymous comments on its website

3/2/2011 - Amazing 3D sidewalk art painted onto flat surfaces

3/2/2011 - Epidemic of criminality in the TSA

3/2/2011 - US government shutdown looms and debt reaches ceiling

3/2/2011 - Judge Napolitano chimes in on DHS / TSA engaging in DNA harvesting at security checkpoints

3/2/2011 - Dolphins save Doberman family dog stranded on sandbar

3/2/2011 - Euthanized puppy rises from the dead

2/28/2011 - China holds far more U.S. debt than previous disclosed

2/28/2011 - Electric cars actually produce as much emissions as gasoline engines!

2/28/2011 - Alex Jones appears on The View with Barbara Walters, mentions the TSA, the Fed and more!

2/28/2011 - Fish oil helps chemo patients preserve muscle mass

2/28/2011 - Coming soon: Military terminator robots

2/28/2011 - Madoff says U.S. government is a grand Ponzi scheme

2/25/2011 - GMO contamination is widespread throughout the U.S. food supply

2/25/2011 - Infectious disease scientist dies of bubonic plague

2/23/2011 - Mothers share breastmilk over Facebook

2/23/2011 - Seattle cafe bans TSA workers from eating there

2/23/2011 - New study proves cell phone use affects brain function

2/23/2011 - Half of U.S. pets obese (much like their owners)

2/22/2011 - Wisconsin fake sick note doctors operate without ethics

2/17/2011 - FDA now assaulting raw cheese market - only "dead foods" allowed

2/17/2011 - Why the government will lose its Obamacare push due to the Commerce Clause

2/16/2011 - TSA agents busted for stealing cash from checked bags

2/16/2011 - Who's your daddy? Over-the-counter paternity tests now sold at pharmacies

2/15/2011 - World Bank says food prices are at dangerously high levels

2/15/2011 - More scientific evidence that antioxidants can fight cancer

2/15/2011 - To reduce superbug infections, hospitals begin bathing patients in chemicals

2/15/2011 - Pharmacist shoots armed robber who demanded drugs

2/14/2011 - New book questions validity of all government

2/14/2011 - New study says pre-teen girls need far more vitamin D than "official" recommendations

2/14/2011 - Antibacterial mouth rinse reduces pre-term births

2/14/2011 - Eating berries lowers risk of Parkinson's disease

2/14/2011 - Study reveals lymph node removal surgery useless for many breast cancer patients

2/14/2011 - Fast food restaurant chains refuse to disclose actual beef content of their "beef" ingredients

2/14/2011 - Energy drinks can cause seizures and even death

2/9/2011 - The Arianna Huffington sellout

2/8/2011 - Rooster kills man who came to watch a cock fight

2/8/2011 - Junk food diet makes kids stupid

2/6/2011 - Cancer on the rise globally as developing nations eat American foods and use American products

2/6/2011 - Only in America: A marathon where you eat Krispy Kreme donuts to "help the children"

2/6/2011 - Obesity rates double worldwide as more countries embrace American junk foods, indoor lifestyles

2/6/2011 - Ronnie Cummins takes aim at "Monsanto's Minions"

2/6/2011 - ACTION: Tell Whole Foods to label GMOs

2/4/2011 - ACTION: Tell Trader Joe's to label GMOs

2/4/2011 - Check out the new book: Vaccine Epidemic!

2/3/2011 - Rolling blackouts hit Dallas hospitals

2/3/2011 - Oysters are disappearing around the world

2/2/2011 - Worldwide food prices hit new high

2/1/2011 - Morons in America: Woman tries to mail live puppy to friend as a gift

1/29/2011 - US soldiers being trained for urban warfare with "mock cities" in USA

1/29/2011 - Pesticide pollution of lakes means families can no longer fish, swim or boat there

1/29/2011 - Authoritarian governments around the world now stockpiling food in anticipation of angry public riots

1/28/2011 - TSA tyranny grows: Airports no longer allowed to hire private screening companies

1/28/2011 - Birds use quantum entanglement in their eyes to visualize Earth's magnetic field

1/28/2011 - Sustainable cocoa could run out by 2014

1/27/2011 - Cops as crooks: Dallas police caught cashing in on their own crime tip rewards

1/27/2011 - Malaysia releases mutant GE mosquitos into the wild in new experiment

1/27/2011 - Genetically engineered plants can "sniff out" explosives in the air

1/27/2011 - Thousands of Bolivians chew coca in protest against prohibition laws

1/20/2011 - Unplug your teens and watch them get a REAL life

1/19/2011 - Natural farming increases yields over conventional

1/19/2011 - 12 year old girl suffering from painful rickets because mom smothered her in sunscreen

1/17/2011 - Botched abortion doctor facing 8 counts of murder

1/17/2011 - Rickets is back as a new "affluence disease"

1/17/2011 - Floating Big Brother blimp to spy on your entire city

1/17/2011 - Eating blueberries prevents high blood pressure

1/17/2011 - Guidant to be criminally charged for medical device fraud that led to patient deaths?

1/17/2011 - Huge pharmaceutical scandal in France as deadly drug left on market due to political connections

1/17/2011 - Swiss banking account details turned over to Wikileaks; many U.S. Congressmen implicated

1/17/2011 - Toyota working on way to reduce use of rare earth metals in hybrid vehicle motors

1/17/2011 - Glaxo pays $3.5 billion fine for illegal marketing of Avandia, but profited tens of billions anyway

1/17/2011 - Researchers aim to resurrect mammoth using cloning technology

1/17/2011 - Creepy: IBM computer plays Jeopardy, slams human contestants (video)

1/14/2011 - Court rules naked body scanner images can be secretly stored by TSA

1/13/2011 - Global food chain stretched to limit; food riots predicted

1/13/2011 - Racist white arrogant medical researchers name superbug "New Delhi"

1/13/2011 - Thunderstorms generate beams of antimatter

1/13/2011 - USDA raising school lunch nutrition standards for first time in 15 years

1/12/2011 - World facing food price shock as corn, soy hit highest levels in 30 years

1/12/2011 - Whole Foods re-dedicates to healthier food offerings

1/11/2011 - Doctor pursues career exposing lies, quackery and fraud in "medical science"

1/11/2011 - Statin drugs raise stroke risk

1/11/2011 - Now they're pushing Prozac for stroke victims

1/10/2011 - If it's raining hard, and you parked your car by the river, you should probably move your car (flood video)

1/10/2011 - U.S. debt spending has reached the point of no return

1/10/2011 - Tell the EPA to ban Triclosan! (PDF)

1/10/2011 - Take action: Tell grocery chains to label GMO foods (petition)

1/10/2011 - Artificial food colors cause hyperactivity in children

1/10/2011 - Soy products may contain a dangerous neurotoxin

1/10/2011 - Neotame fear an internet hoax?

1/10/2011 - Loughner was some sort of demon worshipper (photos)

1/10/2011 - Don't let Giffords shooting take away our freedoms, says father of nine year old shooting victim (video)

1/6/2011 - Obama tells federal agencies to spy on their own employees

1/5/2011 - TSA photocopies man's credit cards and other documents

1/5/2011 - Timeline of S.510 Food Safety Modernization Act

1/4/2011 - Total debt blowout of USA under way - see this chart

1/4/2011 - News anchor Brian Williams groped by TSA molestors

1/3/2011 - USA approaches debt blowout - now $14 trillion and multiplying

1/3/2011 - More airports consider ditching the TSA goons

1/3/2011 - Mobile guard towers appearing in Wal-Mart parking lots

12/31/2010 - Young girl needed amputations after 5-hour wait in hospital emergency room

12/30/2010 - World governments working hard to take over control of the internet

12/28/2010 - New police powers on the streets: Mandatory blood tests on the spot for suspected drunk drivers

12/28/2010 - U.S. hospital makes multiple errors during spinal surgeries, operating on the wrong vertebrae!

12/27/2010 - Woman trying to break world obesity record slams down a 30,000-calorie Christmas dinner

12/27/2010 - Flu epidemic striking Britain

12/27/2010 - Experimental rooftop reactor generates liquid fuel from sunlight

12/27/2010 - Ohio farmers resist GMOs because non-GMO seeds work better!

12/26/2010 - DHS about to run security checkpoints at hotels and shopping malls

12/26/2010 - CF light bulbs a serious health hazard to women and children due to mercury content

12/25/2010 - In the near future, your food will come out of a syringe

12/25/2010 - India suffering onion shortage crisis

12/25/2010 - Fluoride makes your children stupid

12/25/2010 - Pat Robertson publicly says marijuana prohibition must end

12/25/2010 - TSA has no system for testing its naked body scanners

12/22/2010 - Ingredients for life found in superhot meteorites

12/22/2010 - FCC takeover of the internet is entirely illegal (but Big Government can't resist another power grab)

12/22/2010 - Minnesota public schools to be declared "sweet-free zones"

12/22/2010 - Obama to sign "indefinite detention" order giving White House power to hold prisoners forever, with no trial and no charges

12/22/2010 - Vitamin D prevents sudden falls

12/21/2010 - Iron, folic acid supplements during pregnancy make kids smarter

12/21/2010 - Judge rules that World War II veterans can't stand around in the lobby and talk

12/20/2010 - 100 American cities facing bankruptcy in 2011

12/20/2010 - How evil can they get? Senate sells out the people over S.510

12/20/2010 - FCC wants to regulate the internet even though it has absolutely no authority over the internet

12/17/2010 - Government seizure of "piracy" websites rife with mistakes; seizures illegal

12/17/2010 - Air traveler carries Glock firearm in his bag, onto airplane, slips right through TSA security

12/17/2010 - Even American-made drywall off-gasses toxic chemicals, claims lawsuit

12/17/2010 - Grocery prices skyrocket faster than official inflation

12/15/2010 - Michael Moore raises money to bail out Wikileaks Julian Assange

12/14/2010 - Government can no longer (legally) snoop on your emails without a warrant, court rules

12/14/2010 - NASA halts monkey radiation experiment

12/14/2010 - Acupuncture works to treat "lazy eye"

12/14/2010 - Good cholesterol reduces risk of Alzheimer's

12/11/2010 - Norovirus outbreak in the UK (during vitamin D deficient winter, of course)

12/11/2010 - Now Johnson & Johnson recalling 13 million packages of Rolaids

12/9/2010 - High school student facing criminal sexual molestation charges after wrestling match from using common "butt drag" move on opponent

12/8/2010 - Great news: Ron Paul to finally attain a position where he can push for Fed audit!

12/8/2010 - UPS will now require photo ID to ship packages

12/8/2010 - US soldiers turning to liposuction to meet weight restrictions for active duty

12/8/2010 - Long Island to ban all energy drink sales to teens?

12/8/2010 - Evidence continues to mount for extraterrestrial life

12/8/2010 - Assange leading the first worldwide internet rebellion against dishonest governments

12/8/2010 - Noam Chomsky, Peter Singer support Wikileaks disclosures

12/7/2010 - Governments really hate internet freedom: Lieberman now going after New York Times for publishing Wikileaks

12/7/2010 - Damage from multiple sclerosis can be healed by stem cells?

12/7/2010 - Elizabeth Edwards the latest victim of the conventional cancer industry

12/7/2010 - First MRI scan of live childbirth

12/6/2010 - It's already happening: FCC commissioner wants to regulate the news

12/6/2010 - TSA agent grabs Playboy Playmate model for "extra scanning"

12/6/2010 - Abbott Labs hires doctor banned by hospitals for improperly installing Abbott's heart stents

12/5/2010 - US government now can't even print more counterfeit currency without messing it up

12/5/2010 - Noam Chomsky blasts government's critical view of Wikileaks disclosures

12/4/2010 - Flyers afraid to file complaints with TSA due to fear of being added to no-fly watch list

12/4/2010 - TSA strips woman to her underwear in full public view

12/3/2010 - US hospitals pledge to use less radiation on patients

12/3/2010 - Coca leaves have been chewed for 8,000 years

12/3/2010 - As your orange juice about to go GMO?

12/2/2010 - Antidepressants may raise risk of heart disease

12/2/2010 - Fourth Amendment T-shirts made with metal ink that shows up on X-ray machines

12/1/2010 - It turns out there are far more stars (and planets) in our universe than what we previously thought

12/1/2010 - TSA to be investigated for turning off body scanners on National Opt Out day in order to thwart protestors

12/1/2010 - Chemicals in soap can harm children

11/30/2010 - Victory over GMOs in Germany

11/30/2010 - TSA imprisons mother in glass cell over her refusal to have breast milk X-rayed

11/29/2010 - US government can't stand its secrets being leaked by internet press

11/29/2010 - Nine examples of bizarre violence from crazed shoppers on Black Friday

11/29/2010 - Probiotics prove useful for improving health of children, but AAP plays it down with skepticism

11/29/2010 - Climate change scientists call for food rationing to reduce carbon emissions

11/29/2010 - TSA agent speaks out about uselessness of new pat downs

11/28/2010 - Is Texas the next big solar power state?

11/28/2010 - D.C. police can now arrest protestors who wear masks and don't inform police of their protests in advance

11/28/2010 - Woman claims she owns the sun

11/28/2010 - Top 10 food additives to avoid

11/28/2010 - World coming dangerously close to global food crisis

11/28/2010 - FBI set up Oregon "terrorist" teen with fake car bomb

11/28/2010 - Colorado lawyer files injunction against the TSA

11/28/2010 - The power of tiny acts of rebellion

11/28/2010 - How Wal-Mart is trying to trick progressive customers by jumping on the "local" bandwagon

11/28/2010 - New chemical pesticides now being used on fish farms

11/28/2010 - Stupid study says mercury isn't harmful to heart health (but completely ignores neurological health)

11/28/2010 - EU bans BPA in baby bottles

11/28/2010 - Flex your rights! How to assert your Fourth Amendment and Fifth Amendment rights

11/27/2010 - The smell of pumpkin is a real turn-on for men

11/27/2010 - Judge Napolitano calls TSA agents "storm troopers" (video)

11/26/2010 - Willie Nelson searched as "immigration checkpoint" for pot - then arrest for possession

11/26/2010 - Criminal record of harrassment and stalking does NOT disqualify TSA workers from jobs!

11/26/2010 - Sweet potato making a comeback as a popular food (it's healthier, too!)

11/25/2010 - The real issue with the TSA: Will the People surrender as slaves, or will they stand up and demand changes?

11/25/2010 - How to shoot video at a TSA checkpoint without getting arrested

11/25/2010 - S.510 food safety bill is a bad idea

11/25/2010 - Support the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund

11/25/2010 - Deadly chemicals still lurking in your cleaning products

11/25/2010 - Deadly medical errors still common in U.S. hospitals

11/25/2010 - Doctors warn that TSA agents lack medical knowledge to handle pat-downs

11/25/2010 - Feds criminalize K2, Spice and other marijuana alternatives in new expansion of drug prohibition policy

11/24/2010 - Top U.S. government officials granted waiver from TSA security screenings

11/24/2010 - Passenger hauled off plane for taking too many bathroom breaks

11/24/2010 - Catholic priest tried to have boy murdered who accused him of sexual molestation

11/24/2010 - Thermotherapy alternative to chemotherapy uses heat, not poison, to kill tumors

11/24/2010 - Popular painkiller could cause patients to commit suicide

11/24/2010 - China uses ban export on rare earth minerals to force Japan to capitulate on territorial issue

11/24/2010 - Eating colorful vegetables linked to longer life

11/24/2010 - Carrots protect against cancer and heart disease

11/24/2010 - Head of TSA calls to apologize to bladder cancer survivor who was covered in urine -- but still refuses to change pat-downs

11/24/2010 - Two male TSA agents single out woman for her breasts

11/24/2010 - Zogby poll says 61% oppose TSA's aggressive pat-downs and naked body scanners

11/24/2010 - US patent office to give Facebook a monopoly on the word "face"

11/23/2010 - TSA advertises job openings on pizza boxes

11/23/2010 - Johnson & Johnson announces yet another recall due to manufacturing quality control problems

11/23/2010 - A glass of wine a day helps prevent diabetes

11/23/2010 - How cinnamon helps prevent diabetes

11/23/2010 - Amazing story of traveler who proves TSA authority is a smokescreen

11/23/2010 - AMA exposed as a band of "fools" for believing in Obamacare

11/23/2010 - Sen Harry Reid desperate to pass S.510

11/22/2010 - Nissan Leaf electric car rated at 99 MPG

11/22/2010 - US government funds massive spraying of pesticides in Guatemala

11/22/2010 - Let the babies drink BPA - chemical lobby gets Senate to drop BPA ban

11/22/2010 - 15 dangerous drugs still being pushed by Big Pharma

11/22/2010 - Gerald Celente speaks out about TSA groping (video)

11/22/2010 - TSA parallels to Nazi Germany

11/22/2010 - TSA screening will result in more Americans being killed on roadways

11/22/2010 - UK government to inject babies with SIX vaccines at once -- claims zero risk involved

11/22/2010 - Maker of naked body scanners spent millions lobbying lawmakers so it could sell more machines to airports

11/22/2010 - Remake of "Come Fly With Me" as the new song "Comply With Me" (video)

11/22/2010 - Indignant TSA chief says aggressive pat-downs will continue

11/22/2010 - Wave of mental illness sweeps America, huge boon for psychiatric drug industry

11/21/2010 - Infant death rate falls after drug companies stop selling cough medicines for children under 2 (these products were killing babies)

11/21/2010 - Pfizer halts blood thinner study after dangerous bleeding in some experimental subjects

11/21/2010 - TSA has met the enemy - and they are us

11/21/2010 - Young boy strip searched by TSA (video)

11/21/2010 - $729,000 grant from American Cancer Society given to researcher accused of fraud

11/20/2010 - Democrats ask TSA to "reconsider" aggressive pat-downs

11/20/2010 - FDA pulls painkiller off the market following concerns of fatal heart problems

11/20/2010 - Cancer risk slashed by eating fruits and veggies (gee, really?)

11/20/2010 - List of U.S. Senators who were "paid off" to support S.510

11/20/2010 - US air travelers prepare for massive "don't touch my junk" protest on November 24th

11/20/2010 - Garlic proven useful for hypetension (but this article still pushes medication anyway)

11/20/2010 - NYC lawmaker wants to ban naked body scanners altogether

11/20/2010 - TSA threatens travelers: Submit to molestation or face $11,000 fine

11/20/2010 - Chertoff exposed - the naked body scanner scam explained

11/20/2010 - Woman wearing a skirt groped by TSA breaks down in tears

11/20/2010 - Cancer survivor forced to remove breast implant during aggressive TSA pat-down

11/19/2010 - Former Gov Jesse Ventura says he refuses to fly due to TSA harrassment

11/19/2010 - White House initiative to put 5,000 salad bars in schools

11/19/2010 - More airports considering dropping the TSA

11/19/2010 - Woman with artificial knees sexually assaulted by TSA

11/19/2010 - New censorship bill would give federal government power to turn off websites

11/18/2010 - Bill Gates wants to register all new babies on the planet for vaccines

11/18/2010 - New soda tax to help reduce the deficit? (We'd have to drink a few billion cans of soda to even make a dent…)

11/18/2010 - Hong Kong confirms first case of human bird flu

11/17/2010 - Florida airport gives TSA the boot and "opts out" of entire program!

11/17/2010 - TSA revolt explodes - lawsuits filed

11/17/2010 - TSA now shoving their hands in your pants

11/17/2010 - TSA is an out-of-control, unweildy, bloated bureaucratic nightmare for Americans

11/17/2010 - Joggers warned not to drink "energy drinks"

11/17/2010 - Monsanto wants to start testing GMO wheat

11/17/2010 - Federal scientists fear FDA approval of GM salmon

11/16/2010 - GM mosquitos to be released on Cayman Islands

11/16/2010 - Medical journals are complicit in the corruption of medicine

11/16/2010 - Big Brother thugs won't budge: Now they're investigating the man who refused the pat-down, threatening him with $10,000 fine

11/15/2010 - Health author Gina Kolata busted for printing blatantly false information pushing Alzheimer's screening tests

11/15/2010 - TSA pat-downs for U.S. air travelers more aggressive than military pat-downs of Afghan prisoners

11/15/2010 - Want to really protest the TSA's X-rated pat-downs? Wear a kilt!

11/15/2010 - Texas officials covered up radioactive tap water

11/15/2010 - Fertility doctor to test astrology's possible links to fertiliity

11/15/2010 - Building WHAT? Why most people have never heard of building #7

11/15/2010 - Now even Geraldo starts to question WTC7 impossible explanation

11/15/2010 - Hunger strikes 1 in 7 households in the UNITED STATES!

11/15/2010 - TSA has been molesting little children for years

11/15/2010 - Pat-down horror stories from American citizens traveling by air

11/15/2010 - America's government whines about lack of law in Burma while ignoring its own laws

11/15/2010 - TSA thungs threaten to sue passengers for resisting X-rated screening

11/15/2010 - Fast food industry spends $4.2 billion (yes, with a B) marketing junk food

11/15/2010 - Monsanto: The evil corporation in your refrigerator

11/14/2010 - Forbes magazine writer calls for abolishing the TSA

11/14/2010 - Reusable grocery shopping bags may contain high levels of lead (from China, of course)

11/14/2010 - List of the organizations receiving Obamacare waivers (lots of unions)

11/14/2010 - White House hands out 100+ Obamacare waivers (video)

11/14/2010 - Multiple hospitals fined in California for serious safety violations that could kill patients

11/13/2010 - Woman found in freezer of California nursing home

11/13/2010 - Government-sponsored pesticide propaganda

11/13/2010 - Chemicals in fast food wrappers show up in human blood

11/13/2010 - Lawmakers to hold hearing about TSA privacy invasions

11/13/2010 - Sunscreen causes rickets - new wave of cases in England

11/12/2010 - UK Dept of Health putting McDonald's, PepsiCo and Kellogg's in charge of writing government policy on obesity

11/11/2010 - San Francisco seeks to outlaw genital mutilation of newborn baby boys (and NBC thinks that's crazy)

11/11/2010 - Cats defy gravity in "reverse waterfall" technique for drinking liquids

11/11/2010 - 84 percent of doctors still being bribed by drug companies

11/11/2010 - New study proves that drinking soda causes gout

11/11/2010 - Science journal admits that vaccinating adults against whopping cough may be a total waste of time and money

11/11/2010 - Honest surgeon has the guts to admit he performed the wrong surgery on patient

11/11/2010 - Flu shot push expands to airports

11/11/2010 - White House accused of altering data about Gulf oil spill

11/11/2010 - TSA agents sexually harrass their own coworkers

11/11/2010 - Sign the petition against naked body scanners

11/11/2010 - Don't Scan Us! New website

11/11/2010 - November 24 is national "opt out" day - join the resistance

11/10/2010 - Backlash grows over TSA's naked body scanners

11/10/2010 - Fed investigators tell FDA whistleblower scientists to shove it - "no evidence of retaliation" (gee, big surprise)

11/10/2010 - Attractive female radio host handcuffed to chair by the TSA, violated by agents (video)

11/10/2010 - Flight attendants plan to file lawsuits over TSA molestation

11/10/2010 - Veganism goes mainstream as big names get on board

11/10/2010 - Era of leaded gasoline still poisoning vegetable gardens across America

11/10/2010 - USDA conspires with Monsanto to keep farmers planting illegal GMO sugar beets

11/10/2010 - USDA spends taxpayer dollars pushing Americans to eat more disease-promoting cheese and pizzas

11/9/2010 - When Carnival cruise ship loses power, U.S. Navy air-lifts spam and Pop-Tarts as "emergency food"

11/9/2010 - US pilots in a rebellion over TSA's naked body scanners - pilot accuses TSA pat down of "sexual molestation"

11/9/2010 - Feds warn of crop shortfalls, food inflation

11/9/2010 - Painkillers linked to male reproductive disorder

11/9/2010 - Sweets may be reduced or banned at school parties in public schools

11/9/2010 - Xbox Kinect system means fun exercise games in your living room

11/9/2010 - Resistance mounts against the TSA

11/9/2010 - Hundreds of scientists ban together to counter climate change skeptics

11/8/2010 - Police State USA: Armed police teams raid unlicensed barber shops at gunpoint

11/8/2010 - Texas says federal Medicaid mandates are bankrupting the state -- may ditch the program altogether

11/6/2010 - Researchers admit that some people are completely immune to HIV due to amino acids

11/6/2010 - Red meat linked to stomach, esophageal cancers

11/4/2010 - S 510 - Food Safety Modernization Act would turn FDA into an even bigger monster, terrorizing small farms

11/4/2010 - Which election candidates answered the GMO survey

11/4/2010 - Monsanto gave $470,000 to candidates for mid-term elections

11/3/2010 - New House Speaker promises to repeal Obamacare

11/3/2010 - American Pilots Association urges all pilots to OPT OUT of naked body scanners

11/3/2010 - Black raspberries prevent colorectal cancer

11/3/2010 - Democrats who voted for Obamacare got slaughtered in mid-term elections

11/2/2010 - Global sugar shortage looms! Major price hikes expected

11/2/2010 - Physical fitness prevents seasonal flu infections far better than vaccines

11/2/2010 - Avocado fat boosts good cholesterol (HDL)

11/2/2010 - Big Pharma now lobbying Republicans to try to shape next wave of health care reforms

11/2/2010 - US Supreme Court to weight in on violent video games

11/1/2010 - USA Today cautiously covers vitamin D story but still only recommends 400 IU per day

11/1/2010 - Global food giants are moving away from BPA in packaging

11/1/2010 - Why pot prohibition is the cornerstone of a police state

11/1/2010 - Ex-Homeland Security Chief pushes naked body scanners while making money from their manufacturer

11/1/2010 - Daylight Savings Time bad for health, bad for the environment

11/1/2010 - McDonald's employee sues for becoming fat on the job - and wins!

10/28/2010 - Plastics chemical BPA reduces sperm health

10/28/2010 - Even with all the hype, fewer people plan to get flu shots this year

10/28/2010 - European pilots blast excessive, redundant U.S. air travel security measures

10/27/2010 - Experimental cancer drugs killing far more people than they help

10/27/2010 - Whistleblower receives $96 million payout from GSK contamination scandal

10/27/2010 - Rhode Island hospital leaves forceps in patient's abdomen

10/27/2010 - First trans fat violation fine handed out in Baltimore

10/26/2010 - Global food price inflation leads to world food crisis

10/26/2010 - Breast Cancer Action tells Eli Lilly to stop selling animal growth hormones because they cause cancer in humans

10/26/2010 - Teens benefit from regular strength training

10/25/2010 - Global food security at risk of crop biodiversity is lost

10/25/2010 - Employers start firing employees who test positive for certain prescription drugs

10/25/2010 - NHS nurse turns off life support machine of patient - caught on video!

10/24/2010 - Honeybees solve complex mathematical problems that normally require complex computers

10/24/2010 - Health care reform actually causing treatment, insurance prices to RISE

10/24/2010 - Court rules that man can sue CDC for illegally disclosing his personal information over TB scare

10/23/2010 - Wild dolphins learning to walk on water - just for fun!

10/23/2010 - Is your Halloween candy made with child labor?

10/23/2010 - Monsanto paying farmers to spray crops with competing herbicides

10/23/2010 - The 3 big lies the meat industry wants you to believe about factory-farmed meat

10/23/2010 - Miami mental health center defrauded Medicare out of $200 million by filing false claims

10/23/2010 - Doctors put 3 year old girl on toxic cocktail of HIV drugs after exposure to used needles at the hospital

10/22/2010 - MRI scans lead to unnecessary breast cancer surgery

10/22/2010 - Just like we said! Dads who eat junk foods create unhealthy offspring

10/22/2010 - Woman pronounced dead from chemotherapy comes back to life after 14 hours

10/22/2010 - A billion gallons of water on the moon - from one crater! (video)

10/20/2010 - Irradiated cancer patients a threat to public health

10/19/2010 - Airline pilot refuses TSA naked body scanners, rejects pat down

10/19/2010 - Canadian researchers say H1N1 virus poses no real threat this winter -- but everyone should get vaccinated anyway!

10/19/2010 - Scientists experiment with using nano silver to block viral infections

10/19/2010 - Obesity costs USA $168 billion every YEAR!

10/19/2010 - Get out of the shade, silly! Too much protection from the sun causes vitamin D deficiency

10/18/2010 - Surgeons still operating on the wrong body parts with surprising frequency

10/18/2010 - Obamacare hitting 90,000 Boeing employees in the pocketbook with reduced benefits

10/18/2010 - Democrats who cast key votes for Obamacare now realize they committed political suicide

10/17/2010 - Mobsters, corrupt doctors team up to defraud Medicare of millions

10/15/2010 - US government using Facebook to spy on people

10/14/2010 - States to begin linking together prescription drug databases

10/14/2010 - Now bats are facing a devastating "mass extinction" fungal invasion

10/14/2010 - Canada officially labels BPA chemical as "toxic"

10/14/2010 - FDA issues new warning: Osteoporosis drugs cause thigh bone fractures

10/14/2010 - New book exposes dirty truth about Coca-Cola

10/14/2010 - Obamacare causing health insurance rates to skyrocket

10/14/2010 - Scientist says animals have spiritual experiences, too

10/12/2010 - McDonald's hamburger won't decompose even after 6 months

10/12/2010 - New York owes $200 billion in retiree health care costs -- but there's no money!

10/12/2010 - Organic Valley tries to destroy raw milk industry

10/11/2010 - Why patents on seeds and animals result in monopolistic control over the entire food chain

10/11/2010 - FDA pulls diet drug Meridia off the market due to health hazards

10/11/2010 - Glenn Beck warned not to drink Diet Coke (making him blind?)

10/11/2010 - Corn prices skyrocket on fears of global shortage

10/11/2010 - Offshore wind could generate enough electricity for entire USA (four times over)

10/11/2010 - Huge new screening (and drug treatment) push for Alzheimer's disease

10/11/2010 - 50 million Americans diagnosed with arthritis

10/9/2010 - Consumers are sick and tired of lame pinkwashing products

10/8/2010 - Is coconut oil the secret cure for Alzheimer's disease?

10/8/2010 - Bacteria discovered that actually stand up and walk to find food

10/8/2010 - Obesity causes loss of $73 billion work productivity each year in USA

10/8/2010 - Many Americans plan to skip the flu vaccine this year

10/8/2010 - Why we need mandatory GMO labeling of food

10/7/2010 - California uses taxpayer dollars to fund chemical pesticide PR campaign

10/7/2010 - New York proposes that food stamps can't be used to buy sugary drinks that promote obesity (gee, ya think?)

10/7/2010 - US government exempts McDonald's from health care reform requirements for employees

10/7/2010 - US government censored truth about BP oil spill

10/7/2010 - The brilliance of Big Government: 72,000 economic stimulus payments went to dead people or prisoners

10/7/2010 - Help pressure election candidates to state their position on GMOs (action item)

10/6/2010 - Many "all natural" foods are actually heavily processed

10/6/2010 - Now Microsoft proposes that computers that aren't "vaccinated" should not be allowed access to the internet

10/6/2010 - Monsanto's super GMO corn fails, sending stock prices sharply lower

10/6/2010 - Frito-Lay dropping biodegradable packaging because consumers complain it's "too loud"

10/5/2010 - Use of high-radiation CT scans in emergency rooms triples over nine years

10/4/2010 - White House finally decides to install solar panels

10/4/2010 - Students to be biometrically scanned to receive their school lunch?

10/4/2010 - Big Government's expansion into health care challenged in the courts

10/4/2010 - Why you should never donate your body to medical science

10/1/2010 - Pink ribbon breast cancer awareness campaigns may actually be harming more women than they help

10/1/2010 - Half the calories consumed by kids in the US come from junk foods

10/1/2010 - Vitamin D levels found to be extremely low in women with breast cancer

10/1/2010 - Another screening fraud exposed: PSA tests do more harm than good

10/1/2010 - Patients injected with flu vaccine even if they don't want it

10/1/2010 - Alien life certain to exist on newly-discovered planet

10/1/2010 - Junk food as addictive as street drugs

9/29/2010 - Stupid architectural tricks: Vegas hotel focuses suns rays like a giant magnifying glass that fries guests

9/29/2010 - People often mistake sugary sports drinks as "healthy"

9/29/2010 - GM corn releases insecticide chemicals that are now polluting rivers and streams

9/29/2010 - 11 US Senators get on board to halt the FDA's flawed GE salmon approval process

9/28/2010 - CDC admits H1N1 swine flu "no longer a threat" - so why are they still pushing the vaccine?

9/28/2010 - Cool chart shows which corporations rule the "organic" industry

9/28/2010 - US health care reform leading to higher health insurance costs for employers (goodbye jobs!)

9/28/2010 - Mainstream media actually dares to publish the truth: Food and exercise choices help prevent diabetes better than medications

9/28/2010 - Coca-Cola targeting Philippines for more expansion (as diabetes rises)

9/27/2010 - Medical imaging radiation harming children who already have cancer

9/27/2010 - Forget vaccines: Breastfeeding boosts infant immunity!

9/27/2010 - Grocery stores erect fake "farmer's markets" in parking lots to trick shoppers

9/27/2010 - Can this Searle energy device produce "free" energy?

9/27/2010 - FBI conducts surprise raids on homes of anti-war activists (video)

9/27/2010 - Why antioxidants make chemotherapy work better, not worse (your oncologist is probably giving you false information)

9/27/2010 - Organic cotton suddenly in demand among top textile brands

9/27/2010 - Nestle wants to combine food with pharma to create new "wellness" products (based on Big Pharma's chemical intervention model)

9/27/2010 - Look what chemotherapy is doing to Michael Douglas (photos)

9/27/2010 - Non-invasive laser can diagnose disease in minutes

9/27/2010 - Feds want to wiretap the internet so they can more easily track everything you do

9/27/2010 - A healthy diet doesn't have to be expensive

9/27/2010 - Magnesium prevents diabetes

9/26/2010 - HIV may have actually been spread by doctors

9/26/2010 - Three-fourths of Americans to be obese or overweight by 2020

9/26/2010 - Americans just won't eat their vegetables

9/26/2010 - DEA collecting "tons" of prescription narcotics to be incinerated

9/26/2010 - Why the FDA is so reluctant to ban dangerous drugs like Avandia

9/26/2010 - TSA violates innocent woman, accuses her of embezzlement after rifling through her purse

9/25/2010 - Pentagon burns books (this is real censorship, folks…)

9/25/2010 - Heat treatments can literally destroy cancer overnight

9/24/2010 - Breast cancer rates fall as women stop using HRT prescription drugs

9/24/2010 - Celebrities do good: Will Smith raises money to provide fresh water to poor nations

9/24/2010 - Einstein was right: Time really does run slower in strong gravitational fields

9/24/2010 - It's official: BP gulf spill was worst ever in history of oil industry

9/23/2010 - Superfood defense: Woman fends off bear attack with zucchini

9/23/2010 - Bono's ONE charity supports lavish salaries but almost nothing for actual social causes, critics claim

9/23/2010 - Teens who play sports feel significantly healthier and happier about life

9/23/2010 - Human exposure to BPA grossly underestimated

9/23/2010 - IMF declares US government essentially bankrupty (due in part to sick care costs)

9/23/2010 - Even Dems now campaigning against Obama's health care disaster

9/23/2010 - Bill would give US Dept of Justice power to block websites

9/23/2010 - Breast cancer fundraisers take advantage of gullible people

9/23/2010 - Similac baby formula contaminated with beetle larvae

9/23/2010 - Scotland hosts international vitamin D summit

9/23/2010 - Next Frankenfood? GMO potatoes

9/22/2010 - Italy to end use of airport body scanners

9/22/2010 - FDA will likely not require GM fish to be accurately labeled as such

9/22/2010 - Consumers Union blasts FDA over GM salmon "sloppy science"

9/22/2010 - Nausea drugs increase risk of blood clots

9/22/2010 - Barbaric! Cancer surgeons cut woman in half to remove tumor

9/22/2010 - New health law to require insurers pay for obesity prevention programs

9/22/2010 - Vitamin D found to protect against obesity-induced cancer

9/22/2010 - KFC pays young women to wear KFC logo on their buns

9/20/2010 - Today it's GM salmon; tomorrow it's GM cows, pigs and chickens

9/20/2010 - Check out the new mini documentary series "Food Investigations"

9/20/2010 - Feminist Camille Paglia demolishes Lady Gaga's "manufactured personality"

9/20/2010 - Diabetes drug may promote bladder cancer

9/20/2010 - Johnson & Johnson in yet more hot water with criminal investigations

9/20/2010 - More teens now turning to weight loss surgery (while still eating junk foods)

9/20/2010 - Retailers to launch first non-GMO month

9/20/2010 - Whole Foods launching sustainability rating program for all wild-caught seafood sold in its stores

9/20/2010 - Public health should come first when regulating synthetic chemicals

9/20/2010 - Monsanto contracted Blackwater spies to infiltrate opposition

9/20/2010 - Medicinal herbs about to be outlawed in EU

9/19/2010 - Boston may prohibit sales of junk beverages on city property

9/19/2010 - Scientists confirm dangers of Roundup herbicide (PDF)

9/19/2010 - Big Pharma now pushing Prozac for PMS!

9/19/2010 - China to pursue death sentence for serious violations of food safety laws

9/19/2010 - Nine month old twins die just minutes after measles vaccination

9/18/2010 - It's amazing: Scottish doctors now warning people to get more sunshine and vitamin D!

9/18/2010 - Family receives $1.5 million court award for vaccine-autism link

9/18/2010 - International travelers spreading antibiotic resistant superbugs

9/18/2010 - Scientists complete DNA map of cacao tree

9/18/2010 - Memory loss is not a normal part of aging

9/16/2010 - In the 1940's, prison inmates were killed with fluoride powder

9/16/2010 - Health insurers seek rate hikes of 20 percent

9/15/2010 - Patient shoots doctor at John Hopkins hospital, then kills self

9/15/2010 - NYC to ban smoking in parks and beaches

9/15/2010 - Drug recalls surge as Big Pharma's dangerous medications are increasingly exposed

9/15/2010 - The creepy science behind genetically engineered salmon

9/15/2010 - Waiter, there's BPA in my soup

9/14/2010 - West Virginia considers taxing drive through food purchases

9/14/2010 - Oops: Miami hospital circumcises Latino newborn by mistake

9/14/2010 - Doctors on the take still fail to disclose their financial ties in medical journals

9/14/2010 - FDA bows to Big Pharma by keeping dangerous cough medicine ingredient available over-the-counter to teens

9/14/2010 - Prostate cancer screening once again found to be medically useless

9/14/2010 - McDonald's calls corpse public service ad "outrageous" (watch the video yourself)

9/14/2010 - Here comes "dementia screening" for adults as young as 25 (with yet more drugs to be prescribed)

9/14/2010 - Organic farms have better soil (thanks to microbes)

9/14/2010 - Cannabis should be legalized, licensed and regulated, says UK expert

9/14/2010 - Bizarre surgeon carved woman's name on her own uterus using surgical laser

9/13/2010 - Patient seeks to sue CDC over forced tuberculosis quarantine

9/13/2010 - Brain damage causes woman to speak with Jamaican accent

9/13/2010 - Swimming in chorinated pools increases your risk of cancer

9/13/2010 - The American Cancer Society: The world's "wealthiest" non-profit

9/13/2010 - Government stifles criticism of Obamacare

9/13/2010 - Florida Judge almost killed by surgeon who left sponge in his body

9/12/2010 - County sues farmer for growing too many crops

9/11/2010 - Obama says no to solar panels on roof of White House (Jimmy Carter used to have them)

9/10/2010 - Obama's health care reform lies now starting to surface

9/10/2010 - Woman regrows finger after tip got cut off (doctors don't know about this)

9/10/2010 - US government can't stand health insurers explaining economic realities to their customers

9/8/2010 - Study says most active Facebook users have low self esteem

9/8/2010 - B vitamins proven to slow progression of dementia, Alzheimer's

9/8/2010 - Low-carb diet works better with plant-based proteins

9/7/2010 - Global food prices soar

9/7/2010 - Just as I predicted: Government starts paying for flu shots, making them "free" to the public

9/6/2010 - Babies born with low vitamin D suffer schizophrenia later in life

9/6/2010 - Russia to unleash floating nuclear reactors: Chernobyl on the high seas!

9/6/2010 - Solar panels to become future source of toxic e-waste

9/6/2010 - New trend: Shipping millions of gallons of water to India in large supertankers

9/6/2010 - Now Australia may pull Avandia off the market

9/6/2010 - TIME Magazine asks "Is the FDA on drugs?"

9/6/2010 - Diabetes drug Actos has same side effects risk as Avandia, says research

9/5/2010 - British Medical Journal calls for GSK Avandia to be pulled from the market

9/5/2010 - Egg contamination whistleblowers were ignored by USDA

9/5/2010 - Walking beats cancer all by itself (even without pink ribbon fundraisers)

9/3/2010 - Drug side effects left woman blind and scarred

9/3/2010 - Iraq war veterans now being given ecstasy drugs to treat PTSD

9/3/2010 - Earth facing mass extinction event?

