Ebola truth #8) The mainstream media, government and health authorities will get people killed by censoring the truth about natural cures
by S.D. Wells
In any pandemic, there will be a sustained and malicious effort to program the public to stay away from medicinal herbs, Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutritional therapies and anything else that doesn't profit the pharmaceutical industry.

Although world history is filled with accounts of medical pioneers using plant-based medicines to save lives during pandemics and plagues, today's criminally-operated pharmaceutical industry has gone to great lengths to try to erase these truths from human consciousness. (Listen to Episode Six of my FREE audio course at BioDefense.com to hear a full list of plant-based antiviral medicines.)

In furtherance of this "memory hole" effort, the FDA outlaws all truthful claims about herbs, foods, nutrients or natural medicines treating or preventing any disease. The simple, truthful claim that "vitamin C can prevent and cure scurvy" can get you arrested and thrown in prison in America if you sell vitamin C supplements. The FDA will not even allow vitamin D manufacturers to accurately claim that vitamin D cures rickets, a disease caused entirely by vitamin D deficiency. Because the pharmaceutical industry sees pandemics as profit opportunities, they aggressively accelerate efforts across government and media to publicly attack anyone who recommends natural or holistic approaches to immune health. This is a deliberate strategy to protect the greed-driven financial interests of drug companies, even if it means allowing millions of people to die as a result. The drug industry would rather see millions die than lose their dominant position in the health care marketplace.

That's why real answers on natural medicine and pandemic preparedness can only come from independent news sources like Natural News. Independent media is keeping alive the truths about natural cures and herbal medicines that the CDC, FDA and drug companies have been trying to wipe clean from human memory for the last several decades.

That's why when it comes to pandemic outbreaks, people who listen solely to "official sources" will likely pay for that mistake with their lives, while people who expand their horizons and learn the wisdom of nature from independent sources have a far greater chance of saving themselves.

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