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EMF, EMR, Our Brains and the Weather - What's the link?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008 by: Michael Cambray
Tags: EMF, health news, Natural News

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(NewsTarget) Thinking deeply about the current scare campaign on global warming and the latest 'natural' disasters occurring around the world, it is becoming more and more obvious, in my opinion, that these 'natural' disasters are anything but natural.

It has been proven throughout the ages that for every action there is a reaction and we are playing games with Mother Nature at our peril.

It seems there are very few people associating the massive increase in the use of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) with changes in the environment.

We are very susceptible to the electrical environment. It has been firmly established by scientists testing mobile phones, computers and all similar products that EMF and EMR disrupt the body's cell growth mechanism, disturbing the brain, nervous and immune systems.

The ever-growing sources of radiation in our everyday lives that can cause major problems to our health include power-lines, computers, hi-fi radios, I-pods, televisions, mobile phones and towers, satellites, x-rays, radios, fluorescent lighting, microwave ovens, electric blankets, all domestic appliances and wiring in the home. From a television alone there are ELF, VLF, infrared, ultraviolet rays, microwaves and radio waves.

As biological stress occurs on a cellular level and you cannot see it, it doesn't mean it's not there!

Have you ever wondered where all these EMF and EMR waves go?

Think about it for a moment. There are electrical waves flowing around us and through us without a pause wherever we are, awake or asleep, indoors or outdoors and they are increasing daily.
Seriously... do they just fade away? Do they gather momentum and get stronger? Do they keep going for eternity? Do they float off into the universe? They have to do something, go somewhere -- surely everything has got to go somewhere? Is this a silly question? I don't think so.

If it affects us individually, then what snowball effect is all this extreme radiation having on the climate of our world?

Further on this subject here is a story concerning an episode that apparently took place several years ago and was authenticated by the BBC T.V. in London at the time. It appears that a whole host of unrelated people all over the Midlands of the U.K. experienced an odd phenomenon. All at the same time, during a BBC program, people lost the BBC picture and received instead, for over an hour, an American television program from Houston in Texas.

On receiving many queries and complaints (with some confirming videos people took of the program), the BBC reportedly investigated and found that the American program was over three years old and that the Houston station no longer existed! They ruled out the possibility of a hoax and admitted they could not explain the odd happening.

Three years? Where were these pictures for those three years? What were they doing? We know where they came from, where were they going?

That is an interesting report, as it seems to support my theory that these EMF waves do not dissipate. They just keep going around and around. To me this could explain one of the many reasons for the alarming increase in world mental health problems, emotional problems and weather patterns. After all, they must eventually affect our brains and the atmosphere at some level and that level is constantly rising.

I find the possibility of there being some truth in these theories fascinating. What do you think?

Michael is a naturopath of 30 years experience and has been studying the effects of EMF and EMR for the past 8 years. Michael would welcome any constructive comments.

Email: [email protected]

About the author

Michael Cambray is a retired naturopath and has accumulated specialised knowledge of many alternative health subjects over the past thirty years. Michael has diplomas in many alternative subjects and has published 13 books on various topics plus a popular Australian monthly newsletter.

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