Most medical terms for digestive disorders are LIES - stop consuming these six digestion destroyers and watch your health revitalize!
by S.D. Wells
How much do you really know about the bacterial balance of your intestinal system? How much do you respect your gut flora balance? Could ignoring this knowledge be the MAIN reason you can't digest food properly? Yes, it could.

MD's know little of this so don't ask them; you'll have to consult a Naturopath. Or maybe you could study Natural Health News reports and compiled research and come to your own conclusions. This is a thought.

The ideal ratio for gut bacteria is 85 percent good to 15 percent bad, just for starters. Let's talk about the good guys and their job absorbing starches, fiber and sugars.

What else is thrown in the mix ... dead food or pesticide food (GMO)? Maybe you're putting all the liver's responsibilities on your pancreas, by overwhelming it with toxins.

Deficiencies in magnesium and enzymes might top the list of considerations here.

If you're stressed out, you may have depleted your vitamins and minerals entirely. Do you work out often and vigorously? There are FIVE digestion "destroyers" you can simply eliminate from your daily food regimen, and thus detoxify in a number of ways, treating a number of cleansing organs.

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