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Physicist says human intention physically exists and can be copied to a machine

Human intention

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(NaturalNews) The power of intentional thought and deliberate action is much greater than most people realize, and a Stanford University scientist claims to have accidentally come up with a way to bottle and store this intent for future use, even when the people who originally experienced it are not physically present.

This somewhat metaphysical concept was hatched by Dr. William Tiller, a former academic chair whose meditative ponderings led him to the unusual discovery that everything a person thinks about, plans or engages in with specific intent has vast power over the physical realm, often in ways that go unnoticed or that aren't fully understood.

After spending years focusing primarily on mainstream scientific concepts that tend towards mundanity, Dr. Tiller decided to delve deeper into the "crazy-seeming kind of stuff" that had piqued his interest, but that never gained much traction among his peers -- concepts like human psychic abilities and other forms of parapsychology that are often rejected by the establishment.

"There are thousands of people over the last 150 years who have done such remarkable things that are put in the category of parapsychology, which orthodox science has wanted to sweep under the rug, because the results are not internally consistent with their results," said Dr. Tiller.

"Anything that doesn't fit their kind of results and the methodology of getting those results, they think is crapola."

Intention Host Device can use stored human intent to heal people

Using a machine that was sent to him by mistake for another project, Dr. Tiller developed a device capable of both capturing and dispensing human intention, which he says is powerful enough to alter the pH level of water, for instance, or change levels of adenosine triphosphate (APT) production in fruit flies.

Humans, he says, are already capable of doing these very same things individually with natural intent. But capturing and storing this intent -- and compiling it along with other people's intent for an even greater impact -- is an entirely new concept that was made possible with the so-called "Intention Host Device" (IHD).

"I think of it as a divine mistake," stated Dr. Tiller to The Epoch Times when explaining how he came to develop his IHD.

In tests, Dr. Tiller says he was able to use his IHD to relieve depression and anxiety in several hundred people, enhance the skill sets and integration of 34 autistic children and wean 74 humans off self-judgment in favor of compassion for others. And all of these experiments involved people located far away from the machine in locations around the world.

'Empty' space contains vast amounts of energy that respond to human intent

The machine works because the apparently "empty" spaces seen by the human eye are actually not empty, but rather filled with particles that Dr. Tiller has dubbed deltrons. These deltrons are activated by human intention, he says, and they affect all of the objects and substances that we can see, including other people.

Even inside a single atom, the empty spaces between protons and electrons are actually filled with unseen energy that is exceptionally greater than the energy that is seen. This "vacuum" energy, as Dr. Tiller describes it, is orders of magnitude greater than all known sources of energy, and it is this vacuum energy that is directed by human intent.

"If you look at a 100-watt light bulb, it gives a bit of light, but not a lot of light," stated Dr. Tiller to The Epoch Times. "That's because the photons coming out of it destructively interfere with each other, and that cuts down the amount of light."

"But for the same number of photons coming out per unit time, if you could cohere them so that they... are in phase with each other, then the energy density or intensity coming out of the light bulb for the same number of photons per unit time would be greater than the surface of the sun."

The same is true for humans, says Dr. Tiller, who have great potential to become coherent, but they "just need to develop it."





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