9/3/2010 - Baby formula contaminated with aluminum

9/3/2010 - Green Party of Canada calls for fluoride ban

9/3/2010 - Fluoridation battle rages in Wichita, Kansas

9/3/2010 - Global food supply strained under Russia's ban of grain exports; food riots begin

9/3/2010 - Green gymnasium turns cycling effort into electrical power

9/3/2010 - 900 percent increase in weight-loss surgeries since 2003

9/3/2010 - Drug companies routinely violate marketing laws due to near-total lack of enforcement by FDA

9/3/2010 - Half of all Americans now taking prescription drugs

9/3/2010 - Omega-3s are "incredibly potent" anti-inflammatory supplements

9/2/2010 - Taking bone drugs may give you cancer

9/1/2010 - Now Michael Douglas undergoing radiation and chemotherapy for throat cancer

9/1/2010 - Dead bodies of poor people to be used in medical experiments

9/1/2010 - Television should be banned for toddlers, says psychologist

8/31/2010 - Wasps are key to web of life

8/31/2010 - The end of traditional book publishers? Why authors are ditching publishers and going straight to their audiences

8/31/2010 - 10 ways public tax dollars end up destroying the environment

8/31/2010 - Germany bans cultivation of GM corn

8/31/2010 - C-section birth rate skyrockets in USA as mothers surrender to convenience of doctors

8/30/2010 - U.S. newspapers begin exposing more lies about health care reform

8/30/2010 - Vaccine deaths and injuries skyrocket around the world

8/30/2010 - UK hospital features Burger King right beside recovery room

8/30/2010 - Mother wins cash payout for damage her son suffered from MMR vaccine jab

8/30/2010 - Cervical cancer vaccine jab given to young girls even without parental consent

8/30/2010 - Genetically Modified salmon company claims it's saving "wild salmon" from decline

8/30/2010 - Bird songs lend therapeutic powers to hospital patients

8/30/2010 - Moms who don't breastfeed have much higher risk of type-2 diabetes

8/30/2010 - Heart disorder rises 300% in Australia over last 15 years

8/30/2010 - This is health care? Esophageal cancer rates rise 50% in one generation

8/30/2010 - Parents can't seem to figure out right medicine dosage for their children

8/30/2010 - U.S. war veterans being killed with high-dose psychiatric drugs

8/29/2010 - Green Ray Solar to make solar panels that output AC (household) current directly

8/29/2010 - Sick care systems unaffordable to governments; food consumption simply must shift

8/29/2010 - Silk soy milk getting squeezed off shelves at Whole Foods

8/29/2010 - How your toothpaste and soap could harm your health (Triclosan)

8/29/2010 - Canada to add BPA to list of "toxic substances"

8/29/2010 - Bill Gates Foundation buys 500,000 shares of Monsanto

8/29/2010 - Demand for food is destroying the Earth

8/29/2010 - EPA reverses itself on lead bullet ban; faces sharp criticism from conservancy groups

8/28/2010 - Federal taxpayer dollars used to install tracking devices on preschool children

8/27/2010 - 100 people treated for inhaling fumes from chlorinated pool water

8/26/2010 - EPA looking to ban lead bullets

8/26/2010 - Facebook now claims no one else can use "book" in their website name

8/26/2010 - Pricing of brand-name drugs rises over 40% in five years

8/26/2010 - Tobacco firms bypass marketing restrictions with clever web campaigns

8/26/2010 - Broccoli extracts prevent stomach disorders

8/25/2010 - Free plutonium sludge for your garden! Want some?

8/25/2010 - A month without Monsanto (impossible?)

8/25/2010 - The big flu vaccine push is on! The goal is more shots into more people

8/25/2010 - Courts rule that government agents have the right to track your movements with secret GPS devices

8/25/2010 - Teens increasingly addicted to texting

8/24/2010 - Honolulu facing runaway trash crisis

8/24/2010 - Pig farms contributing to antibiotic resistance

8/24/2010 - Corn-based ingredient could replace BPA in plastics

8/24/2010 - Take action! Join the boycott against Kellogg's over Frankenfood ingredients

8/24/2010 - Ocean acidification could cause "crash" in marine food webs

8/24/2010 - Jail guards to use new laser weapon on prisoners

8/24/2010 - Pesticides once again linked to attention problems in children

8/24/2010 - Large fish die-off at the mouth of the Mississippi

8/24/2010 - Hospital inserts feeding tube directly into woman's vein

8/24/2010 - Vitamin D controls genetic expression for health, disease

8/24/2010 - Nicotine feeds growth of breast cancer tumors

8/24/2010 - Losing weight as easy as drinking water before each meal

8/24/2010 - Philadelphia requiring bloggers to pay $300 for business license

8/24/2010 - Burger King introduces new 2500-calorie pizza burger

8/24/2010 - Microbes easily survive travel in outer space

8/21/2010 - Green leafy vegetables reduce risk of diabetes

8/20/2010 - Check out the "Truth About Gardasil" website

8/20/2010 - Why pregnant women should avoid diet sodas

8/20/2010 - Americans are warming up to "naked vacations"

8/20/2010 - $100 fine for not recycling in Cleveland

8/19/2010 - Psychiatric researcher pleads guilty to research fraud

8/19/2010 - Chinese Medicine herbs scientifically proven to help halt cancer

8/19/2010 - BP oils isn't gone after all; government figures distorted

8/19/2010 - U.S. government jumps in bed with vaccine industry to push for faster vaccine response to pandemic outbreaks

8/19/2010 - Tai Chi really works to alleviate fibromyalgia

8/19/2010 - The chemical nightmare in your mattress

8/19/2010 - Teens carry 30 percent more BPA than adults

8/19/2010 - Astronauts lose 40% of their muscle mass during space travel

8/18/2010 - Pesticide exposure causes attention problems in children

8/18/2010 - Nasty people more likely to have heart attacks

8/18/2010 - Younger schoolchildren more likely to be falsely diagnosed with ADHD

8/18/2010 - 20% of youth suffers hearing loss from using portable music devices

8/18/2010 - Fire-breathing bartender arrested like a terrorist and charged with "manufacturing explosive device"

8/17/2010 - School milk programs being challenged in UK as unhealthy

8/17/2010 - Artificial meat production necessary to feed world population through 2050 (or else the planet may be destroyed)

8/17/2010 - Top UK doctor declares drug use should be decriminalized, regulated

8/17/2010 - Lou Gehrig may not have had Lou Gehrig's disease after all

8/17/2010 - Brief history of suppressed energy technologies

8/16/2010 - Russian scientist blames weather catastrophes on "secret U.S. weather control weapon"

8/16/2010 - CDC already pushing people to get flu shots (even before summer is over!)

8/15/2010 - Bedbugs invading New York City

8/15/2010 - Florida bear rescued after 10 days with jar on its head (with photo)

8/15/2010 - San Fran proposal would ban toys in low-nutrition fast food meals

8/15/2010 - Childhood stress leads to physical illness as an adult

8/14/2010 - Global food disasters translate into wheat goldmine for U.S. farmers

8/14/2010 - SAMe supplement helps treat depression (with no side effects)

8/14/2010 - China infant formula causes 13 month old infants to grow breasts

8/14/2010 - Organ transplants gone wrong: Man dies after donating part of his liver to his dying brother

8/14/2010 - Infected with a new superbug? Blame India…

8/14/2010 - Tylenol may cause asthma in teens

8/13/2010 - Surgeons now pushing brain surgery as treatment for type-2 diabetes

8/13/2010 - San Fran's free "organic biosolids compost" found contaminated with toxic contaminants

8/13/2010 - Extreme weather taking a huge toll on global food production

8/13/2010 - Popular anti-seizure drug may cause meningitis

8/13/2010 - Menstrual cramps actually change women's brains

8/13/2010 - Mental disorders (and psychiatric drugging) on the rise among college students

8/13/2010 - UC Berkeley backs off plan to test DNA of incoming freshmen

8/13/2010 - Thousands of patient's hospital records found in a public dump

8/12/2010 - Hackers (and governments) can listen in on your mobile phone

8/12/2010 - Don't give your private information to retail stores

8/12/2010 - Man sprouts a pea plant in his own lung

8/12/2010 - Check out the new Vitamin D wiki

8/11/2010 - Thousands of UK businesses face a wave of "green taxes"

8/11/2010 - Coming soon: Biometric vending machines that scan your thumbprint before releasing your junk food

8/11/2010 - Dangerous new gene turns any bacteria into a superbug

8/10/2010 - DEET chemical now being found in municipal water supplies

8/10/2010 - EPA to limit mercury emissions from cement plants

8/10/2010 - Texas sues BP over refinery pollution

8/10/2010 - Canadian vaccine company receives $21 million grant from U.S. government!

8/10/2010 - Mexico may legalize drugs to end devastating drug war

8/10/2010 - Virtually entire world is now deficient in vitamin D; policy changes urgently needed

8/10/2010 - Some dry pet food contaminated with salmonella

8/10/2010 - WHO finally declares swine flue pandemic is over (gee, really?)

8/10/2010 - Gulf of Mexico is now a giant dead zone: CorExit killed the life

8/10/2010 - The top 10 contoversial psychiatric disorders

8/9/2010 - U.S. electrical grid failing

8/9/2010 - Smart governments grow food using public spaces

8/9/2010 - Why buying your children shoes makes them clumsy and stupid (barefoot is better!)

8/9/2010 - Breast cancer rates 400% higher in UK than in Africa; story makes no mention of sunlight or vitamin D!

8/9/2010 - Scientists regrow severed spinal tissue in mice

8/9/2010 - Stephen Hawking warns human should colonize other planets or face extinction

8/9/2010 - Are U.S. and Latin America ready to end the failed war on drugs?

8/9/2010 - BPA chemical in canned foods cuts male fertility

8/9/2010 - New car runs on human waste

8/9/2010 - Young girls now reaching puberty at age 7

8/9/2010 - Bacteria could make car fuel from thin air

8/9/2010 - Smoking in your car with children present is child abuse

8/7/2010 - NY cops fake mental illness to get more money

8/7/2010 - Humans share 70 percent of genetic code with sea sponges

8/7/2010 - FDA warns Novartis over misleading Facebook promotion

8/7/2010 - Food prices rising across the board

8/6/2010 - Social Security can simply declare you dead and cut you off

8/6/2010 - How wikipedia destroys truth about natural medicine

8/6/2010 - Women's hormones affects their clothing shopping habits

8/5/2010 - Prayer proven to improve health of test subjects

8/5/2010 - The great disappearing oil trick (gee, it's all gone!)

8/5/2010 - Over half of China's water polluted beyond drinkability

8/5/2010 - Did you ever ride this to school? Jet-powered school bus goes 350+ mph

8/5/2010 - Global grain market takes huge hit as Russia bans exports following massive drought

8/5/2010 - This is a big deal: Crops absorb pharmaceuticals from sewage sludge spread on farmlands

8/5/2010 - Frito-Lay launches P.R. campaign with "traveling greenhouse" to make people feel good about eating their processed dead food snacks

8/5/2010 - U.S. regulators have no data on health risks of thousands of chemicals used in foods, personal care products

8/5/2010 - Weight training helps arthritis patients

8/5/2010 - Susan G. Komen gets nasty with intellectual property: Claims it owns "for the cure" phrase!

8/5/2010 - Infant formula manufacturers routinely violate marketing rules in Africa

8/5/2010 - Supermodel suggests breastfeeding should be mandated by law

8/4/2010 - Huge victory: Almonds growers can challenge USDA fumigation mandate

8/4/2010 - Woman finds cancer cure in dairy-free diet based on anti-cancer plants

8/4/2010 - Missouri voters overwhelmingly reject federal mandates in health care bill, leading to showdown between state, Feds

8/3/2010 - Some Canadians prefer Big Macs to sex

8/3/2010 - Want bladder cancer? Eat more processed deli meat

8/3/2010 - Gee, really? Big Pharma funded trials produce positive drug results 85% of the time

8/3/2010 - US Judge allows Virginia to continue lawsuit against feds over Obamacare

8/3/2010 - Farming is surging back in Massachusetts

8/3/2010 - Household cleaning products pose health risk to children

8/2/2010 - Today's youth does not understand the concept of plagiarism

8/2/2010 - Medical brain scans cause radiation overdose; patients' hair falls out

8/1/2010 - Some pesticides may be banned in U.S. to protect endangered fish

8/1/2010 - Marketers to target customers with "Minority Report" style billboards

8/1/2010 - Sandra Bullock victim of Big Oil greenwashing campaign

7/31/2010 - US Coast Guard allowed BP to carpet bomb the Gulf of Mexico with chemicals

7/31/2010 - We warned 'em: Australia bans all flu vaccines after children sent into convulsions following vaccine jab

7/31/2010 - The big annual push for flu vaccines begins

7/30/2010 - China experiencing a runaway garlic price bubble

7/30/2010 - Lancet medical journal urges taking away women's right to choose home births (forcing you to the hospital!)

7/30/2010 - Gulf of Mexico has long been a dumping ground for toxic chemicals

7/30/2010 - Sea Turtle Conservancy uses toxic dish soap to clean oil-coated wildlife

7/29/2010 - America's oldest living grapevine nearly killed by weed chemicals

7/29/2010 - NY Times publishes article on vitamin D that finally says what NaturalNews has been saying for years

7/29/2010 - FDA sued for not regulating toxic chemicals in antibacterial soaps

7/29/2010 - Whole Foods' checkout receipts contain high levels of BPA

7/28/2010 - Phytoplankton in decline across world's oceans

7/28/2010 - Drinking alcohol may reduce symptoms of arthritis

7/28/2010 - Porche to make plug-in hybrid vehicle

7/28/2010 - Bedbugs are back with a vengeance in U.S. cities

7/27/2010 - Hormone gel could regrow teeth cavities

7/27/2010 - Climate change could send 6 million more Mexicans across the border

7/27/2010 - Bizarre: BPA now found contaminating store receipts

7/26/2010 - Where did the bailout money really go? Overseas banks…

7/26/2010 - Accused murderer receives liver organ for transplantation after drinking rat poison

7/26/2010 - 75% of prostate cancer cases treated with aggressive drugs and surgery -- even when it's useless to do so

7/26/2010 - 7 year old on 3 psych drugs hangs himself

7/26/2010 - Rebuttal to raw milk attackers / dead foods zealots

7/26/2010 - Federal raids on raw milk farms continues

7/26/2010 - Weed killer in your drinking water: Chemical industry says it's safe!

7/26/2010 - Doctors just don't get their patients, research shows

7/26/2010 - Quarter of children with sleep problems being medicated with psych drugs

7/26/2010 - Doctor fired from hospital for warning teens about dangers of gastric band surgery

7/26/2010 - Cell phone industry says radiation health warnings are unconstitutional

7/26/2010 - P&G spent over $1 million last quarter lobbying the US government

7/26/2010 - 7,000 children harmed each year by medical devices

7/26/2010 - EPA whistleblower reveals how agency is lying for BP over toxicity of Corexit

7/25/2010 - In UK, sodas with artificial colors to carry "hyperactivity warning"

7/25/2010 - Cause of Celiac disease found, but researchers only want to push more vaccines

7/25/2010 - FDA rejects plan to crack down on abusive prescribing of addictive painkillers

7/25/2010 - Told ya so: African Americans have more serious cancer (but it's from vitamin D deficiency due to skin pigmentation, not ancestry)

7/25/2010 - Landis says he say Lance Armstrong taking drugs (doping)

7/25/2010 - Britain to decentralize health care

7/24/2010 - FDA calls for Avandia panelist corruption investigation, but only after WSJ exposed it first

7/24/2010 - This is how governments treat soldiers: Amputee soldier denied benefits because he can manage to walk 400 meters

7/24/2010 - Women treated for cancer with radiation suffer a higher risk of future stillbirths

7/23/2010 - Wild bear takes car for joy ride

7/23/2010 - More Johnson & Johnson drug factories cited for terrible quality control

7/23/2010 - Water is widespread on the moon

7/23/2010 - GAO says mail-in genetic testing is unreliable (then again so is hospital genetic testing)

7/23/2010 - The more you sit, the sooner you die

7/23/2010 - Health insurance companies stockpiled billions in profits while hiking premiums on customers

7/23/2010 - The Earth ate my car!

7/22/2010 - Man falls off surgical table and dies

7/22/2010 - Harvard Medical School rolls out new rules to stop its faculty from accepting bribes from Big Pharma

7/22/2010 - FDA orders GSK to halt Avandia clinical trials

7/21/2010 - Some parents use pharmaceuticals to abuse their children

7/21/2010 - Hidden in health reform bill: Big Brother to track, tax all gold and silver transactions

7/21/2010 - Drugging the children in America: 84% of ADHD kids put on medication

7/20/2010 - BP admits crisis room photo was faked

7/20/2010 - Cucumbers and melons originated in China

7/20/2010 - Probiotics used by pregnant moms cuts risk of baby's skin conditions by half

7/20/2010 - Heartbeat of fetus synchronizes with mom's

7/20/2010 - Household air fresheners may double the risk of breast cancer

7/20/2010 - FDA panelist who voted on Avandia received big bucks from GlaxoSmithKline

7/19/2010 - Brainwashed parents now believe drugs are best treatment for ADHD

7/19/2010 - says e-books now out-sell hardcovers (but not paperbacks)

7/19/2010 - Washington Post exposes ballooning secret government of USA

7/19/2010 - TSA conducts "strip search" of 12 year old girl using full body scanner

7/19/2010 - Legalizing pot could collapse the Mexican drug cartels

7/19/2010 - Stroke risk doubles in first hour after consuming alcohol

7/19/2010 - China surpasses USA as world's largest energy user

7/19/2010 - Whole Foods steps up enforcement of "organic" claim in body care products

7/19/2010 - Wall Street megabanks routinely launder drug cartel money

7/18/2010 - Even glass jars can contain BPA chemical due to lid lining

7/18/2010 - TIME magazine actually reports on the toxicity of plastics chemicals (April article)

7/18/2010 - People no longer have attention span to read full articles

7/18/2010 - Radioactive brain scan drugs found to contain impurities

7/18/2010 - US government investing billions in battery technology for electric vehicles

7/18/2010 - Olive oil prices skyrocket as Greece financial crisis hits production

7/18/2010 - ObamaCare greatly expands IRS powers to audit your health insurance status, assess penalties

7/18/2010 - Congress passes nutrition act for children -- but ignores nutriton!

7/18/2010 - Every American to be assigned an "obesity rating" under new health care reforms

7/16/2010 - FDA rejects amphetamine diet drug

7/15/2010 - Wearing high heels shrinks calf muscles

7/15/2010 - Big Tobacco caught in child labor scandal

7/15/2010 - Abuse of prescription drugs rises 400 percent in 10 years

7/15/2010 - Pear-shaped women lose memory function, says new study

7/15/2010 - New "free" preventive health services are mostly screenings to medicate more people

7/15/2010 - "Solar trees" could soon be shading a parking lot near you

7/15/2010 - Don't nuke the monkeys!

7/14/2010 - Chemotherapy survivors face huge risk of death for decades after

7/14/2010 - Doctors fail to report incompetent colleagues

7/14/2010 - Chicago considering taxing soda to fight obesity

7/13/2010 - Broccoli nutrient halts growth of cancer tumors

7/13/2010 - Vitamin E helps prevent dementia

7/13/2010 - Low vitamin D levels linked to Parkinson's disease

7/13/2010 - Police now using DNA fragments to search family members as criminals

7/13/2010 - Red hot chili pepper seeds arrive at doomsday seed storage vault

7/13/2010 - Hospital infection deaths caused by ignorance and neglect

7/13/2010 - Gross! 25% of people don't cover their mouths when coughing, sneezing

7/13/2010 - Avandia heart risks were known 11 years ago by drug maker, but they were intentionally buried

7/13/2010 - Backlash grows against full-body airport scanners

7/13/2010 - New estate tax scheme encourages Americans to die before January 1 (or pay a fortune in taxes)

7/13/2010 - Aspartame causes premature births

7/12/2010 - Tea consumption slows cognitive decline in older adults

7/12/2010 - Get ready for a flood of new IRS paperwork thanks to the expanded 1099 rule found in the health care reform bill

7/12/2010 - Having a big head may protect you from Alzheimer's

7/12/2010 - Texas doctors threaten to pull out of state Medicaid

7/12/2010 - Call to end energy-guzzling air conditioning in America?

7/12/2010 - U.S. women addicted to Facebook and other social networking sites

7/12/2010 - SoloPower rolls out flexible rooftop solar panels with 11 percent efficiency

7/12/2010 - Huge push is now on to screen kids for high cholesterol and put them on cholesterol drugs

7/9/2010 - Gulf of Mexico "dead zone" caused by ethanol production

7/9/2010 - Extremely toxic oil samples from Gulf (video)

7/9/2010 - J&J recalls yet more Tylenol products over stinky smells

7/9/2010 - Lady Gaga inspires latest stupid crazy among teen girls: Contact lenses that make you look like you're on drugs

7/9/2010 - Watch out for toxic ingredients in sunscreen

7/8/2010 - Australia is the new China: Internet to be filtered by government

7/8/2010 - Help protect us all from toxic chemicals

7/8/2010 - Is tanning tax racist against whites?

7/8/2010 - Olive oil halts growth of breast cancer tumors

7/8/2010 - Wikileaks seeks to shed light on government's secret activities

7/8/2010 - Fish oil lowers risk of breast cancer by 32 percent

7/8/2010 - Solar airplane completes 26 hour flight

7/8/2010 - Asking too many questions about BP could get you labeled a "homegrown terrorist" and thrown in jail under new law

7/8/2010 - U.S. national debt leaps $166 billion -- in one day!

7/8/2010 - Amazing: Media starts to report the truth that sunlight may be good for you!

7/8/2010 - Top UK doctor calls for urgent action to limit salt and fat in processed foods (but not aspartame or MSG)

7/8/2010 - Army of the 12 monkeys? Lab monkeys escape research facility using trees as catapults

7/8/2010 - Surprising new research shows that fish actually talk to each other under water

7/8/2010 - Drug industry in bed with Harry Reid (and paying for his campaign ads)

7/7/2010 - Tanning salons being unfairly punished under health care tax

7/7/2010 - British prawns getting high on Prozac in the water

7/7/2010 - Board game from the 1970's foresaw BP's oil catastrophe in the Gulf

7/7/2010 - FDA approves bionic eye implants

7/7/2010 - School day starts way too early for sleepy students and teachers

7/7/2010 - Some cancer industry groups finally admit that advice to avoid the sun may be causing vitamin D deficiencies

7/7/2010 - Coming soon to Europe: Chewable psych drugs for children (like candy)

7/7/2010 - Men who take Viagra have 300% increased risk of sexually transmitted disease

7/6/2010 - Mother's diet raises risk of birth defects

7/5/2010 - Oil spill tar balls now reaching Texas coastline

7/5/2010 - Coming soon from Cargill: Genetically-modified omega-3 oils

7/5/2010 - TSA now blocking its workers from accessing websites with "controversial opinions"

7/5/2010 - Factory animal farms spew toxic chemical fumes, poisoning neighbors

7/5/2010 - Swine flu drug hand-out program in the UK was a near-total failure (most people didn't have H1N1)

7/5/2010 - Crude oil now buried below "clean" beaches in the Gulf Coast

7/5/2010 - Available soon: Cars that allow blind people to drive on public roadways

7/5/2010 - Sick care economy: 1 in 9 U.S. jobs based on hospital workers

7/4/2010 - Playing video games linked to attention disorders

7/4/2010 - U.S. government now bailing out UPS when political favoritism that means big bucks

7/4/2010 - Health officials finally call for vitamin D supplements for pregnant women (but only in the UK)

7/4/2010 - Chicken McNuggets contain chemical used in Silly Putty

7/2/2010 - Huge increase in rickets among ethnic groups due to vitamin D deficiency

7/2/2010 - NRDC sues FDA to halt BPA chemical in food packaging

7/2/2010 - Food sovereignty movement gaining steam

7/2/2010 - Democrats are now trying to tax all your on-line purchases

7/2/2010 - Madhouse medical tyranny: When being healthy is labeled a "disease"

7/2/2010 - BP oil now being found in Gulf of Mexico seafood

7/2/2010 - Even Obamacare will start turning away sick people (because it can't afford to treat them)

7/2/2010 - Trans fats kill 7,000 a year in the UK, but government won't outlaw it

7/2/2010 - Get ready for emergency room waiting lines across USA

7/2/2010 - High fructose corn syrup may increase blood pressure

7/2/2010 - Even doctors says prostate cancer is overtreated

7/2/2010 - Virginia challenges health care reform in the courts

7/1/2010 - Most Texas schoolchildren flunk physical fitness test

7/1/2010 - 40 million swine flu vaccine doses go up in flames as expired vaccines are burned

7/1/2010 - Feds may require radiation warning on cell phones

7/1/2010 - Pelosi demonstrates hilarious economic illiteracy: Unemployment checks "create jobs!"

7/1/2010 - Lawsuit seeks to stop BP from burning rare sea turtles alive

7/1/2010 - L.A. neck-deep in trash: 48,000 tons per day

6/30/2010 - Kombucha under fire for natural alcohol content from fermentation

6/30/2010 - Dangerous food dyes linked to ADHD, cancer and allergies - new call to ban them from foods

6/30/2010 - It's true: Airport body scanners could give you cancer

6/30/2010 - Hard to believe: FDA actually admits antibiotics used in meat pose "a threat to public health"

6/30/2010 - Doctors and dentists handed out tens of thousands of toxic charm bracelets to children

6/30/2010 - VA hospital exposes 1,800 veterans to HIV infection

6/30/2010 - Gee, really? Study "discovers" that the human body makes its own antibodies to defend against the flu

6/30/2010 - Antidepressant drug use doubles, destroying lives with senseless medication

6/30/2010 - Thanks to modern medicine, Americans are overtreated to death

6/29/2010 - Coming to a dinner plate near you: Genetically Modified salmon meat!

6/29/2010 - UK police harrassing students who take pictures of them in public

6/29/2010 - UK doctors want to return to Dark Ages of medicine by banning homeopathy

6/28/2010 - Combination vaccine causes fevers, seizures in kids

6/28/2010 - New evidence links Avandia drug to serious health risks

6/28/2010 - Making healthy changes in middle schools really does improve long-term health outlook of students

6/28/2010 - It's madness: Psychiatrists now target infants just a few weeks old as having "mental disorders"

6/27/2010 - Airline food companies cited for unsanitary kitchens

6/27/2010 - Does the Valley of Longevity truly offer longevity? (Or is it a myth?)

6/27/2010 - Boston Globe runs feature story on the Valley of Longevity in Ecuador

6/26/2010 - Supermarkets routinely sell meat raised on genetically modified feed crops

6/26/2010 - BP corporate criminals violate Endangeres Species Act by burning sea turtles

6/26/2010 - Russia to require severe "smoking kills" warnings on cigarettes

6/26/2010 - Toxic storms threaten to make Gulf Coast beach towns uninhabitable

6/26/2010 - Mainstream academics now talking about the collapse of human civilization

6/26/2010 - Kellogg's cereals stink!

6/26/2010 - IRS now demanding a cut of payments Gulf Coast victims receive from BP

6/25/2010 - Police State Canada passes secret law to arrest G20 protesters

6/25/2010 - Entire surface of Mars was shaped by liquid water, scientists conclude

6/25/2010 - Fascinating research says the objects you touch and feel directly impact your perceptions of others

6/25/2010 - Reusable grocery bags are all contaminated with bacteria

6/25/2010 - CDC warns that Americans eat way too much (processed) salt

6/24/2010 - Is asthma just a symptom of vitamin D deficiency?

6/24/2010 - NHS watchdog calls for ban of all trans fats in food

6/24/2010 - Think BP is bad? Four more energy nightmares to come

6/24/2010 - American Dietetic Association is a nutritional joke

6/24/2010 - Honeybee collapse due to toxic combination of pesticide chemicals

6/24/2010 - Earth-conscious chefs now offering low-carbon meals

6/24/2010 - FDA fails to protect Americans from cancer chemicals in cosmetics

6/24/2010 - Long-term toxicity of oil spill chemicals has scientists worried

6/24/2010 - Botox numbs emotions, turning patients into drones

6/24/2010 - Pfizer ends trial after widespread overdosing of children with psych drug

6/24/2010 - CDC advises people to avoid oil spills due to toxic chemicals

6/24/2010 - BP is burning rare sea turtles alive

6/24/2010 - McDonald's threatened with lawsuit over toys in Happy Meals

6/24/2010 - Whooping cough declared an epidemic in California

6/24/2010 - US scores dead last in world healthcare study - system is broken

6/24/2010 - CT scans pose serious health risks; experts ask FDA to regulate more

6/24/2010 - Gulf boat captain commits suicide over oil spill

6/22/2010 - Flame retardants alter thyroid hormones in pregnant women

6/21/2010 - Cartoon characters alter kids' perception of taste of processed food

6/20/2010 - NYC schools want to control what your children say in your home, not just in school

6/20/2010 - Nonstick cookware chemical causes ADHD in children

6/20/2010 - Arctic seabirds loaded with environmental poisons

6/20/2010 - Kids drinks frequently contaminated with lead

6/20/2010 - Organic Consumers victory forces Whole Foods to ban bogus organic claims on personal care products

6/20/2010 - FDA has taken more than 30 years and still no final regulations have been issued for sunscreens

6/20/2010 - BP finally says yes to Kevin Costner's cleanup machines

6/20/2010 - California about to approve neurotoxic pesticide for strawberries

6/19/2010 - Scientists translate sun's flares into audible music

6/19/2010 - California on the verge of a financial "system failure" - welfare state cannot be sustained

6/19/2010 - Energy-from-water inventor killed in mysterious blast while SWAT team was "training" nearby

6/19/2010 - Hormones in meat cause young girls to reach puberty sooner

6/19/2010 - 97% of men survive prostate cancer even without treatment

6/19/2010 - Drinking tea cuts risk of heart disease by one-third

6/19/2010 - BP well operations were "reckless" says company that shares ownership of the well

6/18/2010 - US government actually prevents oil cleanup in the Gulf (but why?)

6/18/2010 - After Medicare slashed payments to doctors, doctors simply "treat" more patients to make up for the shortfall of revenue

6/18/2010 - Lyme Disease on the rise in New York

6/18/2010 - Raising soda prices reduces consumption better than educating the public

6/18/2010 - Abuse of prescription painkillers now an escalating epidemic of addiction

6/18/2010 - Recalled: 15 million pounds of under-cooked Spaghettios

6/18/2010 - Greenspan says U.S. will soon reach its debt limit

6/17/2010 - Big Pharma trying to convince women they need to feel sexual desire all the time so they'll buy "female Viagra"

6/17/2010 - Before the blowout, BP cut corners on doomed well to try to save money

6/17/2010 - Food firms spend millions to combat simple food labeling signs that would warn consumers about unhealthful food products

6/17/2010 - Black market for body parts results in large find of human heads on Southwest Airlines

6/16/2010 - B vitamins cut risk of lung cancer by 50 percent

6/16/2010 - New bill would give Obama "kill switch" to shut down the entire internet in any declared emergency

6/16/2010 - San Francisco passes cell phone radiation law

6/16/2010 - Health Ranger auditions for Oprah's new TV network (please VOTE!)

6/16/2010 - Food prices to rise globally as energy prices edge higher

6/15/2010 - States defy feds to take their own action on BP oil cleanup (while feds do nothing)

6/15/2010 - Lung transplant recipient receives lungs of 30 year old smoker, then quickly dies

6/14/2010 - Moon absolutely loaded with water, say scientists

6/14/2010 - Shower heads may harbor dangerous bacteria

6/14/2010 - Bayer's lung cancer drug fails major trial

6/14/2010 - Cancer treatments cause more health problems that patients cannot afford (so they skip treatment)

6/14/2010 - Woman shoots herself to get medical care for injury

6/14/2010 - Sen. Schumer working to expose cancer-causing chemical in sunscreen

6/14/2010 - Americans receive more medical radiation than anyone else in the world

6/14/2010 - Feds want to ban peanuts on airlines?

6/14/2010 - Popular blood pressure medications linked to increased risk of cancer

6/14/2010 - Genetic testing company mixes up results, customers confused about their origins

6/14/2010 - 2011 to see huge jump in medical costs for employees, employers

6/14/2010 - Rainforest cancer drug discovered, but they want to sell you the DRUG, not the HERB

6/14/2010 - World Cup brought to you by McDonald's and Coca-Cola

6/14/2010 - Human genome mapping a failure in finding cures for disease

6/14/2010 - Mars was once covered with water (and evidence of past life will soon be found)

6/14/2010 - Greatest threat to life on Earth may come from a supernova explosion

6/14/2010 - Huge mineral deposits discovered in Afghanistan - $1 trillion worth, lots of lithium

6/13/2010 - Military about to drug soldiers with male bonding hormone?

6/13/2010 - Girls now reaching puberty at age 9, thanks to chemicals in the food supply (milk and plastics)

6/13/2010 - Economic recession works for Big Pharma; it pushes people to more antidepressants

6/13/2010 - Wikileads founder now an "Enemy of the State" - U.S. military wants him to disappear

6/13/2010 - Doctors want to tell you how to behave when driving, too

6/13/2010 - BPA found in virtually all canned foods

6/11/2010 - BP is now intimidating journalists who try to report on the spill

6/10/2010 - Oil spill dispersants contain chemicals designated a "chronic and acute health hazard" by the EPA

6/10/2010 - USA plunging into $13 trillion super debt cycle; debt to overtake GDP by 2012

6/9/2010 - U.S. soldier arrested for blowing the whistle on military's war crimes against Iraqi civilians

6/9/2010 - Sick-care Medicaid system now bankrupting states

6/9/2010 - Monsanto, DuPont compete for dominance of new genetically modified soybeans approved by the USDA

6/8/2010 - Cholesterol levels controlled by the brain, not merely by diet, researchers discover

6/8/2010 - Costa Rica now following FDA orders and shutting down stem cell treatment facilities

6/7/2010 - NASA says a coming wave of extreme solar activity could threaten technology underpinning human civilization

6/7/2010 - Psychiatric patients now being fitted with satellite trackers

6/7/2010 - Drug factories flush painkillers down the drain: Contamination is 1000 times higher than elsewhere

6/7/2010 - Sunscreen made with nanoparticles may actually cause skin cancer

6/7/2010 - EPA declares formaldehyde causes cancer

6/7/2010 - The plastic panic: Concern about toxicity of BPA finally goes mainstream

6/5/2010 - Eating animal protein raises risk of IBD

6/5/2010 - Britain opens the door to GM crops

6/5/2010 - Big Ag lobbyists wrote UK government's report on GM foods

6/5/2010 - Green tea compounds found to help halt leukemia

6/5/2010 - Drug firms encouraged WHO to fabricate swine flu pandemic

6/5/2010 - Mobile phones responsible for collapse of honeybee populations?

6/4/2010 - Teenagers increasingly getting high off prescription drugs

6/4/2010 - McDonald's Shrek glasses made with toxic cadmium

6/4/2010 - California to outright ban all plastic shopping bags

6/4/2010 - Seasonal influenza mutations render flu shots useles (once again)

6/4/2010 - Pfizer recalls drugs after "floating matter" found

6/4/2010 - Nambian women subjected to forced sterilization by doctors after HIV diagnosis

6/3/2010 - Seize BP organizing nationwide protests against oil giant

6/3/2010 - FTC wants to save old, outmoded mainstream news providers (and it will tax you to do it)

6/3/2010 - Goldman Sachs sold $250 million in BP stock before oil spill

6/3/2010 - Key data used in health reform debate may be misleading

6/3/2010 - Coffee doesn't really boost your energy or alertness, study reveals

6/3/2010 - Cancer industry windfall: Cancer will kill twice as many people by 2030 (that's why they don't want a cure)

6/3/2010 - Big Pharma refuses to supply drugs to Greece at discounted prices

6/3/2010 - Eating hamburgers linked to asthma

6/2/2010 - CNN begins to cover toxic chemicals like Teflon

6/2/2010 - TV food ads promote unhealthy eating habits

6/1/2010 - Soaring health care costs force Canada to reconsider entire system

5/31/2010 - Will BP be forced to use a nuke to seal the well?

5/31/2010 - Phoenix hospitals breeding grounds for highly toxic "supergerm"

5/31/2010 - Gulf oil spill creates huge undersea dead zones

5/29/2010 - Children more likely to own a mobile phone than a book

5/29/2010 - Preparedness goes mainstream with growing movement of "preppers"

5/29/2010 - J&J called "deceptive, dishonest" by NY Congressman

5/29/2010 - BP used cheaper oil well casing to cut corners, save money

5/29/2010 - The ten largest oil spills in the history of human civilization

5/29/2010 - BP's photo blockade of the Gulf oil spill

5/29/2010 - RFID chips can be infected with computer viruses that infect medical equipment (video)

5/28/2010 - New FDA e.coli regulations would destroy small farms

5/28/2010 - Doctors threatened with 21 percent pay cut by Medicare (watch for more doctors to drop it completely)

5/27/2010 - Vitamin K helps prevent diabetes

5/27/2010 - Mexico bans sodas, fried foods and junk food from public school (while the USA does nothing)

5/27/2010 - Big Tobacco has two-year-old baby hooked on cigarettes

5/27/2010 - Incredible pop culture stupidity: Teens pour straight vodka onto their eyeballs for "laughs"

5/27/2010 - Celebrity-branded perfumes loaded with toxic petrochemicals

5/26/2010 - Germs found in dirt actually make you smarter (so get outdoors more!)

5/26/2010 - Psychiatric drugs are killing military vets in their sleep

5/26/2010 - Food manufacturers actually did some good by reducing trans fats in their products

5/26/2010 - Rise of rheumatoid arthritis in women coincides with widespread vitamin D deficiency

5/26/2010 - FDA to require liver injury warnings to be placed on Alli and Xenical drugs

5/26/2010 - PPI drugs raise risk of spine fractures

5/26/2010 - Tylenol side effects unveiled: Hundreds injured, possible deaths

5/25/2010 - Mainstream medicine revokes Wakefield's medical license to destroy his career so they can push more vaccines onto children

5/25/2010 - Skin whitening creams found to contain toxic mercury

5/24/2010 - Big Food placates White House with useless pledge

5/24/2010 - Wisconsin governor outlaws buying of raw milk, turning health consumers into criminals

5/24/2010 - Maryland charges arrest victim with felony crime for recording his own arrest on a video camera

5/24/2010 - 63% of Americans now favor repeal of health care law

5/24/2010 - Metformin causes vitamin B12 deficiency

5/24/2010 - Actor Jeremy Irons warns about nature striking back at overpopulation by humans

5/23/2010 - Europe faces day of financial reckoning: Welfare state is not affordable!

5/23/2010 - Virtually all babies need a vitamin D supplement

5/23/2010 - 65 million doses of swine flu vaccine will now be destroyed by U.S. government

5/23/2010 - 1 in 8 public pools full of disease-inducing filth, warns CDC

5/22/2010 - Facebook shares private user data with advertisers

5/21/2010 - J&J pleads guilty to illegal marketing of psychiatric drugs

5/21/2010 - Total corporate sellout: Coast Guard now answers to BP corporate officials, threatens arrest of news media (video)

5/21/2010 - Statin drugs cause liver damage, kidney failure and cataracts, says BMJ

5/21/2010 - Caffeine intake leads to smaller babies

5/21/2010 - Siberian Rhubarb eases menopause symptoms

5/20/2010 - Hidden government papers expose lies about measles vaccines for infants

5/20/2010 - The conspiracy of profit behind the Gulf oil spill

5/20/2010 - Can Kevin Costner's invention clean the Gulf oil spill?

