Top 6 Reasons to Stop Smoking Before the New Year 2015
by S.D. Wells
Smoking a pack a day runs about $1,800 a year, and that's before the cost of dry cleaning, teeth cleaning and lighters, not to mention the doctor bills. Plus, many smokers need sleep aids, depression/anxiety meds and/or libido aids.

However, if most smokers knew HOW to quit smoking, they would. Statistics show that over half of all smokers in the world would quit if they knew how, but most cessation methods are either scams or scary medications that fail within six months.

If you've been smoking a pack a day for at least 10 years, you may have watched about $50,000 "go up in smoke."

If you've smoked two packs a day for 20 years, you could flush about a quarter-million dollars down the drain and not even realize it.

If you feel "on edge" every time your last cigarette wears off, you are experiencing the chemical hangover, better known as a nicotine fit.

You can either take another "aspirin" (smoke a cig) or you can learn a natural method to end the habit once and for all.

The "Cigarette Hangover" cure:

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