Natural Health News 2014 Year-in-Review - How to use what WE learned to make 2015 spectacular! - The top 5 "Events" and their importance as tracked by Natural News Tracker
by S.D. Wells
Every year we experience events, whether economical, political or environmental, that affect the way we function, live, breathe, act, react and protect our families. These decisions we make based on external factors are all within our control.

We have control of our bodies. We must feed ourselves only organic food as often as possible, instead of polluted GMO food and fluoridated water. We must "feed ourselves" real news, like Natural Health News, not the fake, scripted news like CNN and FOX.

Every year, every month and every day we must wear our filters, so we can interpret what's real and make informed decisions, checking the labels of foods we consume and supplements we take against all the new information we have, to make sure companies haven't "sold us out" and changed what we thought was healthy.

Get informed daily and reflect on the past. Here are the top 5 events of 2014 that affect our natural health, one way or another, so soak it up and stay safe and healthy, my friends:

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