5/20/2010 - Scientists claim to have developed artificial life

5/20/2010 - US government to criminalize pot smokers who drive DAYS after smoking, yet medicated drivers receive no such scrutiny

5/20/2010 - Clueless BP executive wins "Icky" award

5/20/2010 - Pistachios increase levels of antioxidants in the blood

5/20/2010 - Anti-anxiety drugs still being widely prescribed despite risks of long-term use

5/20/2010 - Philips introduces amazing LED light bulb producing 800 lumens (replaces 60-watt bulb)

5/20/2010 - Trader Joe's is not as green as you think

5/20/2010 - Haitian farmers burn Monsanto's hybrid seeds

5/20/2010 - Not enough fruit in the U.S. food supply to keep population healthy

5/20/2010 - EPA forces BP to use less toxic form of chemical dispersents in the Gulf

5/20/2010 - Viagra makes you go deaf

5/20/2010 - Huge rise in prescription drug use among children

5/20/2010 - Lance Armstrong involved in illegal doping, says Tour de France winner Floyd Landis

5/19/2010 - If you're not horny enough all the time, Big Pharma thinks you need "Female Viagra" (disease mongering)

5/19/2010 - BPA found in canned foods, health risks for pregnant women

5/19/2010 - Expert panel to investigate WHO's ties to drug companies surrounding H1N1

5/19/2010 - Big Brother UC Berkeley now taking DNA samples from new students

5/18/2010 - C-sections raise risk of celiac disease in newborns

5/18/2010 - Processed meat causes heart disease, diabetes

5/18/2010 - Health care reform will overload hospital emergency rooms

5/17/2010 - US govt. okays planting of genetically engineered trees

5/17/2010 - Bill Gates foundation funds technology to destroy sperm with ultrasound

5/17/2010 - Chemical pesticides linked to ADHD in children

5/17/2010 - High fat meals worsen asthma

5/17/2010 - Urban pollution found to raise blood pressure

5/16/2010 - 135 arrested in huge prescription drug bust (but Big Pharma sales continue)

5/16/2010 - USDA announces that beef purchased for school nutrition programs will now be less gross

5/16/2010 - Children who learn to lie make it to the top faster

5/16/2010 - Long conversations on mobile phones linked to cancer

5/16/2010 - Gulf oil spill could be thousands of times larger than publicly reported

5/15/2010 - Shockingly bad conditions in Tylenol manufacturing plant

5/15/2010 - Mobile phones linked to brain tumors in major study to be released next week

5/15/2010 - McSellout: Jamie Oliver publicly endorses McDonald's

5/15/2010 - NY midwives lose right to deliver babies

5/15/2010 - FDA says vaccines contaminated with pig DNA are perfectly safe to inject into children

5/15/2010 - 20 states join massive lawsuit against health care reform law

5/15/2010 - Pests invade GM cotton crops in China

5/14/2010 - World Net Daily's take on the Raw Milk battle (quotes NaturalNews)

5/14/2010 - Tidal wave of mental trauma discovered among soldiers

5/13/2010 - Philips introduces consumer LED light to replace 40-watt incandescent light

5/13/2010 - Obama administration tries to defend health care reform mandate in federal court

5/13/2010 - Blowing the whistle on Big Pharma pays big bucks: $45 million

5/13/2010 - Massachusetts to require cigarette retailers to display graphic anti-smoking signs

5/13/2010 - All conventional prostate cancer treatments harm quality of life

5/13/2010 - The dairy industry's war against raw milk rages

5/13/2010 - Low vitamin D causes depression in older people

5/13/2010 - One in six doctors hooked on alcohol or drugs

5/13/2010 - Victory! Drug company Takeda start slashing jobs

5/13/2010 - Food corporations jump on the greenwashing bandwagon

5/13/2010 - Levels of toxic chemicals in the body plummet after five days eating nothing but plants

5/13/2010 - Told ya so: Brain plaques do not cause Alzheimer's (we've been lied to for 20 years)

5/13/2010 - New report attacks DSHEA, veiled attempt to censor health claims of vitamins and supplements

5/12/2010 - American Cancer Society makes money from cancer-causing chemical companies

5/12/2010 - See photos, videos from Raw Milk Drink-In (Boston)

5/12/2010 - Modern life would not be possible without lasers

5/12/2010 - Eating nuts lower cholesterol

5/12/2010 - Doctors are bad for your health: They raise your blood pressure

5/12/2010 - CVS pharmacies to start selling genetic tests that claim to diagnose your risk for disease (bogus!)

5/12/2010 - Marion Nestle release book on pet food ingredients

5/12/2010 - Diabetes drug researcher admits drug trials are unethical and dangerous

5/12/2010 - Unnecessary stomach drugs exposing millions to side effects

5/12/2010 - Health care spending to be much more than previously thought, says CBO

5/12/2010 - Is your pediatrician molesting your child?

5/11/2010 - Skin cancer risk from tanning beds is miniscule

5/11/2010 - The environmental crimes of BP

5/11/2010 - US State Department pledges to attack anyone who opposes Monsanto's GMO agenda

5/11/2010 - California may approve cancer-causing pesticide for use on strawberries

5/11/2010 - WHO to tax your internet usage to pay for more third-world vaccines

5/11/2010 - One-third of Earth's plants and animals now at risk of extinction

5/10/2010 - GM flax contamination now detected in 35 countries

5/10/2010 - Scientists astounded: 83-year-old man lives without food, water

5/10/2010 - President's cancer report met with silence, condemnation by the sick-care cancer industry

5/10/2010 - Placebo effect should be embraced as real medicine

5/10/2010 - TSA workers really can see your genitals via full-body scanners

5/10/2010 - Toyota to price hydrogen-powered cars at around $50,000

5/10/2010 - AAP urges American doctors urged to mutilate young girls' genitals

5/10/2010 - Dark chocolate prevents strokes

5/10/2010 - Of course chemicals cause cancer

5/10/2010 - Cancer treatment costs rise to nearly $50 billion a year in the USA (huge profits for sick-care industry)

5/10/2010 - Fortified orange juice delivers vitamin D to your body

5/10/2010 - Weight loss surgery now being performed on CHILDREN

5/7/2010 - Join the "Raw Milk Drink In" in Boston

5/7/2010 - US schools trying to source healthier, local foods to enhance school lunch nutrition

5/7/2010 - Sugared-up chocolate milk now sold as "infant formula" by Mead Johnson

5/6/2010 - Trained monkeys help disabled war vets (no joke)

5/6/2010 - Interesting growing in organic lawn care

5/5/2010 - FDA says you have no right to real food unless they give you permission first

5/5/2010 - Flame retardant chemicals lead to mentally retarded children

5/5/2010 - Check out The Sustainable Table website

5/5/2010 - Grime, bacteria and duct-tape: Scenes from the Johnson & Johnson Tylenol manufacturing plant now shut down

5/5/2010 - New corporate wellness program pays people to get healthy

5/5/2010 - TV damages health of toddlers

5/5/2010 - Mammograms produce more false positives than legitimate tumor detections in young women

5/5/2010 - Send a message to PBS Frontline about their vaccine cover-up

5/5/2010 - Mass. town bans sale of bottled water (but bottled Coke is just fine)

5/5/2010 - US teens suffer widespread vitamin D deficiency, even those living in southern states

5/5/2010 - Even cleaning up the oil spill is itself a toxic disaster

5/5/2010 - Why all pregnant women should take 4000 IU of vitamin D a day

5/5/2010 - Tylenol company knew about bacterial contamination but covered it up

5/4/2010 - Yet more Big Pharma fraud: Novartis pays $72 million to settle fraud claims with Dept. of Justice

5/4/2010 - Depression can be treated with electromagnets (better than drugs)

5/4/2010 - Gulf oil spill starts to impact commercial fishing: Feds announce 10-day fishing ban

5/4/2010 - Desperate: Feds still pushing H1N1 vaccines, 71 million still sitting on shelves

5/3/2010 - Latisse eyelash drug can make your eyelids turn purple

5/3/2010 - Exercising in nature boosts mental health

5/1/2010 - Fuzzy math: General Motors pays back government loan with government money

4/30/2010 - FDA wants public input for new rules regarding product packaging claims

4/30/2010 - New FDA regulations to destroy small organic farms

4/30/2010 - Lack of sunlight exposure causes mothers to give birth to babies with multiple sclerosis

4/30/2010 - Even a low-dose vitamin D pill cuts breast cancer risk by 24 percent

4/30/2010 - In Canada, adverse drug reports rise 35 percent in 2009

4/30/2010 - Johnson & Johnson to pay $81 million over criminal promotion of Topamax

4/29/2010 - The big sellout: Oprah to rake in $100 million in ad revenues from Proctor & Gamble

4/29/2010 - Outrageous: All New Yorkers to become organ donors by default?

4/29/2010 - Iraqi doctors run out of pharmaceuticals, start using acupuncture

4/28/2010 - Qliance company ditches health insurance and offers direct affordable (conventional) care to patients

4/28/2010 - Tell KFC and Komen for the Cure to stop pinkwashing! (online petition)

4/28/2010 - Breast cancer screening and mammography: The real story

4/28/2010 - Spicy peppers may cause your body to burn more calories

4/28/2010 - Santa Clara County to ban Happy Meals (and other fast food with toys)

4/28/2010 - After Obamacare monopoly passes, America's confidence in health care drops

4/27/2010 - Why mainstream medicine can't stand the placebo effect

4/27/2010 - Unhealthy lifestyle makes you 12 years older

4/27/2010 - Volcanic ash cloud over Europe was a hoax

4/27/2010 - Alice Waters now aligned with pro-chemical front group?

4/27/2010 - Eat your golf course: Surburban sprawl could become new farmland

4/27/2010 - You are what you eat: GRAPHIC pictures from factory farms

4/27/2010 - Vitamin D enhances mobility of elderly

4/27/2010 - Even with life threatening side effects Adderall is frequently abused on college campuses

4/26/2010 - Chokeberry extract regulates weight gain

4/26/2010 - Adderall has extreme side effects: Hearing voices, maniacal behavior, etc.

4/26/2010 - Killer fungus invasion of USA

4/26/2010 - The genopocalypse is here: Widespread male infertility sweeping the globe

4/26/2010 - Omega 3s reduce risk of colon cancer

4/26/2010 - Pricey heart disease screening tests virtually useless

4/26/2010 - Breast cancer treatments are a huge profit center for Big Pharma, so health insurance companies start dropping women with the diagnosis

4/25/2010 - Support real (raw) milk

4/25/2010 - Feds raid Amish milk farm and threaten action over raw milk sales

4/24/2010 - Cancer patients benefit from LSD

4/24/2010 - US opposes GM-free food labeling

4/24/2010 - Massive new study launched on cell phone health effects

4/23/2010 - Vitamin D really does prevent cancer

4/23/2010 - Millions of middle-class Americans to be fined billions of dollars in forced buy of health insurance

4/23/2010 - Eating well done meat doubles bladder cancer risk

4/23/2010 - Learning takes place when you dream

4/23/2010 - Chemotherapy kills "Alicia's Story" journalist at age 28

4/22/2010 - Biofuels emit 400% more CO2 than regular fuels

4/22/2010 - Deadly fungus spreading across U.S., Canada

4/22/2010 - More and more American expats are turning in their passports, cutting ties with the USA

4/22/2010 - Reader's Digest is Big Pharma shill

4/22/2010 - Restaurant sushi tuna loaded with mercury

4/22/2010 - US military says school lunches are a threat to national security

4/22/2010 - Rats on junk food pass down cancer risk through multiple generations of offspring

4/22/2010 - More doctors are finally testing patients for vitamin D deficiencies

4/22/2010 - Salt and Sugar under fire from health authorities (but MSG and aspartame are fine)

4/22/2010 - Foods made with added sugar cause high cholesterol

4/22/2010 - Arizona Indian tribe wins genetic piracy case against university scientists

4/22/2010 - Cows on drugs

4/22/2010 - America's supermarkets waste huge amounts of food

4/22/2010 - 80% of male fish now exhibiting female traits due to toxic chemicals and pharma runoff

4/22/2010 - Too fat to fight? Three-fourth of America's youth unfit for military service

4/20/2010 - Metal from hip replacements could cause tumors

4/19/2010 - High school administrators secretly took over 56,000 pictures of students at home through webcams

4/19/2010 - 1 out of 3 Americans view U.S. govt. as major threat to their freedoms

4/19/2010 - Osteoporosis drug patients report bone fractures caused by drugs

4/19/2010 - Political rhetoric heating up in America as conservatives accused of sedition for voicing opposition

4/19/2010 - Monsanto declares P.R. war against Food Inc. film

4/19/2010 - Amy's Kitchen veggie burgers made with toxic chemical hexane

4/19/2010 - Gender bender chemical atrazine widely contaminates U.S. public water supply

4/19/2010 - Obama administration wants to read all your private emails without a search warrant

4/19/2010 - Is the FDA finally about to ban Avandia?

4/19/2010 - Behavior rewards make ADHD drugs obsolete

4/19/2010 - Toxic volcanic ash a threat to human health across Europe

4/19/2010 - Calcium and vitamin supplements reduce breast cancer risk

4/19/2010 - Iceland volcano spews toxic fluoride that kills cows

4/18/2010 - Citizens joins lawsuit against Democratic leaders over health care law

4/18/2010 - We need more children like this (stunning video)

4/18/2010 - Even mainstream health column now discusses side effects of bladder drugs and cancer riks of CT scans

4/18/2010 - Pharmaceuticals are bankrupting Canada, too

4/18/2010 - Floating hospital treated rickets with sunlight

4/17/2010 - Study shows fluoride may not help teeth at all

4/17/2010 - Meat supply routinely contaminated, admits USDA in damning report

4/17/2010 - Supplements exempted from Codex restrictions in USA

4/17/2010 - Boston Globe promotes Monsanto's lies

4/17/2010 - U.S. military warns about massive oil shortage by 2015

4/16/2010 - School issues laptop computers to students, then secretly spies on them by taking covert webcam pictures

4/16/2010 - Ban all trans fats, say UK doctors

4/16/2010 - Whole Foods' "organic" products made in China (video)

4/16/2010 - Remember this when you pay your taxes: Mega-corporation General Electric paid ZERO dollars

4/16/2010 - China leads the world in clean energy investment

4/16/2010 - State of Missouri sues Bayer for price fixing fraud

4/15/2010 - The dentists must love this: Iceland volcano spews toxic fluoride gas into the atmosphere

4/15/2010 - U.S. police brutally assault unarmed student, beating him and fabricating false report to justify their crime

4/15/2010 - Drug-dealing doctor gets 4 years in prison for prescribing painkillers

4/15/2010 - Burger King Whoppers: Have it your way (with a little spit)

4/15/2010 - Still pushing the pandemic: WHO says H1N1 still a huge threat to "healthy" young adults

4/15/2010 - Don't wanna hear it: Dems cancel healthcare tax hearing

4/15/2010 - Los Angeles about to declare bankruptcy

4/14/2010 - Across America, hating the government has finally gone mainstream

4/14/2010 - Much like humans, mushrooms generate vitamin D when exposed to sunlight

4/14/2010 - General Mills says it will cut sodium levels by 20 percent in some of its products

4/14/2010 - Former NY Gov. Pataki announces plan for national repeal of health care law

4/14/2010 - FDA approves of pancreatic enzymes, but only if you buy them from drug companies

4/14/2010 - Anticonvulsant drugs raise suicide risk

4/14/2010 - Hormone therapy for prostate cancer increases blood clot risk 250%

4/13/2010 - Even when health care reform, health insurance rates will continue to skyrocket

4/13/2010 - Now mainstream media attacks Dr. Oz for asking intelligent, skeptical questions about vaccines

4/13/2010 - Doctor actually recommends a plant-based diet (and it helped his patient lose 35 pounds)

4/13/2010 - High-glycemic carbs linked to heart disease in women

4/13/2010 - Massive doctor shortage in USA as nation invests in sickness rather than health

4/13/2010 - A healthier diet lowers Alzheimer's risk by 40 percent

4/13/2010 - Anonymous web comments about to be phased out by online news sites

4/12/2010 - GE to introduce mass-market LED light bulb

4/11/2010 - PETA says Ringling Bros. circus guilty of elephant torture

4/11/2010 - Oops: Almost a million dead people may have their organ donation wishes violated

4/11/2010 - FDA concerned about dangers of triclosan, the chemical used in antibacterial soaps

4/11/2010 - Johnson & Johnson, criminal drug pushers and exploiters of senior citizens

4/10/2010 - Coca-Cola documentary exposes corporate-sponsored murder in Colombia

4/10/2010 - Target to install recycling stations at all its 1,740 stores in the U.S.

4/10/2010 - Western doctors claim type-1 diabetes is incurable... But then they suddenly claim a vaccine can cure it!

4/10/2010 - Sunscreen company infuses its creams with vitamin D to overcome sunscreen-induced deficiencies

4/9/2010 - Johnson & Johnson caught up in massive conspiracy, fraud lawsuit

4/9/2010 - Rheumatoid arthritis increasing in white women (due to vitamin D deficiency)

4/9/2010 - Texas produces far more wind power than even California

4/9/2010 - FDA says it will require basic nutritional information on the FRONT labels of packaged foods

4/9/2010 - First creatures found that can live without oxygen

4/8/2010 - The newest eating disorder: Sleep Eating

4/8/2010 - Vaccines destroy the lives of children in China

4/8/2010 - Los Angeles runs out of money, start shuttering city services

4/8/2010 - Billions of dollars spent on swine flu vaccines that will now be destroyed as they expire unused

4/7/2010 - Mass confusion about health care reform as people ask "Where's my free health care?"

4/6/2010 - Gender-bender chemicals causing early puberty in girls

4/6/2010 - Can the human eye actually emit an energy beam?

4/6/2010 - Grey hair suddenly fashionable (unless it's natural)

4/6/2010 - Bovine DNA found on chicken meat

4/6/2010 - U.S. military brutally murders Reuters photographers in plain sight - classified footage released by Wikileaks

4/6/2010 - Nestle drops Indonesia palm oil supplier after Greenpeace report on rainforest destruction

4/6/2010 - Is Whole Foods getting back to its healthy roots?

4/6/2010 - Eating more good fats really does reduce your risk of of heart disease

4/6/2010 - In it for the money? Surgeons with financial stake in clinic operate twice as much

4/6/2010 - Anti-psychotic drugs double risk of deadly pneumonia

4/6/2010 - Offshore wind turbines could power the entire planet, says study

4/6/2010 - Gee, really? Scientists discover that radiation causes breast cancer

4/6/2010 - Prescription drug overdoses on the rise in the U.S.

4/6/2010 - Could a soda tax become a reality in NY?

4/6/2010 - IRS to take another 2 percent of your income if you refuse to buy sick-care insurance

4/5/2010 - 93% of medicinal plants may become extinct due to habitat destruction

4/5/2010 - FDA ignored evidence that CT scans are killing 14,000 Americans a year from cancer

4/5/2010 - Alice Water shamed by Organic Consumers Association over toxic sludge "biosolids"

4/5/2010 - Obama appoints pesticide pusher to top of agricultural trade relations

4/5/2010 - Americans eat too much meat, not enough fruit, says USDA research

4/5/2010 - 1,500 bee stings help MS sufferer

4/5/2010 - Gene patent decision infuriates biotech corporations who think they own your DNA

4/4/2010 - Why the U.S. Supreme Court must agree to shut down Obama care mandates

4/4/2010 - It's official: Smoking makes you stupid

4/3/2010 - Why patenting genes is so absurd

4/3/2010 - The fattest city in the world: Huge hamburger pic

4/3/2010 - Five words in the health care bill that will bankrupt states

4/3/2010 - Doctor refuses to treat Obama health care supporters (see sign on door)

4/3/2010 - Drinking soda harms your sperm

4/3/2010 - Guess where your fluoride comes from? China! And it's contaminated with heavy metals, too...

4/3/2010 - Feds found Pfizer too big to nail, so they looked the other way on massive fraud

4/3/2010 - Help retire Ronald McDonald (so he won't keep hooking kids on factory foods)

4/3/2010 - 75 percent of minority children deficient in vitamin D

4/3/2010 - Couples increasingly seeking out alternative infertility treatments such as acupuncture

4/3/2010 - Too fat to go to jail: Man's body weight keeps him out of the slammer

4/3/2010 - FAA says pilots can now fly while medicated on antidepressant drugs

4/1/2010 - Idaho Governor signs health care freedom act into law

4/1/2010 - BPA contamination found in 90% of soup cans

4/1/2010 - Oops: Tens of thousands of breast implants might be harmful to women

4/1/2010 - Wikileads now being surveilled and intimidated by U.S. government spooks

3/31/2010 - U.S. govt. pursues policy of "indefinite debt"

3/31/2010 - Junk food rage: McDonald's customer slaps employee, climbs through window for Filet-O-Fish

3/31/2010 - U.S. hospital refuses to hire smokers

3/31/2010 - Electromagnetic pulse can be used to disrupt morality in the human brain

3/31/2010 - Big Pharma pushing cholesterol meds onto perfectly healthy people who have no cholesterol problems

3/31/2010 - Finally! Judge rules that human genes cannot be patented

3/30/2010 - Now even Obama goes for more offshore drilling

3/30/2010 - Honeybee populations continue to collapse due to chemical pesticides

3/30/2010 - Biblical plagues were real (and could happen again)

3/30/2010 - WHO lost public confidence thanks to swine flu pandemic sham

3/30/2010 - Beekeeping ban finally ended in New York City

3/29/2010 - Scientists stunned as bee populations continue to decline

3/29/2010 - Junk food-addicted rats chose to starve themselves rather than eat healthy food

3/29/2010 - Birds fuel up on superfoods before long migration flights

3/29/2010 - The farther North you live, the more vitamin D deficieny you likely are

3/29/2010 - H1N1 swine flu quickly becomes resistant to Big Pharma's drugs (Gee, didn't we say this last year?)

3/29/2010 - Mainstream media starting to question mammograms

3/29/2010 - Restaurant chains must now post calorie counts on all menus

3/27/2010 - FDA admits millions of patients prescribed illegal, unapproved medications by doctors

3/26/2010 - HFCS - the poison that promotes obesity and liver damage

3/26/2010 - Don't believe the numbers: Obamacare is a financial disaster

3/26/2010 - 20 ways Obamacare takes away our freedoms

3/26/2010 - Thanks to health care bill, U.S. debt will rise to 90% of GDP by 2020

3/26/2010 - U.S. companies stand to lose $14 billion this year due to health care reform

3/26/2010 - If you use pharmaceuticals, you are polluting the water

3/26/2010 - FDA goes after tanning beds, attempts to restrict their use by minors

3/26/2010 - China faces epidemic of diabetes after adopting Western diet

3/25/2010 - Fidel Castro endorses Obama health care reform

3/25/2010 - Are Vaccines Safe? Get the DVD set from Mary Tocco and learn what your doctor won't tell you

3/25/2010 - Does health care law signal the decline of the American empire?

3/25/2010 - In terms of sheer numbers, China is the new diabetes capitol of the world

3/25/2010 - Google calls for end to internet censorship

3/25/2010 - Vitamin D deficiency is actually more widespread than thought

3/25/2010 - Brains that are relaxed are able to learn and remember better

3/25/2010 - Hope for Autism: Focuses on nutritional therapy for reversing autism

3/24/2010 - Up to 95% of infants are vitamin D deficient but only 1% get vitamin D supplementation

3/24/2010 - Vitamin D deficiency widespread across Canada

3/24/2010 - Health care reform pushes state finances to the breaking point

3/24/2010 - Indian military to weaponize hot chilies

3/23/2010 - Glaxo's rotavirus vaccine contaminated with a pig virus (and nobody knows why)

3/23/2010 - PepsiCo has a plan to reduce the harmfulness of its junk foods by 2020

3/23/2010 - Florida and nine other states to sue over healthcare legislation

3/23/2010 - Half of New York voters support legalizing medical marijuana

3/23/2010 - Google actually pulls out of China, refuses to engage in more state-sponsored censorship

3/22/2010 - Health reform bill is huge financial windfall for Big Pharma, hospitals and medical device companies

3/22/2010 - Virginia to sue to overturn health care mandate

3/22/2010 - Vaccines killing Chinese children

3/20/2010 - Mainstream media whores itself out to Big Pharma in the UK by publishing fraudulent "protest letter"

3/20/2010 - FDA warns that Zocor can cause fatal kidney damage

3/20/2010 - TB killed far more people than H1N1

3/20/2010 - Happy Meal sits for one year... And still looks the same!

3/20/2010 - 90% of scientists backing diabetes drug had financial ties to the company

3/20/2010 - Psychiatric drug use skyrockets in U.S. military

3/20/2010 - Idaho and several other states to oppose new health plan

3/20/2010 - Health care reform would give IRS broad new powers to collect premiums from taxpayers

3/20/2010 - Just what we need: Even cheaper food - Wal-Mart to slash grocery prices

3/19/2010 - Car dealers can remotely disable your vehicles if you're late on payments

3/16/2010 - Vitamin D better than vaccines at preventing the flu

3/16/2010 - "Fingerprint" of germs unique to each individual

3/16/2010 - Vitamin D prevents heart disease, too

3/16/2010 - First Lady urges food companies to get healthier! (But will they listen?)

3/16/2010 - Natural compound in bananas prevents HIV transmission

3/16/2010 - Dentist charged with assault and fraud for filling cavities with stainless steel -- but MERCURY is legal!

3/16/2010 - Total sham: Cancer treatments (which don't work) soar to $90 billion a year in costs for patients

3/16/2010 - Mainstream media slants cancer articles toward unrealistically positive outcomes

3/16/2010 - Drug companies to spend millions of dollars on ad blitz to push health care reform

3/15/2010 - Woman aims to become world's fattest mom

3/15/2010 - Vitamin D more effective than vaccines at preventing flu infections

3/15/2010 - Treating diabetics with heart drugs found to cause more harm than good

3/15/2010 - World faces day of financial reckoning

3/15/2010 - Mirroring Bush-era police state, Obama supports DNA sampling of public when arrested

3/13/2010 - Fosamax osteoporosis drug linked to sudden hip fractures

3/13/2010 - Research fraud Dr. Reuben now claims he had "bipolar disorder" which caused him to fake the clinical trials

3/11/2010 - Long-term breastfeeding good for babies, mothers

3/11/2010 - Greece riots are preview of things to come in other nations

3/11/2010 - HVP factory sold its ingredient even after knowing it had a salmonella contamination problem

3/10/2010 - Few drug studies offer comparitive findings

3/10/2010 - Runaway Toyota Prius hits 90mph and won't stop!

3/10/2010 - Baby given ten times the safe dose of vaccine by careless doctor

3/10/2010 - NY about to get serious about a "fat tax" on sodas

3/10/2010 - UK hospital patients routinely treated in closets and cupboards

3/9/2010 - Women put 515 chemicals on their bodies every day (picture)

3/9/2010 - Detroit to turn vacant lots into farmland to save city

3/9/2010 - Microchipping all dogs now mandatory in UK (are people next?)

3/9/2010 - NY chef makes cheese from wife's breast milk

3/9/2010 - 18 percent soda tax to cut obesity?

3/8/2010 - Breastmilk assault deemed "biohazard" by law enforcement officer

3/8/2010 - Sunshine helps your body fight disease

3/8/2010 - Rep. Massa speaks out about how he was set up due to opposition to health care bill

3/8/2010 - Dutch government wants to sell 21 million flu vaccines back to Big Pharma -- no one wants them!

3/8/2010 - Health insurers hike rates yet again, even after record profits

3/8/2010 - Butt jobs gone bad: Women have their rear ends injected with household caulk

3/8/2010 - It's conclusive: Soda consumption causes diabetes

3/8/2010 - Drowning in soda: America's health problems made far worse by massive soda consumption

3/8/2010 - Vitamin D is essential for activating immune system function

3/8/2010 - Chemicals in water supply near Chicago linked to cancer

3/8/2010 - Cancer code "cracked" with 14-day immune system cycle realization

3/8/2010 - Should vegans be protected against discrimination?

3/8/2010 - Flu vaccine researcher caught up in fraud: Ties to Emory University

3/8/2010 - Schools discourage teens from reading books

3/7/2010 - Huge rise in birth defects in Iraqi children: Is Depleted Uranium to blame?

3/6/2010 - Hydrolyzed vegetable protein ingredient may be contaminated with salmonella

3/6/2010 - Victoria's dirty little secret: Undercover investigation reveals retailers reselling used, returned underwear

3/6/2010 - Pentagon shooter was almost certainly prescribed psychiatric drugs for his "bipolar disorder"

3/6/2010 - Now government says link between human activity and climate change is "stronger"

3/6/2010 - Vitamin D deficiencies at "epidemic" proportions, says new study

3/6/2010 - Australian courts rule that Vioxx should never have been approved for sale

3/6/2010 - 11 major U.S. airports to begin using full-body radiation scanners

3/4/2010 - Bill Gates blatantly states that vaccines are intended for population control?

3/4/2010 - Weight Watcher's whores itself out to McDonald's

3/4/2010 - Common herbicide used on U.S. crops castrates male frogs

3/4/2010 - Why U.S. lawmakers oppose renewable energy grants

3/4/2010 - Lemongrass halts headaches much like aspirin

3/3/2010 - Coming financial crisis is "inevitable" says report

3/3/2010 - Chile earthquake actually shifted the Earth's axis

3/3/2010 - Judge sentences Kevin Trudeau to jail for organizing email campaign that blasted the judge with protest emails

3/3/2010 - Cutting salt in manufactured foods could save the U.S. $32 bill a year in health care costs (imagine what Vitamin D could save us...)

3/3/2010 - Foodborne illness scare stories set agenda for food irradiation scheme by FDA

3/3/2010 - PCBs found in 10 fish oil supplements

3/3/2010 - New legislation will require technology companies to respect human rights in countries like China

3/2/2010 - "Human Barbie" mom injects botox into 16-year-old daughter

3/2/2010 - Winter Olympics sponsored by McDonald's and Coke - are you grossed out yet?

3/2/2010 - Sugar industry acting more and more like Big Tobacco in its ridiculous defense of health-harming ingredients like HFCS

3/2/2010 - California county sues Glaxo for false advertising of Avandia drug

3/2/2010 - The flu season that fizzled

3/1/2010 - Head of Climategate research admits to hiding data

3/1/2010 - US govt loans money to build world's largest solar power plant

3/1/2010 - Coca-Cola's murderous record of anti-union activity in Colombia exposed

3/1/2010 - Social breakdown heading toward collapse

3/1/2010 - Lawsuit seeks to bar genetically modified sugar beets

3/1/2010 - Facebook's "green" data center powered by dirty coal

3/1/2010 - FDA finally sued over its illegal suppression of raw milk

3/1/2010 - TIME Magazine covers Jenny McCarthy's autim / vaccine efforts

3/1/2010 - High-intensity "interval training" is twice as effective as regular exercise

3/1/2010 - Now anyone who isn't a mainstream idiot is considered "diseased" by psychiatry

3/1/2010 - WSJ gets it! Great article on the total failure of modern psychiatry

3/1/2010 - BPA plastics chemical now linked to asthma

3/1/2010 - Are earthquakes getting worse?

3/1/2010 - Eating meat may cause severe allergic reactions in some people

3/1/2010 - Apple admits using child labor to manufacture iPod devices

2/28/2010 - Solar storms could bring down modern civilization

2/28/2010 - HPV vaccine blinds 16-year-old girl

2/28/2010 - Bill Gates' $10 billion vaccine scam

2/26/2010 - U.S. govt. poses an "immediate threat" to citizens' freedoms, says poll

2/26/2010 - 95% of "preventive" mastectomies offer no benefit, study finds

2/25/2010 - Outgoing U.S. Senator warns of "financial meltdown" within 5-7 years

2/25/2010 - Bitter Melon extracts block breast cancer (but cancer industry still discourages people from using it)

2/25/2010 - U.S. government panel now pushing "vaccinations for all!" No exceptions...

2/25/2010 - Conventional doctor's faith in Big Pharma shattered after Glaxo's latest scams

2/25/2010 - Oops, sorry! Missouri hospital subjects brain cancer patients to massive overdose of radiation

2/25/2010 - U.S. middle school indoctrinates children to living under Communist rule

2/25/2010 - When you hold killer whales in captivity for corporate profits, sometimes they just kill you

2/25/2010 - 1,200 patients killed in hospital, abused by staff, lying in filth

2/25/2010 - UK hospital caused "unimaginable suffering" neglecting patients

2/25/2010 - U.S. govt. poisoned its own citizens during Prohibition

2/24/2010 - Prescription drug abuse exceeds heroin, cocaine and ecstasy combined

2/24/2010 - Hilarious: Why American businesses fail (photos)

2/24/2010 - World oil supplies to run out faster than expected

2/23/2010 - Airport security is a joke: Hackers use picture of Elvis Presley on passport to pass through security

2/23/2010 - Word is spreading about impossibility of WTC 7 building being destroyed solely by fire

2/23/2010 - Lawsuit likely over "baby DNA" being secretly stored in military database

2/23/2010 - Marc Faber warns of financial and social breakdown, says "Buy farmland and gold"

2/23/2010 - Kangaroos being poisoned by fluoride (so why is it being force-fed to humans?)

2/23/2010 - Medical violence against women: Doctor forces pregnant women into hospital against her will

2/23/2010 - Psychiatrist stabs woman (did the drugs do it?)

2/23/2010 - Pediatrician rapes children (what happened to "First do no harm?")

2/23/2010 - After poisoning the world with vaccines and GM seeds, Bill Gates now wants to eliminate all CO2 emissions (so stop breathing!)

2/23/2010 - Cities reduce timing of yellow traffic lights to increase profits from automatic traffic cam tickets

2/23/2010 - Tomato company CEO charged with racketeering for running "criminal" tomato company -- yet his crimes pale in comparison to Big Pharma

2/23/2010 - Official recommended intake for Vitamin D is too low

2/23/2010 - Deep-sea trawling for seafood is destroying pristine marine habitats

2/23/2010 - U.S. consumers left defenseless against toxic chemicals in consumer products

2/23/2010 - Bill Gates now pushing genetically modified seeds in Africa

2/23/2010 - World's top firms cause $2.2 trillion in environmental damage

2/23/2010 - Hilarious: Diet Coke sponsors national heart agency to promote women's health

2/23/2010 - Damaged brains rewired by singing

2/23/2010 - Medical journal rejects research papers funded by Big Tobacco

2/23/2010 - Doctors test cure for peanut allergy

2/23/2010 - Developing nations face environmental crisis from e-waste

2/23/2010 - Texas could be leader in solar power generation and export

2/23/2010 - Acupuncture treats depression during pregnancy (without chemical drugs)

2/23/2010 - Abortion clinic raid turns up 30 frozen fetuses

2/23/2010 - Pediatrician indicted on criminal abuse of over 100 children

2/22/2010 - Transplanted organs impart memories onto recipients

2/22/2010 - Facebook and Twitter are increasingly used by criminals to burglarize your house

2/22/2010 - Wave of "the new poor" sweeping across America

2/22/2010 - Financial "doomsday" arrives for state of Illinois (the first of many states to face what's coming)

2/22/2010 - Is internet devolving into cesspool of anonymous hate posts and content piracy?

2/22/2010 - "Bloom" fuel cell box could be available for residential homes within 5 years

2/22/2010 - Taking a mid-day nap boosts brain power

2/22/2010 - Green tea prevents eye disease

2/22/2010 - Glaxo knew about dangers of Avandia for years, but hid them and intimidated doctors to keep quiet

2/22/2010 - GSK drug Avandia should be pulled off the market because of its danger to heart health

2/22/2010 - Consumer perception often wrong about eco-friendly brands

2/22/2010 - Beef really is made with chicken s#*t

2/20/2010 - Climate scientist withdraws previous claim of rising sea levels

2/20/2010 - Psychiatrists say that being angry is a mental illness

2/19/2010 - Man bulldozes his own house to send message to bank about to foreclose

2/19/2010 - Gee, really? Scientists "discover" that what pregnant mothers eat affects the skin health of newborns

2/19/2010 - AIDS vaccines stop working after a few months, shocked researchers discover

2/19/2010 - Cancer-causing chemicals in water at Marine base - U.S. govt. cover-up exposed

2/19/2010 - Prostitutes now using defibrillators to prevent elderly clients from dying after sex

2/19/2010 - Solar cell breakthrough achieves 90 percent efficiency at a fraction of the cost of current panels

2/19/2010 - FDA finally admits that asthma drugs can actually cause serious asthma attacks

2/19/2010 - Clinics are now practically begging people to get vaccinated against swine flu

2/19/2010 - Placebo treatments much stronger than previously thought

2/19/2010 - Full-body "naked" scanners start running at Boston Logan airport

2/19/2010 - Dolphins can switch diabetes on and off

2/19/2010 - School hands out laptops to students, then spies on them through secret webcam recordings

2/19/2010 - Memphis doctor faints at court sentencing for stealing millions in Medicare fraud

2/18/2010 - Dark-skinned immigrants to Canada urged to take vitamin D supplements

2/18/2010 - US totally unprepared for sophisticated cyber attack

2/18/2010 - Acupuncture could relieve period pain

2/18/2010 - Bill "vaccine" Gates funds new technology for preserving vaccines so that even more third-world children will be vaccinated

2/18/2010 - Happiness prevents heart disease

2/18/2010 - Accutane acne drug just might kill you

2/17/2010 - Now WHO wants to add swine flu to all seasonal flu vaccines

2/17/2010 - Cholesterol drugs raise diabetes risk by 9 percent

2/17/2010 - Police State USA: TSA now to start swabbing passengers' hands for traces of explosives

2/17/2010 - Anonymous internet users spread hate and vicious attacks through social networking sites

2/17/2010 - Americans: Get ready for tax increases "that aren't even imaginable" to pay off national debt

2/16/2010 - Fed Reserve bank president warns of debt catastrophe for U.S.

2/16/2010 - Popular brands getting dropped from store shelves as retailers thin product selection lines

2/16/2010 - US health insurance giants rake in record profits in 2009

2/16/2010 - Hilarious: U.S. govt. to claim that WTC7 was brought down by office fires

2/15/2010 - More states move to ban BPA even while FDA does nothing

2/15/2010 - Popular diabetes drug smells like dirty socks (or dead fish)

2/15/2010 - Resignation of top Pharma lobbyist reveals how deeply health care "reform" depended on cooperation from drug companies

2/15/2010 - Fluoridation issue escalates into rage in California town

2/15/2010 - Controversy stirred up over grapefruit seed extract

2/15/2010 - The government has your baby's DNA!

2/15/2010 - Vitamin D reduces diabetes risk by 43% -- is there anything this vitamin can't do?

2/15/2010 - Police frequently arrest the wrong people: Innocents thrown in jail due to sloppy policework

2/15/2010 - Now drug companies want to dose autistic children with synthetic hormones to make them "bond" with other people

2/15/2010 - Sign the petition to end FTC censorship of truthful health claims

2/15/2010 - The mysteries of water: Scientists use heat to freeze it

2/15/2010 - Companies exploiting socially-networked children to push junk food like drug dealers

2/15/2010 - Airport body scanners may be violating the law

2/15/2010 - The lynchpin of consumerism: Advertising (why we must limit it)

2/15/2010 - Lawyer for medical marijuana grower files complaint against DEA agents who violated new policies

2/15/2010 - Health insurance premiums leap 39 percent higher for some Californians

2/15/2010 - Grandparents make children fat

2/15/2010 - Preparedness goes mainstream: "Preppers" come from all walks of life (and they all want to stay alive)

2/15/2010 - Teen girls bribed to get Gardasil vaccine with shopping vouchers

2/14/2010 - Posts from the front lines of the war on raw milk

2/12/2010 - D.C. residents go into full scale panic over snow

2/12/2010 - US govt. continues its war on raw milk

2/12/2010 - There is literally sh!t in your salad: Fecal bacteria contamination widespread

2/12/2010 - New standards to be released for "natural" home care products

2/12/2010 - Children's temper tantrums to be reclassified as "disorders"

2/12/2010 - Psychiatric hucksters redefining "disorders" to sell more drugs, label more children as "diseased"

2/12/2010 - Mumps outbreak reaches 2,000 among "well vaccinated community" - vaccine failure now obvious

2/11/2010 - Chocolate can help prevent stroke

2/11/2010 - Frankincense (tree sap) may be a cure for cancer

2/11/2010 - Vitamin D can prevent 58,000 cases of breast cancer each year (video)

2/11/2010 - HIV man seeks to overturn prison sentence for "exposing others" to HIV -- his viral load is so small that he poses no real threat

2/11/2010 - Researchers claim drinking beer prevents osteoporosis

2/11/2010 - HRT drugs shown to cause asthma

2/11/2010 - Obama police state: Administration wants govt. to start tracking all cell phone users

2/11/2010 - Michelle Obama says obesity is a threat to national security

2/11/2010 - Surgeon blasts fat patient with profanity rant

2/11/2010 - San Francisco's toxic sludge is good for you!

2/11/2010 - There's a lot of profit in junk food: PepsiCo profits double off of America's junk food habit

2/11/2010 - Louis Gossett Jr. diagnosed with prostate cancer: Yet another black man lied to by the medical system (no vitamin D)

2/11/2010 - Latest Hong Kong diet craze: Swallow parasitic worms to eat your food from the inside

2/11/2010 - Britain faces "oil crunch" within five years

2/11/2010 - Teenage girls live on junk food

2/11/2010 - Beware of umami -- "Taste No. 5" -- it's just another name for MSG

2/11/2010 - Radiation scan problems only noticed after patients' hair falls out

2/10/2010 - Investigation reveals 2009 swine flu pandemic was an elaborate hoax

2/10/2010 - Brazilian farmers declare war on Monsanto

2/9/2010 - The dark side of nitrogen; too much fertilizer is destroying the planet

2/9/2010 - Activists are attempting to force consumer product companies to reveal the chemicals in their products

2/9/2010 - FDA cracking down on excess radiation from medical imaging devices

2/9/2010 - Paxil antidepressant drug causes breast cancer patients to die

2/9/2010 - Too fat to be vaccinated? Vaccine needles need to be longer!

2/9/2010 - Full body scanners exposed: Naked images of film star printed out, shared among airport security staff

2/9/2010 - Police State USA: College students charged with felony crimes for throwing snowballs

2/9/2010 - Victory against Frankenfoods: India blocks harvesting of GM crops

2/8/2010 - Beyond secondhand smoke: Now there's "third-hand smoke" to worry about

2/8/2010 - Tae Kwon Do master flight attendant puts choke hold on unruly passenger

2/8/2010 - Human medical experiments at Emory result in death of 25 year old man

2/8/2010 - Acid gel could replace dentists' drills

2/8/2010 - AUDI's eco-fasciscm "green police" ads preview environmental police state yet to come

2/8/2010 - Pharmageddon strikes in Canada as ALL natural health products ordered removed from pharmacy store shelves

2/8/2010 - Exercises reduces gallstones

2/8/2010 - Pharmacists, doctors are the new drug dealers who flood the streets with addictive pills

2/8/2010 - Texas nurse prosecuted for daring to report actions of bad doctor

2/8/2010 - Soda consumption linked to pancreatic cancer

2/8/2010 - Irish cancer foundation actually teaches prevention (Gosh, why can't we?)

