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Colloidal Silver Company's Fight for Health Freedom: An Interview With Ben Taylor (Part I)

Friday, November 21, 2008 by: Kira Adler
Tags: colloidal silver, health news, Natural News

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(NewsTarget) Utopia Silver Supplements is a colloidal silver company based out of Utopia, Texas. This natural supplement company has been battling the FDA for 5 years. In this exclusive interview, Ben Taylor, Utopia Silver Supplement Company owner, discusses his fight to defend the company and the principles of health freedom that this country was founded on. Part 1 introduces the company and reveals how Ben got involved. The health effects of silver is a mystery to many; in this article, Ben explains what colloidal silver is and how it can impact health and healing for the better.

A Little Background of FDA Regulation In Regards to Natural Health Companies

For the past decade, the FDA has unfairly targeted small natural health companies with the intent to shut them down. Because of this country`s health freedom laws, at least on paper, the FDA can`t close them down outright so they`ve been using their legal weight to bring court cases against these supplement companies with the hope that the legal system will rule against them. Then fear mongering is conducted by the mainstream media to make examples out of these cases. A common tactic is to try to "nab" the supplement company by punishing them for publishing health claims and testimonials of the effectiveness of their products. These health claims may very well be backed up by scientific studies and research, but it doesn`t matter to the FDA. A common target is natural health companies that sell colloidal silver products. This may be because of the competition that these silver products pose to pharmaceutical antibiotics.

Kira: Hi Ben, I`d love for you to introduce yourself and tell us how you got involved with your company and what your inspiration was.

Ben: My name is Ben Taylor and I`m from Utopia, Texas; I`ve been here about 28 years. I`m originally from the Dallas area and I spent most of my adult life working for the petrochemical industry, primarily for Enron the last 20 years. I got into the supplement business through a friend who had started Utopia Silver Inc. and he was seeking ideas to improve his colloidal silver production because the process he was using took a lot of time and was very labor intensive. I initially gave that friend some ideas on power sources which he shared with another fellow who was a NASA engineer/contractor. That man then built a production unit and started producing a colloidal silver with some particle sizes below one nanometer which Utopia Silver then marketed. About six to eight months later, he asked me if I could build him a unit of our own design so I built him a unit. At that point in 2003, instead of going back to work for Enron I started contracting my design and production services to Utopia Silver.

Kira: So you developed your own device to create the colloidal silver?

Ben: That's correct, using simply distilled water and silver -- not using any chemical processes. Most Colloidal Silver is either mostly ionic silver or they use animal proteins, nitrates, and salines in their production. The process that we came up with produces primarily single digit and below (a mean average of about 2.0) nanometer particle silver with about 15-20% ionic silver.

Kira: Please explain the difference between the two products. For instance, products that use animal proteins, nitrates, and saline versus your product.

Ben: Well silver nitrate has been used for many years by mainstream medicine to put in eye drops for newborns to kill the bacteria but it's not something you want to take in large quantities for a long period of time. For instance, there was a lady during the 1950's who developed Argyria or a cosmetic bluing of the skin from taking silver nitrate up her nose by a doctor's prescription. Her condition didn't happen overnight, but was a result of a number of years of heavy use.

Kira: So what you're saying is that Argyria is caused by this particular type of colloidal silver?

Ben: Well not necessarily; it`s just that type is one of the forms of silver that is responsible for these cases. Another type is a home made silver in saline solution that can cause the same cosmetic effect if you take a lot of it -- for instance the fellow that was on Oprah recently admitted to drinking up to a quart a day for years and his Argyria came as a result of over consumption of that kind of silver.

Kira: Now will your product do the same thing?

Ben: It is possible that any type of silver taken in large quantities over a long period can cause it but I have taken about an ounce a day for the past eight years and I have no signs of such a condition so it's not very likely. You can compare it to taking a couple of aspirin for a headache versus taking the whole bottle. If you take the whole bottle of aspirin, you won't turn white but you'll likely be six feet under. The mainstream media uses these rare exceptions to scare the public away from using silver which I believe is really the goal-probably at the behest of interests behind the scenes.

Kira: So, can you go over the applications of colloidal silver in regards to your product and what it can help people with?

Ben: The history behind silver is very interesting because silver has been used by mankind for a very long time as an antibacterial agent. For instance, utensils were made of silver- spoons, forks, knives, water vessels, and this was done because silver inhibits bacterial grow. Alexander the Great use to carry his water during his campaigns in large silver urns pulled by oxen; and as recently as the 1800s, people used silver coins in water and milk to retard bacterial growth.

Kira: So Silver has a historical reputation of killing bacteria in many uses?

Ben: Silver will kill any one-celled organism on contact, whether it's a virus or bacteria or fungus. What it does, according to research by Biersdorf (one of the world's largest medical supply companies) is to disable the organism`s oxygen metabolizing enzymes.

