#5) Cigarettes and alcohol go great together, like lung cancer and emphysema, or Alzheimer's and brittle bones, or low IQ and bigotry
by S.D. Wells
People have so many excuses for indulging in food and leisure toxins. They'll say they're stressed out or celebrating. They'll say they only smoke when they drink, or they only drink "light" beer, or worse, they mix their alcohol with diet soda or mixers that contain GM corn sugar.

Poison is poison, but people still feel the need to "party" or "relax." Fine. Let's invent a new way that doesn't rob your system of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals.

Bad food brews bad attitudes. Good food brews good moods.

Want to party and relax with some organic superfood that tastes splendid? Take some organic coconut oil, heat it slightly until clear, mix with organic honey and organic cacao (chocolate) powder. Then cover your favorite fruit with it and put it in the freezer for 10 minutes. It's like organic magic shell!

Drop the addictions, the sugar fixes, the cancer sticks and the mind-numbing junk food. There's a natural method to quitting cigarettes that incorporates nutrition as a major phase. Watch the preview/trailer presented by the Health Ranger, Mike Adams:


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