2/8/2010 - Children are killed every year by vaccines

2/7/2010 - China's reckless use of antibiotics unleashes deadly superbugs on the world

2/7/2010 - Could this plastics capacitor breakthrough make batteries obsolete?

2/7/2010 - FDA allows unsafe drugs to be fed to livestock

2/7/2010 - I predicted this! Breast implant bombs used by terrorists

2/6/2010 - Dr. Andrew Weil raises vitamin D recommendation to 2,000 IU per day

2/6/2010 - Support the National Vaccine Information Center

2/6/2010 - Autism is reversible: Get informed about vaccines and autism at

2/5/2010 - Read the truth about vaccines, autism and the well-organized smear campaign being operated by Big Pharma

2/5/2010 - AIDS funding programs rife with fraud (it's just for profit, see?)

2/5/2010 - Illinois Supreme Court strikes down medical malpractice award limits

2/5/2010 - Swine flu pandemic declared "over" (after billions wasted)

2/5/2010 - Inter-agency report warns air travelers about radiation from full body scanners

2/5/2010 - Evidence mounts on links between cell phones and brain tumors

2/5/2010 - Government wants instant law enforcement access to all your emails and web surfing history

2/4/2010 - Prominent Canadian heart surgeon undergoes surgery himself in the USA

2/4/2010 - Phoenix City Council explores limits of stupidity by placing new 2% tax on food

2/4/2010 - Sunbathing boosts men's testosterone (thanks to vitamin D)

2/4/2010 - Traditional Chinese Medicine going mainstream

2/4/2010 - GlaxoSmithKline reaps huge profits from swine flu vaccines

2/4/2010 - HIV drug causes liver damage, admits FDA

2/4/2010 - Sick care spending continues to overwhelm economy: 20 cents on every dollar

2/4/2010 - Oprah pushing millions to go to Walgreens pharmacies and get put on diabetes drugs

2/3/2010 - Vanishing topsoil will lead to food crisis

2/3/2010 - Speaking out against contaminated milk in China gets you accused of "provoking social disorder"

2/2/2010 - Supermarket refrigerators are highly toxic to the environment

2/2/2010 - Newsweek publishes major story exposing the fraud of antidepressant drugs

2/2/2010 - Herbal medicine under threat by backlash of ignorant skeptics

2/2/2010 - Now you can turn office documents into toilet paper

2/1/2010 - Surgeons report surge in "man boob" operations

2/1/2010 - Los Angeles may require new homes to capture rainwater

2/1/2010 - Hospital tried to silence whistleblower; up to 1,000 patients may have died from negligence

2/1/2010 - UK government now pushing shingles vaccine for elderly

1/31/2010 - FDA delares war on ozone generators; seizes inventory

1/31/2010 - Low levels of vitamin D make asthma worse

1/31/2010 - Sales of alternative medicine products are booming

1/31/2010 - Doctors are addicted to "every drug under the sun"

1/31/2010 - Now China too denies link between H1N1 vaccines and miscarriages

1/29/2010 - Bill Gates to unleash the "decade of vaccines" on the world

1/29/2010 - How crazy can it get? Scientists propose sun block for the entire planet to "save Earth"

1/29/2010 - 7-year-old girl dies after Botox injections

1/29/2010 - Starbucks workers subjected to demands for sex from bosses

1/29/2010 - Howard Zinn dies at 87; amazing historian who dared to tell the truth

1/29/2010 - Target stores stop selling farmed salmon due to devastating effects on environment

1/29/2010 - Letting babies swim in chlorinated pools harms their health for life

1/29/2010 - Horrifying environmental impact of shrimp

1/28/2010 - Sorority sisters beat new pledges until they bleed; six arrested

1/28/2010 - State of the Nation: Why I am afraid for America

1/28/2010 - Drug companies pressured WHO to change pandemic definition in order to cash in on swine flu hoax

1/28/2010 - FDA tells drug makers to watch out for abuse potential

1/27/2010 - McDonald's attacks teen named "McClusky" over trademark infringement

1/27/2010 - McDonald's fires worker over extra slice of cheese

1/27/2010 - Obama denies signing off on "shady health care deals"

1/27/2010 - Web censorship in China? No problem, says Bill Gates

1/27/2010 - Earth may become undetectable by extraterrestrial civilizations

1/27/2010 - Middle school student suffers forced vaccination

1/27/2010 - Pathetic "Newsday" website attracts a whopping 35 subscribers

1/27/2010 - Deforestation reveals hidden ancient civilization in Amazon

1/27/2010 - West Coast wasteland

1/26/2010 - Pesticide gas leak kills DuPont worker

1/26/2010 - Oliver Stone's film reveals the truth: Adolf Hitler was financed by western bankers

1/26/2010 - Obama's USDA to deceive Americans over GMOs

1/26/2010 - WHO scientist claims H1N1 pandemic wasn't mild at all

1/26/2010 - Survey shows global warming at the bottom of list of Americans' concerns

1/26/2010 - WHO insists swine flu pandemic was "real", lashes out at critics

1/26/2010 - GM crops cause liver and kidney damage

1/25/2010 - Do the math: U.S. has $12 trillion in debt and only $11 million in gold

1/25/2010 - US Supreme Court decision is huge expansion of corporate power over the People

1/25/2010 - Justice Department files antitrust lawsuit against Dean Foods

1/25/2010 - Documentary was filmed entirely by chimpanzees

1/25/2010 - Obese patients encouraged to gain more weight to qualify for weight-loss surgery

1/25/2010 - Grocery store milk products in China contaminated with melamine

1/25/2010 - Mississippi may make cold medications prescription drugs in order to combat meth problem

1/25/2010 - Bill Gates, vaccine pusher

1/25/2010 - 20% of hospital patients have diabetes

1/24/2010 - Check out the Karma Singh health blog

1/24/2010 - Call to arrest 5 Supreme Court Justices for treason over corporation "person" ruling

1/24/2010 - Archeological mystery: Swiss watch ring found in ancient tomb sealed for 400 years

1/24/2010 - Pharma-controlled media to squash secret investigation into H1N1 vaccine fraud

1/23/2010 - Web 2.0 Suicide Machine lets you delete your presence on Twitter, Facebook

1/23/2010 - Dairy farmer kills his 51 cows then shoots himself

1/23/2010 - Scientologists use therapeutic touch to help Haiti victims

1/22/2010 - Vitamin D slashes risk of bowel cancer by 40 percent

1/22/2010 - Vitamin D deficiency now so widespread that rickets is on the rise once again

1/22/2010 - MRSA superbugs actually caused by widespread antibiotics use in the 1960s

1/22/2010 - Public Citizen demands FDA ban Savella fibromyalgia drug

1/22/2010 - Obesity drug banned in UK over heart attack fears

1/22/2010 - Antidepressant drugs cause premature births

1/21/2010 - Electro-acupuncture helps with knee arthritis

1/21/2010 - Non-stick chemical in cookware linked to thyroid disease

1/21/2010 - High-dose Vitamin C therapy proven effective

1/21/2010 - Solar leasing innovation makes solar power as affordable as city electricity

1/21/2010 - Brutes with brains? Physical exercise helps brains grow

1/21/2010 - New research says reducing *processed* salt can improve your health (but no mention of full-spectrum salt benefits)

1/21/2010 - 20% of U.S. teens have unhealthy cholesterol - New target for Big Pharma to push cholesterol drugs

1/21/2010 - TSA worker plants bag of white powder on air traveler as a "joke"

1/21/2010 - Proposed vitamin supplement limits scientifically flawed

1/21/2010 - Air France to charge obese air passengers for two seats

1/20/2010 - Medical students think integrative medicine would improve health care

1/20/2010 - Criminals steal Red Bull energy drinks from U.S. Navy

1/20/2010 - Pathetic, clueless obese population uninterested in health food advice

1/20/2010 - South Korea does what USA refuses to do: Restrict junk food advertising to children

1/20/2010 - Scientists find negative impact of Roundup Ready GM crops

1/20/2010 - OCA files legal complaint with USDA over organic labeling fraud

1/20/2010 - UN climate scientists admit "mistake" on glacier melting prediction

1/20/2010 - 7,000 women a year given false positives due to breast cancer screening

1/20/2010 - Omega-3s linked to longevity

1/19/2010 - Elementary school staff injected with insulin instead of swine flu vaccine

1/19/2010 - Hospital bans hiring of smokers

1/19/2010 - Mammograms cause 7,000 women to receive false positives each year in the UK

1/19/2010 - Stress really does cause heart attacks

1/18/2010 - Russia may ban chicken imports from U.S. due to chlorine chemical used in processing

1/18/2010 - Ecuador media publishes story about toxic chemicals in food (en Español)

1/18/2010 - Leading heart surgeon calls for ban on butter

1/18/2010 - Doctors demand outright ban on trans-fats in the food supply

1/18/2010 - Drug-addicted surgery tech gave Hep C to dozens of patients

1/18/2010 - American Chemistry Council says BPA is perfectly safe. Eat all you want!

1/18/2010 - FDA in bed with chemical industry over BPA in plastics

1/18/2010 - Rolaids recalled due to "unusual odor"

1/18/2010 - Big Tobacco's racketeering is a lot like Big Pharma's

1/18/2010 - Johnson & Johnson engaged in drug money kickbacks to nursing home pharmacy

1/16/2010 - Psych doctor wrote 1,000 prescriptions a week for psychotropic drugs

1/16/2010 - Nations scrap orders for swine flu vaccines

1/16/2010 - Vitamin D reduces nursing home falls

1/16/2010 - Bee stings as therapy? Apitherapy can treat arthritis and more

1/16/2010 - Mediterranean Diet protects against stomach cancer

1/16/2010 - Doctor calls for decriminalization of marijuana

1/16/2010 - FDA reverses position on BPA in plastics, now admits "concern" over the chemical

1/16/2010 - Swine flu as elusive as WMDs

1/15/2010 - FDA rebuffed for overreaching power grab over ban of e-cigarettes

1/15/2010 - WHO denies H1N1 swine flu scam, corruption

1/15/2010 - Millions of patients should never be prescribed antidepressants, scientists say

1/15/2010 - Heinz blasted over outrageous claims in infant formula ads

1/15/2010 - Armed gangs loot Haiti in desperate rush for food and supplies

1/15/2010 - Western diet promotes depression in women

1/15/2010 - Vitamin D deficient unquestionably linked to bone fractures

1/15/2010 - Lawsuits claim patients harmed by Pfizer's quit-smoking drugs

1/15/2010 - Floor of Weight Watchers clinic collapses under weight of clients

1/15/2010 - HFCS removed from chocolate milk in San Fran schools

1/14/2010 - WHO issues denial of hyping up H1N1 pandemic

1/14/2010 - Green tea blocks lung cancer

1/14/2010 - American culture of greed is threat to world

1/14/2010 - Animals raised on GM foods are different

1/14/2010 - Drug companies intentionally leave out required side effects information on drug ads

1/14/2010 - Doctor beat swine flu with vitamin D and elderberries (it's only natural!)

1/14/2010 - Gee, how nice! NY hospitals agree to stop flushing pharmaceuticals down the drain and polluting watershed

1/14/2010 - Gates Foundation working hand-in-hand with Monsanto

1/14/2010 - Total sellout: Leading agricultural scientists say "organic" farmers should plant GM crops

1/14/2010 - Swedish girl grows her face back after side effect to pharmaceuticals caused her face to fall off (not kidding!)

1/14/2010 - Donate now to the Haiti rescue mission

1/12/2010 - Nine meals from anarchy... What the coming food collapse means for civilization

1/12/2010 - Think eating "organic" meat is okay? Think again: Shocking investigation...

1/12/2010 - Corporations now trying to demand their own 1st Amendment "free speech" rights to sway elections

1/12/2010 - California votes to end prohibition on marijuana; regulate it like alcohol

1/12/2010 - With the swine flu scam now over, the WHO says it will "review" what went wrong

1/12/2010 - Smoke flavoring may be toxic to humans

1/12/2010 - Every year, 25 percent of Americans get sick from eating food

1/12/2010 - CSPI calling for outright censorship of "structure and function" claims for nutritional supplements

1/12/2010 - U.S. won't need 250 million doses of swine flu vaccine it ordered from five companies

1/11/2010 - Amish exempt from health insurance mandate - "religious conscious" exemption

1/11/2010 - America infects the world with its false beliefs about mental illness

1/11/2010 - Vitamin D deficiency finally being recognized as increasingly common

1/11/2010 - Awesome! Bolivia launches "coca-colla" drink makes from medicinal coca plant

1/11/2010 - The end of food as we know it?

1/11/2010 - Global freeze to cause food costs to skyrocket throughout 2010

1/11/2010 - After France, now UK looking to offload millions of doses of useless swine flu vaccine

1/11/2010 - Prostate cancer screenings have HUGE rate of false positives

1/11/2010 - Crazy? Groups argue *against* employee wellness incentives in health care reform bill

1/10/2010 - H1N1 glut: 136 million doses of flu vaccine that nobody wants

1/10/2010 - Pressure builds against mountaintop coal mining

1/10/2010 - Childhood cancer survivors have 10 times greater risk of heart disease (because chemo damages the heart!)

1/10/2010 - Legalizing and taxing marijuana could save California from bankruptcy

1/10/2010 - Pediatrician molested more than 100 children while state medical board did nothing

1/10/2010 - Feces and body fluids detected on NEW clothes bought in stores

1/10/2010 - Join the Facebook group: Stop Airport Strip Searches!

1/10/2010 - As swine flu hoax fizzles out, governments begin offloading millions of useless vaccines

1/10/2010 - Corruption alert: Leading economist was taking money from HHS while pushing health reform bill

1/10/2010 - Non-profit group sues U.S. government over TSA's "digital strip search" scanners

1/9/2010 - Man slips through HHS building security by posing as Secret Service agent

1/9/2010 - Patient dies in waiting room at NYC hospital after waiting 24 hours with a blood clot

1/9/2010 - Baby boomers still love to get high, now using prescription meds

1/9/2010 - DuPont complaints that Monsanto is running a seed market monopoly

1/9/2010 - Soda fountains contaminated with fecal bacteria

1/9/2010 - Food industry too secretive over nano particles

1/8/2010 - Truckloads of unused swine flu vaccines now being returned

1/7/2010 - Calorie counts frequently inaccurate on food labeling

1/7/2010 - Pomegranates reduce the risk of breast cancer

1/7/2010 - Cell phone radiation *prevents* radiation? (I very much doubt it...)

1/6/2010 - Kansas City woman goes crazy with "Hamburger rage!"

1/6/2010 - Hieress to the Johnson & Johnson toxic personal care product industry found dead at age 30

1/6/2010 - Cop goes wild with taser on diabetic seizure patient

1/6/2010 - Count the lies! Obama promises 8 times to broadcast open deliberations on health care reform (video)

1/6/2010 - Help end the government's shameful silence about vitamin D

1/6/2010 - Placebo works as well as antidepressant drugs

1/6/2010 - Two-year-old toddlers being dosed up with antipsychotic drugs

1/5/2010 - The airport scanner scam explained

1/5/2010 - Autism clusters match perfectly with children who receive vaccine injections

1/5/2010 - Pomegranates prevent breast cancer, research shows yet again

1/5/2010 - Health reform bill steals from the young to cover sick care costs of the elderly

1/5/2010 - Antidepressants simply don't work on most patients, study finds

1/5/2010 - Democratics to pursue secret health care reform deliberations

1/5/2010 - Nearly 17,000 chemicals remain corporate secrets - even EPA doesn't know what they are

1/4/2010 - France cancels 50 million flu shot orders

1/4/2010 - The 15 most heinous climate villains

1/4/2010 - Bayer pesticide banned over threat to honeybees

1/4/2010 - Whole Foods being slowly taken over by profit-minded corporate suits

1/4/2010 - Corruption of physicians by Big Pharma now "limited" to $500 an hour

1/4/2010 - So much excess swine flu vaccine that France sells it off!

1/4/2010 - Exercise can fight aging

1/4/2010 - Don't have health insurance? Pay a fine to the IRS

1/2/2010 - Mad cow disease prions capable of evolution, even without DNA

1/2/2010 - Cherry juice for arthritis

1/2/2010 - Full-body airport security scanners to fry travelers with ionizing radiation

1/2/2010 - Fast food burger meat injected with ammonia?

1/2/2010 - Garlic prices soar in China as population protects themselves against swine flu

1/2/2010 - Anti-cancer effects of cordyceps mushroom studied

1/2/2010 - Man nearly dies after one spray of Lynx deodorant

12/31/2009 - Washington D.C. slaps five-cent fee on plastic shopping bags

12/31/2009 - Oops: Pfizer halts cancer drug experiments after too many people die

12/31/2009 - Is forcing Americans to buy health insurance even Constitutional?

12/31/2009 - Health care bill is a huge loss for the American people

12/31/2009 - New documentary examines weather control: "Owning the Weather"

12/30/2009 - U.S. government wants farmers to spread toxic powder from coal plant scrubbers on their food crop fields

12/30/2009 - Missouri recovers $81 million from Medicaid fraud, including Pfizer fraud settlement

12/30/2009 - Boycott mandatory for-profit health insurance

12/30/2009 - Heart transplants lead to skin cancer

12/30/2009 - Acupuncture reduces hot flashes, improves sex drive in cancer patients

12/30/2009 - Chlorophyl protects the body against toxins

12/30/2009 - Fast food burgers, fried chicken strongly linked to development of type-2 diabetes

12/30/2009 - Want to reduce flooding? Return flood plains to nature

12/30/2009 - WHO warns you should still be afraid of swine flu (more vaccine propaganda)

12/30/2009 - FDA approval of medical devices based on complete science fraud

12/29/2009 - Line 'em up and drop trow! Get ready for full body screening at airports

12/29/2009 - Merck's cervical cancer vaccine ads are "inaccurate and misleading"

12/29/2009 - Disinfectants train superbugs to resist antibiotics

12/29/2009 - Livestock are perfect breeding grounds for drug-resistant bacteria

12/29/2009 - How did anthrax end up on musical drums at a campus ministry?

12/29/2009 - Absurdity? Taco Bell now engaged in weight loss marketing gimmick

12/26/2009 - Plants are actively intelligent: What does this mean for vegetarians?

12/26/2009 - Even "green" technologies depend on dirty, destructive mining operations for rare metals

12/26/2009 - EPA may soon require pesticide manufacturers to finally disclose secret toxic ingredients

12/26/2009 - Six reasons why planet Earth won't cope for much longer

12/26/2009 - New drug-resistant bacteria emerging in hospitals

12/26/2009 - Vitamin C is key to creating stem cells

12/26/2009 - Breast cancer is not a single disease

12/26/2009 - Why conventional cancer treatments don't work: Cancers can re-seed themselves after chemo, surgery or radiation

12/26/2009 - Factory ranching operations try to fight back with P.R. offensive against animal welfare groups

12/26/2009 - Now they claim pain pills reduce *emotional* pain, too...

12/26/2009 - S.C. Attorney General to lead legal attack on health care reform bill

12/25/2009 - US Senate passes health care reform bill

12/25/2009 - Surge in "infertility tourism" leads to "Viking" babies

12/25/2009 - Following Greg Caton kidnapping, U.S. government grants Interpol immunity

12/25/2009 - Journalist changes his mind about vegetarianism

12/25/2009 - Chevron hires TWELVE public relations firms to discredit indigenous Indians in Ecuador

12/24/2009 - See - the campaign for justice in Ecuador

12/24/2009 - CDC lies about autism statistics

12/24/2009 - Obesity far more deadly than previously thought, say scientists

12/23/2009 - Confirmed: Brittany Murphy was taking antidepressants, bi-polar drugs and much more before her death

12/23/2009 - Elderly patients aggressively over-treated with pharmaceuticals

12/23/2009 - Amazon Kindle hacked, DRM code broken so that books can be copied off as PDFs

12/23/2009 - "Delusional" Google writes memo to self claiming how "open" it is

12/23/2009 - FDA attacks Nestle for using "no sugar added" claim on children's juice drink

12/23/2009 - Texas ordered to destroy 5 million blood samples illegally taken from babies without consent

12/23/2009 - New York wastes $92 million on fraudulent Medicaid payments

12/23/2009 - Heparin blood thinner caused man to lose his toes, claims lawsuit

12/23/2009 - FDA cannot rule out link between Vytorin and cancer

12/23/2009 - True or myth? Pizza hut cheese made with silicone derivative

12/23/2009 - Even if health care bill passes, is it legal?

12/22/2009 - Solve global warming by dumping sulfur particles into the atmosphere?

12/22/2009 - Doctors misdiagnose woman with HIV, hepatitis and herpes; nearly destroys lives of couple

12/22/2009 - "Acute pharmaceutical toxicity" killed Brittany Murphy

12/22/2009 - Ancient dinosaur had venom in its fangs

12/22/2009 - Lawsuit claims prison inmates served too much soy

12/22/2009 - Women being conned about breast cancer screening

12/21/2009 - Freaking surreal: Total Big Brother brainwash video promotes RFID chip (video is like something from a bad sci-fi movie)

12/21/2009 - Children fitness levels continue to decline -- today's kids are weak and unfit

12/21/2009 - New York dead last in happiness rankings

12/21/2009 - 21 megawatt solar power plant opens in California

12/21/2009 - Vitamin D promotes weight loss

12/21/2009 - Sugary soft drinks raise diabetes risk of pregnant women

12/21/2009 - Plant-based plastics to replace petroleum plastics?

12/21/2009 - Obamacare passed by US Senate

12/21/2009 - World now blames China for Copenhagen failure

12/21/2009 - Excess power plant heat could warm greenhouses in winter

12/21/2009 - Maine may require cell phones to carry cancer warning

12/20/2009 - Health care reform bill process is "corruption" says Senator

12/20/2009 - Top 25 censored stories for 2010

12/20/2009 - GE attempts to silence doctor who warned about dangers of medical imaging drug

12/20/2009 - When Yellowstone blows, it's gonna be huge...

12/20/2009 - Weight loss surgery can prove fatal

12/20/2009 - 90% of parents misled by food nutrition labels

12/20/2009 - Nebrasks Senator accused of "cornhuster kickback" in sudden reversal on health care reform bill support

12/20/2009 - How scientists manufactured a climate change consensus

12/20/2009 - Compact Fluorescent Lights dumping mercury directly into landfills

12/20/2009 - Real living superhero lifts car off girl

12/20/2009 - Coming soon to a (toxic) farm near you: Monsanto's genetically modified wheat

12/20/2009 - Skeletal fluorosis and water fluoridation - the picture ain't pretty

12/19/2009 - Health care reform retards: Senate drops tax on breast implants, places new tax on tanning salons

12/19/2009 - Analyst says 2010 food crisis will decimate U.S. economy and crash world banks

12/19/2009 - Synthetic blood clotting platelets save soldiers

12/19/2009 - People living in sunshine states really are happier

12/19/2009 - Weird science: Too much soda puts man in a wheelchair (and other findings)

12/19/2009 - Despite cancer risk, breast cancer screening on the rise in the UK

12/19/2009 - New "water splitting" technology for inexpensively storing solar energy investigated

12/19/2009 - Judge rules in favor of poultry companies, says chicken litter is not "solid waste"

12/19/2009 - Ecological infrastructure really matters: Why we need to save the birds and the bees

12/19/2009 - EWG study finds hundreds of pollutants in nation's drinking water

12/19/2009 - Toxic flame retardant to be phased out, says EPA

12/19/2009 - 90% of cord blood from U.S. babies tests positive for BPA

12/19/2009 - Healthcare fiasco: First they came for the banksters...

12/19/2009 - Six deadly chemicals you're carrying in your body

12/18/2009 - New terms to go mainstream: "Cimate debt" and "Climate refugees"

12/18/2009 - Copenhagen ends in failure after targets dropped

12/18/2009 - Autism out of control: One percent of U.S. children now have it

12/18/2009 - Artificial sweeteners alter how body handles real sugar

12/18/2009 - Back pain caused by vitamin D deficiency?

12/18/2009 - Swine flu infections waning across the U.S.

12/18/2009 - Deadly chemotherapy drug now being added to U.S. cocaine supply (it's "fortified!")

12/18/2009 - Traitorous U.S. Senate votes to maintain Big Pharma's monopoly by blocking competitive imports

12/18/2009 - Millions drink toxic water in the USA, but it's EPA-approved!

12/17/2009 - FDA approves use of Crestor cholesterol drug in people who don't even have high cholesterol! (Big Pharma targeting healthy people)

12/17/2009 - Too much, too late: Germany, Spain seek to cut H1N1 vaccine orders

12/17/2009 - San Francisco may require cell phone radiation facts to be posted by retailers

12/17/2009 - US kids represent psychiatric drug goldmine

12/17/2009 - GM corn proven to harm health

12/17/2009 - Cannabis spray reduces cancer pain

12/15/2009 - U.S. mandatory vaccination policies resemble Communist China

12/15/2009 - Antidepressant use increases risk of stroke

12/15/2009 - Scientists astonished: Tool use behavior observed in an octopus

12/15/2009 - Milk Thistle herb protects liver from damage caused by chemotherapy

12/15/2009 - BPA plastics chemical damages intestines, study shows

12/15/2009 - HIV microbicide fails major clinical trial

12/15/2009 - Alzheimer's drug clinical trial halted after nine deaths

12/15/2009 - Vote to legalize marijuana in California could be on 2010 ballot

12/15/2009 - 800,000 swine flu vaccines recalled because they don't work

12/15/2009 - Full moon really does turn people into violent beasts (werewolves?)

12/15/2009 - Illegal drug money saved banks during global finance disaster

12/14/2009 - Combining cocaine with alcohol creates deadly heart attack chemical

12/14/2009 - Radiation from CT scans causes 29,000 cancers a year, kills 14,500 Americans

12/14/2009 - Awesome NYT article about the fraud of HRT drugs

12/13/2009 - NYC anti-soda ad shows man chugging glass full of fat

12/13/2009 - Cosmetic surgery group offers discounts for undergoing multiple risky surgeries all at once

12/13/2009 - Optician cures his own blindness with herbal medicine made with marigolds

12/13/2009 - Fructose fueling childhood obesity, diabetes

12/13/2009 - Save Greg Caton! Criminal FDA kidnaps Caton from Ecuador and forces him back to USA to face trumped-up charges

12/12/2009 - Bayer admits GMO contamination out of control

12/12/2009 - Poor children more likely to be put on antipsychotic drugs

12/11/2009 - Colombia becoming destination for medical tourism

12/11/2009 - Compact fluorescent light bulbs aren't as good as you think (not to mention the mercury vapor)

12/11/2009 - Will it work? Pay Amazon villagers money to keep their rainforests intact

12/11/2009 - Cap and trade results in "black market" of emissions

12/11/2009 - Curcumin and black pepper combine to kill breast cancer tumor cells

12/11/2009 - WHO reluctantly admits Tamiflu doesn't work on most, but it still recommends the drug anyway

12/11/2009 - Want to save the planet? Eat less meat and dairy

12/11/2009 - China says population control key to climate change prevention

12/11/2009 - GAO accuses FDA of avoiding needed safety changes

12/11/2009 - CDC ridiculously claims H1N1 has now killed 10,000 Americans (they actually stopped tracking deaths months ago)

12/10/2009 - Fox News poll says 54% prefer no health care reform

12/10/2009 - USDA to serve lawmakers school cafeteria food

12/10/2009 - WHO says bribery, scientific fraud are "common" throughout Big Pharma

12/10/2009 - WHO issues warning about corruption of pharmaceutical industry

12/10/2009 - Tiger Woods an abuser of prescription drugs?

12/10/2009 - Consumer tip: When chewing gum, try not to explode your own face

12/10/2009 - Holiday snack foods contain shocking levels of salt

12/10/2009 - "Deadly" oil refinery spill is actually fluoride!

12/9/2009 - Meat can kill: Woman assaults boyfriend with raw steak

12/9/2009 - Flu vaccine scandal at the WHO

12/9/2009 - New sensory system found in the skin

12/9/2009 - Pistachios cut cancer risk

12/9/2009 - Study published in JAMA says soy helps prevent recurring breast cancer

12/9/2009 - Democrats slam Big Pharma for drug pricing schemes

12/9/2009 - New cancer drug costs $30,000 per month

12/9/2009 - Huffington Post resorts to publishing porn

12/9/2009 - Taxpayer dollars used to build Norvartis vaccine plant

12/9/2009 - Swine flu bribery fever

12/9/2009 - Antidepressants change your personality: Get ready for "cosmetic psychiatry!"

12/9/2009 - Social Security will go bust in 2010

12/9/2009 - Cancer caused by chemicals in your kitchen?

12/8/2009 - Scientist says global warming caused by sun's radiation

12/8/2009 - Tamiflu drug useless against swine flu pneumonia

12/8/2009 - US govt. seeks to tax tanning salons to raise money for health care reform

12/8/2009 - Batteries made out of copier paper coated with carbon nanotubes

12/8/2009 - New nanomaterial liquid can be painted on walls to produce batteries

12/8/2009 - Sen. Grassley asks medical non-profits for information about money from corporations

12/8/2009 - LA hospital caught in patient radiation overdose scandal

12/8/2009 - Drinking coffee may lower the risk of severe form of prostate cancer

12/8/2009 - Old used computers polluting the planet

12/7/2009 - Some US hospital patients exposed to 800% excess radiation from CT scans

12/7/2009 - H1N1 pandemic "mildest on record" (big fizzle sells few vaccines...)

12/7/2009 - Please donate to Wikipedia to help keep this independent online encyclopedia up and running

12/7/2009 - Go Go Hamster toys found to contain chemical linked to cancer

12/7/2009 - EPA bypasses Congress, declares greenhouse gases threaten public health

12/7/2009 - Are you kidding me? Transplant surgeons announce "success" in transplanting cancer-ridden kidneys into patients

12/7/2009 - Obama officially declares greenhouse gasses "endanger" your health, clearing the way for EPA to regulate

12/7/2009 - Obama administration now pushing swine flu vaccines in taxpayer-funded Public Service Announcements

12/7/2009 - Very basic research on food and mood reveals that carbs make people happy

12/7/2009 - Bodies of pregnant women polluted with chemicals found in consumer products

12/7/2009 - Friend of USDA chief now a Monsanto lobbyist

12/6/2009 - Meat industry lying about e.coli contamination

12/6/2009 - Plastic Logic to launch revolutionary e-reader in 2010

12/6/2009 - Teen boy victorious in campaign to force NHS to recognize vitamin D link to MS

12/6/2009 - Diabetes drugs warning: They cause heart problems

12/6/2009 - Summary of arguments of climate change skeptics

12/6/2009 - Most prostate cancers detected by screening aren't dangerous in the first place

12/6/2009 - Risk of blood clots after surgery is higher than previously thought

12/6/2009 - Public Citizens calls for ban on Meridia weight loss drug

12/6/2009 - Drug side effects "Neglected, restricted, distorted and silenced" by drug companies

12/6/2009 - Vitamin D deficiency linked to more aggressive lymphoma

12/6/2009 - Cancer industry "afraid" people might learn something about cancer from Suzanne Somers

12/6/2009 - FDA may probe risk of weight gain in kids using antipsychotic drugs

12/6/2009 - Kaise health care companies pay $3.75 million to settle billing fraud case

12/6/2009 - Dancer left paralyzed by contaminated hamburger

12/4/2009 - All Slim-Fast beverages recalled due to possible bacterial contamination

12/4/2009 - Not a day goes by that I don't give thanks for Ed Group's company, Global Healing Center, see them here

12/4/2009 - UN to probe leaked climate emails (ClimateGate)

12/4/2009 - Anti-seizure drug linked to birth defects

12/4/2009 - U.S. approves firts "ethical" stem cell lines

12/4/2009 - Longer duration of breastfeeding reduces risk of metabolic syndrome for the mom

12/3/2009 - Big Brother "pre-crime" quiz used on children

12/3/2009 - Social workers take baby boy after mom refuses to feed him processed junk food

12/2/2009 - Lady Gaga songs are like junk food for the brain, says panel

12/2/2009 - Prince Charles calls for alternative medicine to be formally embraced by government

12/2/2009 - Woman killed by chemotherapy

12/1/2009 - Call for ban on BPA chemical in baby bottles

12/1/2009 - Tyson Foods soup plant caught with "serious violations" by FDA

12/1/2009 - Top UK climate scientist to step down pending investigation

12/1/2009 - American Casino: The documentary that exposes Wall Street sub-prime con artists

12/1/2009 - Companies are looking at ways to reduce their toxic chemical footprints

12/1/2009 - Physical health leads to good mental health, too

12/1/2009 - FDA continues dragging its feet on Bisphenol-A decision

12/1/2009 - Are honey bees being killed off by chemically-coated crop seeds?

12/1/2009 - Eco-labels on products are often just lies

12/1/2009 - Obama's health care reform will destroy alternative medicine

12/1/2009 - Solar panels becoming more affordable as supply increases

12/1/2009 - Ancient documents reveal secrets of Timbuktu (video)

12/1/2009 - New study finally tells the truth: Mammograms can cause cancer

12/1/2009 - Abdominal CT scans over used by doctors, exposing patients to excessive radiation

12/1/2009 - CVS pharmacies selling expired products

12/1/2009 - Secrecy in science is corrosive force

11/30/2009 - Two-thirds of store-bought chickens contaminated with food-borne illness microbes

11/30/2009 - Men remain oblivious to cancer risk of processed meat

11/30/2009 - Who cares about $12 trillion in debt? Let's borrow more money for sick care reform!

11/29/2009 - WHO pushes more AIDS drugs for HIV patients, including breastfeeding mothers

11/29/2009 - Second wave of H1N1 pandemic appears to have peaked out

11/29/2009 - Wow: USA Today actually publishes story critical of mammograms

11/29/2009 - FDA approves yet another flu vaccine without testing it ("accelerated approval process")

11/29/2009 - Poverty now rampant: Half of U.S. kids on food stamps?

11/29/2009 - Health care reform will fail if cost inflation isn't addressed

11/29/2009 - China concerned H1N1 might combine with H5N1 bird flu

11/29/2009 - Shamed: The top UK hospitals with the worst death rates

11/29/2009 - Photo of obese air passenger in economy seat reopens debate about air passenger weight

11/27/2009 - HRT drugs useless for preventing heart disease in women

11/27/2009 - Shape of Hammerhead shark head gives them fantastic binocular vision

11/26/2009 - Beware of teeth whitening "free trial offer" scams

11/26/2009 - GlaxoSmithKline recalls vaccines in Canada

11/26/2009 - Dairy industry pushing hard to outlaw raw milk

11/26/2009 - Victory in the Senate as Codex harmonization potentially delayed

11/26/2009 - American Cancer Society maintains close financial ties to mammography radiation device manufacturers

11/26/2009 - Dead doctors still making millions from Medicare billings

11/26/2009 - Medical imaging chemicals can kill you

11/26/2009 - Vaccine company admits H1N1 swine flu drops to non-pandemic lethality levels

11/26/2009 - Cup of mint tea is effective painkiller

11/26/2009 - Plasma generating device kills superbugs

11/26/2009 - Humans "hear" through their skin

11/26/2009 - Naturopathic doctors offer thermogram alternative to mammograms

11/25/2009 - Online shoppers screwed over by after-the-sale e-commerce gimmicks

11/25/2009 - Top 5 health tests you probably don't need

11/25/2009 - Innovative energy technology: Underground compressed air stores energy for later conversion to electricity

11/25/2009 - Drug-resistant superbugs getting worse in U.S. hospitals

11/25/2009 - China executes two over melamine scandal

11/25/2009 - Just what we need: Another flu vaccine plant in the U.S.

11/25/2009 - Woman's insurance cancelled after Facebook posts

11/24/2009 - AMA rejects proposal to mandate H1N1 vaccinations for all physicians

11/24/2009 - Nickelodeon blasting children with advertisements for processed junk foods

11/24/2009 - New Jersey waives mandatory flu shot requirements for children in day care (but only because the shots ran out)

11/24/2009 - Canada concerns over unusual number of bad vaccine shot reactions

11/24/2009 - Vitamin D emerges as "nature's antibiotic"

11/24/2009 - Amazing new source of renewable energy: "Osmotic power" creates power from salt water / fresh water combination

11/24/2009 - Swine flu vaccine just now being investigated for rare side effects (they won't know results for a year!)

11/24/2009 - WSJ publishes leaked emails of global warming scientists trying to hide data

11/24/2009 - Weight loss drug Meridia might be linked to heart attacks and strokes

11/24/2009 - Pfizer loses another drug case, ordered to pay $28 million in damages to women taking HRT drugs

11/24/2009 - Drug ads drive up health care costs in USA

11/24/2009 - Scientists just now discovering immune-boosting nutrients - but media still "warns" about taking vitamins and supplements

11/24/2009 - Merck sat on data showing Vioxx risks for years before pulling drug

11/23/2009 - Huge gallary of bizarre (but true) psychiatric drug ads

11/23/2009 - Just 16 ships expel as much pollution as all the cars in the world

11/23/2009 - You won't see this in USA Today: Human trafficking, slavery on the rise in America

11/23/2009 - Beware of e-tailer "loyalty" program scams - clicking "yes" could cost you a fortune

11/23/2009 - Forget the antibacterial soap: Skin surface bacteria essential for healthy skin

11/23/2009 - Health workers aren't healthy: Smoking, obesity and depression common

11/23/2009 - Chest ultrasound just as good as high-radiation CT scans in evaluating children with pneumonia

11/23/2009 - Monsanto abandons second-generation GM crops to avoid handing over data to European regulators

11/23/2009 - Journalists exaggerate claims of pharmaceuticals, misreport risks

11/23/2009 - Cranberry ingredient sold to food manufacturers actually made from cranberry skins and sugar

11/23/2009 - Exposure to tobacco smoke raises risk of ADHD diagnosis in children

11/23/2009 - Santa receives $74,000 face-lift surgery so that his droopy eyes won't "scare children"

11/23/2009 - Children need more dirt to be healthy

11/23/2009 - Funeral workers have increased risk of cancer from exposure to formaldehyde

11/23/2009 - Morphine may spread cancer

11/23/2009 - Satellite images reveal East Antarctica losing far more ice than previously thought

11/23/2009 - Second-hand smoke voids warranty on Apple devices

11/23/2009 - Leaked emails reveal protectionistic attitude of climate change scientists

11/23/2009 - New law bans genetic discrimination by employers

11/23/2009 - Tamiflu-resistant swine flu spreading from patient to patient

11/23/2009 - 65 and want a swine flu shot? Go to the back of the line

11/23/2009 - The data behind the new mammogram recommendations - article by Gina Kolata

11/23/2009 - Trapped in a coma for 23 years, but conscious the whole time

11/20/2009 - Reuters asks: Did U.S. make swine flu mistake?

11/20/2009 - US flu activity already on the decline

11/20/2009 - Maryland "Green Hawks" is first green pro sports team in America

11/20/2009 - Oceans at a tipping point for ecological collapse

11/20/2009 - Particles from car brakes harms lung cells

11/20/2009 - School cleaning supplies emit toxic fumes into classroom air

11/20/2009 - Pharmaceuticals, personal care products found in New York City water supply

11/20/2009 - Big Pharma paid $500,000 to Chicago psychiatrists who used children as guinea pigs

11/20/2009 - Phthalate plastics chemical may cause ADHD

11/20/2009 - New book "Brace for Impact" describes coming collapse of industrial agriculture

11/20/2009 - Computerization of US hospitals doesn't save any money

11/20/2009 - Looming health care reform bill causing drug companies to covertly raise drug prices yet again

11/20/2009 - WHO declares swine flu vaccine *not* linked to 41 deaths in six countries -- even before investigations are complete!

11/20/2009 - New swine flu vaccine made using genetically engineered virus grown in cells of insects

11/20/2009 - OB/GYN group says no more annual pap smears

11/20/2009 - Flu-related hospitalizations, deaths slow in California

11/20/2009 - Do statin drugs cause vitamin D deficiency?

11/20/2009 - Ritalin linked with sudden death of children

11/20/2009 - Toxic burden: Women put 515 chemicals on their face every day

11/20/2009 - Exposed: The American Cancer Society

11/20/2009 - Why the cancer industry is committed to NOT finding a cure

11/20/2009 - Mammography task force panel under intense attack from cancer industry

11/20/2009 - Misinformed celebrities push more mammography radiation for women

11/20/2009 - Mercury news actually published story on functional foods that defend against the flu

11/19/2009 - Proof that vaccines cause micro-strokes and disease

11/19/2009 - California moving ahead with ban on energy-guzzling TVs

11/19/2009 - Alcohol sharply reduces risk of heart disease in men

11/19/2009 - Obesity will cost U.S. $344 billion a year in health care costs

11/19/2009 - Consumers getting ripped off with Tamiflu price gouging

11/19/2009 - Movie popcorn loaded with fat, calories, says CSPI

11/19/2009 - Cancer industry now blatantly ignores the science, pushes for routine mammograms despite evidence of harm

11/19/2009 - Set phasers on stun: Researchers paralyze worms with beam of ultraviolet light

11/19/2009 - Common pain medication accelerates growth of cancer tumors

11/19/2009 - Eating fruits and vegetables improves complexion more than a tan

11/19/2009 - Big Brother UK probes home lives of school children; "quizzes" parents

11/18/2009 - Amazing informational website on cancer cures: Check it out,

11/18/2009 - Israel accused of using Palestinian prisoners as guinea pigs to test new pharmaceuticals

11/18/2009 - Fish farming makes diseases more virulent

11/18/2009 - Cocaine, spices and hormones now found in drinking water

11/18/2009 - 20 years from now, will you lie to your children?

