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You Are Being Lied To: The Disinformation Guide to Media Distortion, Historical Whitewashes and Cultural Myths

by Not Available, published by 2001-04-01 (The Disinformation Company)

Buy now from Amazon.com for $24.95
Amazon rating of 3.5 out of 5, Amazon sales rank: 169529

Editor's Review:

You Are Being Lied To is a massive collection of articles that ruthlessly destroy the distortions, myths, and outright lies that are fed to us by the government, the media, corporations, history books, organized religion, science and medicine, and society in general. No one is spared, and all sacred cows are candidates for the grinder.


Do you believe any of the following?


* Alcoholics Anonymous is effective.
?* Hackers pose a grave threat to the nation.
?* There's a hidden code in the Bible.
?* The Big Bang is an airtight fact.
?* Thousands of species have gone extinct because of deforestation.
?* Licking certain toads will get you high.
?* Most terrorists are Middle Eastern.


Wake up! You're being lied to.


This book acts as a battering ram against the distortions, myths, and outright lies that have been shoved down our throats by the government, the media, corporations, organized religion, the scientific establishment, and others who want to keep the truth from us. An unprecedented group of researchers--investigative reporters, political dissidents, academics, media watchdogs, scientist-philosophers, social critics, and rogue scholars--paints a picture of a world where crucial stories are ignored or actively suppressed and the official version of events has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. A world where real dangers are downplayed and nonexistent dangers are trumpeted. In short, a world where you are being lied to.


Among the revelations inside:


* Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Sydney Schanberg on John McCain's efforts to conceal information on POW/MIAs
?* Howard Bloom on liars in the media
?* Riane Eisler on the realities of human nature
?* James Ridgeway on tainted blood and more
?* Jim Marrs on missing evidence in important cases
?* Greenpeace cofounder Peter Moore on environmental myths
?* Michael Parenti on atrocities in Kosovo
?* Douglas Rushkoff on the information arms race
?* Gary Webb on the gutless corporate media
?* Howard Zinn on Columbus


You'll also discover that a human being has already been cloned, Joseph McCarthy was not paranoid, museums refuse to display artifacts that conflict wi

Reader Reviews:

I can only comment on one article contained in this book. Under 'The Social Fabrication,' "A World That Hates Gays: Is There Really a Gay Teen Suicide Epidemic?" by Philip Jenkins on pgs 176-186.

Jenkins makes the argument that Gay teen suicides are being exaggerated. His source? Two news articles. "Political science," The New Yorker, May 3rd 1993 by David Shaffer and "Gay suicide studies flawed," Denver Post, April 9th 2000 by Al Knight. These are the only two sources in the endnotes that actually challenge the Gay suicide studies, all other citations in the endnotes (which is an "impressive" long list) refer to other statements made that are not directly related to the subject. Shaffer's research was based on flawed methodology and was seen by some other youth suicide experts as being of very poor quality. Shaffer completely ignores the central contribution made by
the 1989 Task Force Report on Youth Suicide and misuses the Guttmacher Institute study to "prove" that homosexuals only make up a mere 1% of the population. As for Knight, he shrugs off the fact that the Massachusetts study was funded by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. He also failed to note that the CDC-P survey results in Vermont (by the Vermont Health Department), were similar. These surveys are known as Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance, YRBS. Both of these surveys produce numbers of "attempted suicides." Thousands of students are surveyed in each state every two years. New York state's YRBS encompasses 100 randomally selected school districts throughout the state. New York state does *not* include a question regarding "sexual orientation" or "sexual behavior." Therefore, there isn't any data breakdown for homosexual and non-homosexual, as is the case in Massachusetts and Vermont.

Most youth suicide experts have always avoided and ignored the homosexual factor. One of the, if not the, foremost Gay youth suicide experts is Pierre Tremblay. For correct information on this problem, and critique of Shaffer's research, search for "Pierre Tremblay" (*with* apostrophes) and the word suicide at Google. As for the percentage of homosexuals in the population search for the exact phrase "Percentage of Lesbians and Gays" (*with* apostrophes).

If this article is off, what other articles in this book are as well? Jenkins and Kick both should have thoroughly checked the sources and their critiques for the aforementioned article before publishing.It's quite obvious that the first review had it right. People, media, and concerned citizen's revelatory rants are just someone's elses loser and dashed hopes consist in the pegorative slant. Sometimes these nutwings get right. Uneven? Yes. Thought-provoking? Definitely.

Ishmael Reed quipped something to the effect of "history chronicles the effects of secret societies at war", and these articles / vitrols / essays make you believe it. In short order, the book takes revealing looks at Jesus, AA, and Presidents both shot and living, past & present.

Some facts, like blatant story doctoring by news agencies, can be seen by even an untrained eye (read Yahoo News long enough or, better yet, take the same hot story and see how it was written up by rival news agencies).

Consider each piece carefully for what it says, how it is said, and who says it; then again, shouldn't you be doing this already??!?

This book has caused me to think and smoke a packful of cigs since it was passed to me; ironically, a recent news article claims smoking hinders thinking. In this case, good. I needed every drag of each cancer stick. Anything to take the edge off.

Co-workers heckled me for taking it home; yet, the same co-workers flipped through it most readily when I left it on my desk. Is it worth the money? "Yes" - if only to force a reexamination of what you hold dear. The books provokes by virtue of running counter to the info you are fed, so don't expect to like it. Or put it down.Disinfo is one of the best resources available when it comes to alternative views of everything from the mass media to the nature of reality itself. Though some of the articles contain rather speculative statements and opinions, I found this book to contain many enlightening insights into how and why the authorities of certain institutions lie to the public. As a result of buying this book, readers may find themselves digging deeper than the mass-consensus for a long time. This is healthy and comendable, for you have every reason to be paranoid about the govt, corporate america and the mass media. This book does a wonderful job of proving that your paranoia is justified. By the way, I am almost sure that "alex burns" (two or three reviews below this one) wrote one of the articles for this book. "you are being manipulated". Just thought I should point it out.This book sets out to crush much of what you wish were true and further proves that those in power all have dark sides and do what will be good for their future and theirs alone.
Bottom line, nuke DC, overrun the big corps and start from scratch, the system is screwed up and can't be fixed without a revolution. But of course the system would re-invent itself into the same greed ridden, lying bunch we have now.
Oh well
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