#4) Television has negativity "for sale" to minds of ALL AGES, all day and all night, for every walk of life -- are you "buying into it"?
by S.D. Wells
Kids aren't stupid, and neither are their parents, but people get brainwashed for so long that they believe in the biggest lies, like name-brand whole-grain cereals are good for you, or that war is good for the economy.

The nightly TV news scares the masses into believing that the human immune system is weak and fragile, and that we all need vaccines and medications to be normal and fight infection. The commercials do the same.

Kids eat GMO food school lunches, and their parents can't figure out why they have so many allergies, asthma attacks, skin rashes and indigestion. ADD and ADHD are just buzzwords and terms that Big Pharma created to address these symptoms of toxic food intake.

Television is an addiction. Turn it off. Watch your favorite movies and maybe some sports, but don't watch the idiot box for health or safety information.

You can do better. Read natural health news online and tune into the Health Ranger's journalists, investigative reporters, scientists, nutritionists and naturopaths. There is light at the end of the "addiction tunnel." Turn off the TV and seek it. Are YOU or your KIDS under "Hollywood Hypnosis"? Click below to find out now!


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