11/18/2009 - Vertical farms could feed cities while saving valuable land space

11/18/2009 - Why we need more bees and beekeepers

11/18/2009 - Baked fish far healthier than fried fish

11/18/2009 - Many obese people in denial about their body weight

11/18/2009 - Why people choose holistic medicine over conventional medicine

11/18/2009 - More than half of all Britons reject H1N1 swine flu vaccine

11/18/2009 - Soccer athlete turns to placenta drops for fast repair of torn ankle

11/18/2009 - Common heartburn drugs interfere with blood thinning drugs, warns FDA

11/18/2009 - Just as predicted: Drug companies now pushing vaccines for all kinds of health conditions

11/18/2009 - Santas lobby for preferential H1N1 vaccine shots

11/17/2009 - One heart attack results in medical imaging exposure equivalent to 725 chest X-rays

11/17/2009 - Mammography hoax finally waning: Now officials back off annual mammogram push

11/17/2009 - U.S. govt.-funded bio-pirates scour Amazon rainforest to find new drugs they can patent

11/17/2009 - Already had seasonal flu? You may already have protection against H1N1

11/17/2009 - Meditation reduces heart disease deaths

11/17/2009 - Drug researchers claim to have discovered "female Viagra"

11/17/2009 - Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen suffering from return of cancer that was "treated" in 1983

11/16/2009 - Shocking development: US govt. changes position, says mammograms only needed after age 50

11/16/2009 - Cheap B vitamin beats Big Pharma's Zetia cholesterol drug

11/16/2009 - Proven whores: Congressional speeches written by Big Pharma lobbyists!

11/16/2009 - "Healthy" snacks loaded with sugar and salt

11/16/2009 - Huge lawsuit against Chevron continues in the Amazon region of Ecuador

11/16/2009 - School lunchboxes contain as much sugar as TEN donuts

11/16/2009 - Forget what you know about CPR: Eliminating the breathing part saves lives!

11/16/2009 - Shock treatment may prevent teeth grinding

11/16/2009 - Hypnosis has "real" biochemical impact on brain

11/16/2009 - Two people die in China after H1N1 vaccine shots

11/16/2009 - Google joins Big Pharma to push more drug ads online

11/16/2009 - 5-year-old girl turning into human crystal

11/16/2009 - Stupid US corn subsidies make "liquid Satan" HFCS super cheap

11/15/2009 - DU causing baby deformities in Iraq?

11/15/2009 - Human babies do better with HUMAN milk (gee, really?)

11/15/2009 - Sudden surge in swine flu deaths in Canada?

11/15/2009 - Flu infections peaking out in many areas

11/15/2009 - Fertility doctor used his own sperm to make clients pregnant?

11/15/2009 - As if we're not obese enough, authorities want to raise the daily calorie recommendations

11/15/2009 - Slow walkers 300% more like to die of heart attacks than fast walkers

11/15/2009 - Swine flu peaks out in England

11/15/2009 - Swine flu slowing worldwide

11/15/2009 - Everyone in Britain could be limited to "carbon allowance"

11/14/2009 - Woman fakes breast cancer to raise money for boob job

11/14/2009 - School bans students from uttering the muppet word "meep" (making it even more cool now that it's banned...)

11/14/2009 - FDA delays ban on raw oysters after public outcry

11/14/2009 - FDA looks to ban caffeine in alcoholic beverages

11/14/2009 - First medical marijuana cafe opens in Portland, Oregon, challenging feds' authority over state law

11/14/2009 - Wave of sickness and disease now striking Baby Boomers

11/14/2009 - How did Boston University graduate student get infected with an experimental bio agent?

11/14/2009 - UK elderly could be forced to commit suicide under new health care rules

11/14/2009 - All across the USA, hospitals attempt to push H1N1 vaccines on health care workers

11/14/2009 - USA Today now parroting Associated Press attack on alternative medicine: Same lies, same words, same agenda

11/13/2009 - Food Pharma concoction: Passion fruit desserts laced with Viagra

11/13/2009 - Moon contains huge amount of water, declares NASA

11/13/2009 - French woman struck with crippling illness after H1N1 vaccine injection

11/13/2009 - High-sugar diet alters intestinal bacteria, making losing weight more difficult

11/13/2009 - Smart Serbians! Swine flu results in huge increase in sales of garlic

11/13/2009 - Google promoting flu shots with flu shot finder map

11/13/2009 - Google calls for expanded online pharmaceutical advertising

11/13/2009 - UK medical authorities pushing swine flu vaccines on pregnant women

11/13/2009 - 2,000 dementia patients killed each year by psych meds

11/13/2009 - UK doctors paid bonuses to stop prescribing antibiotics

11/13/2009 - 150,000 dementia sufferers unnecessarily prescribed anti-psychotic drugs

11/12/2009 - Fake news used to promote Hollywood movie via mainstream media

11/12/2009 - Climate change skeptic says CO2 does not contribute to global warming

11/12/2009 - Shark performs emergency caesarean with bite?

11/12/2009 - Polar bear caught on camera blowing bubbles!

11/12/2009 - Ukraine flu infects one million, says minister

11/12/2009 - Spill of Ultra Slim Fast powder causes evacuation of NJ train

11/12/2009 - Dumbing them down: USA university freshmen can't even do basic math...

11/12/2009 - 8-year-old boy mysteriously dead after flu shot

11/12/2009 - New GSK swine flu vaccine contains formaldehyde, mercury

11/12/2009 - Pfizer caught in yet more science fraud: Company altered study findings over Neurontin drug

11/12/2009 - Drinking out of plastic? You might get erectile dysfunction

11/12/2009 - Pharmaceutical companies press FDA to allow slicker online advertising without long list of drug side effects

11/12/2009 - World running out of oil faster than thought, says IEA report - Peak Oil is already here

11/12/2009 - Virginia teen suffers Guillain Barre Syndrome within hours after receiving swine flu vaccine shot, CDC says just coincidence

11/12/2009 - Cancer spreads among 9/11 rescue workers

11/11/2009 - New "Superfruits" book reveals the healing power of berries

11/11/2009 - Sick-care industry bad for the environment, too: Causes 8% of US carbon emissions

11/11/2009 - Surprise! AMA shifts position, now backs research on medical marijuana

11/11/2009 - Now FDA approves GSK's H1N1 vaccine, still without any placebo-controlled testing, no evidence

11/11/2009 - Media uses Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's cancer to push everyone to "donate more money to cancer research"

11/11/2009 - After conventional breast cancer treatments, half of women have lingering, long-term pain

11/11/2009 - Bizarre: Surgical procedures promise to create "the perfect vagina" - and patients fall for it!

11/11/2009 - Plastics chemical BPA linked to sexual dysfunction in men

11/11/2009 - New York State going broke, must drastically cut funding of schools, hospitals

11/11/2009 - Google launches flu shot finder service

11/10/2009 - Obama calls people who don't buy conventional health insurance "a burden" on everyone else

11/10/2009 - Justice Department orders news website to hand over all members, readers, IP addresses and traffic logs

11/10/2009 - RealAge scam exposed by NY Times

11/10/2009 - Golf balls are pollution legacy from modern civilization

11/10/2009 - Human civilization is addicted to nitrogen

11/10/2009 - Fructose may promote metabolic syndrome

11/10/2009 - Genetic "breakthrough" findings often bogus, even when published in medical journals

11/10/2009 - Iraq "burn pits" exposed soldiers to chemical toxins

11/10/2009 - Meditation training helps reduce chronic pain

11/10/2009 - U.S. health care bill faces tough opposition in Senate

11/10/2009 - Marijuana arrest data shows utter failure of "war on drugs"

11/10/2009 - Mercury fillings could be replaced with nano-zirconia material

11/10/2009 - Pedestrian deaths mysteriously keep rising (it's all the medicated drivers...)

11/10/2009 - Mainstream media writes about "America in decline"

11/10/2009 - Greater muscle mass in seniors linked to reduced Alzheimer's risk

11/10/2009 - Big Government is swallowing the U.S. economy

11/10/2009 - Scientists claim low-fat diets improve your mood better than low-carb diets

11/9/2009 - Cheerleader poisoned by vaccine now CURED with natural medicine

11/9/2009 - Michael Pollan censored by beef industry

11/9/2009 - LA Times reports alternative medicine going mainstream

11/9/2009 - Dairy industry now pushing sugary chocolate milk in public schools

11/9/2009 - Sen. Joe Lieberman says Obamacare bill is DOA in the Senate

11/9/2009 - Soy milk shoppers duped by Silk's covert shift to non-organic soybeans - gotcha!

11/9/2009 - Most Toronto residents unwilling to help heart attack victims

11/9/2009 - Grumpy people are more critical thinkers, scientists find

11/9/2009 - FDA now attacking raw oysters

11/9/2009 - Bizarre sign of the times: Parents being abused by their children!

11/9/2009 - Chemotherapy doctors finally done poisoning Daniel Hauser (doctors claim he is "cancer free" but won't credit the alternative medicine his family used)

11/8/2009 - H1N1 virus is too weak to even grow well in incubated eggs

11/8/2009 - Kids slapped with criminal charges after cafeteria food fight

11/7/2009 - Kiss your freedoms goodbye if health care bill passes

11/7/2009 - Total sellout: American Academy of Family Physicians lets Coca-Cola sponsor health advice

11/7/2009 - Rise of the fish-eating vegetarian

11/6/2009 - Gender-bender chemicals are turning boys into girls

11/6/2009 - Antisocial behavior about to be classified as "criminal"

11/6/2009 - Pelosi health care madness: Buy $15,000 health insurance policy or go to jail

11/6/2009 - Dutch health authorities pull Pfizer vaccine after three infant deaths

11/6/2009 - Big Pharma disease mongering shifts to "Restless Vagina Syndrome" to victimize women into buying more meds

11/6/2009 - Skyrocketing health care costs destroying U.S. jobs, businesses

11/6/2009 - We are winning! Cancer doctors start prescribing vitamin D as part of cancer therapy

11/6/2009 - Forget Cocoa Krispies: Here's REAL immune support from Whole Foods

11/6/2009 - Stunning research shows high potential for DNA damage from nanoparticles

11/6/2009 - Check out CRUDE the Movie - The Real Price of Oil

11/6/2009 - Desperation takes hold: Man steals swine flu vaccines!

11/6/2009 - Wall Street vaccine bailout? Goldman Sachs gets vaccines while school kids wait

11/5/2009 - Bureaucrats attack farmers' markets: Vendor cited, fined for washing his vegetables before selling them

11/5/2009 - Fried, grilled and pasteurized foods cause degenerative disease, concludes new study

11/5/2009 - Tai Chi helps people with arthritis of the knee

11/5/2009 - Common painkiller acetaminophen linked to asthma

11/4/2009 - Inter-species transmission of swine flu confirmed as H1N1 infects cat

11/4/2009 - Johnson & Johnson under Justice Dept. scrutiny for illicit drug payoffs, kickbacks

11/4/2009 - Now even the bears have gone bald! Zoo bear loses hair in bizarre medical mystery (Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't fuzzy, was he?)

11/4/2009 - LA fraud doctor faked medical exams of immigrants

11/4/2009 - Doctors as flu shot pimps: Scandal erupts over flu shot preference!

11/4/2009 - Sick! E.Coli contaminated meat legally allowed to be sold as hamburgers

11/4/2009 - Kellogg's pulls ridiculous "immunity" claims from Cocoa Krispies

11/4/2009 - Yet another student "mistakenly" given swine flu vaccine shot

11/4/2009 - FDA hid research that should have banned aspartame

11/4/2009 - Ukraine in panic over sudden swine flu outbreak

11/4/2009 - Is Ukraine swine flu outbreak due to release of Baxter bioweapon?

11/4/2009 - Rhode Island hospital repeatedly performs major surgery on the wrong body parts - five times in two years

11/4/2009 - Washington State recovers $1.3 million from drug companies caught fleecing Medicaid via price fraud

11/4/2009 - Health giant Omnicare pays $100 million fine for kickbacks, fraud

11/4/2009 - Marijuana helps child cope with autism

11/3/2009 - Is this document the smoking gun for a planned global pandemic?

11/3/2009 - Prescription drug grows longer eyelashes, but has bizarre side effects, too

11/3/2009 - "BPA free" foods found to contain BPA

11/3/2009 - Diabetes drug linked to kidney problems - but FDA keeps it on the market anyway

11/3/2009 - Cool free market concept: Auto insurance by the mile

11/3/2009 - Two women unleash swine flu fist fight after coughing on NY subway

11/3/2009 - Health care reform bill filled with Orwellian psych / pharma agenda

11/3/2009 - Air Zinc-air batteries the portable power of the future?

11/3/2009 - EcoFactor thermostat technology to slash heating, cooling costs by 20%

11/3/2009 - WHO pushing hard for swine flu vaccination of pregnant women

11/3/2009 - Health care reform sticker shock: $1.2 trillion

11/3/2009 - Aspirin myth busted: It does not prevent cardiovascular disease deaths at all

11/3/2009 - Now vaccine pushers claim children need TWO dises of the H1N1 vaccine

11/3/2009 - 18,000 animal species now in danger of going extinct

11/3/2009 - Aspartame alert: Diet soda destroys kidney function

11/3/2009 - Swine flu vaccine makers, distributors investigated for possible price fixing fraud

11/3/2009 - Antibiotics linked to increased risk of birth defects

11/3/2009 - Tribune Co. newspapers to try a week without canned news from the Associated Press

11/2/2009 - Bacteria detect white blood cells and launch coordinated biochemical defense shield in response

11/2/2009 - Activated charcoal fights heart disease in kidney patients

11/2/2009 - The end of electricity?

11/2/2009 - Just walking 3 times a week slashes death rate risk by 60 percent

11/2/2009 - Beware of side effects of PPI drugs in acid reflux (GERD) patients, warn doctors

11/2/2009 - Deadly MRSA superbug has 50% mortality rate in hospital patients

11/2/2009 - Millions of children die each year from malaria due to Big Pharma's monopoly pricing (and from lack of access to natural malaria cures)

11/2/2009 - Peruvian Nazca civilization was destroyed by deforestation

11/2/2009 - Eating processed food leads to depression

11/2/2009 - NASA to irradiate spider monkeys to research space travel

11/1/2009 - Beijing engaged in massive weather control activities

11/1/2009 - Arrogant scientists debate how to "fix" the Earth's climate with engineering

10/31/2009 - When expectant mothers eat more vegetables, the risk of diabetes of their newborns is reduced

10/31/2009 - Junk food nearly as addictive as heroin

10/31/2009 - One million UK patients addicted to prescription drugs (given to them by doctors)

10/31/2009 - Bad airplane air? Six passengers faint from fumes during flight

10/31/2009 - Associated Press making excuses for swine flu vaccine side effects, deaths

10/31/2009 - Drug company Sanofi aims to double vaccine sales over the next five years (this will require some disease mongering effort...)

10/31/2009 - "World's healthiest curry" superfood meal fights cancer

10/31/2009 - Amgen sued by 15 states over kickback scheme to boost drug sales

10/31/2009 - Paedophile rapes five year old boy after being given Viagra by prison doctor

10/30/2009 - Farm converts cow manure into electricity

10/30/2009 - Top 10 most gross ingredients used in processed food

10/30/2009 - Mercury in the food supply causes learning disorders in children (PDF)

10/30/2009 - Hilarious propaganda: Reuters claims flu shots increase babies' birth weight and prevent premature births

10/30/2009 - Pumpkin skin contains natural anti-fungal medicine that could be used to combat candida

10/30/2009 - Media now pushing statin drugs for treating swine flu

10/30/2009 - Dennis Hopper has prostate cancer

10/30/2009 - Global cooling claims rejected by scientists

10/30/2009 - Methane's role in global warming underestimated, say scientists

10/29/2009 - Birds can see Earth's magnetic field

10/29/2009 - U.S. claims of economic growth are fabricated, based on debt stimulus spending

10/29/2009 - Pfizer hid evidence that HRT causes cancer

10/29/2009 - Genetically modified peas to be fed to chicken for immunization

10/29/2009 - Breast milk isn't pasteurized - raw milk is good for you!

10/29/2009 - Doctors routinely engage in "slow euthanasia" of elderly patients using sedative drugs

10/29/2009 - Eating meat boosts diabetes risk by 40 percent

10/29/2009 - Scientist puts his career on the line to publish paper opposing GM crops

10/29/2009 - Windmill inventions extracts drinking water from air

10/29/2009 - Too many Caesarean births performed in Britain

10/29/2009 - Scientists recommend outright ban on harvesting of bluefin tuna

10/29/2009 - New book "Eating Animals" asks why we don't eat our pets

10/29/2009 - No swine flu vaccine for Texas inmates, say authorities - "Not a priority"

10/29/2009 - Dentist buys kids' Halloween candy for cash

10/29/2009 - Changing what you eat stops diabetes from taking hold

10/28/2009 - White House insists swine flu vaccine shortage has already been a "great success!"

10/28/2009 - Vaccine chaos at free LA clinic where shots were given to the wrong people

10/28/2009 - Spending money on AIDS in Africa diverts money from more important health causes

10/28/2009 - Promiscuity does not promote HIV, scientists discover

10/28/2009 - CDC admits late H1N1 vaccines may be discarded

10/28/2009 - Halloween face paints contain toxic lead

10/28/2009 - Vitamin D improves insulin sensitivity, helps prevent diabetes

10/28/2009 - Psychiatric drugs cause rapid weight gain in kids

10/27/2009 - FDA authorizes experimental antiviral drug for intravenous use - zero safety testing!

10/27/2009 - The facts about aggressive marketing of sugary cereals to kids (PDF)

10/27/2009 - GAO report slams FDA over failed oversight on dangerous, experimental drugs

10/27/2009 - FDA openly allows criminally-convicted doctors, researchers to keep working on pharmaceuticals and clinical trials

10/27/2009 - "Little Buddy" GPS tracker lets parents track their children by satellite

10/27/2009 - H1N1 swine flu fades in Georgia as hospital visits decline

10/26/2009 - Cereal ads fuel childhood obesity

10/26/2009 - World must give up meat to save the planet, says climate chief

10/26/2009 - Ibuprofen and other NSAIDs kill 2,500 a year in the UK

10/26/2009 - Honeybees collapsing due to genetic inbreeding?

10/26/2009 - Home insecticides linked to autoimmune disorders

10/26/2009 - Obama supports world domination of Big Agriculture

10/26/2009 - Hormones in US beef linked to cancer risk

10/26/2009 - US Chamber of Commerce uses DMCA threat to shut down website

10/26/2009 - Failure of much-hyped HIV vaccine explained

10/26/2009 - US healthcare system wastes $800 billion a year

10/26/2009 - Crank nutritionist Dr. Eileen Kennedy slapped in the face by FDA over fraudulent "Smart Choices" labeling program

10/26/2009 - U.S. health authorities desperately pushing H1N1 vaccines even after infections have peaked out

10/26/2009 - 90 percent of African American children deficient in vitamin D

10/24/2009 - Breast cancer screening "benefits overstated" (meaning they lied)

10/24/2009 - Pesticide exposure makes you want to kill yourself

10/24/2009 - U.S. health care reform bill cost exceeds $1 trillion (because treating disease is expensive!)

10/24/2009 - LA Times reports on patients eliminating diabetes meds through diet, exercise

10/24/2009 - Drug companies reap huge financial windfall from swine flu

10/24/2009 - H1N1 vaccinations rolled out in UK

10/24/2009 - Fraudulent "Smart Choices" food label program suspended ahead of FDA investigation

10/24/2009 - WHO says cell phone use linked to brain tumors

10/23/2009 - Biofuels bust: Not as good for the climate as previously calculated

10/23/2009 - Americans' belief in global warming on the decline

10/23/2009 - Wow: NY Times publishes opinion piece in favor of holistic medicine

10/23/2009 - NoRest Airlines: Pilots fall asleep and forget to land the plane!

10/22/2009 - The new book by Suzanne Somers drives the cancer industry berserk

10/22/2009 - Drug information labels leave out side effects information (and they're written by drug companies themselves...)

10/22/2009 - H1N1 vaccine too late to help most people (even if it worked, which it doesn't)

10/22/2009 - Man unnecessarily given "artificial rectum" after false cancer diagnosis

10/22/2009 - Europe boldly offers to slash CO2 emissions by 95% by 2050

10/22/2009 - Handheld ultrasound device invented

10/22/2009 - Target stores accused of food fraud by Cornucopia Institute

10/22/2009 - Stop the forced fumigation of Californians

10/22/2009 - Everybody's questioning the supposed benefits of breast cancer screening

10/22/2009 - Woman dies mere hours after chemotherapy tube insertion

10/22/2009 - Britain's science academy insists world "must use GM crops"

10/22/2009 - The next surgical insanity? Womb transplants

10/22/2009 - Much-hyped primate fossil is no "missing link" after all

10/22/2009 - After all the fear mongering, swine flu vaccine now in short supply

10/22/2009 - The truth comes out: Benefits of screening for breast cancer, prostate cancer greatly exaggerated

10/22/2009 - American Cancer Society slips up, admits to NY Times that cancer screenings are over-hyped

10/21/2009 - Traffic fumes may cause dementia

10/21/2009 - Farrakhan warns that H1N1 vaccine designed to kill people

10/21/2009 - Merck unhappy with lack of push propaganda for Gardasil vaccine

10/21/2009 - Extinct animals could be brought back to life through DNA technology

10/21/2009 - Now U.S. government wants to push vaccines for drug addiction, too

10/21/2009 - Green tower building in China has hidden, built-in wind turbines

10/21/2009 - Drinking white wine damages enamel of teeth

10/21/2009 - FDA to develop new health claims system for food products

10/21/2009 - CDC admits vaccine production "behind schedule" (meaning more people are already exposed with natural antibodies)

10/20/2009 - Demand some answers! HPV vaccine harms young girls

10/20/2009 - What a deal! U.S. health care reform to cost "only" $900 billion

10/20/2009 - In the UK, one-third of 5-year-olds already have tooth decay

10/20/2009 - 40 percent of students sick with flu at one high school (notice the Northern latitude? Vitamin D deficiency...)

10/20/2009 - CIA to start monitoring social networking website activity

10/20/2009 - Associated Press declares war on Suzanne Somors and "alternative" cancer treatments

10/20/2009 - WIRED magazine goes on all-out pro-vaccine push (no link provided, we don't want to promote their pharma agenda)

10/20/2009 - Thailand AIDS vaccine a bust: Results not statistically significant

10/20/2009 - Google, NASA fight deforestation with satellite imagery

10/20/2009 - Pistachio tradeg group launches "green nut" website

10/20/2009 - Deforestation and the true cost of cheap meat

10/20/2009 - Surgeon punctures woman's heart three times during routine back operation -- no apology

10/20/2009 - Infant formula makes babies sick, not smart

10/20/2009 - Mediterranean diet cuts risk of breast cancer in older women

10/20/2009 - Car makers start selling 100% electric cars in 2010

10/20/2009 - "Nook" ebook reader from B&N lets you share ebooks with friends

10/20/2009 - 16,000 nurses go on strike in California to protest poor swine flu protections in their hospitals

10/20/2009 - Institute of Medicine calls for healthier meals for school children

10/20/2009 - High breast cancer rates linked to hormone therapy

10/19/2009 - Four pharmaceutical companies pay $124 million fine for defrauding Medicaid

10/19/2009 - Wanna work out brain and brawn? Check out chess-boxing!

10/19/2009 - USDA confirms that Minnesota pigs caught swine flu (but they remind consumers to keep buying pork products)

10/19/2009 - Bill Gates says world hunger caused by environmentalists who oppose GMOs

10/19/2009 - Doctors, drug companies rake in billions in swine flu profits

10/19/2009 - Genetically engineered hormones used in dairy industry promote cancer

10/19/2009 - New research shows powerful tumor-destroying effects of Chrysanthemum extracts

10/19/2009 - Connecticut attorney general launches investigation into "misleading" Smart Choices food labeing scam

10/18/2009 - Obama issues new memo with huge change in marijuana policy

10/18/2009 - Woman's near-death experience lasts 57 minutes

10/18/2009 - Florida proposes official pandemic plan that would advise hospitals to turn people away if they have serious disease

10/18/2009 - Modern man a wimp compared to prehistoric man

10/18/2009 - New ethanol refinery uses bacteria to turn wood chips into ethanol

10/18/2009 - The U.S. government brands animal rights activitists "criminals" for encouraging "economic damage" against animal research labs

10/18/2009 - Cancer radiation machine suffers software bug, traps patient in procedure

10/18/2009 - Polar ice to be gone within 20 - 30 years, scientists conclude

10/17/2009 - Medical marijuana legislation expanding across the USDA

10/17/2009 - NASA insists the world will not end in 2012

10/17/2009 - It's already too late to shut the door on GM foods

10/17/2009 - Germany's green energy revolution

10/17/2009 - Flu outbreaks ramping up in L.A. County (meaning lots of people have already overcome the flu and don't need vaccines...)

10/17/2009 - Pfizer ordered to pay $1.3 billion (yes, billion) criminal fine for misbranding drugs

10/17/2009 - Health insurance companies are "deceptive and dishonest," says Obama

10/16/2009 - Conventional treatment for fibroids greatly increases risk of complications with subsequent pregnancy

10/16/2009 - Swine catch swine flu?

10/16/2009 - Ear acupuncture eases back pain in pregnant women

10/16/2009 - How crazy can it get? FDA approve's Merck's cervical cancer vaccine for BOYS

10/16/2009 - 90 percent of parents want to know more about alternative medicine (nutrition, acupuncture, etc.), survey reveals

10/16/2009 - Financial incentives for better health could kick in under new health care reform bill (get in shape or pay!)

10/16/2009 - Anti-terror laws used to detain climate activists

10/16/2009 - Placebo effect breakthrough: It's not just in the mind. It actually alters physiological response of the spine

10/16/2009 - Scientists write "bad memories" into the brains of flies using lasers

10/16/2009 - Babies receiving Tylenol after a vaccine have suppressed immune response

10/16/2009 - FDA to study harmful effects of Lasik eye surgery

10/15/2009 - Nature heals! Green spaces prevent mental illness

10/15/2009 - Flu shot turned healthy 25-year-old woman into a convulsing, neurologically-damaged vaccine victim

10/15/2009 - French health authorities warn people to limit exposure to mobile phones

10/15/2009 - Not a joke: Thousands of bunny rabbits burned in power Swedish plants to generate heat

10/15/2009 - California to ban big-screen TVs to "save energy"

10/15/2009 - True American heroes: David Bronner and others protest stupid U.S. hemp policy by planting hemp on front lawn of DEA

10/15/2009 - Popular antidepressant linked with "dramatic increase" in suicidal thoughts

10/15/2009 - China's largest lead smelting plant admits to poisoning children

10/15/2009 - Halt genetically engineered vaccines in "organic" meat production

10/15/2009 - Resveratrol appears to powerfully control insulin levels, says bizarre animal research

10/15/2009 - Elderly patients being "executed" in UK hospitals

10/15/2009 - Testicular cancer treatments worse than the disease

10/15/2009 - Google to launch online ebook store in 2010

10/15/2009 - Scientists claim to prevent heart aging through gene manipulation

10/15/2009 - Trying to stop a soda tax effort, Coca-Cola announces it will start selling 90-calorie "mini cans" of its sodas

10/15/2009 - Seed bank hits milestone in collecting seeds from 10% of the world's wild plants

10/15/2009 - FDA attacks P&G for adding vitamin C to Nyquil formula, says vitamin C "isn't approved" for helping with colds

10/15/2009 - Paxil responsible for baby's birth defects, jury rules

10/15/2009 - Dialysis kills nursing home patients

10/15/2009 - Back to the 1600's? Power plants now burning wood instead of coal

10/14/2009 - Front-line health care workers wisely resist flu vaccinations

10/14/2009 - It's not just for people: Now the industry is pushing flu vaccine shots for DOGS, too!

10/14/2009 - Flu vaccine shot caused cheerleader to suffer severe neurological disorder - now she can't walk

10/14/2009 - Chinese herbs really do help prevent diabetes

10/14/2009 - Swine flu could cripple one-third of businesses, says new report

10/14/2009 - Fast food really is deadly: 15-year-old faces felony charge for hurling burrito at passenger car

10/14/2009 - Story just leaked: New Mazda car uses urine chemical to reduce emissions

10/14/2009 - Disease mongering galore: Now vaccine maker insists kids under 10 need TWO doses of the swine flu vaccine!

10/14/2009 - Read the book that demolishes the Germ Theory / Vaccination mythology (you need to read this): Good-Bye Germ Theory

10/14/2009 - NOAA scientists study triggers for historic U.S. "Dust Bowl"

10/14/2009 - ALERT: Washington state suspends mercury limit in vaccines; swine flu vaccinations given to children and expectant mothers to contain mercury

10/14/2009 - Green tea reduces risk of blood cancers by 42 percent

10/14/2009 - Chicago facing severe water shortage as early as 2015

10/14/2009 - Medications that block folic acid cause birth defects

10/14/2009 - Green tea eases mental distress

10/13/2009 - Doctors "outraged" at radiation exposure of 200 patient at Cedars-Sinai hospital

10/13/2009 - New WikiReader puts entire Wikipedia encyclopedia on a portable reader device

10/13/2009 - Hilarious: CERN scientists now claim God broke their Higgs-boson particle accelerator...

10/13/2009 - Most people hospitalized for swine flu were already sick with other diseases (mostly asthma)

10/13/2009 - Superconducting cables to distribute renewable energy across the U.S.

10/13/2009 - Cub Scout sentenced to 45 days in reform school after bringing camping utensils to school in order to eat his lunch

10/13/2009 - Australian psychiatrist urges more research on ADHD drugs side effects

10/13/2009 - Consumers still favor cheap over green

10/13/2009 - Australia seeks to ban infants from watching television

10/13/2009 - Lizard walks on water (or runs, actually)

10/13/2009 - BBC changing position on global warming?

10/12/2009 - Swine flu hits obese hard (obese = vitamin D deficient, too)

10/12/2009 - Whaddaya know: Healthy neighborhoods and access to fresh fruit cuts diabetes risk

10/12/2009 - Hilarious: Coca-Cola to start dishing out advice on nutrition

10/12/2009 - Woman's leg mistakenly amputated after false diagnosis for cancer

10/12/2009 - Vaccine maker Baxter caught yet again in price fixing fraud scandal

10/12/2009 - World's first vegetarian spider found

10/12/2009 - Donor organs riddled with cancer, mad cow disease

10/12/2009 - Get ready to shell out another $4,000 per year under new Senate health plan

10/12/2009 - Juggling boosts brain power

10/12/2009 - Cool solution: Solar-powered ebook reader

10/12/2009 - First person-to-person transmission of Tamiflu-resistant swine flu?

10/12/2009 - NHS staffers (in UK) shun swine flu vaccine, even as Big Brother demands injections

10/12/2009 - Much-hyped AIDS vaccine results were bogus

10/11/2009 - Top gourmet chef accused of poisoning customers with chemical food additives

10/11/2009 - French car company makes car parts out of flax

10/11/2009 - AVON products may cause cancer, warns Dr. Epstein

10/11/2009 - Daughter saves life of elderly mom after doctors left her to die

10/11/2009 - How Coca-Cola destroyed the water supply in Kerala

10/11/2009 - Probiotics found to reduce or eliminate eczema

10/11/2009 - Patient dies after taking anti-flu drug Relenza

10/10/2009 - Dairy farmers accuse Dean Foods of monopoly

10/10/2009 - Even legislators can't figure out how to read the health reform bill

10/10/2009 - Can computer server farms in Iceland help save the environment?

10/10/2009 - WHO says they could keep swine flu categorized as "level six pandemic" for years!

10/10/2009 - Ralph Lauren admits wildly Photoshopping ridiculous proportions of model in fashion ad

10/10/2009 - New study proves it yet again: Breast cancer patients have low vitamin D levels

10/10/2009 - Pharmacies report shortgage of seasonal flu vaccines as consumer demand surges

10/9/2009 - Vitamin D cuts premature birth risk

10/9/2009 - Technology developed for tiny nuclear batteries that could replace consumer device batteries (and last a million times longer, if you don't mind the radiation...)

10/9/2009 - Jack LaLanne turns 95!

10/9/2009 - Check out the latest news on Genetically Modified foods at

10/9/2009 - Gardasil vaccine for boys "not cost effective" concludes study

10/9/2009 - Airports could start screening passengers for swine flu

10/8/2009 - Olympics committee says no brothels allowed to raise money for athletes (all sponsors have to be brand-name corporate whores instead)

10/8/2009 - Zoo poisons donkeys with toxic hair dyes to make them look like zebras

10/8/2009 - Uh-oh: Nurse admits to reusing disposable IV equipment on more than 1800 patients...

10/8/2009 - Children banned from public parks in Maryland

10/8/2009 - Warning: Gaiam "BPA-free" water bottles leach alarming amount of BPA into water, says report

10/8/2009 - Vaccine myths revealed

10/8/2009 - Antidepressants during pregnancy cause premature birth

10/8/2009 - The vegan diet is a solution for diabetes

10/8/2009 - US Army using new system that transforms waste into usable energy

10/8/2009 - Peak Oil is almost here, warns UK energy report

10/8/2009 - EPA now studying the health risks of the herbicide atrazine

10/8/2009 - Study reveals how cities drive local plants extinct

10/8/2009 - Nissan Land Glider electric vehicle leans into corners with revolutionary steering system

10/8/2009 - Are female surgeons more likely to engage on "preventive" breast mutilation of cancer patients?

10/8/2009 - Study attacking antioxidants didn't even use antioxidants!

10/8/2009 - Swine flu fizzles in areas already hit earlier in 2009

10/8/2009 - Even fatter: Introducing the 1,500 calorie "donut cheeseburger"

10/8/2009 - Does your colon feel like it's exploding? Terrorists hide explosives in their rectums (not a joke)

10/8/2009 - Congressional leaders don't want to post health reform bill online (secrecy rules in Washington)

10/7/2009 - Praying for your child's health? You could get 25 years in prison...

10/7/2009 - Legalization of marijuana gains momentum in California

10/7/2009 - Is the pill causing women to be attracted to more feminine-looking men?

10/7/2009 - NYC activist arrested, raided by the FBI for tweeting during protest

10/7/2009 - EXPOSED: "Scandalous abuse" of the elderly being killed with psychiatric medications

10/7/2009 - Human sperm found to contain longevity-boosting compound

10/7/2009 - U.S. carbon emissions fall 5.9% due to down economy

10/7/2009 - Greenology: A new line of truly green, USDA Organic certified cleaning products

10/7/2009 - Stop "organic cheaters" who falsely use word "organic" on body care products

10/7/2009 - Hospital stays can cause deep-vein thrombosis (DVT)

10/7/2009 - Paying people to lose weight really works

10/7/2009 - H1N1 vaccine distribution now under way in the U.S.

10/7/2009 - Asthma inhaler drugs failing 100,000 children in Britain alone

10/7/2009 - It's national Walk to School day -- do American kids even remember how?

10/7/2009 - New EPA rules require airlines to monitor quality of on-board water

10/7/2009 - Online petition seeks to stop NASA from bombing the moon

10/7/2009 - Say what? Driving a convertible car destroys your hearing

10/6/2009 - Please urinate before you fly, says airline

10/6/2009 - Severe floods threaten food supply in India

10/6/2009 - BPA plastic chemical linked to aggression, hyperactivity in toddlers

10/6/2009 - Man regrows new skull after car accident

10/6/2009 - After the H1N1 vaccine, get ready for the H5N1 vaccine push

10/6/2009 - Doctor convinced that humans do have sixth sense (premonition)

10/6/2009 - Mexico City trash dump transformed into lush vegetable gardens

10/6/2009 - Aspirin toxicity may have contributed to death toll of 1918 influenza

10/6/2009 - U.S. government destroys income opportunity for Oregon hemp farmers

10/6/2009 - NASA to bomb the moon this Friday

10/6/2009 - WHO insists swine flu vaccines are safe, urges everyone to get vaccinated

10/6/2009 - Mediterranean diet prevents depression

10/6/2009 - There's less junk food in public schools these days, says CDC report

10/5/2009 - Teen girl suffers permanent brain damage after cervical cancer vaccine injection

10/5/2009 - Free Speech assault: FTC attacks online testimonials, makes publishing "non-typical" testimonials a crime

10/5/2009 - New Wii Fit Plus video game helps kids stay active and fit

10/5/2009 - China accuses rich nations of trying to kill Kyoto climate pact

10/5/2009 - Autism rate in children DOUBLES since 2003 -- scientists still baffled, can't explain why (vaccines, stupid!)

10/5/2009 - Swine flu vaccinations begin TODAY in the USA

10/4/2009 - Klamath River dams to finally be removed, saving salmon and wildlife

10/4/2009 - Hospital tells swine flu victims "stay away!"

10/4/2009 - Cato Institute analyst says Wal-Mart is the solution for improving diets of Americans

10/3/2009 - EcoATM pays you back to recycle used mobile phones

10/3/2009 - Daily dose of vitamin D prevents falls in elderly

10/3/2009 - The top 25 censored news stories of 2009

10/3/2009 - TIME magazine to launch online digital newsstand

10/2/2009 - Botox maker sues FDA to allow off-label marketing

10/2/2009 - Sick of pink! (And the breast cancer "fundraising" scams)

10/2/2009 - EU version of FDA attacks probiotics, says there are no health benefits

10/2/2009 - Health reform legislation "most confusing I've ever read in my life" says Senator

10/2/2009 - Amazon pays $150,000 in Kindle book deletion settlement

10/2/2009 - Bayer sued for making prostate cancer prevention claims for its multivitamin

10/2/2009 - Swine flu shot production causing delays in seasonal flu vaccine

10/2/2009 - Taiwan engineers invent hydrogen-powered cell phone chargers

10/2/2009 - Scientists mimic longevity benefits of calorie restriction through genetic manipulation in mice

10/1/2009 - Map of McDonald's restaurants reveals U.S. as junk food capitol of the world

10/1/2009 - Could mandatory vaccinations unleash popular revolt in America?

10/1/2009 - Swine flu could overload hospitals in fifteen U.S. states, report warns

10/1/2009 - Smoking during pregnancy linked to future psychosis risk of newborns

10/1/2009 - Why is the U.S. Navy funding yet another H1N1 vaccine?

10/1/2009 - Childrens' candy consumption linked to violent crime later in life

9/30/2009 - Stupid butter! Margarine consumption linked to lower IQ of children

9/30/2009 - Children of working mothers less fit than those of stay-at-home moms

9/30/2009 - U.S. military to receive mandatory flu shots within 10 days

9/30/2009 - School bans students from riding bikes to school

9/30/2009 - Memo to employees: Get the flu shot or forfeit pay raises

9/30/2009 - CDC report reveals failure in fruit, vegetable consumption across all 50 states

9/30/2009 - Glaxo to start shipping swine flu vaccine next week

9/30/2009 - Tamiflu found in public waterways in Japan

9/29/2009 - Online advertising easily influences teens to eat more junk food

9/29/2009 - New York health care workers REVOLT over forced swine flu vaccinations

9/29/2009 - Disney offers free Disneyland park day passes to people who volunteer through HandsOn

9/29/2009 - Just what we need: Starbucks instant coffee

9/29/2009 - 90% of high school kinds lack sufficient intake of fruits, veggies

9/29/2009 - High-heeled shoes are really a pain (and cause foot problems)

9/29/2009 - Even after death of teen following HPV vaccine jab, UK government keeps pushing deadly vaccines

9/29/2009 - Mandatory swine flu vaccinations to begin in NY next week: Police state medicine has arrived...

9/29/2009 - "Public Option" for health care reform now dead in the Senate

9/28/2009 - Health care workers rally in Albany, NY to protest mandatory vaccine shot requirements

9/28/2009 - 14 year old school girl dies after receiving cervical cancer vaccine

9/28/2009 - Over half a million U.S. kids a year suffer health reactions from drugs

9/28/2009 - Maiming patients for profit: More women getting healthy breast removed to "prevent" cancer

9/28/2009 - U.S. states cry fowl over new Medicaid cost burdens caused by federal government

9/28/2009 - Massive Australian red dust storms may be radioactive

9/28/2009 - Jury returns manslaughter decision in chemotherapy death

9/28/2009 - Kidney dialysis patients not told of transplant option

9/27/2009 - Is Safeway pushing unsafe vaccines on customers?

9/27/2009 - Man sues Bank of America for "billions of trillions" of dollars (why not?)

9/27/2009 - State forces nurses to get swine flu vaccine shots or lose their jobs

9/27/2009 - New study to probe safety of aspartame? (or just more junk science...)

