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The War On Truth: 9/11, Disinformation And The Anatomy Of Terrorism

by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, published by 2005-04-15 (Olive Branch Press)

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Amazon rating of 3.5 out of 5, Amazon sales rank: 45833

Editor's Review:

In The War on Truth - the long-awaited sequel to The War on Freedom - Nafeez Ahmed provides the most comprehensive and controversial critique of the government's official version of what happened on 9/11. In this extensive new analysis, Ahmed doubles the data and investigates the worldwide web of terrorist networks across space and time. Deconstructing the findings of the 9/11 Commission Report and the Joint Congressional Inquiry, he exposes disturbing liaisons between American, British and European intelligence services and al-Qaeda operatives in the Balkans, Caucasus, North Africa, Middle East, Central Asia and Asia-Pacific - liaisons linked not only to 9/11, but also to prior terrorist attacks including the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the 1998 US embassy bombings.

Against this background, Ahmed accomplishes the most detailed and wide-ranging study to date of the powerful vested interests and intrigues responsible for the collapse of US national security in the years and months leading to 9/11. Government documents, whistleblower testimony, and the findings of official inquiries are scrutinized to trace the innermost workings of the intelligence community, revealing precisely which government policies and operations facilitated the 9/11 intelligence failure, and pinpointing the specific agencies, individuals and decisions that emasculated the US air defense system. Finally, Ahmed unlocks the underlying geostrategy of the War on Terror - the culmination of a decades-long plan to secure and expand an increasingly unstable system. For anyone who remains uneasy about government policies on, and after, 9/11, The War on Truth is an invaluable resource that will radically alter perceptions of international terrorism, national security, and the clandestine machinery of Western power.

"Nafeez Ahmed's understanding of the post 9/11 power game, its lies, illusions and dangers, is no less than brilliant. Everyone should read this wise and powerfully illuminating book." --John Pilger

"The new book by Nafeez Ahmed, based on very extensive and deep research, is by far the best on the 9/11 syndrome. Articulating and documenting what many feel, and empowering them into action, the book will have an impact on entrenched US empire elites unwilling and unable to take it on. Votes of thanks to Ahmed, and to Interlink!" --Johan Galtung, Professor of Peace Studies; Director TRANSCEND

Reader Reviews:

This book is a sequel to author's "War on Freedom".Contains facts which are undoubtedly explosive,disturbing.Author says American-led 'war on terror'is a colossal fraud enacted on a global scale.

There was American-Al Qaeda alliance in Balkans during Yugoslavian civilwar.From 1992-95 Pentagon assisted the movement of thousands of Al Qaeda men to fight along side Bosnian Muslims against Serbs.Arms for fighting this war was arranged by the intelligence agencies of US,Turkey,Iran and funelled through Croatia.During Kosovan war Anglo-American special forces trained ,armed KLA[Kosovo Liberation Army].Training continued despite the demise of Serbia's Milosevic regime.

US intelligence agencies deliberately fouled up chances to apprehend Al Qaeda supremo .In 1996 bin Laden was allowed to go to Afghanistan when Sudanese authorities were willing to turn him over.Similiarly other Al Qaeda activists responsible for 1998 US Embassy bombings in Nairobi ,Kenya were allowed to go scotfree.Instead of seizing these criminals US warplanes bombed Al-Shifa Pharmaceutical complex alleging that plant was manufacturing chemical weapons for Al Qaeda.To the contrary we know the plant was producing vaccines and had a contract for supplying to the UN.

In Oct 2001 Anglo-American forces invaded Afghanistan.Osama and his associates were again allowed to escape after coalition forces cornered him in Tora Bora caves.Further author talks about exfiltration of Taliban Al Qaeda elements from Kunduz during Afghan campaign.Pakis airlifted them to Peshawar with American connivance who threw open for this purpose 'special air corridor'.

Despite high-flown rhetoric associated with 'War on Terror'West has secretly co-opted,connived with Al-Qaeda.Why is this so?.Ostensibly to secure and expand its vital intersts which has grown to include Balkans ,CentralAsia.Goal has been to destabilise last vestiges of russian power and establish Anglo-American hegemonyin Eurasia.So strategic alliance forged during Cold War with Islamic militants has continued.The botched coup in Uzbekistn on May14-15 2005 where Islamic rebels tried to oust Islam Karimov govt must be viewed from this angle.

Ahmed's research shows despite official denial US intelligence received extensive warnings of an impending Al Qaeda strike including the likely nature of terror assault.But strangely chose not to act.Author refers to Project Bojinka.The plan called for hijacking planes and crashing them on to selected targets:CIA HQin Langly,Virginia;WTC in NY city; Pentagon and White House in Washington DC.This plan lay hidden in a laptop seized from an Al Qaeda operative by Phillipine police and subsequently decoded.The information was passed on to President and senior govt officials.Warnings of a similiar nature emanated from several sources.Concurrently Al-Qaeda men ,prelude to aattacks,were undergoing flightraining in leading flying schools of the country.Local FBI wanted to stop this but was prevented by some high officials based in Washington DC.

