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Mad human disease and SSRIs - what they're not telling the public that's so alarming


(NaturalNews) Simply put, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) attempt to regulate and control one's emotions by blocking synapses in the brain's chemistry, but modern scientists are still arrogant to believe that they can balance the brain's normal functions with drugs. Doctors and their patients are engaging a dangerous game of emotional Russian roulette with chemicals, and that's just the beginning.

Most conventional food is now genetically modified to contain pest killer and weed killer ingredients, including foreign pathogens and bacteria. This pollutes the central nervous system, the blood and the brain, fostering confusion, memory loss and emotional disorder. Vaccines contain human albumin and genetically modified viruses now. These toxins are carried with mercury and aluminum to the heart and brain after they shock the system into reaction. Mix all this with SSRIs and what have you got?

The reaction from a human being who consumes (that includes vaccines) ALL of these toxins is madness, driven by a conjured-up false reality of violence, mixed with thoughts of homicide and suicide. Young adult males are most vulnerable to this, as is obvious from all the mass shootings of the past decade. Are many Americans also suffering from mad human disease? What is the "lethal" combination of chemicals and human albumin that is leading people off the health and emotional cliffs? (http://www.psychologytoday.com)

Consuming bleach, ammonia, pesticide, insecticide, fluoride, pharmaceuticals and gluten daily

Long before cancer ever shows up on some X-ray or as a tumor, it infects your body with mutated cells that replicate uncontrollably and begin suffocating your working systems, like organs and the excretive tract. People have no idea, but their body is under attack from millions of disruptive cells that enter the body in "Trojan horses" like artificial sweeteners. Pathogens and carcinogens do their damage, chronic damage, breaking down your immunity, your energy, and the cancer cells are grasping onto the sugar you consume. That is cancer's ultimate fuel -- sugar. (https://www.youtube.com)

On top of sugar, the human race consumes millions of pounds of bleached foods each year -- like white flour, white pasta, white bread and, yes, tap water (chlorine/fluoride/bleach). Humans pour in ammonia and arsenic by consuming conventional chicken, fish and beef. People gobble up pesticide that lurks in seeds and plants now thanks to GMOs and the Biotech Agriculture Industry (Agricultural -Industrial Complex).

Then, most people in America turn to MDs for their aches, pains, disorders and what they call "disease." The doctor scribbles out a prescription of chemicals to reduce the inflammation, the pain, the arthritis, the headaches and even the depression. There's lithium to make you feel like a zombie and aspirin and rat poison to thin your blood. There's cough syrup to ruin your liver and aspartame-loaded, fever-reducing liquids with chemical food coloring for kids. Then there's gluten, for everyone, in pizza, subs and most bread, which is loaded with pesticide that rots in your body for days, weeks, sometimes forever. What now? Don't eat cancer. That's "what now." Don't eat it, don't drink it, don't put it on your skin and certainly never inject it.

Cows and chickens that eat cows and chickens

Mad human disease can come from mad cow disease, or mad chicken disease, which is all basically cannibalism. Animals in CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations) have no real life as organic beings, and they eat what is given to them by corporations that run the feed lots. Ground-up animals, mixed with GM corn meal, GM soy meal and GM alfalfa, are loaded with herbicide poison and pathogens. Think about it. Animals that are full of carcinogens are also getting cancer, so when humans eat them, they are eating cancer. And how do these people fight depression, anxiety and confusion? How do these people deal with stress? They get medicated by doctors who dish out SSRIs that have side effects like anxiety, depression, confusion and thoughts of suicide. Why? Their mental channels for positivity have been disrupted and poisoned, and now it's all going to be "blocked" by Western Medicine.

SSRIs are the culprit of so many tragedies. What can we do to change this? First things first: Don't eat conventional food! Buy fresh local and organic. Visit a naturopathic physician who understands the value of nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, superfoods, etc. The public is NOT informed about the true dangers of GMO food, GMO medicine and GMO vaccines and flu shots. The public is NOT informed about the number of deaths that occur every year from people taking prescription medications exactly the way they're instructed to by their allopathic doctors.

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