9/27/2009 - Parasites in your gut actually help protect you from allergies

9/27/2009 - Recycling? Waste handlers just toss it in the landfill anyway

9/25/2009 - Tamiflu dosage confusion endangers children

9/25/2009 - Unacceptable levels of pesticides found on UK fruits, veggies

9/25/2009 - Chemicals pass through breast milk to cause testicular cancer

9/25/2009 - Huge amount of water on the moon: 1 liter for every ton of moon dirt

9/25/2009 - Prostate cancer screening: 50% false positives

9/25/2009 - Taking antidepressants during pregnancy doubles heart defect risk of newborn

9/25/2009 - We're winning: 60% of U.S. parents won't inject their children with H1N1 vaccines!

9/25/2009 - FDA admits abandoning its own rules during (corrupt) approval of medical device

9/25/2009 - Obesity leading cause of cancer

9/24/2009 - Prison inmates use swine flu antibacterial gel to get high

9/24/2009 - Blatant Obama sellout to Big Pharma lobbyists

9/24/2009 - Baucus backs Big Pharma, rejects health care reform "rebates"

9/24/2009 - "Ominous" discovery about melting polar ice caps

9/24/2009 - Luxury toilet paper a threat to the environment?

9/24/2009 - See the preview: What you have to know about GM foods

9/24/2009 - Sam Epstein explains toxic ingredients in personal care products

9/24/2009 - Drug firms have capacity to make H1N1 vaccine for half the planet

9/24/2009 - Low vitamin D levels raises blood pressure

9/23/2009 - Questioning chemotherapy - Ralph Moss

9/23/2009 - Water found on moon

9/23/2009 - US Judge overturns approval of "Roundup Ready" sugar beets

9/23/2009 - Join the OCA in boycotting "organic cheater" brands

9/23/2009 - 5 things the corporate media doesn't want you to know about marijuana

9/23/2009 - AstraZeneca denied drug's link to diabetes for years after admitting to link to Japanese physicians

9/23/2009 - FDA bans flavored cigarettes in effort to stop children, teens from smoking

9/23/2009 - Majority of obese people fail to recognize their own obesity

9/23/2009 - Med school students post drunken videos, obscene language online

9/23/2009 - John Travolta blackmailed by paramedic over details of his son's death

9/23/2009 - Australia shrouded in red dust

9/22/2009 - Get ready for "Vaccine checkpoints" across the USA -- you will be vaccinated or arrested

9/22/2009 - I knew it! Postal worker charged with stealing 3,000 Netflix DVDs

9/22/2009 - Health insurance company violated federal law with "scare tactics" letter sent to customers

9/22/2009 - Prostate cancer drug boosts heart disease risk

9/22/2009 - IVF glitch means pregnant mom must give up baby after delivery

9/22/2009 - One in six NHS patients misdiagnosed by doctors

9/21/2009 - The time has come to question whether HRT has any useful role in modern medicine

9/21/2009 - Big Pharma fabricates "female sexual dysfunction" to sell more drugs

9/21/2009 - Many people commit crimes when sleepwalking

9/21/2009 - Sickened from eating Quorn? Fungus food finds itself under fire

9/21/2009 - New python species takes hold in Florida

9/21/2009 - Big Pharma's most advanced new drugs are routinely trumped by sugar pills

9/20/2009 - U.S. spends the most in the world but gets lousy health care in return

9/20/2009 - "Chik" virus poses new threat as it spreads across Europe via mosquitos

9/20/2009 - Being misdiagnosed with swine flu can be deadly, too

9/20/2009 - Growing movement aims to turn parking spaces into parks

9/19/2009 - When you study the plague, try not to catch the plague

9/19/2009 - Doctors directly engaged in torture of human beings

9/18/2009 - Missouri veteran denied benefits after suffering coma, paralysis from vaccine

9/18/2009 - Now you don't even have to get yourself out of bed anymore: Robotic bed transforms into wheelchair

9/18/2009 - First swine flu vaccines made with "live attenuated virus"

9/18/2009 - Baucus health reform bill is giant handout to sick care corporations

9/18/2009 - Big Vaccine Brother: Boston to track vaccine recipients with electronic wristbands

9/18/2009 - Snort your vaccine: First swine flu vaccines will be nasal sprays, says CDC

9/18/2009 - 12 year old boy returns to school as a girl, then faces extreme gender ridicule

9/18/2009 - Hearst newspapers launch massive publishing effort to highlight medical error fatalities

9/18/2009 - 45,000 Americans die each year due to lack of health insurance, study concludes

9/18/2009 - Airline workers may spread swine flu, experts warn

9/18/2009 - San Fran mayor wants to levy new few on retailers that sell soda

9/18/2009 - Pig herd catches human swine flu

9/18/2009 - WHO admits global swine flu vaccine production inadequate to cover everyone

9/18/2009 - 1-inch piece of plastic with Wendy's restaurant logo removed from man's lung

9/18/2009 - Woman blinded by medication has eyesight restored in bizarre "tooth" surgery

9/18/2009 - Woman dies on operating table in "surgical flash fire"

9/17/2009 - UK oil company tried to cover up dumping of toxic waste in Africa

9/17/2009 - Lead levels previously considered "safe" now found to harm children

9/17/2009 - Organic milk linked to lower rates of allergies, asthma and eczema

9/17/2009 - Boy Scouts tells obese scoutmaster to take a hike

9/17/2009 - Soda tax gaining strength as America suffers from obesity and bankruptcy

9/17/2009 - UCLA study says drinking soda causes obesity

9/17/2009 - Cancer doctor calls Patrick Swayze's death at age 57 "an accomplishment"

9/16/2009 - 247 Americans die every day from doctors not washing their hands

9/16/2009 - Canadian government sends body bags to remote Indian reservations, sending clear message on swine flu preparedness

9/16/2009 - NYC unleashes new ad campaign to warn people about health risks of drinking soda

9/16/2009 - New health care plan could result in 35% excise tax on health insurance costs for many

9/16/2009 - No wonder we're all broke! U.S. family health insurance premiums now $13,000+ per year

9/16/2009 - Health expert says swine flu death rate no different from seasonal flu: Only .007 percent

9/16/2009 - Health insurance companies are even driving pharmacies broke

9/16/2009 - Italian mafia disposes of toxic waste by sinking ships into the ocean

9/16/2009 - Can you guess this hospital food? (photos)

9/16/2009 - New cranberry technology reduces acidity, eliminates need for added sugar

9/16/2009 - Failure to reach global climate deal will have disastrous health consequences for poorer nations, warn doctors

9/16/2009 - Study reveals it's easy to buy prescription antibiotics online

9/16/2009 - Toyota says lithium-ion batteries too expensive; will wait a decade to enter electric vehicle market

9/16/2009 - New electric motorcycle sets new land speed record

9/16/2009 - 70 percent of U.S. antibiotics used on animals slaughtered for food

9/16/2009 - End secret prices of health care services

9/16/2009 - Uh oh - H1N1 carriers shed live virus long after health recommendations say they can go back to work

9/16/2009 - Vaccine pushers are already downplaying vaccine injection side effects, even before the vaccinations begin!

9/16/2009 - British doctors to be paid by the jab to administer swine flu vaccines

9/16/2009 - FDA grants sweeping approvals of four H1N1 vaccines -- even without any serious testing!

9/15/2009 - No limit on drug company bribery of doctors in India

9/15/2009 - Mind games: Fake video alters peoples' memories of reality

9/15/2009 - Police assault old man who wrote about death in his diary, labeling him "mentally ill" for merely pondering his own mortality

9/15/2009 - Researchers push for cell phone safety standards

9/15/2009 - Infant formula study just a marketing gimmick to push formula over breastfeeding

9/15/2009 - Family health care costs continue to rise in U.S.

9/15/2009 - NJ school mandating toxic hand sanitizers for children

9/15/2009 - Showerheads harbor bacteria that may make you sick

9/15/2009 - NYC officials want to ban smoking in public parks

9/15/2009 - Defibrillators found useless in saving women's lives

9/14/2009 - Whole Foods threatens to sue Organic Consumers Association over petition

9/14/2009 - Pumping iron boosts longevity of senior citizens

9/14/2009 - America must reform its food industry or go broke with health care costs: Michael Pollan

9/14/2009 - GM seeds threaten world food supply

9/14/2009 - Doctors keep patients, families in the dark about death

9/14/2009 - New study confirms: Organic food is far healthier than conventional

9/13/2009 - U.S. government now bailing out the pork industry due to "swine flu" sales slump

9/13/2009 - Swine flu vaccine countdown begins: 3 weeks to injection day

9/13/2009 - Americans try to beat recession shortgfall by growing marijuana

9/12/2009 - Huge march on Washington in tea party demonstration to protest Obamacare and outrageous spending

9/12/2009 - Effects of Arctic warming widespread

9/12/2009 - MRSA superbug found on public beaches

9/12/2009 - Minorities at higher risk for H1N1 swine flu (it's the vitamin D deficiency, of course)

9/12/2009 - Court orders Indiana pizza shop to pay for employee's weight loss surgery

9/12/2009 - Ancient Chinese herbal remedy more powerful at killing H1N1 than prescription antivirals

9/12/2009 - Fast food restaurants could be hit with new "fat tax" in Essex

9/12/2009 - Cornell student dies from H1N1 swine flu

9/12/2009 - Surprise! Medical marijuana is already legal in the U.S. for anyone suffer from any health condition

9/11/2009 - Can the U.S. Navy make jet fuel out of sea water?

9/11/2009 - Tomatoes thrive on urine

9/11/2009 - PETA ad campaign says eating meat causes "man boobs"

9/11/2009 - Our toxic world: 9 year old girl diagnosed with dementia

9/11/2009 - Warning: Pet food contaminated with high levels of fluoride

9/11/2009 - Sen. Tom Harkin (a friend to the supplements industry) replaces Sen. Edward Kennedy on US Senate Health Committee

9/11/2009 - Wild fish stocks depleted by feeding of farmed fish like salmon

9/11/2009 - Too many hysterectomies being unnecessarily performed

9/11/2009 - Does low self esteem lead to obsesity?

9/11/2009 - FDA panel pushes cervical cancer vaccine for boys, too!

9/11/2009 - Does profit from stolen Kindle devices?

9/11/2009 - Google could launch micropayments for online newspapers

9/11/2009 - Demand for batteries spikes demand for lithium, extracted from the desert

9/11/2009 - Two girls given anti-viral drugs at summer camp develop "superbug" influenza

9/11/2009 - Top 10 worst radiation cell phones revealed

9/10/2009 - Traffic noise raises blood pressure

9/10/2009 - Why a drug for MS "awakens" a deadly virus in the brain

9/10/2009 - The cause behind the great potato famine (and why it's coming back)

9/10/2009 - After Alli liver damage concerns, Big Pharma touts next new "weight loss" drug

9/10/2009 - Most U.S. campuses already reporting flu symptoms

9/9/2009 - British doctors call for a ban on all alcohol ads

9/9/2009 - NY state violated rights of mentally ill by corraling them into large-scale institutionalized nursing homes

9/9/2009 - Stem cell drug with high hopes fails two clinical trials

9/9/2009 - UN says dollar should be replaced with global currency

9/7/2009 - Drug side effects blamed for 20% of hospital readmissions

9/7/2009 - Cash for Clunkers program reborn as rebate on energy-efficient home appliances

9/7/2009 - Asus to launch color e-reader before end of 2009

9/6/2009 - "Lost world" of bizarre animals found in Papua New Guinea

9/6/2009 - War on Drugs is "immoral idiocy," South America leads way in decriminalization

9/6/2009 - College outbreak: 2000 Washington State University students report symptoms of swine flu

9/6/2009 - U.S. bracing for 1.8 million flu hospitalizations

9/6/2009 - Airlines defend against swine flu spread

9/4/2009 - Journalist Robert Whitaker speaks out against corrupt psych drug industry

9/4/2009 - Broccoli protects your arteries

9/4/2009 - FDA now pushing for Gardasil vaccine approval for young boys

9/4/2009 - Fattening foods banned from UK public schools to help fight obesity

9/4/2009 - Everyday painkillers become addictive after just 3 days of use

9/4/2009 - Common herbs can be natural pesticides

9/4/2009 - Blueberry drink protects mice from diabetes, obesity

9/4/2009 - Lobster wars! As seafood stocks decline, tensions flare among fishermen

9/4/2009 - Details about the police state tactics to be used on U.S. citizens during the swine flu pandemic

9/4/2009 - finally offers to restore deleted Orwell books from Kindle devices

9/4/2009 - Eating late at night packs on the pounds

9/3/2009 - CDC warns neurologists to watch for nerve disease following swine flu shots

9/3/2009 - Obama announces an additional $2.7 billion to be spent on swine flu vaccines

9/3/2009 - 15-year-old boy cries blood

9/3/2009 - Number of UK children put on obesity drugs soars 1500% in seven years

9/3/2009 - Public support grows for a junk food tax

9/3/2009 - Emory University stashes swine flu students together into one dorm

9/3/2009 - Maryland Governor says getting flu shot is "patriotic duty"

9/3/2009 - Mentally ill sentenced to death by NHS

9/1/2009 - UK drops mobile phone safety warnings for children

9/1/2009 - Huh? Children with ADHD allowed to go to the front of the line at theme parks because they can't wait

9/1/2009 - $1.8 billion spent by the U.S. government on swine flu vaccines (so far)

9/1/2009 - New York joins "free vaccines" bandwagon, offering free swine flu jabs for schoolchildren

9/1/2009 - Birth drugs impair breastfeeding

9/1/2009 - Researchers reluctantly admit: Mediterranean Diet beats diabetes drugs for controlling blood sugar

9/1/2009 - U.S. govt. enlists Elmo from Sesame Street to teach kids to wash hands for swine flu (but still nothing about nutrition...)

9/1/2009 - Compact fluorescent lights may harm health

8/31/2009 - The dark side of prostate cancer screening

8/31/2009 - Media finally admits blood thinning drugs are "rat poison"

8/31/2009 - Prisoners have better diet than some hospital patients

8/31/2009 - Do cell phone towers threaten honeybees?

8/31/2009 - Breakfast cereal manufacturers greatly exaggerate health claims on their boxes

8/31/2009 - President of Colombia has swine flu

8/30/2009 - CDC claims 10% of New Yorkers already had swine flu

8/30/2009 - Schools consider closures due to swine flu spread

8/30/2009 - WHO warns of severe, often-fatal form of swine flu virus now circulating

8/30/2009 - Cell phones cause brain cancer, scientists warn

8/30/2009 - E-books really are more environmentally friendly than physical books - study

8/30/2009 - Scientists create high-resolution visual image of single molecule or the first time

8/30/2009 - Nitrous oxide becomes main ozone-damaging gas

8/29/2009 - Watermelon juice can be fermented into ethanol

8/29/2009 - Warning: Don't post your holiday plans on Facebook, Twitter or MySpace: Burglars using social networking to plan home robberies

8/29/2009 - Medical imaging tests cause cancer via excess radiation

8/29/2009 - Doctors begin to question WHO's dire swine flu warnings

8/28/2009 - Obama's science advisor advocated mass sterlization, forced abortions for population control

8/28/2009 - Michael Jackson's death ruled a homicide

8/28/2009 - U.S. investigators looking more closely at liver damage link to Alli weight loss drug

8/28/2009 - Swine flu discovered in turkeys in Chile

8/28/2009 - LivingFuel proven more powerful than many antioxidant supplements in lab tests

8/28/2009 - Bill would give President Obama emergency control over the internet

8/25/2009 - Obama spending America into economic collapse: This year's budget deficit soars over 300% to $1.6 trillion

8/25/2009 - Herbicide chemical in drinking water could pose much greater danger to health than previously thought

8/25/2009 - Teen abuse of ADHD drugs skyrockets

8/25/2009 - CDC pushing swine flu vaccine shots for "everyone" in your family

8/25/2009 - Diet drug Alli linked to severe liver damage

8/25/2009 - Obama administration warns that swine flu is a serious threat to the nation

8/25/2009 - Swine flu threatens to fill U.S. hospitals to capacity as millions of patients fall ill

8/25/2009 - Michael Jackson murdered? Lethal levels of drug found in his body

8/23/2009 - Govt. mobilizes campaign to vaccinate at least half the U.S. population with swine flu vaccine

8/23/2009 - Contaminant in fish linked to diabetes

8/21/2009 - Liberal backlash against Whole Foods

8/21/2009 - WHO admits flu drugs "not needed" in healthy people who contract swine flu

8/21/2009 - Mexico legalizes small quantities of street drugs for personal use

8/20/2009 - WHO predicts explosion in global swine flu cases (just more vaccine hype?)

8/20/2009 - Must-see video: Jim Mars speaks out against psychiatric drugs

8/20/2009 - Parents begin to doubt safety of Gardasil vaccine

8/20/2009 - Hospital superbugs kill 30,000 over five years

8/20/2009 - Israeli scientists show DNA evidence can be fabricated

8/19/2009 - Mainstream begins to question logic of HPV vaccine shots

8/19/2009 - Medical experts recommend treating heroin addiction with -- get this -- heroin!

8/19/2009 - 100% of fish in U.S. streams found contaminated with mercury

8/19/2009 - Scientists warn about killer diabetes drug

8/19/2009 - Merck caught in patent fraud over Singulair drug

8/19/2009 - Michael Jackson's doctor to be charged with manslaughter

8/18/2009 - Monsanto to hike prices farmers pay for genetically modified seeds

8/18/2009 - Time to end the war on drugs?

8/18/2009 - Six healthcare lobbyists exist for each member of Congress

8/18/2009 - Are all meat eaters as guilty as Michael Vick?

8/18/2009 - Cannabis may prevent osteoporosis

8/17/2009 - Charity seeks to stop cancer-causing "lunchbox ham"

8/17/2009 - Actor in popular swine flu ad now diagnosed with swine flu

8/17/2009 - Authors speak out on chlorella

8/17/2009 - Chlorella superfood fights body fat and diabetes

8/17/2009 - Amazing battery breakthrough technology could power entire homes for pennies per kilowatt

8/17/2009 - Obesity a crushing weight on U.S. health care

8/17/2009 - Few women truly understand the risks of mammograms

8/17/2009 - Whole Foods faces boycott over CEO's opposition to Obama's health plan

8/16/2009 - Obama conspires with Big Pharma - secret memo revealed

8/16/2009 - White House ready to drop "public option" for health care reform

8/16/2009 - Snapple claims drinks with artificial sweeteners are "all natural"

8/16/2009 - Parents remain worried about the swine flu vaccine

8/15/2009 - Your doctor may give you swine flu this fall, says Newsweek

8/15/2009 - Today's doctors are less intelligent

8/14/2009 - Weight lifting helps women after breast cancer surgery

8/14/2009 - Americans flee to Mexico for affordable health care

8/14/2009 - Researchers claim two osteoporosis drugs kill the swine flu virus

8/14/2009 - PCRM criticized for nutrition ad that dares to mention Obama's daughters

8/14/2009 - Patient bites off part of doctor's finger for refusal to write prescription

8/14/2009 - Obama's Surgeon General received $10,000 to work on "science panel" for Burger King

8/13/2009 - Sony adopts non-DRM, open ebook standard

8/13/2009 - National Guard stages riot control drill in high school to prepare for mobs rushing them to get vaccine

8/13/2009 - Chocolate cuts risk of death (and increases chances of happiness!)

8/13/2009 - L.A. gymnasium turned into emergency health care camp like in a third-world country

8/13/2009 - Mumbai closes all schools over swine flu fear

8/13/2009 - Massachusetts deputizes dentists and pharmacists, allowing them to give vaccine shots

8/12/2009 - GM claims electric car will get 230mpg

8/12/2009 - Artificial leaves turn sunlight into fuel

8/12/2009 - Swine flu strikes U.S. soldiers in Iraq

8/12/2009 - Swine flu victim widow to file $40 million wrongful death lawsuit against New York City

8/12/2009 - Driving while medicated: 72% of older drivers have no idea their meds impair driving

8/12/2009 - Public health warnings about skin cancer lead to widespread vitamin D deficiencies

8/12/2009 - Radiation treatment for cancer causes diabetes in children

8/12/2009 - FDA admits antidepressants raise risk of suicide in teens

8/12/2009 - FDA medical device chief resigns after pressuring scientists to approve medical devices

8/11/2009 - President of Costa Rica has H1N1 swine flu

8/11/2009 - Swine flu panic strikes India

8/11/2009 - Breast-feeding significantly lowers breast cancer risk

8/10/2009 - Drug-resistant bacteria often brought home from the hospital by patients

8/10/2009 - Patients pretending to have swine flu to get anti-viral drugs!

8/10/2009 - 30-year-old mom killed by grastric band surgery

8/10/2009 - Yoga really works to counteract stress

8/10/2009 - Health experts warn against giving anti-viral flu drugs to children

8/10/2009 - Radiation therapy of the brain harms the brain, causing memory and attention problems

8/10/2009 - Dogs think similarly to young children and can learn words, counting skills and more

8/10/2009 - Swine flu virus spread like wildfire through Southern Hemisphere countries during their winter

8/10/2009 - Drug companies begin swine flu vaccine tests on human guinea pigs (including children)

8/10/2009 - 200,000 Americans killed each year in hospitals by medical error (still no improvement after 10 years)

8/9/2009 - Len Horowitz sounds off on swine flu vaccination genocide

8/8/2009 - U.S. Army ad seeks to hire experts in "internment / resettlement" (aka internment camps...)

8/8/2009 - U.S. doctors arrested by DEA for dealing prescription drugs

8/8/2009 - FDA promises greater enforcement against drug companies, but really only goes after dietary supplement companies

8/8/2009 - Stress makes you fat

8/8/2009 - Melting of glaciers is accelerating, says govt. report

8/8/2009 - U.S. govt. says students with swine flu should be isolated, masked

8/7/2009 - Microorganisms able to predict changes in their environment *before* they occur

8/7/2009 - Retired vaccine researcher would not give his kids flu vaccines

8/7/2009 - Whole Foods chief admits "we sell a bunch of junk" at the stores

8/7/2009 - Human civilization is losing the war against superbugs

8/7/2009 - Dangerous nanoparticles can be transported by insects

8/7/2009 - The hidden truth behind drug company profits

8/7/2009 - "Nurse of the Year" faked her nursing credentials!

8/7/2009 - U.S. town hall meeting on health care reform turns violent

8/6/2009 - Beet juice boosts athletic performance by up to 16%

8/6/2009 - Children to be used as guinea pigs with untested swine flu vaccine

8/6/2009 - How may become future Big Brother with digital book "burnings"

8/6/2009 - Join online petition to end Amazon's Big Brother control over Kindle content ("Freedom to read!")

8/6/2009 - Boycott DRM

8/6/2009 - When Hispanics immigrate to the U.S., their cancer rates begin to soar

8/6/2009 - Compression fracture surgery no better than "fake" surgery

8/6/2009 - Baxter completes first wave of swine flu vaccine "Celvapan"

8/6/2009 - Brain exercises delay Dementia

8/6/2009 - U.S. hospitals secretly promote black market trading of harvested organs for transplants

8/6/2009 - Busted: Wyeth used ghostwriters to place over 40 "scientific" articles in medical journals

8/6/2009 - DEET finally exposed as neurotoxic

8/6/2009 - L.A. Fitness shooter was rejected by women (gee I wonder why?)

8/5/2009 - Socialized medicine coverage stirs debate over government-paid abortions

8/5/2009 - Plastic Logic: The new letter-sized e-reader "Kindle killer"

8/5/2009 - Townspeople panic in India over swine flu death (small example of things to come?)

8/5/2009 - FDA finally admits that drugs for Crohn's disease and arthritis may promote cancer

8/5/2009 - Scientists grow replacement teeth in mice

8/4/2009 - Residents flee China plague town

8/4/2009 - Hooked on SSRIs: Antidepressant use doubles in U.S.

8/4/2009 - Epigenetics: Chemicals turn genes on and off at the wrong times

8/4/2009 - Greece plans to "vaccinate all citizens without exception" with swine flu vaccine

8/4/2009 - Cholesterol levels linked to dementia, Alzheimer's

8/4/2009 - Vitamin D deficiency in U.S. children "shocking"

8/4/2009 - India warns of more swine flu cases during monsoons

8/3/2009 - China quarantines entire town to halt plague outbreak

8/3/2009 - Plague oubreak in China

8/3/2009 - Spending on swine flu vaccines a waste of money

8/3/2009 - Students sue for deleting books from Kindle; is Amazon guilty of Computer Fraud and Abuse Act?

8/3/2009 - Hawaii issuing big fines to U.S. Navy for damaging coral reefs

8/3/2009 - Half of fresh produce contaminated with pesticide chemicals

8/2/2009 - Honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder finally explained: Too many chemicals

8/2/2009 - Poor patients live in agony as NHS refuses to pay for painkiller injections

8/2/2009 - World's oil supply is running out faster than thought, warns chief IEA economist

8/2/2009 - Nissan rolls out new all-electric car for global production

7/31/2009 - Health reform bill passes House committee - ready for floor vote soon

7/31/2009 - Breastfeeding could save the lives of 1.5 million children a year

7/31/2009 - Pfizer to pay Nigeria $75 million for using its children in pharmaceutical experiments

7/31/2009 - Swine flu outbreak on cruise ship?

7/31/2009 - Britain to create government monopoly on organ transplants

7/31/2009 - Tamiflu drug causes nightmares in half of all children who take it

7/31/2009 - Perfume spray puts 34 people in the hospital from toxic fumes

7/30/2009 - Luxury yacht looks like giant killer whale

7/30/2009 - Britain becoming nation of pill-poppers as medication rates skyrocket

7/30/2009 - Too many Americans too heavy to be lifted into ambulances

7/30/2009 - Murders by (drugged) mental patients increase - but no mention of psych drugs

7/30/2009 - Official U.S. plan: Vaccinate half the U.S. population with swine flu vaccine

7/29/2009 - Vote on health care bill postponed until September

7/29/2009 - Medical journal disinfo in full swing: Now they declare organic foods are no healthier than conventional foods

7/29/2009 - Out of $1 trillion in spending on sick care, U.S. government to appropriate a pitiful $1 billion for disease prevention

7/29/2009 - WHO declares tanning beds (which help your body create vitamin D) to be as deadly as cigarettes or arsenic

7/29/2009 - U.S. government openly seeks human guinea pigs to test swine flu vaccine shots

7/29/2009 - Police believe Michael Jackson was killed by his personal physician

7/28/2009 - FDA claims (gulp!) mercury is SAFE in dental fillings!

7/28/2009 - Vaccines far more deadly than swine flu

7/28/2009 - First target for swine flu vaccine injections: Pregnancy women!

7/28/2009 - Tax soda to raise money for sick care reform?

7/27/2009 - Climate change helped Incas build thriving civilization

7/27/2009 - Daniel Hauser ordered to continue poison chemotherapy treatments by court judge

7/27/2009 - Maker of e-cigarettes blows smoke in the face of the FDA

7/27/2009 - It's official: Michael Jackson was killed by pharmaceuticals

7/27/2009 - How to really finance America: A 10% tax on cosmetic surgery!

7/27/2009 - 10% of U.S. health care spending due to obesity

7/27/2009 - Your 500-calorie frappuccino isn't a coffee, it's a meal!

7/27/2009 - Rogue kidney brokers in the U.S. sell black market organs for transplantation

7/27/2009 - Invention turns mobile phone camera into a medical diagnostic device

7/27/2009 - Joule startup creates fuel from solar-powered microbes

7/27/2009 - CBO says health care reform will save virtually no money

7/27/2009 - From space, Earth bears scars of human destruction

7/26/2009 - Agent Orange causes media blindness

7/26/2009 - Germany calls carbon tariffs "eco-imperialism"

7/26/2009 - Stupid people line up to volunteer for untested swine flu vaccine

7/26/2009 - A movie worth seeing: The Yes Men Fix the World

7/25/2009 - Dean Kamen working on stirling engine motorcycle?

7/25/2009 - The five freedoms you'll lose under Obama health care

7/25/2009 - Mainstream media hilarious claims "seasonal flu shot" is a first line of defense against swine flu!

7/25/2009 - WHO says swine flu could infect two billion people worldwide

7/25/2009 - UK government bypasses doctors, hands out swine flu drugs directly to hotline callers (without a prescription)

7/25/2009 - Agent Orange linked to Parkinson's disease

7/24/2009 - Bodies stack up in California morgues as families can't afford burials

7/24/2009 - Pushing vaccines: CDC insists all children from 6 months old should get annual vaccine shots

7/24/2009 - CEO Bezos publicly apologizes for "stupid, thoughtless" deletion of books from Kindle

7/24/2009 - FDA says e-cigarettes are dangerous (but regular cigarettes are safe?)

7/24/2009 - Charges filed against hospital worker who exposed patients to Hepatitis C

7/24/2009 - Dr. Miller claims he "accidentally" took home the mental health records of Virginia Tech shooter Cho

7/24/2009 - Swine flu vaccine linked to seizures, hallucinations in children

7/23/2009 - WHO concerned swine flu could mutate in winter months

7/23/2009 - Parents forced to sign "behavior contracts" for their schoolchildren

7/23/2009 - Swine flu infects 100,000 in U.K. in just the past week

7/23/2009 - Confirmed again: Healthy diet and lifestyle cuts risk of heart failure

7/23/2009 - Gallbladder surgery causes airman to lose legs; nearly died from botched medical procedure

7/23/2009 - Hot dogs need anti-cancer warning: Group sues hot dog makers to force honest labeling

7/23/2009 - Doctors warn about dangers of genetically modified food

7/23/2009 - India makes education compulsory and free under new law

7/23/2009 - PETA video shows Ringling Bros. circus handlers beating elephants

7/23/2009 - Even Obama admits doctors perform unnecessary medical procedures purely for profit

7/22/2009 - Doctors warn over swine flu vaccine risk for immune-impaired people

7/22/2009 - Pharmacy shops selling out of thermometers as public panics over swine flu preparation

7/21/2009 - Big Pharma spending millions lobbying on health care reform (gotta protect the monopoly!)

7/21/2009 - Huh? Obama picks OBESE doctor for surgeon general -- to promote fitness and health!

7/21/2009 - Quarantined British students finally released by China following swine flu scare

7/21/2009 - Medical marijuana victory in Colorado

7/21/2009 - Air pollution can reduce a child's IQ

7/21/2009 - McDonald's worker may have exposed 10,000 to Hepatitus A virus

7/21/2009 - Housing community residents vote to ban smoking in private homes

7/21/2009 - Bumbling FDA can't even estimate its own budget

7/20/2009 - Drug companies to reap billions from swine flu vaccines

7/20/2009 - June ocean temperatures warmest on record

7/20/2009 - U.S. governors balk at health care reform costs

7/20/2009 - U.S. government economic recovery includes $5.7 million for "process cheese"

7/20/2009 - Neurotoxic chemical common in foods

7/19/2009 - Swine flu spreading even in Summer, astonishing many experts

7/19/2009 - Swine flu expected to return with a vengeance with school begins in late August

7/19/2009 - Swine flu threat greater than terrorism

7/19/2009 - Want to fly on an airline? Show us your swine flu papers, please...

7/17/2009 - Wal-Mart to label products with "green" rating

7/17/2009 - Britain prepared for 65,000 deaths from swine flu

7/17/2009 - Argentina declares alert as pigs found with swine flu

7/17/2009 - Cancer drug thalidomide a complete failure on lung cancer patients

7/17/2009 - Farmers, ranchers fighting back against FDA tyranny over animal farms

7/17/2009 - UK flu vaccinations to begin in September

7/17/2009 - Cancer screening is essentially useless; experts finally begin questioning sanity of "routine screening"

7/17/2009 - CBO says U.S. federal budget is on unsustainable path - debt skyrocketing as percentage of GDP

7/17/2009 - When the vaccine police come knocking on your door...

7/16/2009 - Exotic tiny lizard "swims" through sand like a fish

7/16/2009 - New research proves western medicine remains clueless about Alzheimer's disease

7/16/2009 - HRT drugs promote ovarian cancer

7/16/2009 - Joe Biden: "We have to spend more money to keep from going broke!"

7/16/2009 - WHO says swine flu spreading too fast to count, way beyond measurement

7/16/2009 - What happened to America? Clotheslines are illegal

7/16/2009 - Destroying the U.S. economy with new taxes for health care reform

7/16/2009 - Antidepressant drugs put people into "drug-induced states"

7/15/2009 - Grapefruit extract may prevent metabolic syndrome

7/15/2009 - Giant blobs of floating goo in the ocean

7/15/2009 - Summer camp kids go home: Swine flu shutters camps nationwide

7/15/2009 - California budget crisis has people taking a new look at taxing marijuana for revenue

7/15/2009 - Military horror: Proposed military robot would literally feed off dead battlefield bodies to power itself

7/15/2009 - Google closes offices in India over swine flu fears

7/15/2009 - Have you herd the new vaccination schedule? School kids rounded up like cattle for FOUR shots this Fall

7/15/2009 - Tax the rich to pay for sick care for the poor

7/14/2009 - UK to roll out massive vaccination program for entire population

7/14/2009 - China finally stops using electroshock therapy to "treat" internet addicts

7/13/2009 - Doctors tested bird flu vaccine on homeless people (who died from the experiments...)

7/12/2009 - FDA approves yet another deadly blood thinner that causes even more internal bleeding

7/12/2009 - Flexitarians on the rise as informed consumers avoid meat

7/12/2009 - Water wars erupt in India as drought threatens population survival

7/12/2009 - U.S. announces intention to spent another $1 billion on swine flu vaccines - Big Pharma reaps windfall from swine flu spread

7/11/2009 - L.A. police chief says Michael Jackson death may have been homicide

7/11/2009 - Michael Jackson's sister says he was intentionally addicted to drugs, then murdered for his money

7/11/2009 - One-third of breast cancers "harmless" - require no treatment

7/11/2009 - Nine out of ten swine flu victims are obese - is obesity a risk factor?

7/10/2009 - Massive magnetic shifts confuse airplane nav systems, may have caused loss of two airliners

7/10/2009 - Whole Foods to use "non-GMO" seal on its private-label products

7/10/2009 - The organic monopoly and the myth of natural foods - by Ronnie Cummins from OCA

7/10/2009 - New tires made from orange peel oil instead of petroleum

7/10/2009 - Greenwashing celebration: Eco-business awards a farce

7/10/2009 - Children targeted in mass swine flu vaccination campaign

7/10/2009 - Gwyneth Paltrow raves about juicing detox diet

7/10/2009 - Calorie restriction diet once again proven to extend lifespan (poor monkeys!)

7/10/2009 - Flavonoids from fruits, veggies help halt dementia, Alzheimer's

7/10/2009 - Swine flu crushing Argentina's economy

7/9/2009 - One in three cancers diagnosed with free mammogram screening is a false diagnosis (but it sure works to scare women into chemo)

7/9/2009 - UK on bring of swine flu epidemic as deaths mount

7/9/2009 - U.S. mandatory swine flu vaccines to target schoolchildren first

7/9/2009 - Britain in near-epidemic with H1N1 swine flu deaths

7/9/2009 - When antibiotics fail, nurses turn to Manuka honey to beat superbugs

7/8/2009 - Paying sick care costs for a nation of diseased people will require some tough choices

7/8/2009 - San Quentin prison stops accepting new prisoners due to swine flu outbreak

7/8/2009 - Former Monsanto lawyer hired by FDA as key advisor

7/8/2009 - One in four Illinois adults now obese

7/8/2009 - Argentina declares bank holiday due to swine flu

7/8/2009 - FDA warns on overdose risk for Darvon and Darvocet painkillers

7/8/2009 - California legislators argue over pomegranate juice while state drowns in spending crisis

7/7/2009 - Statin drugs cause muscle damage even after you stop using them!

7/7/2009 - State charges mom with murder for not filling prescriptions for autistic son - faces 40 years in prison

7/7/2009 - Feds to raise income taxes on Americans to pay for sick care system

7/7/2009 - Amino acid N-acetylcysteine eases compulsive behavior such as hair pulling

7/7/2009 - The truth about Depleted Uranium - a weapon of mass destruction used by the U.S.

7/7/2009 - 160,000 U.S. children had cosmetic surgery in 2008

7/7/2009 - Climate change causes devastating flooding in Zambia

7/7/2009 - Explosion in swine flu fatalities in Argentina

7/7/2009 - Swine flu leads to violent prison riot

7/6/2009 - Michael Jackson's doctor not licensed to prescribe drugs in California

7/6/2009 - Eating walnuts cuts cholesterol

7/6/2009 - Loss of ocean seagrass beds accelerating due to human activity

7/6/2009 - New Zealand swine flu cases pass 1,000 mark

7/6/2009 - Obesity epidemic surges in U.S. as adults, children eat more and exercise less

7/6/2009 - One in six children clinically obese before starting primary school

7/6/2009 - Axial Vector engine: A revolutionary new combustion engine?

7/5/2009 - Now you can even die green: Biodegradeable eco-coffins introduced in U.S.

7/5/2009 - Self-help mantras can cause some people to feel worse about themselves

7/4/2009 - Big Government's secret plan to implement Martial Law under the guise of "food safety"

7/4/2009 - Swine flu spread now "unstoppable," says WHO

7/4/2009 - Powerful hypnotic drug discovered in Michael Jackson's home

7/4/2009 - Help the ACLU fight against corporate patents on breast cancer genes

7/4/2009 - Big Pharma's war on science

7/4/2009 - Plant disease devastating vegetable crops in Eastern U.S.

7/4/2009 - Drug-addicted surgical technician replaced patients' needles with her own used syringes

7/3/2009 - Washington Post blatantly whoring out access to its editors at $25k a pop

7/3/2009 - Information resource for holistic parents

7/3/2009 - Senate bill: You are forced to pay for conventional health insurance or be fined $1,000

7/3/2009 - A secret cure for some cancers: Lugol's Iodine

7/3/2009 - How to cure cancer with sodium bicarbonate

7/3/2009 - Britain facing huge surge in swine flu (even long before the winter)

7/3/2009 - Tamiflu-resistant H1N1 swine flu emerges in Hong Kong

7/2/2009 - Drug-pimping doctors push HPV cervical cancer vaccines for young boys!

7/2/2009 - Psychiatric patients tied to their beds in Greek hospitals

7/2/2009 - Giant naked goddess to be carved into hills as tourist attraction (you can climb her breasts!)

7/2/2009 - ExxonMobile providing big bucks to climate skeptics groups

7/2/2009 - Swine flu more severe than seasonal flu, studies find

7/2/2009 - Why did Wal-Mart back government-mandated employer "pay or play" health insurance reforms?

7/2/2009 - C-Reactive Protein screening found virtually useless

7/2/2009 - Few patients survive cardiac arrest; CPR has made no improvements in decades

7/2/2009 - Swine flu "cannot be contained"

7/1/2009 - Washington Post whores out access to its reporters for big bucks

7/1/2009 - Anti-smoking drugs cause mental health problems

7/1/2009 - Diabetes drug found to promote cancer tumors, but FDA urges diabetics to keep using it anyway

7/1/2009 - Two-thirds of Americans too fat, says report

7/1/2009 - Vegetarians have lower cancer risk than meat eaters

7/1/2009 - H1N1 swine flu infection emerges as resistant to Tamiflu

7/1/2009 - Buenos Aires declares public health emergency over swine flu

7/1/2009 - Don't trust bogus "Third Way" think tank on health care reform

7/1/2009 - Supermodel attacks her plastic surgeon, gets arrested

7/1/2009 - Cell phone charger madness to end: Companies agree on common charger (vastly reduced waste for consumers)

6/30/2009 - Number of prescriptions written in UK for antidepressants nearly equals entire population!

6/30/2009 - Shock: FDA panel recommends banning Percocet, Vicodin due to liver damage effects

6/30/2009 - White House announces new high-efficiently lighting standards

6/30/2009 - Miami doctor prescribed HIV therapy to patients who didn't need it - raked in millions from Medicare

6/30/2009 - Swine flu spread followed airline flight paths

6/30/2009 - India seeds clouds in desperate attempt to bring on monsoon rains

6/30/2009 - Drug companies argue with FDA over safety of liver-damaging drug

6/29/2009 - H3N8 dog flu virus strikes pets

6/29/2009 - NY photo camera retailers busted for bait-and-switch fraud

6/28/2009 - U.S. health reform laws to eliminate all incentives for healthy living

6/28/2009 - Swine flu death rate soars in Buenos Aires

6/27/2009 - Latest on the journalist filing bioterrorism charges against the W.H.O.

6/27/2009 - EarthTronics wind turbine generates electricity even in low wind speeds

6/27/2009 - Amid burdget meltdown, Schwarzenegger kills prison inmate medical care plan

6/27/2009 - Michael Jackson killed by drug overdose, just like Elvis

6/27/2009 - Hey women, need some money? Sell your eggs!

6/27/2009 - How to legally say "NO" to all vaccines

6/27/2009 - Nestle refused to provide consumer complaint logs to the FDA

6/27/2009 - Michael Jackson was taking powerful psychiatric drugs when he died

6/27/2009 - How Steve Jobs "bought" a faster liver transplant

6/27/2009 - U.S. now has over 1 million swine flu cases

6/26/2009 - U.S. energy bill passes House as "a patchwork" of compromises

6/26/2009 - Swine flu now accounts for 98% of new flu cases in U.S.

6/26/2009 - Michael Jackson's doctor on the run?

6/26/2009 - Cheetos used as weapon in physical assault

6/23/2009 - FTC actually calls for Congress to stop Big Pharma from milking consumers with monopoly prices

6/23/2009 - Blood test results often kept from patients

6/23/2009 - Swine flu vaccines: Who will be "allowed" to receive them?

