#7) Why do whole grains cause inflammation? Could it be they're illegally grown as GMO -- and what does China know about the USA that you don't?
by S.D. Wells
Last April, in 2014, China rejected US exported grain that was grown with seeds that were genetically modified by Syngenta AG (agriculture division). The Asian nation turned away one and a half million metric tons of corn in six months' time. Why?

Why would China, a very industry-polluted country, not want GM grains? What's the big concern? The grain contained a gene that China has a ZERO tolerance policy to keep out of the country. That gene is called MIR 162.

That zero tolerance policy applies to certain corn and soybeans too, didn't you know? The Americans will say this costs them billions in losses, but really these are gains, because less humans are consuming cancer-causing food that we "manufacture."

Are you eating "manufactured" food or naturally grown? Your wheat belly may be leaving you beginning today. It's time that YOU boycott GMO altogether.




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