#2) Sugar is the most powerful addiction on planet earth, some nutritionists say, worse than cocaine, morphine, heroin and nicotine put together
by S.D. Wells
"Sugar addiction is a subtle and insidious dependency that creeps up completely unnoticed. Unknowingly consumed in processed food or a seemingly harmless meal out, sugar is everywhere. In fact, the average American ingests 150 pounds of refined sugar a year -- the equivalent of five tons throughout a lifetime."

Sure, hard drugs are addicting and lead to death, but sugar leads to a slow, dragged out, miserable death by cancer if you're not careful, so how can one be "careful" with a hardcore drug food? Basically, don't eat it.

White sugar is refined, processed and most likely GMO. Corn is genetically modified to contain pesticide to kill bugs. It's in the cupcakes, the donuts, the cakes, the cheap bread and, yes, the milk. Are you accepting cancer food as normal? Why?

"Simply because sugar is a widespread, accepted substance, doesn't mean it is anymore innocuous than morphine or heroin. It is just as addictive, if not more so. But there is hope. With a few dietary and lifestyle changes, sugar dependency can be tamed and healthy well-being restored."


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