What are the Top 7 Natural Cures for Cancer and why does Western Medicine lie, cheat and steal to keep you from knowing them?
by S.D. Wells
Have you ever heard the names Hoxsey, Burzynski, Gerson and Royal Rife? What about medicinal mushrooms - have you ever seen a commercial for these, or heard an MD or Oncologist speak of them? No, you have not.

Have you ever seen an ad for hydrogen peroxide 35% for cancer prevention and healing, or have you ever heard of this from your doctor? He/she should be talking about your body's alkalinity and cells receiving ample oxygen.

Have you heard about medicinal cannabis saving people from cancer and the miseries of chemo?

Get with the natural program and swallow it "whole." Your cure for everything lives in raw, whole organic food, herbs and tinctures, and you must know the cures that have been buried by the FDA, the AMA, the ADA, the EPA, the CDC and every other agency that doesn't publish the cures for cancer.


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