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If GMOs are healthy, why aren't its proponents (Biotech and Big Food) excited about labeling it?


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(NaturalNews) Proponents of genetically modified food say that a "GMO" label on foods would mislead people into believing that they are unhealthy or unsafe. Why is that? Are they unhealthy or unsafe?! Proponents of GMO food (investors and manufacturers) have spent millions and millions of dollars to keep them unlabeled, in several states across the US, in an effort to disguise foods that contain herbicide and insecticide as being "the same" as all other food, when they certainly are not.

If you oppose the labeling of genetically modified organisms, you are considered "anti-science" because you don't believe that the same ingredients that kill bugs and kill weeds also kill humans. Also, if you fight in the "national food fight," then you are a conspiracy theorist or a health nut, and you are bucking the system. If you are a journalist or you blog about labeling GMOs, you are considered some kind of elitist or fanatic, or so they'd have you believe. In reality, all chemicals should be removed from food, but in America, we can't even seem to get them labeled. Most other countries in the world either label GMOs or ban them from import entirely, knowing the health detriment possibilities. It's just plain common sense. If any bugs immediately die when they consume food, then humans should consider this a warning. There are only a few foods that haven't been concocted in a laboratory that can kill insects.

The National Food Fight is On!

States like California and Washington are fighting to label GMOs, but the corporations that stand to profit in huge ways from GMOs are putting up the most money to shut down labeling. They say GMOs are "good for you," and they patent their toxic seeds, but they don't want a label saying it's different on the packages at the stores. Why would an entity want to prove that it's products are different with a patent but not brag on the label? This deserves lengthy consideration.

Big Food giants like Monsanto, Bayer, DuPont, Dow Chemical and Syngenta have massive agribusinesses based on chemical food. They know that most of the general public has been "dumbed down" with fluoridated water, bleached food and vaccines, but still, the organic community grows and knowledge spreads fast, and consumers are waking up to how carcinogens in crops cause cancer, heart disease, confusion and DNA damage. Why do you think so many MORE people in the USA have Alzheimer's disease now than a couple of decades ago, before GMO?

Last year, California lost their GMO labeling vote by a very close margin, and that's just because the "Big Guns" (Monsanto et al.) infused money and crooked tactics during the last few weeks to confuse voters and skew the polls. Corn, sugar beets, cotton and soybeans are now loaded with herbicides and insecticides for profit, but they are failing to help countries like India and those in Africa have healthy people. Some farmers are committing suicide because of crop failures in India to the tune of about 300,000 people. That's approaching half a million deaths due to GMO toxic detriment and financial failures, and the USA can't label this food? What are we thinking, or are we thinking at all?

Watch out for organic companies that sell out to Big Food! They might start changing their ingredients. The fact is that costs will NOT rise due to GMO labeling. One thing that will happen with labels is disease statistics will decrease for diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis and Parkinson's. If the price of food goes up, it's because GMOs are suffocating our soil, our animals and our crops. If the price of food skyrockets, it's because the government wastes money on unnecessary war while polluting our drinking water with fluoride and our soil with RoundUp.

The organic movement is growing fast. Help it go from $15 billion a year to $100 billion by labeling GMOs and eating food that fuels thought, energy, vitality, longevity and personal freedom. Label GMOs and never, ever eat it yourself.

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