#2) Fast food meat, for the most part, is a conglomeration of animal scraps, genetically modified soy, hormones, antibiotics and toxic filler
by S.D. Wells
How cheap IS fast food meat? Really, really cheap, that's how cheap. CAFO farmer's beat back e-coli and superbug bacteria with 80% of all antibiotics sold and used in America, and it's getting worse.

Cattle in CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations) are confined in as little space as possible. They are trough-fed genetically modified food not meant for ANY animal to consume.

They trounce in their own manure and urine all day. They're bulked up with steroidal hormones that cause cancer tumors in humans. How does your stomach deal with all of this, and what about your colon? Have you been diagnosed with polyps? Stop wondering why.

Then, those slaughtered cattle get to the processing, meat packing and blood draining areas of the plant. The meat gets doused with ammonia and other bio-hazardous chemicals. What does this do to your bacteria balance in your gut?

Beef and bacon are at all time high in sales. Health detriment sure is convenient! Reliance on junk science doesn't bring down beef prices, folks, just the quality.

Maybe you're eating transglutaminase or "Meat Glue" and you don't know it! There are no regulations on this meat conglomeration in the USA, in case you didn't know.

Just what is "meat glue"? Surely, you don't know if you're still eating it.




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