Kira: So in that sense, applying silver in a medical situation if someone comes down with a condition, whether it is caused by a fungus or virus or bacteria, they can use silver to combat it?

Ben: Yes, in fact one of the reasons the FDA came against us was because of our testimonials posted on the website; hundreds of which came from hepatitis C sufferers that have gotten rid of their hepatitis C by using colloidal silver. It is especially effective in the digestive tract -- from the stomach to the colon, liver, kidneys, and bladder. On the other hand, I have found it can have some difficulty dealing with fungus and although it will kill fungus, it is more difficult for it to take care of something like toenail fungus because it's harder to get an adequate amount of silver into contact with the fungus.

Kira: So in terms of the testimonials, were these people healing their conditions by taking oral colloidal silver or was it from a topical application?

Ben: Well, both ways, but primarily orally. Now there are people with bacterial infections that use silver topically -- for example, for outbreaks of staph infections and flesh eating bacteria in hospitals and jails, silver has been very effective.

Kira: So is it effective against this MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) bacteria, the "superbug" that everyone's talking about?

Ben: Yes it is. The continuing mutation of these super germs does not affect silver's effectiveness in killing them.

Kira: And are there any side effects to using colloidal silver in these applications aside from the Argyria?

Ben: There can be some side effects, though not the life or health threatening side effects that are generally attributed to pharmaceuticals. If you have a major viral infection and you take large amounts of silver, you'll have a viral die-off that can cause you to feel sick. Your body will get rid of this die-off through your bloodstream so you can end up in that situation feeling like you have the flu and possibly develop a case of diarrhea, but it is something that will pass. Normally if you're taking large amounts of silver, you really should be taking probiotics and acidophilus or eating live culture yogurt an hour or two afterwards to replace the colon flora killed by the colloidal silver. As far as I know, silver doesn't differentiate between good bacteria and bad bacteria.

Kira: This is kind of the same situation when people take antibiotics prescribed by their doctor; it is recommended that they take a probiotic so that they don't kill off all of the bacteria in their intestines.

Ben: That's right, only with silver there are no life threatening side effects as with patented anti-biotics. I believe there are several thousand people that die every year from using antibiotics. You don't find that with silver, it's one of the most non-toxic metals on earth.

There's a forensic scientist in San Antonio who submitted an affidavit in the Utopia Silver court case. As I recall, his deposition stated that there is no known toxic level of silver or gold.

Kira: In what situations have you personally seen a person get rid of some condition?

Ben: Besides the numerous testimonials we have posted by virtue of our freedom of speech Rights, recently I had a 33 year old friend who plays guitar in a band who has had Crohn's disease for years, probably the result of living an unhealthy lifestyle on the road. He was so sick he was unable to work and mainstream anti-biotic treatment was not helping. He had gone from 175 pounds down to 120 pounds and was to the point of hospitalization. The bandleader asked me if I had anything that might help him and I said that I did. So I sent my friend a gallon of colloidal silver and within two weeks, he was feeling almost normal. Now he's back up to his normal weight which took about six months and has the Crohn`s well in control. He does a small daily maintenance serving and if he feels like he may have a more serious outbreak, he simply takes several ounces a day for a few days.

Kira: Was he on something other than the silver?

Ben: Because of his weight loss, he was also on a multi-vitamin and plant mineral supplement formula. With Crohn's disease, you have a very difficult time absorbing vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in general. Although the vitamins and minerals have contributed to his overall health improvement, that's not what brought the Crohn's disease under control. That was accomplished by the power of silver.

In the next article of this series, Ben Taylor will be talking about why the FDA targeted Utopia Silver and what sort of tactics were used. To learn more about Ben Taylor`s fight for health freedom and about colloidal silver products, please visit (http://utopiasilver.com/). You can read a review about Utopia Silver`s Colloidal Gold and Colloidal Silver Skin and Scalp Bar Soaps, written by Aria Milan, here (https://www.naturalnews.com/024713.html). Any purchase made from Utopia Silver strengthens this natural health company`s resolve to stand up to the tyranny inflicted by the FDA.

Ben has set up a special discount just for Natural News readers: With the purchase of Advanced Colloidal Silver and both of the colloidal silver and colloidal gold soap bars, the buyer will receive an extra bottle of colloidal silver and a bottle of colloidal gold (a $48 value). In other words, for $35.90 plus shipping, the purchaser will also get $83.90 worth of products. Plus, Utopia Silver has created a discount code just for Natural News readers which will give them a 15% discount on any items not already on sale -- this deal doesn`t expire. To take advantage of this special offer, go to http://www.utopiasilver.com/naturalnews.htm). Copy this discount code for any additional or future orders: NN001.

About the author

Kira is a freelance writer and journalist always interested in getting to the truth. She enjoys being outdoors and living a natural lifestyle. Kira's hobbies include hiking, swimming, and internatinal travel.

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