6/23/2009 - "Natural" products industry rife with false or misleading claims

6/22/2009 - Psychiatric diagnosis are less reliable than star signs, says psychologist

6/22/2009 - Americans going broke trying to pay for sick care system

6/22/2009 - Green tea extracts halt growth of prostate cancer tumors

6/22/2009 - VA hospital botched prostate cancer treatments in nearly 4 out of 5 men

6/22/2009 - Nestle cookie dough contaminated with e. coli

6/22/2009 - Steve Jobs allowed doctors to butcher his body; now he receives a liver transplant

6/18/2009 - Questioning routine Caesarean childbirthing

6/18/2009 - Medtronic medical device maker paid $800,000 to doctor who fabricated a study

6/18/2009 - Why U.S. companies are broke: Health care costs rising another 9 percent in 2010

6/18/2009 - Media now pushing Ritalin for recreational use in teens, students and adults

6/18/2009 - Swine flu hitting high-population-density areas the worst

6/18/2009 - Ban of controversial painkiller dramatically cuts suicides in UK

6/17/2009 - Lawmakers bicker over who pays for failed U.S. sick care system

6/17/2009 - Don't chop your carrots until after cooking (or better yet, just eat them raw)

6/17/2009 - Executives of medical device company charged with felony crimes for illegal marketing

6/17/2009 - Seven more swine flu deaths reported in NYC

6/17/2009 - Cement factories release huge quantities of toxic mercury into the air

6/17/2009 - Psych setback: New study demolishes genetic link to depression

6/17/2009 - U.S. Senate sick care management plan to cost American taxpayers $1.6 trillion

6/16/2009 - Corn ethanol biofuels contaminated with antibiotics

6/16/2009 - New mutation of H1N1 influenza A virus discovered in Brazil

6/16/2009 - U.S. dries up in 75 years: Predicts of global warming scientists

6/16/2009 - Stupid researchers say natural nitrates and synthetic chemical nitrites are all the same -- it's GOOD for you!

6/16/2009 - FDA insists sudden death risk of ADHD drugs should be ignored: "Don't stop taking those pills!"

6/16/2009 - World is sleepwalking into an age of preventable natural disasters, warns U.N.

6/16/2009 - Busted again: Eli Lilly pushed drug for Dementia even though it had evidence the drug didn't work

6/16/2009 - Fungus could wipe out 80% of world's wheat crop

6/16/2009 - ADHD drugs linked to sudden death

6/16/2009 - Big Pharma's true color: Won't give free swine flu vaccines to poor countries

6/15/2009 - Amazing reincarnation of WWII veteran into modern-day child

6/15/2009 - Review of Food, Inc. movie

6/15/2009 - CVS drug store company caught in hidden drug-pushing deal to promote Zyprexa for money

6/15/2009 - Bariatric surgery leads to bone fractures

6/13/2009 - Shortage of medical isotopes causes rationing of nuclear imaging medical tests

6/13/2009 - Tyson foods fined $500,000 in death of worker who inhaled chicken processing plant fumes

6/13/2009 - $600 billion in new taxes to pay for U.S. "sick care" reforms

6/13/2009 - Total conspiracy to cover up life on Mars

6/12/2009 - Coca-Cola strategy: Use "fear tactics" on consumers while poisoning them with BPA

6/12/2009 - The War on Drugs = oppression of the American people

6/12/2009 - Doctors tout new "memory test" that diganosis virtually all elderly people with dementia

6/12/2009 - H1N1 swine flu was circulating in factory pig farms for years before pandemic outbreak

6/12/2009 - Venezuela bans Coke Zero (with aspartame), citing health concerns

6/12/2009 - A change in rhetoric on the War on Drugs

6/12/2009 - Kidney transplant drug increases risk of death

6/12/2009 - Sunscreen ingredients cause skin cancer

6/12/2009 - Two percent income tax surcharge on all Americans - to pay for sick care system!

6/11/2009 - It's official: WHO declares global flu pandemic, raising alert to phase 6

6/11/2009 - Big Pharma now targeting dogs: Chemotherapy approved for Fido

6/11/2009 - WHO cornered: No choice but to declare pandemic

6/11/2009 - AMA flatly opposes government-run health insurance

6/11/2009 - Caribbean coral reefs wiped out by climate change

6/11/2009 - Genopocalypse: BPA permanently alteres genes involved in reproduction

6/11/2009 - Israeli researchers claim it's safe for pregnant women to take morning sickness drugs (no problem, they claim!)

6/11/2009 - Health experts increasingly worried about BPA (plastics chemical)

6/11/2009 - Associated Press in all-out assault on natural medicine - publishes article full of deliberate lies, misinformation

6/10/2009 - Seawater greenhouse brings life to the desert

6/10/2009 - U.S. to pay for health care with more debt money

6/10/2009 - U.N. calls for global ban on single-use plastic bags

6/10/2009 - Hilarious: Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer found contaminated with bacteria

6/10/2009 - Corrupt, criminal FDA set to approve advertising of psych drugs for children

6/9/2009 - For how long will W.H.O. resist declaring phase 6 pandemic?

6/9/2009 - Watching TV before going to bed causes chronic health problems

6/9/2009 - WHO nearly ready to declare global pandemic over H1N1 Swine Flu

6/9/2009 - Children increasingly harmed by computers and monitors falling on them

6/9/2009 - You call this reform? Health "reform" to simply mandate everybody buy conventional health insurance

6/9/2009 - U.S. News & World Report Tells Cancer Patients to "Skip the Antioxidants" (and die)

6/9/2009 - Oily fish consumption halts eye disease

6/9/2009 - Consumer goods made with radioactive metals

6/9/2009 - Cancer warning over black nylon kitchen utensils made in China

6/9/2009 - Plant-based "Eco-Atkins Diet" boosts health, drops body fat

6/8/2009 - Amazon Indian tribes take over oil pipelines with violent attacks on Peruvian police: 23 killed with spears!

6/8/2009 - Soldiers nearly killed with military's bioterrism vaccine

6/8/2009 - Hospitals greatly underestimate extent of swine flu infections

6/8/2009 - Some U.S. states consider reversing ban on raw milk sales

6/8/2009 - Sedatives increase risk of suicides in elderly

6/8/2009 - "Waste" olive extracts find new use as natural meat preservative

6/8/2009 - Chimps mentally map precise location and production capacity of fruit trees

6/8/2009 - Innovative new wind turbine works at low speeds to generate electricity

6/8/2009 - Public transportation not necessarily more "green" than driving an SUV

6/8/2009 - States drug foster kids to death - medical neglect?

6/8/2009 - Expensive diabetes treatments a complete waste of money, study finds

6/8/2009 - New Kennedy health insurance scheme to penalize people for not participating in conventional medicine insurance coverage

6/8/2009 - Mayor of New Orleans being held in quarantine in China

6/7/2009 - Merck's heart failure failure

6/7/2009 - Hypnosis going mainstream: Doctors urged to use hypnosis to alleviate patient pain during some procedures

6/7/2009 - Newsweek attacks Oprah's guests offering guidance on natural medicine (Big Pharma advertises with Newsweek)

6/7/2009 - Why we should legalize marijuana

6/7/2009 - Clinical trial funded by drug company says even though Avandia increases risk of heart failure and bone fractures, it's still safe!

6/7/2009 - Purple carrots in high demand as natural food coloring

6/6/2009 - Environmentalists tagged as "terrorists" under Obama administration

6/6/2009 - Astounding find: Microbe converts electricity directly into methane

6/6/2009 - Rainforest is worth more alive than dead (gee, really?)

6/6/2009 - American empire is so broke that it's cutting meals from prisoners (highest prison population percentage in the world)

6/5/2009 - Sacred plants of Maya forest revealed through ancient artwork

6/5/2009 - FDA set to decide whether drug companies can advertise antipsychotic meds for kids

6/5/2009 - WHO changes its rules on pandemics, refusing to announce phase 6 (which has already been reached)

6/5/2009 - W.H.O. pushes yet another vaccine for "all children of the world"

6/5/2009 - It's true: Organ transplants confer personality traits to recipient

6/5/2009 - Get healthy now - Because California can't afford to keep paying for your disease

6/5/2009 - Revolutionary combustion engine gets 110 MPG

6/4/2009 - Swine flu sweeping through NYC prison

6/4/2009 - One in seven scientists say colleagues fake "scientific" study results

6/4/2009 - HPV vaccine pushed onto MEN with "guilt" campaign

6/4/2009 - U.S. medical system isn't ready for a pandemic

6/4/2009 - School teen gives classmates rat poison - And nobody mentions it's the same chemical as prescription blood thinners!

6/4/2009 - Bankrupt America: 62% of bankruptcies due to medical costs

6/4/2009 - New swine flu deaths in 5 U.S. states

6/3/2009 - Antidepressant commonly prescribed for autism found utterly useless (surprised?)

6/3/2009 - Eating curry fights dementia

6/2/2009 - Ka-Ching! AstraZeneca cashes in with $90 million swine flu vaccine orders

6/2/2009 - WHO says it's close to declaring a stage 6 pandemic

6/1/2009 - Starbucks drops high-fructose corn syrup from food items

6/1/2009 - Americans' health habits collapse into junk food + no exercise

6/1/2009 - Disgusting: Psychiatrists warn about warnings on antidepressant drugs (they'd rather have no warnings at all)

6/1/2009 - Tomato concentrates found to reverse heart disease

5/31/2009 - Drinking cola causes muscle weakness, bone loss

5/30/2009 - Super laser invention leads to yet more claims of "hot fusion" free energy

5/30/2009 - Alabama settles with drug firms caught in price fraud (they never get convicted of anything; they always "settle")

5/29/2009 - Wyeth's HRT drug increases risk of death from lung cancer

5/29/2009 - Climate change kills 350,000 people a year

5/29/2009 - IAEA agreement stops WHO from reporting truth about radiation

5/29/2009 - Liver transplant forced on depressed patient, "wasted" on a meaningless life, says family (but surgeons made money!)

5/29/2009 - Double disaster for Americans: Losing your job means losing your health insurance

5/29/2009 - Let the swine flu profits roll: Big Pharma starts cashing in on useless H1N1 vaccine production and licensing

5/29/2009 - Simple chemical reverses cancer (but can't be patented)

5/29/2009 - No longer any doubt: Mobile phones cause brain tumors

5/29/2009 - Routine consumption of aspirin to prevent heart attacks and strokes "a big lie"

5/29/2009 - Medical marijuana about to become legal in Illinois?

5/29/2009 - 1000 species of bacteria live on your skin

5/27/2009 - Green tea nutrients prevent leukemia

5/27/2009 - The American People are finally beginning to understand preparedness (some, anyway)

5/27/2009 - Chemotherapy treatment of children multiplies risk of cancer later in life

5/27/2009 - Minnesota judge "allows" parents to take custody of Daniel Hauser, but only if they agree to chemotherapy

5/27/2009 - Doctor who called police on Daniel Hauser claims to practice "integrative medicine" (hilarious)

5/27/2009 - California's collapsing budget forces closures of psychiatric hospitals

5/26/2009 - Miserable health care system in U.S. traps people in lousy jobs

5/26/2009 - Mexico, China cooperate on study of medicinal herbs to prevent H1N1 swine flu (the U.S. ignores all medicinal plants)

5/26/2009 - "Confirmed" H1N1 infections now tops 13,000 people in 13 countries

5/26/2009 - Clever birds show astonishing use of tools to solve problems in the lab

5/26/2009 - FDA chief made millions from drug company stocks

5/26/2009 - Daniel Hauser family surrenders to law enforcement, returns to Minnesota to face consequences of "fleeing chemotherapy"

5/25/2009 - Vaginal infections linked to vitamin D deficiency

5/25/2009 - Traces of cocaine found in Red Bull

5/24/2009 - Billy Best also ran away from chemo doctors and law enforcement 15 years ago; and guess what? He's alive and well

5/24/2009 - U.S. Army Terminator robots soon to become a reality

5/24/2009 - Black women smarter than white women? 25 percent refuse chemo (but do they take vitamin D?)

5/23/2009 - Secret documents reveal AstraZeneca knowingly promoted psych drugs for unapproved use in children

5/23/2009 - Now it all makes sense: $1 billion set aside for swine flu vaccines

5/23/2009 - The Financial Disintegration of California

5/22/2009 - Too fat? Blame the environment...

5/22/2009 - California's day of fiscal reckoning: It ain't pretty! Millions to lose health care coverage

5/22/2009 - Industrial farming delivers increasingly less nutritious food

5/22/2009 - Flu tracker world map

5/22/2009 - FDA has a new commissioner: Big Pharma approves confirmation

5/22/2009 - Chemo fails to treat pancreatic cancer

5/22/2009 - Vitamin D key to healthy brain

5/22/2009 - Aspartame link to leukemia

5/21/2009 - WHO chief tells world to prepare for severe flu

5/21/2009 - Woman hypnotized to believe she had gastric band surgery loses 55 pounds

5/21/2009 - Inhalation of silver nanoparticles results in "miraculous" protection against pneumonia

5/21/2009 - Doctor covered up teen's death, forged records, lied to inquiry panel

5/21/2009 - Climate change looking far worse than previously thought

5/21/2009 - WHO pimping for Big Pharma in viral sample acquisitions for vaccines

5/21/2009 - No longer a joke: Electric Hummer positioned as "green SUV"

5/20/2009 - U.S. now labels Daniel Hauser mom a "fugitive from justice" - seeks to prevent her from escaping the country

5/20/2009 - Father saves son with a household power drill

5/20/2009 - Swine flu could combine with hospital superbugs to kill thousands

5/20/2009 - Confirmed H1N1 infections pass 10,000 mark worldwide

5/20/2009 - Consumers duped by trans fat labeling

5/20/2009 - Yoga guru Krishna Pattabhi Jois dies at 93

5/20/2009 - False charities under investigation - but what about false cancer charities, too?

5/20/2009 - MSM blames sunlight for rise in skin cancer (truth is that sunscreen chemicals cause it, sunlight prevents it)

5/20/2009 - EPA finds toxic chemicals in drywall made in China

5/20/2009 - Flomax drug linked to eye surgery complications

5/19/2009 - Doctors demand toxic blood pressure pills for EVERYONE over age 55!

5/19/2009 - Massachesetts Senate clears "swine flu bill" that allows forced entry into private homes, quarantine at gunpoint

5/19/2009 - Mother of "Chemo Boy" skips out on court - now faces arrest an imprisonment for refusing to poison her child with chemotherapy

5/19/2009 - Aspiring school teachers fail qualification tests - only 27% passed elementary school math exam (and only 10% understood what 27% actually meant...)

5/19/2009 - Swine flu breaking out in prison populations

5/19/2009 - Fossil Find Has Darwinists Claiming Proof of "Missing Link"

5/19/2009 - Worrying pattern emerges with swine flu infecting so many young people

5/19/2009 - Workplace email intervention program helps people sit less and eat better

5/19/2009 - Turmeric fights body fat

5/19/2009 - FDA still believes Cheerios are a threat to public health

5/19/2009 - Swine flu developments worldwide - global pandemic pattern emerging

5/18/2009 - Swine flu raging in New York City

5/18/2009 - How compassionate - Pfizer offers free Viagra for people who lost their jobs

5/18/2009 - Psyops? Airline offers "emergency crash" experience as corporate team training

5/17/2009 - WHO may raise pandemic alert level to 6 as swine flu infects Japan

5/17/2009 - NYC School Assistant Principal dies from swine flu

5/17/2009 - CDC official stuns nation with announcement: H1N1 swine flu has likely infected 100,000 Americans already

5/17/2009 - Big Pharma exploits poor nations to acquire influenza intellectual property to make vaccines

5/17/2009 - Drinking from plastic raises your BPA levels 70 percent

5/16/2009 - Ecuadorian people likely to win $27 billion lawsuit against Chevron for oil pollution

5/16/2009 - Elderly need more nutrition from sunlight, say experts

5/16/2009 - Bacter claims its Heparin blood thinner not responsible for patients' runaway brain bleeding

5/16/2009 - Baxter (the company that distributed live viruses in vaccine material) rewarded with huge swine flu vaccine contract

5/16/2009 - Swine flu confirmed spreading in Japan

5/16/2009 - Swine flu spreads to India

5/16/2009 - Google Ocean shows effects of climate change

5/15/2009 - Western medicine refuses to let critically ill people die in peace

5/15/2009 - CNN pushes chemotherapy for senior citizens

5/15/2009 - Big Pharma making sure it still makes money from health care reform

5/15/2009 - Chemical cocktail in consumer products destroys male fertility

5/15/2009 - Ginger relieves nausea of chemotherapy (even better, don't poison yourself with chemo)

5/15/2009 - Pharma pushing virus theory for blood pressure: Thinly-veiled attempt to push "blood pressure vaccine"

5/15/2009 - Bird flu cannot survive cold temperatures of the human nose?

5/15/2009 - Arizona woman dies of swine flu

5/15/2009 - Disinfo claims Oprah's mention of acai berries "deprives" jungle people of food (actually they just grow more)

5/14/2009 - ACLU challenges patenting of human genes

5/14/2009 - Chimp that mauled woman was, in fact, on Xanax antidepressant drug

5/14/2009 - Scientist caught smuggling Ebola vials into U.S.

5/13/2009 - Compromising the planet: Democrats scale back curbs on global warming

5/13/2009 - Medicare, Medicaid are financially doomed

5/13/2009 - Folic acid protects hearts of babies

5/13/2009 - Health authorities: Tamiflu won't be available for "regular" people who are infected by swine flu

5/13/2009 - Amazing new lifeforms discovered in ocean depths

5/13/2009 - Swine flu to infect one-third of world population within nine months

5/13/2009 - FDA says Cheerios is a "drug" due to marketing claims

5/12/2009 - Mentally disabled patients forced into "fight club" in Texas

5/12/2009 - Was Swine Flu created from human error by vaccine makers?

5/12/2009 - American Southwest drying out, towns running out of water

5/11/2009 - Mainstream media attacks acupuncture by calling non-piercing treatment "fake" acupuncture

5/11/2009 - American soldier frags five fellow soldiers at military "psych" treatment center

5/11/2009 - Swine flu spreading "too fast to count" says CDC official - Confirmed cases only "tip of iceberg"

5/11/2009 - UK children brainwashed into MMR vaccine support through manipulation of academic exams

5/10/2009 - Food shortages strike coffee, sugar - prices to skyrocket

5/10/2009 - New Australian law to protect breastfeeding moms against discrimination

5/10/2009 - Cruise ship crew member infected with swine flu

5/10/2009 - Two more Americans die of H1N1 swine flu

5/10/2009 - Huge jump in H1N1 influenza cases: 3,440 confirmed cases in 29 countries

5/9/2009 - Minnesota bans BPA chemical in baby bottles

5/9/2009 - Electricity from burning biomass beats ethanol, says study

5/9/2009 - Hackers steal medical records of 160,000 UC Berkeley students and families

5/9/2009 - Hong Kong hotel quarantine finally lifted; guests go home after one week imprisoned in a hotel

5/9/2009 - Worldwide swine flu cases exceed 2,300

5/9/2009 - Treating Psoriasis with UVB light is easier than you think: Get some sunshine

5/6/2009 - Pharma pays shrinks top dollar in Vermont

5/6/2009 - Smoke Away California's Budget Deficit - Legalize Marijuana

5/6/2009 - Second Strain of Influenza May Combine with H1N1

5/5/2009 - Texas woman dies from H1N1 swine flu

5/5/2009 - Chinese citizens ordered to smoke more cigarettes to boost economy!

5/5/2009 - Scientists claim "breakthrough" in exploiting sheep to grow organs for humans

5/5/2009 - Bill Gates unleashes new round of grants on experimental genetic modification & vaccine research

5/5/2009 - In tough economic times, people mine their own bodies for cash

5/5/2009 - NY Governor announces bottled water ban at state agencies

5/4/2009 - Food industry breaks promises to make children's food healthier

5/4/2009 - Exercising during pregnancy boosts baby IQ

5/4/2009 - Scientists still not sure how H1N1 influenza is transmitted

5/4/2009 - What It's Like to be Quarantined in a Hotel for 7 Days

5/4/2009 - Google cuts its grass with goats

5/4/2009 - Second Wave of Swine Flu Could Strike in Autumn

5/4/2009 - FDA Petitioned to Ban Artificial Colors Linked to Hyperactivity

5/4/2009 - Google Cuts is Grass with Eco-Friendly Goats (what an amazing new old idea...)

5/4/2009 - Emergency Hospital Computers Infected with Viruses; Govt. Interference Makes it Worse

5/4/2009 - What Happens When H1N1 Starts Infecting Prisons?

5/4/2009 - Swine Flu Spreads to Over Half of U.S. States

5/4/2009 - We're Not Out of It Yet: WHO Warns of Complacency Over Outbreak

5/4/2009 - Humans Carrying Swine Flu Virus Infect Pigs (cross-species again)

5/3/2009 - Beware the Second Wave of H1N1 Influenza, Warns WHO

5/3/2009 - Mercury in Fluorescent Light Bulbs Poisons Factory Workers

5/3/2009 - Flashback to 2005: Scientists Re-Create 1918 Spanish Flu Virus, Held in Govt. Lab in Atlanta, Georgia

5/2/2009 - GM Soy Herbicide Linked to Birth Defects

5/2/2009 - Ron Paul Introduces Parental Consent Act to Protect Families from "Mental Health Screening"

5/2/2009 - Mexico Mirrors U.S. Disinfo Campaign by Altering Its Own H1N1 Fatality Statistics

5/2/2009 - Diabetes Drug Could Cause Pancreatic Cancer

5/2/2009 - Hong Kong Hotel Quarantines 300 Guests for a Week!

5/2/2009 - Infected Doctor Treated 22 Patients Before Falling Ill

5/2/2009 - Quito, Ecuador Real Estate Resists Price Falls During Global Real Estate Collapse

5/1/2009 - Swine Flu Virus Linked to U.S. Factory Farms

5/1/2009 - Modern Civilization Being Run Like a Giant Ponzi Scheme

5/1/2009 - Ban Factory Farms that Are Creating and Spreading Infectious Disease

5/1/2009 - Breakfast Cereals Loaded with Sugar (big surprise?)

5/1/2009 - White Tea Fights Obesity

5/1/2009 - Women in America Contaminated with Toxic Chemicals

5/1/2009 - EPA Slams FDA as "Unscientific"

5/1/2009 - Oil Industry Front Groups Run Climate Change Disinfo Ads

5/1/2009 - Antidepressant Drugs Causing Family Shootings?

5/1/2009 - Politician Breaks Her Legs to Become Taller: Nine Months of Excruciating Pain On Purpose!

5/1/2009 - Existing Seasonal Flu Vaccine Useless Against H1N1 Influenza

5/1/2009 - Senators Try to Establish Nutritional Guideline Laws for Vending Machines at Public Schools

5/1/2009 - Architects of Gitmo Torture Were Psychologists!

5/1/2009 - Too Much Fertilizer Causes Loss of Plant Diversity

5/1/2009 - Trace Mineral Lithium Substantially Reduces Suicides when Present in Local Water

5/1/2009 - H1N1 Originated in California, not Mexico, Says New Evidence

5/1/2009 - Swine Flu Numbers are Low Because Labs Have Too Many Cases to Test!

4/30/2009 - Every U.S. States has a Pandemic Plan (but none of them mention anti-viral herbs...)

4/30/2009 - H1N1 Flu Isn't from Mexico Pig Farms, Says Epidemiologist

4/30/2009 - How Convenient: Swine Flu Alerts Coincidence with Near-Expiration of Tamiflu Bought for Bird Flu

4/30/2009 - Obama Delegation Member Contracts H1N1 Influenza on Mexico Trip

4/30/2009 - Birds Have Remarkable Ability to Dance

4/30/2009 - EU Says "Don't Panic" Over H1N1 Influenza

4/30/2009 - Total Carbon Released Into Atmosphere Exceeds Half a Trillion Tons

4/30/2009 - Google Saw Flu Search Activity Before CDC Identified Swine Flu Outbreak

4/30/2009 - Sixty Percent of Americans Living with Dangerous Air Pollution

4/30/2009 - Mexico Shuts Down Entire Economy for 5 Days to Combat Swine Flu

4/30/2009 - Obama Urges Americans to "think about contingency plans" Surrounding Swine Flu

4/30/2009 - Hilarious: Drug Pushers Claim ADHD Psych Drugs Make Children Smarter

4/29/2009 - CDC Ruined His Life by Claiming He Carried Dangerous Strain of TB

4/29/2009 - Google Map of Swine Flu Spread

4/29/2009 - Mexico Announces 1,311 Infections and 159 Deaths from Swine Flu (WHO disagrees...)

4/29/2009 - WHO Website Quietly Revises Mexico Infection / Death Numbers to 26 and 7 (down from 1300+ and 50+)

4/29/2009 - WHO Raises Pandemic Alert Level to Phase 5 - "Imminent Pandemic"

4/29/2009 - BBC Follows NaturalNews in Reporting N95 Mask Failures

4/29/2009 - World Must Stop Burning Coal to Save Climate

4/29/2009 - OTC Pain Drugs Required to Carry Stronger Warnings in U.S.

4/29/2009 - Vaccine Makers Reap Financial Rewards from Swine Flu Outbreak

4/29/2009 - Outbreak About to Be Raised to Phase 5 Status (pandemic imminent)

4/29/2009 - WHO Ridiculously Claims Only 7 Deaths from Swine Flu (disinfo campaign now in full swing...)

4/29/2009 - Authorities Think They've Found Swine Flu "Child Zero" (but it's a wild guess)

4/29/2009 - 23-Month-Old Child Killed in U.S. by Swine Flu

4/29/2009 - Vitamin D Emerges as Treatment for Prostate Cancer - Cuts PSA Levels by Half!

4/29/2009 - Influenza Language Police Say Remove "Swine" Word from Swine Flu

4/29/2009 - Health Ranger Prediction Comes True: Home Prices Fall by 50%

4/28/2009 - Woman Arrested for Breastfeeding While Intoxicated (but breastfeeding while on psych meds is fine!)

4/28/2009 - CDC Expects to See Swine Flu Deaths in U.S.

4/28/2009 - California Declares State of Emergency as Swine Flu Spreads

4/28/2009 - Mexico "Confused" on Handling of Swine Flu Infections

4/28/2009 - U.S. Air Force Proposed 2009 Influenza Pandemic in 1996 Report!

4/28/2009 - California Investigating Two Deaths from Swine Flu

4/28/2009 - How Convenient - New Vaccine Manufacturing Plant Being Built in Mexico City by French Pharma

4/28/2009 - New Zealand, Israel Confirm Swine Flu Infections

4/28/2009 - Fatty Foods Boost Memory

4/28/2009 - Mainstream Media Attacks Twitter Over Swine Flu Coverage

4/28/2009 - Map of U.S. States Hit by Swine Flu (so far)

4/28/2009 - Companies Begin Efforts to Produce Swine Flu Vaccine (but it will take months)

4/28/2009 - Pandemic Preparedness Money was Stripped from Bailout Stimulus

4/28/2009 - FDA Approves "Emergency Rules" for Mass Medication of Population with Anti-Viral Drugs (including infants)

4/28/2009 - Swine Flu Infections in U.S. Continue to Spread Across Five States

4/28/2009 - WHO Revises Pandemic Scale: We Are Now at Phase 5 (but it hasn't been announced)

4/28/2009 - Swine Flu Deaths in Mexico City Worse than Reported

4/28/2009 - Baxter - Same Company that Released Live Bird Flu Virus to 18 Countries Now Working on Swine Flu Vaccine

4/27/2009 - Immigration Opponents Blame Swine Flu on Immigrants (blame the foreigners... Americans are clean!)

4/27/2009 - CDC Engineered Hybrid Virus in 2004 as Experiment

4/27/2009 - Globalization and Complexity Has Made Our World More Vulnerable to Catastrophe

4/27/2009 - WHO Raises Swine Flu Alert Level to "Phase 4" - Essentially a Declaration of an Imminent Pandemic

4/27/2009 - Remember 1976? Swine Flu Vaccine Killed Dozens While Helping No One

4/27/2009 - Swine Flu Impacting Global Economy; Airline Stocks Hit Hard

4/27/2009 - Swine Flu Spreading in California, Authorities Close School

4/27/2009 - Mexico Swine Flu Death Toll Soars

4/27/2009 - Do NOT Take "Swine Flu" Vaccines - Warning from Doctor

4/27/2009 - New Viagra Can be Rubbed Directly Onto Skin

4/24/2009 - Health Workers Secretly Test Experimental Bird Flu Vaccine in 200 Patients Without Consent!

4/24/2009 - Capitalism Threatens Life on Planet Earth, Declare Heads of ALBA Nations

4/24/2009 - Outbreak of New Super Flu: Combination of Swine, Human and Avian Flu Viruses - Death Toll Mounts in Mexico, U.S.

4/24/2009 - Food Scarcity to Bring Down World Governments, Cause Global Chaos

4/23/2009 - Top Cancer Scientist Commits Suicide Using Toxic Chemicals

4/23/2009 - Teeth Whitener Products May Weaken Tooth Enamel

4/23/2009 - Conficker Worm Infects Hospital Equipment Computers

4/23/2009 - Deadly Pathogens Missing from U.S. Army Virus Lab

4/23/2009 - CDC Confirms Human Transmission of New Swine Flu Strain

4/23/2009 - Pollution Prevents Global Warming?

4/23/2009 - Prince Charles Attacks Big Business in New Book, Film Projects

4/23/2009 - Ocean Predators Starve as Humans Plunder Oceans for Fish Farm Bait

4/22/2009 - Planting a Garden is Now Considered A Revolutionary Act

4/22/2009 - Corn Syrup Pushers Facing Overwhelming Scientific Evidence About Health Hazards of HFCS

4/22/2009 - Sludge from Missouri Tannery Caused Brain Tumors, Says Lawsuit

4/22/2009 - Vegetable Juice Helps Promote Weight Loss (even dead, pasteurized vegetable juice!)

4/22/2009 - High-Fructose Corn Syrup Raises Bad Cholesterol Levels

4/22/2009 - Apigenin Phytonutrient Cuts Ovarian Cancer Risk

4/22/2009 - Emerging Swine Flu Infects California Children, May be Next Pandemic

4/22/2009 - Anti-Inflammatory Painkillers Actually Worsen Dementia

4/22/2009 - FDA to Make Plan B Anti-Contraception Pills Available Over-the-Counter to 17 Year Olds

4/22/2009 - Earth's Rivers Drying Up as Climate Change Devastates Freshwater Sources

4/22/2009 - Walnuts Found to Prevent Breast Cancer

4/22/2009 - Woman Paralyzed in Freak Airplane Turbulence Accident

4/22/2009 - Psoriases Linked to Diabetes (common cause? Lack of omega-3s oils!)

4/22/2009 - Nicotine Gum Causes Mouth Cancer

4/21/2009 - 21-Year-Old Woman Became Allergic to WATER, so She Drinks Diet Coke to "Hydrate!"

4/21/2009 - HR 669 to Criminalize Owners of Parrots, Iguanas, Guinea Pigs and other "Exotic" Animals (video)

4/21/2009 - Beyond "Local Food" - How to Understand the Complexities of "Food Miles"

4/21/2009 - U.S. Pharmaceutical Factories Dumping Huge Quantities of Drugs Into Public Sewers, Rivers and Waterways

4/21/2009 - MSG Sprayed on Crops as Pesticide

4/20/2009 - Fat People Create an Extra Billion Tons of CO2 Each Year, Warn Experts

4/20/2009 - Media Frenzy over TB - But They Won't Report that Sunlight Prevents It

4/20/2009 - Health Authorities Go Nuts Over One Man with Measles (what's the big deal?)

4/20/2009 - Miami Staples Store is the First Green-Certified Retailer

4/20/2009 - Dire Predictions of Global Warming Catastrophe from U.S. Energy Secretary

4/19/2009 - Big Pharma Wants to Prevent Obama from Saving Money on Generic Prescription Drugs

4/19/2009 - Astonishing! Conventional Scientists Conclude Homeopathy Really Works to Ease Cancer Treatment Symptoms

4/18/2009 - McDonald's Golden Arches Smash Couple's SUV

4/18/2009 - Why Texas will (Eventually) Secede From the Union - And Other States will Follow

4/18/2009 - Colorado Doctor Who Prescribed Antidepressants Sentenced to Prison

4/18/2009 - Oral Contraceptives Interfere with Muscle Gains in Women

4/18/2009 - EPA Set to Regulate CO2 Emissions as "Health Hazard"

4/17/2009 - Home Births Proven as Safe as Hospital Births

4/17/2009 - Asthma Caused by Deficiency in Vitamins

4/17/2009 - As Climate Changes, West Africa Facing "Mega Droughts"

4/17/2009 - Spam Emails Pollute the Earth by Indirectly Generating CO2

4/17/2009 - Amazing Microbes Live in Concentrated Seawater, Without Sunlight or Air

4/17/2009 - Big Pharma Giants Form New Company to Profit from HIV Victims

4/17/2009 - Global Warming Will Not be Halted by Current Human Civilization, Warn Scientists

4/15/2009 - Methamphetamines Harm Children's Brains (so what about amphetamine ADHD drugs?)

4/15/2009 - Warning: Epilepsy Drug Harms Babies' IQ

4/15/2009 - U.S. Government Essentially Declares "Freedom" Groups as Terrorists

4/15/2009 - Genes Have "No Clinical Relevance" in Predicting Disease, Scientists Admit

4/15/2009 - United Airlines to Charge Extra for Obese Passengers

4/15/2009 - Yucatan Excavation Reveals Catastrophic Rise in Sea Levels Can Happen in Just 50 Years

4/14/2009 - $10 X-Prize Offered for Ways to Improve Community Health (easy money!)

4/14/2009 - Electric Company to Capture Solar Power from Space, Beam to Earth

4/14/2009 - How Does Social Networking Technology Impact the Brain?

4/14/2009 - Osteoporosis Drug Heals Fractures, Say Scientists (sunlight and vitamin D heal bones even faster!)

4/14/2009 - Bedbug Outbreak Sweeping Across America

4/14/2009 - McDonald's Restaurant Buried in Filth

4/14/2009 - FDA Finally Takes Action Against Fraud Medical Review Firm (but only after govt. sting operation reveals the problems)

4/13/2009 - Hilarious: Coke Says Its Own Sports Drink is More "Complete" than Pepsi's Sports Drink

4/13/2009 - It's True: Diets Affects Heart Health (researchers have finally confirmed the obvious...)

4/13/2009 - Stop Farting Around with Those Books - Library Bans "Offensive Public Odors"

4/13/2009 - Scientists Around the World Condemn FDA for Declaring BPA is Safe

4/13/2009 - Pesticide Destroying 60% of Honeybees

4/13/2009 - "Ecology Begins at Home" Book Free Download

4/13/2009 - FDA Continues to Promote rBGH Contaminated Milk

4/13/2009 - Overworked, Sleep-Deprived Surgeons and Doctors Blunder Through Patient Procedures

4/13/2009 - UK Doctors Try to Add Hep B Vaccine to Infant Jab

4/13/2009 - Japanese Judo Industry Devastated by Contagious Skin Fungus

4/13/2009 - Pomegranate Extracts Treat Diseases of Inflammation

4/13/2009 - Growth Hormone Restores Muscle Strength in Adults

4/13/2009 - Conflicts of Interests Haunt Doctors who Promote Pharmaceuticals

4/13/2009 - Diabetes Makes People Stupid (really)

4/13/2009 - FDA Finally Halts Company Selling Unapproved Cold and Cough Medicines

4/11/2009 - Drug Culture USA: Kids Literally Smoking, Snorting Candy!

4/11/2009 - Amazing GlideCycle - A Whole New (simple) Technology for Transportation, Exercise

4/11/2009 - Secondhand Smoke Hits New Yorkers Hard

4/11/2009 - Doctor Exposed Hundreds of Children to TB

4/10/2009 - So Much for Evidence-Based Medicine: FDA Says Unapproved Morphine Drug Can Continue to be Sold

4/10/2009 - Florida is the "Colombia" of Prescription Medications

4/9/2009 - Why Ethanol Production Boosts E.Coli in Cattle

4/9/2009 - Police State USA! Ron Paul Supporter Detained, Threatened for Carrying $4700 in Cash! (recording)

4/9/2009 - FDA Okays Rapid Test for H5N1 Detection

4/9/2009 - Chevron Faces $27 Billion Court Judgment for Polluting Ecuadorian Rainforests, Causing Cancer

4/9/2009 - Buying Cell Phones Encourages Sex Violence in Congo

4/9/2009 - Pesticides Cause Childhood Brain Cancers

4/9/2009 - Absurd: Doctors Push "Natural" Caesareans (there's nothing natural about it...)

4/9/2009 - PepsiCo Tests Vending Machines Containing Greener Refrigerants

4/9/2009 - Bird Flu Infections in Egypt May Indicated Adults are "Silent" H5N1 Carriers

4/9/2009 - Schools to Report "Fat Index" of Children to Their Parents

4/9/2009 - Economic Crisis Forces U.S. States to Consider Taxing Sugary Beverages

4/8/2009 - Seroquel Too Dangerous for Primary Depression Treatment, Says FDA Panel

4/8/2009 - Reflux Drug Nexium Useless for Asthma

4/8/2009 - Raw Food Vegan Dating Site Launched:

4/8/2009 - Eating Less Sugar Cuts Diabetes Risk in Latinos (gee, ya think?)

4/8/2009 - Medical Errors Still Common in U.S. Hospitals

4/7/2009 - Maker of Toxic MSG Now Producing New Chemical Sweetener: Advantame

4/7/2009 - Bizarre: Doctors Claim Psychiatric Drugs Promote Weight Loss

4/7/2009 - Tropicana Replaces Artificially-Sweetened Drink with Stevia Sweetener

4/7/2009 - Massive Arctic Ice Shelf on Brink of Collapse

4/7/2009 - Empire State Building Goes Green

4/6/2009 - U.S. Medical Doctors Participated in Torture of Gitmo Prisoners

4/6/2009 - Pfizer to Pay Tens of Millions for Deaths of Nigerian Children in Drug Trial Experiment

4/6/2009 - Stupid Hunters Shoot Rare California Condors with Shotguns

4/6/2009 - Drs. Roizen and Oz Recommend Irradiated Food!

4/6/2009 - Daily Dose of Broccoli Halts Ulcers and Cancer

4/5/2009 - Health Ranger Hosts 2-Day Event in Vilcabamba, Ecuador (May 12 - 13)

4/5/2009 - Dr. Brian O'Leary Hosts 3-Day Event in Vilcabamba, Ecuador (May 8 - 10)

4/5/2009 - New Proposed U.S. Law Would (Finally) Legalize Growing of Industrial Hemp

4/4/2009 - FDA Accuses Drug Companies of Running Misleading Internet Ads

4/4/2009 - Two-Thirds of Parents Still Feeding Their Babies Dangerous Cough Medicines

4/4/2009 - 1 in 5 Teens Has Abused Prescription Drugs

4/4/2009 - Drinking Fewer Sodas Works Better than Eating Less for Losing Weight

4/3/2009 - Is This the 1970's? Coca-Cola Claims It Doesn't Rot Teeth - Insists It's "Kiddie-Safe"

4/3/2009 - TIME Magazine Backs Legalization of Marijuana

4/3/2009 - Woman Dies From Botched Buttocks Silicone Injections

4/2/2009 - U.S. House Grants FDA New Regulatory Power Over Tobacco

4/2/2009 - Marijuana Has Anti-Cancer Properties

4/2/2009 - Cancer Patients in Hep B Scare After Oncology Clinic Suspected of Needle Contamination

4/2/2009 - UK Program Would Ask Patients to Rate Doctors! (This idea is also in the Health Revolution Petition)

4/2/2009 - Monsanto GM Corn A Disaster in South Africa

4/2/2009 - Nine Patients Rack Up 2,700 ER Visits in Six Years

4/2/2009 - Amaranth Extract A Natural Preservative for Bread

4/2/2009 - Human Heart Regenerates Cells Automatically: One Percent Each Year

4/2/2009 - Doctors Urge Limits on Drug Company Money -- Less Bribery?

4/2/2009 - "Climate Change Isn't Our fault" Say OPEC Oil Barons

4/2/2009 - Fish Oils Reduce Size of Cancer Tumors

4/2/2009 - Mutant Superhero Children Becoming Reality?

4/2/2009 - Flame Retardant Chemicals Found in U.S. Coastal Waters and Great Lakes

4/2/2009 - Grocery Store Takes Back Product Packaging!

4/2/2009 - Americans Wipe Their Butts with Non-Renewable Trees

4/2/2009 - They Really Are Out of Their Minds! Drug-Induced Dementia Common in Seniors

4/2/2009 - The Next Global Pandemic? Drug-Resistant TB

4/1/2009 - JAMA's Hush-Up Scandal

4/1/2009 - Baby Chicks Do Arithmetic

4/1/2009 - Cancer Screening Doesn't Save Lives at All

4/1/2009 - Breast Cancer Screening Exposed As Near-Useless: 2,970 Women Must Be Screened to Save One

4/1/2009 - Did JAMA Editors Threaten a Big Pharma Whistleblower?

