#2) Scary commercials about quitting smoking really only help 3% of smokers quit - it's just a scam so you think the Government cares about your health
by S.D. Wells
The CDC scary commercials and advertisements campaign about the dangers of smoking cigarettes only yields a 6% success rate at getting people to quit smoking, plus, half of them go back to smoking after quitting for just 6 months. That leaves three percent success. That's absolutely dismal!

Chantix and Zyban "cessation" medications have side effects that include depression, thoughts of suicide and suicide. As if smoking 7,000 chemicals per day per cigarette wasn't bad enough.

Only a rare few can brag about chemical medications working for them. That's scary.

Combining bad food with bad medicine and putting chemicals on your skin all add up to a toxic body that's SCARED TO HEAL.

Don't be afraid of good health anymore. In sixty minutes, you could learn about behavior modification and nutrients that will extend your healthy, new non-smoker life.


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