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The Omega Rx Zone : The Miracle of the New High-Dose Fish Oil

by Barry Sears, published by Regan Books (2003-06-01)

Buy now from Amazon.com for $15.95
Amazon rating of 4.0 out of 5, Amazon sales rank: 60285

Editor's Review:

The Next Generation of the Zone!

Dr. Barry Sears is one of the world's most trusted voices on health, diet, and nutrition. Over the past decade, millions of people worldwide have followed his prescriptions for healthy living through his bestselling books. He introduced the world to the Zone, a state of improved hormonal control that has helped a generation of people lose excess body fat, reverse the aging process, and fight heart disease and diabetes.

In The Omega Rx Zone, Dr. Sears reveals a revolutionary new technological advance that helps treat chronic disease, improves athletic performance, and more. Never before available to the public, pharmaceutical-grade fish oil has the potential to make you a more emotionally stable, healthier person by allowing your brain to work at peak efficiency and controlling the hormonal responses that ultimately govern your body and mind. Drawing upon his own research as well as recently published studies, Dr. Sears shares new understanding of heart disease, cancer, depression, Alzheimer's, attention deficit disorder, chronic pain, Type 2 diabetes, infertility, and multiple sclerosis. Used in conjunction with the Zone program, these findings can help you to:

  • Increase brain vitality and longevity
  • Maximize physical performance
  • Lose weight -- and keep it off
  • Reverse chronic disease

Reader Reviews:

This book gives a complete and easy to understand of the complex way in which the EPA&DHA long-chain fatty acids influence the hormonal system, and how their lack in the diet affects the body. The author explains why eating fish is not the best way to get omega-3's, mainly because of the heavy chemicals that fish accumulate in their tissues. He describes the differences between different types of fish oil and why (in his opinion) pharmaceutical-grade fish oil is the best way to supplement omega-3. He explains which blood test will tell you how healthy you are.

There is also a very interesting hypothesis on how a diet rich in omega-3 helped the development of the human brain in its early stages of evolution.

There are detalied explanations of how diseases such as cancer and auto-immune illnesses are related to long-chain omega-3's. The author explains how "silent" (cell) inflammation is the cause of many (if not most) major diseases today, especially chronic conditions.

There are explanations of the relationship between omega-3's and emotional well-being, as well as how they improve mental abilities.

As a sidenote, apparently there is currently only one brand on the market (his own) that satisfies the author's standards. They have a comparison table on their website showing how their brand offers the most omega-3 per dollar (to convince that it is worth the high price)--but they only compare with certain brands--and I know of at least another highly respected fish oil brand that offers even more omega-3's for half the price. So the only argument left is that pharmaceutical-grade fish oil is completely free of contaminants, whereas other types of oil are not. This argument is in my opinion not very strong, because there are enough brands (such as the one I was talking about before) that have levels of contaminants so small that they are not detectable in a lab--therefore which are really of negligible risk (compared for instance with the toxic substances found in our tap water.)

Nevertheless, the in-depth analysis on the remarkably positive effects of EPA&DHA's on health is excellent, and I highly recommend this book.No thanks!
Here we go again with saying that eggs are bad for you. Eggs have so many good things in them, especially the yolks. My brother gave them up and his steak and then died of pancreatic cancer.
Dr Sears says the only fats that are good for you are olive oil, some nuts (macadamia, almonds, and cashews), and avocados.
I'm sorry, but eggs are the most natural food in the world. All kinds of animals eat them and they don't leave the yolks and just eat the whites. Balderdash!
No cheese, milk, etc, no breads, pasta, rice.
Not much left is there.

I agreed with him on the trans fats (hydrogenated oils) which by the way are in almost every packaged food, and I agreed with him on the omega 6 fats, but otherwise this is just a diet that no one could stay on. He focuses also on calorie restriction but then says you will never be hungry on his plan. Yeah, right.

I read "Sugar Busters" and it says the same thing but it focuses on insulin levels which is what is really making Americans fat. My family has a history of diabetes, heart disease, and astronomically high triglycerides. I used "A Week in the Zone" and "The Zone" to get my diet headed toward the right track. After losing some weight without such a plan, and putting some of it back on, my blood lipid profile was still a train wreck. Triglycerides two times normal. High LDL. Low HDL. I told my doctor about The Zone and she told me that the insulin-management component of this balanced approach to carbohydrate-restriction was probably spot-on for my situation. She also told me that fish oil was a good idea. We agreed that if I couldn't get my bloodwork improved within a year, I'd need medication.

That was last August. I bought the Omega Rx Zone book and I began adhering much more closely to the dietary principals (just by eyeing portions) and began supplementing with the refined fish oil and exercising mildly 5 days a week. Seven months later, I'm in my target weight range, I feel great, my triglycerides dropped 60% to return to normal, my LDL dropped, and my HDL has crept up. IT'S ALL GOOD. According to the wellness chapter on "Your Blood Will Tell Your Future", I've gone from "chronic (diseased)" to "good (path to wellness)". My doctor says I'm on the right path and no medication necessary. Total turnaround.

To me, this is the ultimate "balanced diet guide". 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. Good food. Oats and fruit and omlettes for breakfast. Lean meats and fish, salads, veggies and fruits for lunch and dinner. Wine, cheese, nuts, olive oil, etc. Even occaisional starch or sugar as a "condiment" to use sparingly. And, if you actually dig into the omega-3 research on the more refined fish oil, you'll probably end up taking it too. The over-the-counter fish or flax oil aren't even in the same league healthwise.

This approach to nutrition is balanced and it works. I know.I've been a fish oil fan for the last three years. Large doses (10 grams daily) of this supplement enabled me to finally rid myself of depression within two months of nutrient addition. This stuff is truly miraculous.

Dr. Sears offers convincing arguments and anecdotes for all of his assertions but one: that you *must* consume only "pharmaceutical-grade" fish oil if large amounts are used. Sears goes on to note that his is one of only two companies to offer such a product - and the other company's supplement is inadequate!

Consumer Reports analyzed different fish oil supplements in 2003 and found no significant differences in quality or purity. Price is the distinguishing factor. Both "major warehouse club" brands were tied in this regard. I pay $0.02 per gram capsule vs. the sale price of $0.33/capsule for the author's brand. If you can ignore the pervasive sales-centric warnings about which grade of fish oil to buy, you'll be able to learn much from the bulk of this work.It saddens me that such a great book gets criticised because the author sells the product promoted in the book. What else is he supposed to do if he researches a specialist field, recognises the tremendous value of a product, develops it and tells people about it in his book? After reading this book in order to review it for Positive Health Magazine (UK), I would rank it in the top ten most educational books on nutritional therapy and medicine. Barry Sears may be making a good income from his metabolic discoveries, but I believe that is because they are important breakthrough discoveries, not because of marketing hype. Having said that, he is a scientist, not a holistic nutritionist, so some people may need to use this book's information as part of a broader program in order to get the best health results.
Linda Lazarides
Author: The Waterfall Diet; Treat Yourself with Nutritional Therapy
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