#4) Antibiotics are highly overused in cow, turkeys, pigs and chickens to stave off infections - how many are YOU getting from THAT?
by S.D. Wells
Why in the world are so many people becoming immune to antibiotics and more vulnerable to infectious diseases and infections from surgery and hospital bacteria, viruses and Superbugs?

The answer is that most antibiotics sold and utilized in America are inside animals at the confined animals feeding operations that fuel the meat and dairy industries.

So what is a Superbug? A Superbug is an incredibly dangerous infection from deadly bacteria that the World Health Organization, W.H.O., calls "one of the three greatest threats to human health."

All known antibiotics are useless in treating certain ones, like the CRE, which rose out of the systematic ABUSE of antibiotics by doctors and also factory farms (CAFOs) that fuel the fast food industries and chain, corporate restaurants.


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