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Cheryl Ladd

Cheryl Ladd's take on junk food

Sunday, May 29, 2011 by: Mike Bundrant
Tags: Cheryl Ladd, junk food, health news

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(NaturalNews) I was scheduled to speak with Charlie's ex-angel Cheryl Ladd about menopause, osteoporosis and hormone therapy, but that wasn't the most interesting part of our 30-minute conversation. In that brief phone call, Cheryl revealed the secret that keeps Hollywood greats in great shape - superhuman personal discipline, with just a tad of junk food indulgence. You'll be shocked at what a "tad" means.

Cheryl was engaged in a campaign to encourage women to speak to their doctors upon entering menopause, as many women are hesitant to do so and simply do not understand the hormonal consequences of the change. For Cheryl, the adjustment to menopause came slowly and with a price.

"I was suffering," she told me. "It took a lot of patience on my husband's part! I personally suffered for over a year before he finally said, 'honey, we've got to go to the doctor because something is going on with you. You're just not yourself.' You can imagine how brave he was to say anything at the time because of my tendency to cry for two hours at the slightest provocation!"

When I asked about the role of diet and exercise at this point in her life she replied, "They've been enormously important. Statistically, if you look at people who are obese and the amount of complications that come with that - diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure - eating well and exercising is extremely important to reduce the risk of these diseases. It isn't a magic bullet that will keep you from having any health issues, but it really helps you maintain general health."

How much does Cheryl Ladd in indulge in junk food? Here is her answer: "I believe we can have some of the things we want and like to use this analogy: I love cinnamon rolls and I eat two of them every year. I make it a really specially occasion on my birthday I'll have a big ole cinnamon roll dripping with butter! And, you know, that's it! You can't live a rule that's says no cinnamon rolls ever! So I have them a couple of times per year and make it a really special time."

Rules and discipline about junk food and other reality distortions.

First of all, it is mind boggling that we are attracted to foods that kill us and need to figure out how to control ourselves around them. So, the starting point for the issue of discipline around food is a distorted reality that was "imagineered" by the food industry and embraced by the populace. Sugar bombs, chemically laden non-foods with artificial colors and greasy, partially hydrogenated treats are pushed upon us by the food giants as if they are man's best friends. In reality, bad food is our worst possible enemy. Think about it. Most people struggle daily to control their compulsion to ingest substances that poison their bodies and kill them from the inside out! Reality distortions aren't mere mind games. They make their way into every cell of your body.

If we accept the mind blow that we are attracted to poison, then Cheryl Ladd's approach is clearly the only way to go. Pick your favorite poison and indulge in it once or twice a year. But what if there were a better solution, one that didn't involve invoking incredible will power within the distorted reality that poisonous food is yummy?

This is where we need to be thoroughly reeducated and even re-socialize ourselves in order to get clear. We should learn to question even the most basic premises that we have been taught, not only about our food, but also our government, communities and families. When we question the reality that is presented to us, even by the most "trusted" sources, our inner paradigm reorganizes and we begin to have real choice.

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Mike Bundrant is co-founder of the iNLP Center and host of Mental Health Exposed, a Natural News Radio program.

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