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While Michelle Obama starves U.S. schoolchildren, Health Ranger teaches them how to grow their own food

Food Rising

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(NaturalNews) With funding now secured for all 250 Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Boxes, a worldwide revolution has been launched that will put food production into the hands of people rather than corporations. So while Michelle Obama continues to starve public schoolchildren with her misguided school lunch mandates, parents and their children now have FREE access to a system that will allow them to produce their own nutritious foods while bypassing the government entirely.

If you haven't yet checked out the amazing Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Box system, you'll want to see what Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has made publicly available for FREE to backyard gardeners and health enthusiasts alike. Anyone who wants to grow food at home for pennies on the dollar can now do so with the abundant resources available at FoodRising.org.

Utilizing the power of 3D-printing technology, along with the recycling and reuse of trash and other common materials that would otherwise go to waste, the Food Rising system is empowering everyday people with the knowledge and tools necessary for self-reliance and survival. With this powerful, yet easy-to-construct, system in place, you won't have to worry about toxins in your food, rising food costs, food shortages, droughts and other issues threatening the corporate food supply.

For an introduction into how the system works, be sure to check out the official Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Box launch video:

Food Rising system captures the best of sustainability, 3D-printing technology and simplicity to grow your own food at home!

Centered around a unique but little-known growing technique taught in Taiwan, the system involves growing food hydroponically, but in standing water rather than a circulating system. There's no electricity required, no expensive pumps, no regular maintenance -- once you set up the system and get it going, it essentially maintains itself!

The system also relies on the power of 3D printing, a revolutionary new technology that allows the average Joe to print physical objects out of special printing filament for use in all sorts of applications. In this case, a special float valve assembled can be assembled using a 3D printer and objects that most people have sitting around their homes, and it is installed inside the grow boxes to automatically maintain appropriate water levels.

Gravity feeds the boxes with appropriate amounts of water necessary for plant growth, and the float valve cuts it off when it reaches the appropriate level. All a person has to do is construct the system and let it run itself -- it's that simple!

By accessing the FREE FoodRising.org resources, you'll learn how to build your own grow boxes, develop your own float valves, create other parts using the best 3D-printing filament on the market, and maintain a long-term, highly sustainable food production system that will provide you and your family with the best nourishment possible for just pennies on the dollar.

"The Food Rising grow system is a non-electric, self-watering, weedless food production system that produces an abundance of food at extremely low cost and with very little effort," explains a summary of how the system works. "The system uses no soil, needs no weeding, requires no electricity and is incredibly easy to assemble and operate."

"Children everywhere can experience the magic of growing their own food, learning food self-reliance, increasing their nutrition and boosting their practical knowledge by using the Food Rising grow system."

To learn more, visit:

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