#2) Ask a naturopath about the power of organic immunity and find out why YOUR turmeric must be organic!
by S.D. Wells
Most turmeric sold on the shelves of America suffers from high lead content and a high count of microbes.

Are you consuming heavy metal toxins and bacteria this way? How will you find your best source of immunity and keep it optimized? Don't ask your MD or your oncologist; they will try to discredit it, along with organic food in general. They probably eat GMOs themselves.

Organic turmeric tincture is what to find. Remember, when curry contains turmeric, that's when you're getting the phytonutrient called curcumin and building natural immunity!

Health Ranger Mike Adams runs the Forensic Food Lab, where he tested common turmeric purchased online from Amazon.com. Most of it is contaminated with heavy metal toxins linked to cancer, brain damage, kidney damage and more.

Check into this: http://www.naturalnews.com

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