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The Whole Foods Diabetic Cookbook

by Patricia Bertron, published by 2002-03 (Book Publishing Company (TN))

Buy now from Amazon.com for $12.95
Amazon rating of 4.5 out of 5, Amazon sales rank: 138967

Editor's Review:

Try the whole foods route for a natural way to manage diabetes. Learn to make informed choices on nutrition with emphasis on the health advantages of a plant-based diet.

Sections include an overview of diabetes, how to meet nutrient needs, the importance of diet and exercise, and easy recipes to add more meatless meals to menu plans.

And this is food the whole family will enjoy: fruit smoothies, hearty salads, easy soups and sandwiches, burgers, stir-frys, tacos, veggie pot pies, and even guilt-free chocolate layer cake. Includes exchange lists for meal planning, and shopping and cooking tips.

Reader Reviews:

I am a practicing vegetarian, and purchased this book when my annual tests showed an alarming trend toward borderline pre-diabetes. Even vegetarians can develop unhealthy eating habits adn need to learn better!

I was disappointed in this cookbook, however. This is the kind of cookbook that was popular back in the 80's when American vegetarianism was all about brown rice, whole wheat flour, tofu and tempeh. These are fine and valuable components of a healthy veggie diet, but we've come a long way since in terms of aesthetics and variety.

For example, is it really necessary to make french toast with tofu instead of milk and eggs? Or to add crumbled tofu to potato salad? I have a real problem with those who take a perfectly fine, nutritious and proven food item and make gratuitious additions of tofu and tempeh, just because. And I was very surprised to note that this cookbook does not cover the proper techniques for preparing tofu for cooking, because a truly well-prepared tofu dish can be quite delicious and possess interesting texture.

The techiques and concepts in this book are just too dated and limited to appeal to today's informed cook, vegetarian or otherwise. If you are looking to add vegetarian meals to your diet or to better understand your vegetarian diabetic nutrition, you can do better than this book. I recommend the American Diabetic Association Month of Meals 'Vegetarian Pleasures' for a more up to date, equally nutritional approach.

Controlling diabetes goes beyond reducing sugar intake: it also involves staying healthy by reducing fat and increasing exercise. Whole Foods Diabetic Cookbook promotes a vegetarian diet high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans and is especially valuable for its tips on how to juggle diabetic needs with vegetarian perspectives. Recipes are simple and easy to follow.Enhanced with information on diabetes and nutrition by Patricia Berton, The Whole Foods Diabetic Cookbook by Patricia Stevenson and Michael Cook offers an imaginative and diabetically sound approach to using whole grains, legumes, vegetables, and fruit in a culinary wealthy of meat-free recipes, each designed to help control diabetes naturally. The reader is provided with an informative overview of diabetes and how to control diabetes through diet and exercise, along with an invaluable section on meeting the nutrient needs of the diabetic including fiber in the diet, counting calories, carbs, protein and fat, as the vegetarian diet with respect to minerals and vitamins. Of special interest is the information provided on exchange lists for meal planning, as well as cooking and shopping tips. The delicious, palate pleasing, appetite satisfying recipes range from Strawberry Muffins; Tofu Potato Salad; and Vegetable Fried Rice; to Falafel; Broccoli-Mushroom Casserole; and Apple-Oat Drop Cookies. The Whole Foods Diabetic Cookbook is a strongly recommended addition to the cookbook collection for diabetics.I turn to this cookbook regularly. Whether I'm cooking for myself, for company, or for a potluck dinner, I can always find something good *and* easy in its pages. The Far East Fried Rice recipe is now my standard (and much-complimented) potluck dish, and several others, including the Easy Lentil Stew, are regulars in my kitchen. Although I was a meat eater and therefore not used to vegetarian cooking when I bought this book, I never found the recipes to call for ingredients I couldn't find at my regular grocery store, or thought that the end products were anything less than delicious. This is more than just a cookbook -- the helpful discussion of nutrition and diabetes at the beginning of the book makes it a good reference, too -- but the recipes are really what makes it special. The cooking directions are brief but thorough and easy to follow. Also, because I am now a vegan, I greatly appreciate the simple and tasty recipes for making alternatives to standard cheese dishes. Whether you are a vegetarian/vegan or not, whether you need to follow a diabetic diet or not, I recommend this cookbook highly.
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