4/1/2009 - After Three Decades of Doing Nothing, FDA Warns Drug Companies to Stop Selling Illegal Narcotics

4/1/2009 - Crestor Fails to Cut Heart Risks in Dialysis Patients

4/1/2009 - U.S. Government Uses Down Economy to Push Mental Health Disorders

4/1/2009 - Bed Bugs Really Do Bite, But They Don't Spread Disease

3/31/2009 - Stupid Shoppers Smuggle Phosphate Dish Detergent Into Spokane (oblivious to impact on environment)

3/31/2009 - BBC Gushes Over So-Called "Miracle Pill" (clinical trial paid by Big Pharma!)

3/30/2009 - Disease Mongering Galore: Panel Says ALL Teens Should be Screened for "Depression" (just a pill-pushing scam, of course)

3/30/2009 - McDonald's Customer Shoots Up Drivethrough Window Over Breakfast Menu Dispute

3/30/2009 - Feeding Fish Oils to Cows Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Bovine Farts

3/30/2009 - "Green Gyms" Offer Working Out in the Great Outdoors (formerly known as "farming")

3/30/2009 - Petition to Lower Mercury Content of Compact Fluorescent Lights (sign it!)

3/30/2009 - CDC Says Sodium Limit Should be Lowered for Americans

3/30/2009 - Tonsillectomy Linked to Weight Gain in Kids

3/29/2009 - Pot-Growing Equipment Sparks House Fire (did firefighters inhale?)

3/29/2009 - New "Ventricular Reconstruction" Heart Surgery Found Useless

3/29/2009 - Video Games Sharpen Eyesight

3/28/2009 - A Whole New Way to Get HIV: Dirty Colonoscopies!

3/28/2009 - Tyson Foods Shuttering Processed Meat Plant

3/28/2009 - Oral Contraceptives Linked to Asthma

3/28/2009 - The "Green" Economic Stimulus We Really Need: Industrial Hemp Farming

3/28/2009 - Officially-Recognized Medical Review Board Led by a Dog Named Troper

3/28/2009 - U.S. Headed Towards Mandatory Health Insurance - Buy it Or Be Fined

3/27/2009 - ADHD Drugs Proven Absolutely Useless for Children - Plus, They Stunt Growth

3/27/2009 - Company That Oversees Medical Studies Caught in GAO Sting, Approving Fictitious Studies

3/27/2009 - The Truth About HR 875 - What Might it Really Do?

3/27/2009 - School Bans All Physical Contact (no hugging allowed!)

3/26/2009 - Omega-3s From Fish Oil Protect Against Prostate Cancer

3/26/2009 - Drug War Tyranny: DEA Conducts Illegal Raid on Licensed California Medical Marijuana Dispensary

3/26/2009 - The Dumbest People Ever? Misled "Cancer Fundraiser" People Call Themselves Fools

3/26/2009 - Black Women 300% More Likely to Have Aggressive Breast Cancer Tumors - Yet No One Dares Tell Them About Vitamin D

3/26/2009 - Psychiatry Announces it Will Be Less Whoresome by Ending Big Pharma-Sponsored "Educational" Events

3/26/2009 - Doctors in Class Action Lawsuit Against Insurance Company, Alleging Price Fixing, Collusion

3/26/2009 - Cut the Penis! U.S. Doctors Demand More Young Boys be Maimed Through Circumcision

3/26/2009 - Sun's Plasma Balls Could Wipe Out Human Civlization - Technology is the Achilles Heel

3/26/2009 - New Documentary "The Voice" Dares to Explore Quantum Consciousness

3/26/2009 - Simple Tea Creates Nano Gold Particles for Fighting Cancer

3/25/2009 - Singapore to Legalize Financial Compensation for Organ Donors

3/25/2009 - Suffering from Menstrual Cramps? Listen to this exclusive audio interview on a natural remedy that really works

3/25/2009 - For-Profit Health Insurance Industry Desperately Clinging to Survival Amid Health Reform Proposals

3/25/2009 - Gardasil Causes 400% More Deaths than Other Common Vaccine

3/25/2009 - World Health Organization Recommends SUNSHINE to Prevent TB!

3/24/2009 - Anesthesia in Young Kids Leads to Learning Disabilities (because chemicals harm the brain)

3/24/2009 - School Officials Order Strip-Search of 13-Year-Old Girl Over Ibuprofen Pills!

3/24/2009 - Tests Confirm Chinese Drywall Materials Emit Strange Gasses

3/24/2009 - Small Peanut Product Company Stands up Against FDA Tyranny

3/24/2009 - Vitamin D Crisis Unfolds as Americans Live Indoors: 97 Percent of Blacks Deficient!

3/24/2009 - Proven: Eating Red Meat Raises Death Risk from Cancer and Other Diseases

3/23/2009 - Border Agents to Dump Agent-Orange-Like Chemical to Kill All Plant Life Among U.S.-Mexico Border

3/23/2009 - Even Exxon Mobile Has Stopped Denying Reality of Global Warming

3/23/2009 - Mother Given Parking Ticket for Stopping Car to Revive Disabled Son

3/23/2009 - DDT Linked to Obesity

3/23/2009 - What's Causing the Epidemic of Eczema in the UK?

3/23/2009 - EPA Conspired with DuPont to Allow More Teflon Chemicals in Drinking Water

3/23/2009 - The Corruption Continues: FDA Approves Antidepressants for Children, Even After Revelations of Bribery

3/23/2009 - Prenatal Vitamins Prevent Hydrocephalus - A Common Baby Brain Birth Defect

3/23/2009 - Polio Vaccine Victim Wins Lawsuit Against Big Pharma

3/23/2009 - Cancer Drug Found to Promote Tumor Growth

3/23/2009 - Eating Mushrooms Slashes Risk of Breast Cancer by Two-Thirds

3/23/2009 - British Scientists to Produce Artificial Blood Based on Embryonic Stem Cells

3/23/2009 - Yellow Pea Protein Found to Lower Blood Pressure

3/23/2009 - Psychiatric Drugging of Nursing Home Residents Causes Outbreak of Violence Among Mentally Ill

3/23/2009 - Non-Kosher Hot Dogs Incite Customer Chaos at Jewish Eatery

3/22/2009 - Why Big Pharma Supports Splitting the FDA into Two Agencies: Food, and Drugs

3/21/2009 - Mobile Phones Reduce Oxygen-Carrying Capacity of Human Blood

3/21/2009 - Teenage Girls Develop Degenerative Muscle Diseases After HPV Vaccine Injections

3/21/2009 - Are You Poisoning Yourself with Mercury in Fish?

3/21/2009 - Sugar is Making a Comeback as a "Natural" Alternative to High-Fructose Corn Syrup

3/21/2009 - Calling All Organic-Minded Consumers in Connecticut: Oppose HR 875 from DeLauro

3/21/2009 - Hawaii is "Borderline Ecological Disaster" Says Avian Scientist

3/20/2009 - Falling Economy Spurs Home Gardening Boom

3/20/2009 - The Big Corporate Truth About Burt's Bees, Naked Juice and Tom's of Maine

3/20/2009 - Toxic Chemicals Release Report Shows Mercury, PCB Pollution Rise Dramatically

3/20/2009 - FDA Trying to Censor Claims of Omega-3 Oils by Prohibiting Legal Content Claim

3/20/2009 - Big Food Companies Use Same Tactics as Big Tobacco to Exploit Profits While Harming Public Health

3/20/2009 - Maggots Eat Diseased Flesh, Preventing Amputation in American Woman

3/20/2009 - White House Starts Veggie Garden (message to Americans: You should too)

3/19/2009 - Psych Drug Pushers Want PTSD Sufferers to Take Ecstasy Club Drugs

3/19/2009 - Stupid Humans: Hunters Pay $35,000 To Hunt, Kill Polar Bears in the Arctic Circle

3/19/2009 - Bird Populations Plummet Due to Disappearing Habitat

3/19/2009 - U.S. Psychiatric Doctor Arrested on Liver Transplant Fraud Scheme

3/19/2009 - What Comes Around Goes Around: China Probes Toxic Chemicals in Johnson & Johnson's Baby Shampoo Products

3/19/2009 - Big Pharma Getting Clobbered: Drug Sales See Slowest Rise in 47 Years

3/19/2009 - Corporate Lobbying Blocking Attemps to Reduce CO2 Emissions, Warns NASA Scientist James Hanson

3/19/2009 - Latest China Scandal: Toxic Chemicals in Drywall Used in U.S. Home Construction

3/19/2009 - Prostate Cancer Screenings Essentially Useless

3/19/2009 - GM Foods? No Worries, Says UK Government

3/19/2009 - AgriPharma Giants Mucking Around with Nature: Growing Diabetes Drugs in Tobacco Plants

3/18/2009 - One in Seven U.S. Teens Deficient in Vitamin D, Say Researchers (the actual number is more like 6 out of 7)

3/18/2009 - FDA Scientists Warn About Bleeding Risk of Bayer's Blood-Thinning Drug

3/18/2009 - Addiction Warning for Popular Sleep Drug Provigil

3/18/2009 - Why is Medical Marijuana Still Against the Law?

3/18/2009 - Traditional Chinese Food Ingredients Prevent Breast Cancer

3/18/2009 - UV Lights in Hospitals Could Reduce Spread of TB by 70 Percent (Naturopaths have been using UV lights for years...)

3/18/2009 - Hospital of Horrors in UK Killed Hundreds

3/18/2009 - Obesity as Dangerous to Health as Lifetime of Smoking

3/18/2009 - Global Food Production Plummets in 2009 (with chart)

3/18/2009 - U.S. Drug-Pushing Scientists Push to Close Down the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the National Institutes of Health

3/18/2009 - Translation of Baxter Pharmaceuticals "Experimental Vaccine Material" Report from Czech Republic

3/18/2009 - U.S. Health Care Plan to Cost $1.5 Trillion - But Who's Counting?

3/18/2009 - Petition to Stop HR 857 - The Death of Small Family Farms in America

3/17/2009 - EWG Releases New Grocery Shopping Guide Revealing Pesticide Levels in Common Produce

3/17/2009 - Legal Challenge to Almond Pasteurization Law Fails; All U.S. Almonds Remain Dead, Processed Nuts

3/17/2009 - Fish Oils Boost Intelligence Scores of Teenage Boys

3/16/2009 - Don Imus Announces He Has Prostate Cancer - Opting for Conventional Cancer Doctors

3/16/2009 - 20-Year-Old Shot in the Chest by Police for Smoking Pot

3/16/2009 - Health Ranger to be featured guest on Alex Jones radio show today at 1pm central time. Listen via the web at

3/16/2009 - Stop HR 875 - Keep Small Family Organic Farms Legal!

3/16/2009 - The Amazing Banana - Did You Know This?

3/16/2009 - An Excellent Explanation of the Fraud, Corruption and Scheming of Dr. Scott Reuben (who fabricated 21 studies on drugs)

3/16/2009 - Green Tea and Medicinal Mushrooms Prevent Breast Cancer

3/16/2009 - Poor Diet, Low Exercise Leads to Breast Cancer in Later Years

3/15/2009 - Kids Drank Windshield Wiper Fluid at Daycare Center (but nobody cares if they drink aspartame, huh?)

3/14/2009 - Massive Medicare Fraud Committed by Home Health Service Providers

3/14/2009 - Here Comes Food Safety Tyranny: All Raw Milk Outlawed, Bureaucrats Running Farms...

3/14/2009 - "Garden of Paradise" Community Opens in Vilcabamba, Ecuador (near the Health Ranger)

3/14/2009 - For the Poisoned Masses, Mental Decline Begins at Age 27

3/14/2009 - Colon Cancer Spreading to Asia as Youth Increasingly Follow Western Diet of Meat, Dairy and Processed Food

3/14/2009 - Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Improves Autism

3/14/2009 - Baby Products Proven to Contain Toxic Chemicals

3/14/2009 - Stuck in Traffic? Your Heart Attack Risk Triples

3/14/2009 - Proposed U.S. Law Would Ban BPA From All Food and Beverage Containers

3/14/2009 - Home Schooling Under Assault: Judge Orders Children Into Public Classrooms

3/13/2009 - Dr Pepper Snapple to Release First Stevia-Sweetened Sports Drink

3/13/2009 - Purple Corn as Natural Alternative to Synthetic Food Dyes

3/13/2009 - Why Hospitals Are Dangerous to Your Health

3/13/2009 - Psychiatrists Charges with Conspiracy in Death of Anna Nicole Smith

3/13/2009 - Margaret Hamburg to Run FDA

3/13/2009 - Baby Products Contain Cancer-Causing Chemicals

3/12/2009 - Phytoplankton Threatened by Climate Change, Krill and Penguins Caught in the Ramifications

3/12/2009 - New Battery Technology Could Result in Quick-Charge Electric Cars

3/12/2009 - Insurance Companies Refuse to Insure "Genetically Inferior" Customers

3/12/2009 - Statin Drugs Stole My Memory!

3/12/2009 - The Great Scam Revealed: 21 Drug Trials Based on Fabricated Data from Doctor with Financial Ties to Big Pharma

3/12/2009 - Big Pharma Executive Fakes Own Cancer, Impersonates Doctor to Squirm Out of SEC Fraud Charges (and gets caught!)

3/12/2009 - Ozone Pollution Boosts Death Risk by 50 Percent

3/12/2009 - Google Co-Founder Thinks Money Can Buy Health

3/11/2009 - Media Once Again Attacks Prince Charles for Advocating Plant-Based Detox Remedies (that really work, by the way)

3/11/2009 - Ridiculous Fishing Subsidies Mean Taxpayers Contribute to Overfishing of World's Oceans

3/11/2009 - Why Americans Are Fat and Diseased: Stunning Pictures of Food People Actually Eat

3/11/2009 - Stop Seed Tyranny! Monsanto's Bill HR 875 to Criminalize Seed Banking

3/11/2009 - Success of Medical Marijuana Initiatives Has Conservative "Drug War" Tyrants Shaking in Their Boots

3/11/2009 - United States Earns "D" Grade for Disastrous Mental Health Care

3/11/2009 - Amazing Elephant Intelligence: How to Siphon Clean Water From a Dirty Pond (video)

3/11/2009 - Ocean Acidification Risks Mass Extinction of Sea Life

3/11/2009 - Sea Levels Rising Faster than Predicted: Nearly One Centimeter a Year

3/10/2009 - PSA Screening for Prostate Cancer A Waste of Over-Diagnosis

3/10/2009 - Vitamin C Prevents Gout

3/10/2009 - Is It Finally Time to Stop Imprisoning Medical Marijuana Dispensaries That Abide by All State Laws?

3/10/2009 - 1300 Girls Harmed by HPV Vaccines in UK; Bizarre Side Effects Like Paralysis and Epilepsy

3/10/2009 - PepsiCo to Abandon High-Fructose Corn Syrup in New Line of Retro "Natural" Sodas Sweetened with Sugar

3/10/2009 - Boycott Kellogg's For Using Genetically Modified Sugar in its Cereal Products

3/9/2009 - Denver Hospital Exposes Patients to Toxic Fumes from Pool-Cleaning Chemicals

3/9/2009 - Doctors Abandon Patients When Sending Them Off to Die

3/9/2009 - Rock-Hurling Chimpanzee Stuns Scientists with Intelligent Planning of Weapons Cache

3/9/2009 - Schering-Plough Merges with Merck in $41 Billion Merger

3/9/2009 - Obama to Lift Restrictions on Stem Cell Research

3/8/2009 - Honeybee Collapse Strikes Japan, Up to Fifty Percent of Honeybees Gone...

3/8/2009 - Famous Study Blaming Beta-Carotene for Increases in Lung Cancer Was Dishonest, Flawed

3/8/2009 - Diabetes Patients Given Pills Before Lifestyle Advice

3/8/2009 - U.S. Judge Received Kickbacks For Sentencing Children to Juvenile Detection Centers

3/8/2009 - Stupid Beyond Belief: BBQ Meat Cookoff Used as Fundraised to Find "Cure" for Cancer!

3/7/2009 - Fifth Person Dead in Spain from Mad Cow Disease

3/6/2009 - BPA Chemicals Found in Soda Cans

3/6/2009 - Harvard Medical School Professors are Paid Big Bucks by Big Pharma to Push Meds

3/6/2009 - Are Pfizer "Secret Police" Intimidating Med School Students Who Protest Drug Ties to Harvard Medical School?

3/6/2009 - Doctors Try to Gag Patients to Prevent Posting of Online Comments About Arrogance or Bad Service

3/6/2009 - Aluminum in Medication Patches Causes Severe Skin Burns During MRI Scans

3/6/2009 - Top Manufacturers Halt Sales of BPA Plastic Baby Bottles

3/6/2009 - Why the U.S. Economic Crisis May be "Engineered" to Create World Bank (CounterThink article)

3/6/2009 - Cell Phones Spreading Superbugs in Hospitals

3/6/2009 - Gupta Withdraws from Consideration for Surgeon General Post

3/5/2009 - "Eyeborg" Project to Film Society Using Miniature Camera Mounted in Eye Socket

3/4/2009 - U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Spells the Beginning of the End of Big Pharma

3/4/2009 - Must-See Documentary on Big Pharma: "Money Talks" Film Will Rock Your Medicated World

3/4/2009 - Elderly Citizens Being Medicalized Through Needless Mass Medication

3/4/2009 - Request for Politeness from Border Agents Gets You Pepper Spray in the Face

3/4/2009 - Bionic Eye Gives Blind Man New Sight

3/4/2009 - Radiation Exposure of Americans Rises 600 Percent in 29 Years Thanks to Medical Imaging Scans

3/4/2009 - GAO Says FDA Needs Even More Power Over Vitamins and Supplements (the current tyranny is not enough?)

3/4/2009 - Octuplet Mom Emerging as Huge Burden on Society

3/3/2009 - Wine Protects Against Throat Cancer (resveratrol is powerful medicine)

3/3/2009 - Obama Pushes Cancer Cure Scam: We Just Need More Money! (same scam since the 1960's)

3/3/2009 - American Pharmaceutical Company Contaminates Vaccines with LIVE Bird Flu Virus!

3/2/2009 - Grow Your Own Drugs: The Medicine Cabinet In Your Garden

3/2/2009 - Eating Red Meat Makes You Go Blind

3/2/2009 - Childrens' Cough and Cold Medicines Are Dangerous, Warn Healthcare Watchdogs

3/2/2009 - Breastfeeding Cuts Risk of SIDS In Half

3/2/2009 - Veterans Committing Suicide At Alarming Rate: It's the Psych Drugs They're Put On!

3/2/2009 - True History: Dr. Henry Cotton, a Prominent Psychiatrist, Removed Patients' Teeth, Stomachs, Testicles and Other Organs to "Treat" Mental Disorders

3/2/2009 - Media Pushing Removal of Tonsils for ADHD Kids (echoes of Dr. Henry Cotton and his made crusade of maiming mental health patients)

3/2/2009 - Cancer Industry Booming! Cancer To Become World's #1 Killer (and they still won't mention vitamin D)

3/2/2009 - Flu Virus Increasingly Immune to Tamiflu (so much for the drugs approach)

3/2/2009 - GATTACA Lives! Fertility Clinic to Offer Gene Trait-Selected Babies

3/2/2009 - Even Most Hospital Staff Members Refuse To Get Flu Vaccines! (ever wonder why?)

3/2/2009 - Vitamin B12 Found to Prevent Birth Defects

3/2/2009 - Lessons in Lying: AstraZeneca Says It Never Hid Study Data on Seroquel and Diabetes

3/2/2009 - Are Two Wombs Better Than One? Double-Wombed Mom Delivers One Daughter From Each Womb!

3/2/2009 - The Vomit Cruise! 100 Passengers Contract Norovirus on Cruise Ship (Beware of Large Crowds in Confined Spaces)

3/2/2009 - E-Cigarettes Deliver Nicotine Dose Through Electronic "Smokes"

2/28/2009 - Government Interference with Farmers Threatens Food Sustainability

2/28/2009 - Noam Chomsky: Survival of the Human Species is Not A Sure Thing (must-see video)

2/28/2009 - Drought Emergency in California as Climate Variation Causes Rainfall Collapse

2/27/2009 - Busted! AstraZeneca Told Its Sales Reps to Lie About Diabetes Side Effects

2/27/2009 - Obama Administration to End DEA Pot Raids on Medical Marijuana Clinics in California

2/27/2009 - Nurses Snap Cell Phone Photos of Patients, Then Post on Facebook!

2/26/2009 - Law Enforcement's NIK Drug Tests Are Putting Innocent People Behind Bars for Carrying Natural Health Products!

2/26/2009 - NIH Authority Says Vaccine-Autism Link Needs More Research

2/26/2009 - Cancer Can Be Halted By Changing Your Diet, Says World Cancer Research Fund

2/26/2009 - Russian Man Dies After Guzzling Viagra

2/26/2009 - Water is Running Out for Vegas and Los Angeles - the End of Southwest Cities?

2/26/2009 - Big Pharma Production Factory Caught Falsifying Data

2/26/2009 - Common Prenatal Vitamins Lack Sufficient Iodine

2/26/2009 - The Vaccine Court Story the Mainstream Media Hopes You Never Read...

2/26/2009 - Did McDonald's McScrew an Employee-Turned-Hero?

2/25/2009 - Warming of Planet's Polar Regions Accelerating, Warn Scientists

2/25/2009 - FDA Left Tainted Syringes on the Market for Months

2/25/2009 - Mainstream Media Implosion Continues as San Francisco Chronicle Nears Closure

2/24/2009 - Scientists Warn: Social Networking Websites Harm Children's Brains

2/24/2009 - NASA Satellite to Measure Global Warming Crashes Into Ocean

2/24/2009 - FDA Approves Brain Implant Devices for OCD Patients

2/24/2009 - Vitamin D Protects Against the Common Cold

2/23/2009 - New Brand of Deadly Superbugs Rival Danger of MRSA

2/23/2009 - World Mercury Pollution Treaty Now Underway (but what about mercury fillings?)

2/22/2009 - Bad Economy Sends Millions to Fast Food Restaurants as Nations Eat Themselves to Death

2/22/2009 - The End of an Era: Parent Company of 159 Newspapers Files for Bankruptcy

2/21/2009 - Food Supply Crisis? Severe Drought Cuts Off Water to Thousands of California Farms

2/21/2009 - Tropicana Division of PepsiCo Auctioning off Manufacturing Plants

2/20/2009 - Must See! Pregnant in America, Amazing Video Exposes Truth About Medical Intervention of Pregnancy

2/20/2009 - PSA Screening for Men Over 75 Utterly Useless, Say Researchers

2/20/2009 - Solar-Powered Device Converts Carbon Dioxide Into Natural Gas

2/19/2009 - Permafront Thawing Away in Sweden

2/19/2009 - Breast Cancer Screening Fraud: Women Being Over-Screened, Over-Diagnosed and Over-Treated

2/19/2009 - Wave of Mysterious Kidney Stones in Children Sweeps Across China

2/19/2009 - Liquid Water Spotted on Mars: NASA Photo

2/19/2009 - Bad Human! Extinct Bird Rediscovered, then Eaten

2/19/2009 - PepsiCo Now Targeting Women With Processed Snack Food Campaign

2/19/2009 - Woman Arrested For Faking Cancer (meanwhile, the cancer industry fakes treatment...)

2/19/2009 - Genentech Psoriasis Drug Kills People (use omega-3 oils instead)

2/19/2009 - Living Near Fast Food Restaurants Boosts Stroke Risk

2/19/2009 - Is Jerry Bowyer the Dumbest CNBC Commentator Ever? (Loves His Fiat Currency!)

2/19/2009 - REVOLT! Calls for New American "Tea Party" Against Obama Mortgage Bailout Insanity (video)

2/19/2009 - Massachusetts Unveils Plan to Tax Drivers On Per-Mile Basis

2/19/2009 - Online Social Networking Can Kill Your Health, Warn Researchers

2/19/2009 - FDA Essentially Abandons Safety Inspections of Medical Device Labs

2/19/2009 - Former Gitmo Guard Tells All: Rape, Torture, Beatings... All USA-Approved!

2/19/2009 - Drug Companies Exploit Third-World People as Guinea Pigs to Test First-World Drugs

2/19/2009 - Western Medicine Failure: Health of American Youth in Decline

2/19/2009 - Vaccine Pushers Exploit Child's Death to Scare Parents Into Vaccinating Their Children (while ignoring vitamin D)

2/19/2009 - EPA Set to Regulate Carbon Dioxide Emissions

2/19/2009 - Obama Housing Bailout Punishes Reponsible Homeowners Who Paid Their Mortgages On Time

2/19/2009 - A Nation of Drugged School Kids = Violent Outbreaks on Basketball Court (video)

2/19/2009 - Airport Body Scans Are Virtual Strip-Searches - Soon to be Mandatory!

2/19/2009 - Agree or Disagree, This 12-Year-Old Girl is a Champion of Free Speech (video)

2/19/2009 - Now Chimp Owners Says She Didn't Give Him Xanax After All (Going Bananas?)

2/18/2009 - Famed Author Jared Diamond Predicts 49% Chance of Civilization Collapse (video)

2/18/2009 - They're Drugging the Chimps! Chimpanzee Given Xanax Antidepressant Drug Before Attacking Woman

2/18/2009 - 20,000 Jobs at Stake as California Faces the Music

2/17/2009 - CDC Vaccine Advisor Pockets $29 Million Promoting Vaccines

2/17/2009 - Big Brother UK: Now Illegal to Photograph the Police!

2/17/2009 - PETA To Boycott McDonald's Over Chicken Slaughter Practices

2/17/2009 - Business As Usual: Obama Sends 17,000 More Troops Into Afghanistan

2/17/2009 - Pfizer Defrauded Wisconsin, Rules Jury in $153 Million Court Case

2/17/2009 - Arthritis Drugs Linked to Increase in Shingles

2/17/2009 - Psychiatric Disease Mongering Turns Kids Into "Alphabet Kids" With Multiple Disease Acronyms

2/17/2009 - European EFSA Censors Health Claims About Cranberries and Urinary Tract Infections

2/17/2009 - GM Beet Sugar Warning: 70 Companies Vow to Avoid Using It (You Should, Too!)

2/17/2009 - 40% of "Vegetative" Patients May be Misdiagnosed (and Alert!)

2/17/2009 - Nutritionally Illiterate Americans: 80% Have No Idea Which Foods Contain Trans Fats

2/16/2009 - Learn the Truth About Vaccine Dangers from the National Vaccine Information Center

2/16/2009 - Gaza Atrocity Exposed by Lancet Medical Journal

2/16/2009 - Pediatrician Dares Utter the Truth About Vaccines and Autism!

2/16/2009 - WebMD Pushing Cholesterol Drugs for Children, Says "200,000 Teens Need Medication" for Cholesterol...

2/16/2009 - Forensic Scientists Working on Technology to Render Face Photos Solely from DNA Left At Crime Scene

2/16/2009 - California Caught in Desperate Shortfall of $40 Billion

2/16/2009 - States Going Broke! Kansas Suspends Income Tax Refunds As Money Dries Up

2/16/2009 - Good Idea! China May Use Graphic Images as Cigarette Warnings

2/16/2009 - Retired Government Worker? Think You'll Get Medical Benefits? Think Again...

2/16/2009 - New Mexico State Senator Asks FDA to Revoke Safety Approval for Toxic Aspartame

2/16/2009 - Hypnobirthing Moms Give Birth Without Pain, Screaming or Trauma

2/16/2009 - C-Section Biths Finally Limited in UK

2/16/2009 - Thalidomide Babies Born in Spain Still Receive No Compensation from Evil Drug Companies

2/16/2009 - Diabetes Prevented with Only 7.5 Minutes of Exercise a Week

2/16/2009 - Hundreds of Thousands of Dairy Cows to be Slaughtered Due to Low Milk Prices

2/16/2009 - New Mobile Phone is Powered by the Sun

2/16/2009 - Eastern Europe Financial Crisis Threatens Global Meltdown

2/16/2009 - Breakthrough Clothing Dissolves in Water (Don't Wear When it Rains!) (video)

2/16/2009 - Ignorant Women Ignore Nutritional Guidelines Even When Planning for Pregnancy

2/16/2009 - Air Pollution "Reprograms" Genes of Newborns for Lifelong Asthma

2/15/2009 - New Pill Developed that Wipes Your Memory Clean; New Era for Psychiatric "Treatment" of Nonconformists?

2/15/2009 - America Unable to Find Buyers For Trillions in New Debt

2/15/2009 - Must-See: Escape From Suburbia (video trailer)

2/15/2009 - After Banning Free Speech About Cherry Concentrates (which reverse gout), FDA Approves New Drug for Gout

2/15/2009 - Climate Change Accelerates Beyond All Estimates; Climate Models To Be Recalculated

2/14/2009 - Why Modern Civilization Won't Make It: The Destruction of Los Angeles Community Farms

2/14/2009 - 72-Year-Old Grandma Chases Down Teenage Purse Thief

2/14/2009 - Toxic Waste Causing New Wave of Birth Defects

2/14/2009 - Hilarious Valentine's Day Animation from Organic Consumers Association

2/14/2009 - Living Near Trees Makes You Live Longer

2/14/2009 - Swimming in the Ocean? Beaches Could Harbor MRSA Superbugs

2/14/2009 - Peanut Corp Files for Bankruptcy

2/14/2009 - Total Federal Debt Exceeds GDP of the Entire World!

2/14/2009 - Laser Printers Emit Toxic Micro Dust

2/14/2009 - Drug Company Money is Top Factor in Publication of Vaccine Studies

2/14/2009 - Hemp Oil Cure for Cancer?

2/13/2009 - THUNK! Economic Stimulus Bill Reaches 1,100 Pages, Not One Member of Congress Has Read It! (video)

2/13/2009 - Airplane Cabin Air Filled with Toxic Chemicals

2/13/2009 - USA Today's "Housing Market Expert" Was Former Housing Bubble Denier

2/13/2009 - Fructose-Sweetened Drinks Spike Blood Sugar in the Obese

2/13/2009 - For Women, Your Face Reveals Your Personality Traits

2/13/2009 - U.S. Treasury Having Trouble Selling Debt

2/13/2009 - Warfarin Blood Thinner "Useless" for Cancer Patients - New Research

2/13/2009 - HPV Vaccine Batch Making Girls Sick; Emergency Recall Being Considered

2/13/2009 - Key Formulator of Economic Stimulus Provisions Took $417,000 from Big Pharma

2/13/2009 - Clever Pranksters Hack Taco Bell Drive Through Radio Signal, Shout Profanity at Customers

2/13/2009 - Stimulus Bill Balloons to 999 Pages - No One Voting on the Bill Has read It!

2/12/2009 - Dems Break Promise to Post Stimulus Bill for 48 Hours to Allow Public to Read It (Hurry! Pass it before anyone reads it!)

2/12/2009 - Thailand Government Attempts to Outlaw Organic Farming

2/12/2009 - Unnecessary Medical Procedures Causing Huge Economic Burden in America

2/12/2009 - Classic! James Randi Ruins Homeopathy Experiment That Could Have Proved Him Wrong (and Cost Him $1 million)

2/12/2009 - Court Sides with Vaccine Pushers in Autism Lawsuit (Surprised?)

2/12/2009 - Mother of 8 New Babies Hands the Medical Bills to California Taxpayers

2/11/2009 - Health Ranger Interview Reveals Secrets for Indoor Air Purification, Diet Transformation Strategies, Superfood Recipes and More

2/11/2009 - Under New Stimulus Bill, U.S. Government Might Sell Your Medical Record Profiles to Marketing Companies

2/11/2009 - Wave of Corporate Crime Sweeping America, FBI Short on Agents

2/11/2009 - Panasonic Recalls Employees to Avoid Pandemic Influenza

2/11/2009 - U.S. Economic Policies Following the "Zimbabwe School of Economics" (video)

2/11/2009 - Elderly Being Poisoned by Cocktail of Prescription Drugs at Hospitals

2/11/2009 - DuPont Magically Granted Three-Year Extension on Safety Testing of PFOA (Teflon)

2/11/2009 - Big Push of Statin Drugs for Healthy People Now Underway in the UK

2/11/2009 - Ginger, Turmeric, Neem Declared "Hazardous" in Thailand After Chemical Companies Try to Protect Pesticide Profits

2/11/2009 - America Steeped in Depression, Loneliness and a Bogus Mental Health Industry

2/11/2009 - Maryland May Ban Artificial Food Colors

2/11/2009 - Algae Can Save the World From Global Warming While Producing Biofuel

2/11/2009 - Myth Busted: Eating Eggs Has Virtually No Effect on Cholesterol Levels

2/11/2009 - New York Flu Resistant to Anti-Viral Medicines

2/11/2009 - Is Single-Payer Health Care System the Solution? (This Doctor Thinks So)

2/11/2009 - LoJack for People? Now Alzheimer's Patients to be Tracked, Too

2/11/2009 - Obesity During Pregnancy Linked to Birth Defects

2/11/2009 - Merrill Lynch Secretly Accelerated Payout of Million-Dollar Bonuses to Executives Even While Losing Billions

2/11/2009 - China Refuses to Buy More U.S. Debt Without Guarantees - Is U.S. Default Near?

2/11/2009 - Antidepressant Drugs Linked to Accelerated Aging and More Wrinkles

2/11/2009 - Indian Firm to Launch Soft Drink Made From Cow Urine (to Compete with Coke)

2/11/2009 - Hulu Ad Admits True Conspiracy of "Television Programming"

2/11/2009 - FDA Bans Vitamin B6, Calls it a "Drug"

2/10/2009 - Dead from Australia's Fires Still Pales in Comparison to Australians Killed by Big Pharma

2/10/2009 - Marijuana Activists Blast Kellogg's for Dropping Michael Phelps Sponsorship - Boycott Underway

2/10/2009 - Eight Arrests Made Following Michael Phelps Bong-Smoking Photo

2/10/2009 - Wave of Peanut Butter Recalls Continues to Expand as Americans Freak Out Over Peanut Butter

2/10/2009 - Monsanto to Receive Millions in Tax Credits?

2/10/2009 - Ship of Fools (and the Financial Morons in Washington)

2/10/2009 - Arizona Sheriff Dehumanizes Latino Immigrants with "Jailbird Parade"

2/10/2009 - Eight-Year-Old Girl Starves to Death After Dentist Pulls Out Eight Teeth

2/10/2009 - Bayer Settles with Illinois Over Deceptive Advertising of Yaz Birth Control

2/10/2009 - Bribery Report? Pfizer Says it Will Start Reporting Cash Payments to Doctors

2/10/2009 - Mediterranean Diet Cuts Risk of Alzheimer's, Dementia

2/10/2009 - Government Bonds are "the Last Bubble" Warns Jim Rogers

2/10/2009 - Stealth Provision in Economic Stimulus Bill Establishes "Big Brother" Government Control over Doctors!

2/9/2009 - Sunshine Crucial for Pregnant Women and Healthy of Newborns

2/9/2009 - Hibiscus Tea Significantly Lowers Blood Pressure

2/9/2009 - In Ten Years, All Newborn Babies Will Have Their DNA Tracked in Government Databases, Predicts Scientist

2/9/2009 - Big Pharma's Thalidomide Drug was Actually Developed as Nazi Chemical Weapon (Today It's Used as Chemotherapy)

2/9/2009 - Dalai Lama Joins Twitter

2/9/2009 - Rare Marburg Infection Crops up in Colorado (First Time in U.S.)

2/9/2009 - Finally! Boston Bans Cigarette Sales in Drug Stores

2/9/2009 - Bailout Money Reaches Mind-Boggling $9.7 TRILLION -- Beyond All Reason?

2/8/2009 - Conventional Cancer Treatments Bankrupting Patients, Families

2/8/2009 - Psychiatrists Consider Cutting Back on Accepting Bribes from Big Pharma

2/7/2009 - Taiwan Coral Reefs Turn Black from Pollution

2/7/2009 - FDA Threatens Compounding Pharmacies over Natural HRT; Wyeth Prompted FDA Censorship Campaign

2/7/2009 - Baltic Dry Index (BDI) Portends Possible Disastrous Drop in International Shipping of Food, Materials (video)

2/7/2009 - HPV Gardasil Shot Destroys Life of Teenage Girl (video)

2/7/2009 - X-Rays, MRI Scans Useless for Back Pain

2/7/2009 - Slight Drop in Breast Cancer Because So Many Women Stopped Using Dangerous HRT Drugs

2/6/2009 - Scary Era of Playing God with Medicine Unleashed: FDA Approves Blood Thinner Drug from Genetically Engineered Goats

2/6/2009 - Website Lets You Put a Contract on Yourself for Weight Loss and Other Personal Goals

2/6/2009 - The New Office Wager: Who Can Lose More Weight?

2/6/2009 - Health Ranger's "Bailout Money" Song Featured in Wall Street Journal

2/6/2009 - Positive Article on Homeopathy Appears in Mainstream Media: Placebo Effect Has Value, Too

2/6/2009 - Doctor Killed Intensive Care Patient with Insulin Injection

2/6/2009 - New Toxic Chemical in Cosmetics: D4 and D5 Siloxanes

2/6/2009 - Public Revolt Against Rip-Off Rescue Plan Takes Shape in U.S.

2/6/2009 - Violent Video Games Linked to Risky Behavior, Low Self Esteem in Children and Teens

2/6/2009 - Stupid Internet Users Fall for "Computer Screen Tan" Hoax That's Really Just An Attack on Sunlight

2/6/2009 - Psychiatric Hospital Operates Like Prison, with Sex Abuse and Violent Assaults

2/6/2009 - Auto Parts Supplier Delphi Seeks to Cut Health Benefits to 15,000 Retirees

2/6/2009 - Commercial Fishing Banned in Arctic Due to Global Warming

2/6/2009 - Google Latitude Could Track People Without Their Knowledge, Warns Privacy Group

2/5/2009 - Tainted Peanut Butter Recall Costing Kellogg's $70 Million

2/5/2009 - Living Near Power Lines Linked to Alzheimer's Disease: New Research

2/5/2009 - Bras for MEN? Man-Bras Become Best-Selling Item in Japan (video)

2/5/2009 - Now Auto Parts Suppliers Want $20 Billion in Bailout Money - But What About the Other Suppliers Who Supply the Suppliers?

2/5/2009 - Pentagon Spends $4.7 Billion this Year on Image-Boosting Public Relations (the Real War is For Control of Your Mind)

2/5/2009 - Severe Droughts Now Hitting China, Australia: Food Production Plummets

2/5/2009 - The Wonders of Socialized Medicine: Veteran Pulls Out 13 of His Own Teeth

2/5/2009 - Medical Journal Attacks Nutritional Supplements for Kids, Saying Most Children "Don't Need Vitamins"

2/5/2009 - Surprise! U.S. Treasury Paid Ripoff Prices for Financial Institution Assets Under Bailout Plan

2/5/2009 - Peter Schiff Schools Mathematically Impaired CNN Journalist on Economic Reality (video)

2/5/2009 - Injured Man Dies in Japan After 14 Hospitals Refuse to Treat Him

2/5/2009 - Greedy CEOs Say They are "Entitled" To Million-Dollar Salaries, Perks Even as Their Companies Survive on Bailout Money (video)

2/5/2009 - Another Reason we Don't Have Electric Cars: The Billion-Dollar Car Maintenance Business (video)

2/5/2009 - Doctors Say: Smoke More Camels! (video)

2/5/2009 - Insane Cancer Scientists Use Humans as Guinea Pigs in Clinical Trial Combining Four Toxic Chemicals

2/5/2009 - Chairman of Arkansas State Medical Board Critically Injured in Car Bombing Attack (is someone seeking revenge?)

2/5/2009 - Vitamin B and Folic Acid Supplements Prevent Migraines

2/5/2009 - Mother of Diabetic Girl Who Died from Eating Sweets Faces Life in Prison

2/5/2009 - Join Petition Against Energy Star to Lower Mercury Content in Fluorescent Bulbs

2/5/2009 - Australia Faces Collapse Due to Drought, Climate Change

2/5/2009 - Psychiatry Still Uses Electroshock Therapy on Children

2/5/2009 - Vitamin D Deficiency Makes Young Girls' Muscles Weak

2/5/2009 - Obama Promises "Complete Review" of FDA Operations in Wake of Peanut Food Scare

2/5/2009 - DEA Continues Tyrannical Raids on California Medical Marijuana Clinics Despite Obama's Campaign Promises

2/5/2009 - C-Section Birth Raises Risk of Asthma in Newborns by 79 Percent

2/5/2009 - Big Pharma in Retreat as Patents Expire and Monopoly Marketing Comes to an End

2/5/2009 - One CT Scans Equals Radiation of 600 Chest X-Rays

2/5/2009 - Multiple Sclerosis Caused by Vitamin D Deficiency

2/5/2009 - HRT Link to Breast Cancer "Confirmed," Says New England Journal of Medicine

2/5/2009 - One-Third of New Food Products Claim to be "Natural"

2/5/2009 - Dennis Kucinich Aims to End the Fed

2/5/2009 - Bisphenol-A Lingers in the Body Longer than Previously Thought, Reveals Research

2/5/2009 - Hygiene Hypothesis Reveals that Lack of Parasitic Infections May Imbalance Immune Function in Humans

2/5/2009 - Is Ringling Bros. Circus Engaged in Animal Cruelty with Treatment of Elephants?

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