Further procrastination by FAA, NORAD facilitated terror attacks.Delay in scrambling air defence fighters prevented the timely interception of errant planes.Few of the fighters were misdirected and govt later resorted to specious reasoning to justify this manoeuvre.Action constitutes clear violation Standard Operational Procedures governing the interception of planes straying from established flight path.

So then ,finally,what is author driving at? Does he mean to say Al Qaeda was given a free hand to attack US? If so it sounds very cynical.How can President harm his own people which he is supposed to protect.My fear many will find this book unpalatable and few may dismiss it as absurd.But author's message to the American people is loud and clear: beware of your govt; it has taken American people for a ride by unleashing a massive disinformation campaign.While respecting author's views ,I feel more research needs to be done to establish wheather there was really a conspiracy surrounding events leading to 9/11.In the footsteps of "The Protocol of the Elders of Zion" and " don't bother with the man behind the curtain " I won't waste anymore time with this conspiracy rubbish as the nutcases have come out and decided that right is wrong and wrong is right..up is down and water is dry. I just love the post 9/11 neo-historians out there who buy this hookem because they are too lazy to read but a small piece of the Pan-Arab -Petro-induced fusion into the media and anti-American so called professors who take up space in our colleges and universities because the are self appointed "experts"

Having read several books on the phenomenon of terrorism and historical accounts of 9/11, I must conclude that Mr. Ahmed's book, "The War On Truth" is head and shoulders above the fray. Copiously researched and constructed from an abundance of corroborated sources amply qualifying his statements, Mr. Ahmed pops the membrane of the vainglorious hype balloons - packaged for distribution by WH propaganda offices and politically motivated committees and floated by the corporate media - revealing a national security complex that has been deeply politicized and compromised to serve elite transnational corporate interests at the peril and expense of the American people and indigenous populations around the world, particularly in Eurasia. After consuming this reality sandwich - which illustrates the tactical use of terrorism to achieve corporate welfare and "strategic imperatives" - you will never see the so-called "war on terror" in the same way. This is a good thing, because what America and its Western allies need more than anything else is a good dose of truth.

If we were a country of laws - rather than political expediency - there would have been a full-scale criminal investigation of 9/11 conducted by an Independent Special Prosecutor and Grand Jury with unlimited judicial subpoena power. Instead, we are sliding into totalitarianism on a raft of lies. Mr. Ahmed's book makes a strong case for returning to the lawful, Constitutional process and holding those who have treasonously hijacked the nation's intelligence and military capabilities accountable.In my opinion, for those wanting to look deeper into the events surrounding 9/11 and it's implications, "The War On Truth" should be number one on the book list. Mr. Ahmed's work solidly proves, with sober scholarship, the staggering amount of involvement and complicity on the side of the US Government in the attacks of 9/11 specifically, and in international terrorism generally. Mr. Ahmed attempts to show how international terrorism is an effective tool and vital pretext used by US elites for the expansion of US hegemony in the world, and for the control of remaining energy supplies in Eurasia. In my opinion, Mr.Ahmed's work succeeds on all levels. 9/11 was but the much needed "Pearl-Harbor" which could provide the "shocking" and much-needed pretext for America to begin to implement it's plans, which have been devised over the past decade or so, to invade Afghanistan and establish a base and "jumping off point" for further operations in Central Asia. Essentially, the US government allowed for the murder of 3,000 of its citizens to provide the "much needed justification" to pursue this objective, i.e. the war on terror, which is anything but.

In response to those who criticize Mr. Ahmed for "not being extreme and hardcore enough", I think this is absolutely absurd and idiotic. Mr. Ahmed has contributed a work which is solid in its academic approach, and undeniable in its presentation of the material. This is a sober, and much needed work on the topic of 9/11, which can hold up to any scrutiny directed at it by those wishing to deny the allegations of US government involvement in 9/11, in my opinion. Let people who are perhaps not very informed on these matters build for themselves a solid basis of information of what happened and why, and from there they can delve further into the more "technical" aspects of what occured.I agree with Mr. Ahmed, who, in a lecture and question and answer session on C-Span, commented that he didn't want to scare off those interested in 9/11 by appearing as nothing more than another conspiracy theorist. I agree with this approach. The facts are there and undeniable. Why not try and make them available to as many people as possible? Once people have a firm understanding of these facts, they will naturally want to delve deeper into the topic and perhaps investigate the more "hardcore" aspects of 9/11.The War On Truth: 9/11, Disinformation And The Anatomy Of Terrorism by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed (Executive Direction of the Institute for Policy Research & Development, Brighton, England) is the sequel to "The War on Freedom" and provides the most comprehensive critique of the American government's official version of what happened when al-Qaeda operatives attacked the United States. The War On Truth draws upon government documents, whistle blower testimony, and the findings of official inquiries to analysis both the initial attack, its precedents (such as the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center in New York), and the subsequent "War on Terror" launched by the Bush administration and its allies. Written from a decidedly Islamic perspective, The War On Truth is informed and informative reading for anyone studying international terrorism, national security, and the clandestine machinery of Western power. Other highly recommended works by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed include "The War on Freedom: How & Why America was Attacked: September 11, 2001" and "Behind the War on Terror: Western Secret Strategy and the Struggle for Iraq.

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