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A little-known cause of infertility and impotence all men should know

9/8/2014 - If you are a man suffering from poor sexual health, including impotence, low sperm count and infertility, your body could be lacking the essential mineral zinc. Broadly speaking, other than sexual health, zinc has many roles in the human body, notably on immune health, wound healing, skin health...

8 ways zinc turbocharges your body for peak performance

7/21/2014 1:03:37 PM - In a research review published in the journal Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety in July, Indian researchers cataloged more than eight separate, research-proven health benefits that zinc plays in the human body. Zinc is a metal that functions as an essential nutrient in the body....

Zinc deficiency worsens sepsis, causes 'catastrophic malfunctioning' of immune system, increases inflammation

7/15/2014 6:35:19 PM - Zinc appears to play a key role in modulating the body's response to severe infection, and deficiency may increase susceptibility to a lethal immune reaction, according to a study conducted by researchers from Ohio State University and published in the journal PLOS ONE. "When the body detects an...

Warning signs you are deficient zinc, and what to eat to get it

4/8/2014 - Are your wounds slow to heal? Is your immunity impaired? Are you more frequently stricken by colds and flu? Are you also more prone to other types of infections? Do you have poor sexual health? Are your senses of taste and smell somewhat impaired? If so, you could be suffering from a zinc deficiency. Zinc...

Zinc deficiency mistakes you might not realize you're making

4/6/2014 - While severe deficiency in zinc isn't very common, particularly in developed nations, many people in the United States actually have marginal deficiencies, especially elderly persons. And there is a number of reasons and causes behind why deficiency in this essential mineral could be quite prevalent...

Study shows zinc protects blood-brain barrier from effects of aluminum

1/25/2014 - Although many things remain unknown about the roles that zinc and aluminum play in the human brain, one thing is certain: high aluminum concentrations lead to brain damage. Because aluminum is ubiquitous as both an environmental and industrial chemical, it is impossible to avoid some exposure to...

Zinc protects brain cells from effects of copper toxicity

1/20/2014 - The naturally occurring metal copper plays an essential role for certain functions of the body; however, underutilized copper can accumulate in the soft tissues of the body and actually be toxic. Too much copper can roam freely and accumulate in the liver and the brain, eroding necessary cellular...

Coronary artery disease associated with copper and zinc imbalance

1/9/2014 - Zinc and copper are considered trace minerals, which means that they're necessary for metabolic activity in smaller amounts than macro minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium. That doesn't negate the importance of trace minerals, though, which also include iron, iodine and selenium. Any...

How zinc levels affect your immune system

1/7/2014 - Zinc is a fundamental mineral and one of the most common deficiencies in the world. Zinc is essential to human and animal growth patterns and has an essential role in the development of hormones and immune molecules. Zinc is one of the best mineral supplements to boost and balance out a tired and overstimulated...

Six easy, natural ways to boost your immune system for flu season

10/9/2013 - Well, summer's over and healthcare professionals are already gearing up for cold and flu season. Don't rely solely on that flu vaccine to keep you protected; in many cases, the vaccines tend to make people sick. And while no single food or supplement can keep the flu at bay, there are a half-dozen ways...

Could your gluten intolerance be the result of a mineral deficiency?

9/30/2013 1:34:30 PM - If you are one of the millions of Americans who suffers from either gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity, it may be that you are actually deficient in certain trace minerals rather than allergic to wheat. A growing number of doctors with an understanding of the fact that many of today's foods are...

Avoid the zinc deficiency trap - Boost health, resiliency and overall well-being with this one essential mineral

9/25/2013 - Did you know that a zinc deficiency can cause over twenty health related issues including cancer, Alzheimer's disease, infertility and Crohn's disease? An often overlooked mineral, zinc plays an important role in a wide range of functions, such as DNA repair and immunity. It's also an essential nutrient...

Prostate health and zinc

9/21/2013 - When humankind looks up at the stars, there is a tendency to feel small, even infinitesimal against the backdrop of the universe. However small we are; in the end, we still play a major role. The prostate gland, an organ found only in men, is the body's version of the seemingly infinitesimal glaring...

Do you have chronic anxiety? Balance your zinc and copper levels: Research

9/3/2013 - We all get anxious about issues now and then and tend to get over it. But chronic anxiety, or Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), is both chronic and non-specific. With GAD, there are no isolated situations that warrant worry. The worry and tension are present disproportionately all the time with...

Boost your thyroid health and shift your thyroid hormone levels with zinc

3/26/2013 - Thyroid dysfunction is one of the most common hormone disorders in the world, but new research shows that supplementation with zinc can have dramatic benefits for those suffering from abnormal levels of thyroid hormones. The thyroid is a two-inch gland that releases two separate hormones, triiodothyronine...

Zinc helps fight infection and inflammation by boosting the body's immune response

3/1/2013 - Infection from bacterial and viral agents can pose a significant threat to human health, as it fuels the flames of systemic inflammation known to contribute to cancer, heart disease, dementia, diabetes and stroke. Many lifestyle factors, including diet, stress and exposure to environmental and household...

ZMA: Naturally boost testosterone levels

11/10/2012 - Low testosterone levels in men can result in muscle deterioration, diminished sex drive, depression, low energy, infertility and loss of hair among various other consequences. Slightly elevated testosterone levels on the other hand, will promote muscle growth, energy, sex drive and an overall sense...

Zinc deficiency lowers immune response, increasing risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes

10/23/2012 - Many natural defenses slowly begin to decline after we reach our fourth decade of life; due, in large part, to suboptimal nutrition from processed foods, environmental and household pollutants and lack of physical activity. Maintaining sufficient levels of critical nutrients has been shown to help prevent...

Prescription drugs cause nutrient depletion

8/16/2012 - Many people do not realize that the medications they take on a daily basis can negatively affect the amount of nutrients stored in the body. Numerous drugs actually deplete specific vitamins and minerals, causing a whole host of additional problems. Being aware of what is being depleted by the prescription...

Zinc plays key role in supporting key biological processes

8/3/2012 - Zinc is an essential mineral which, although required in only limited amounts, the body cannot produce and a steady supply must be maintained in order to support important bodily processes like strengthening the immune system, wound healing, cell division and supporting the catalytic activity of various...

Zinc found critical within the brain to improve memory and cognition

9/29/2011 - Zinc is an essential mineral known to improve skin tone, aid wound healing, fight cancer and shorten the length of the common cold. Researchers publishing in the journal Neuron now identify the crucial role this super-nutrient plays in support of memory formation and cognitive stability. Additionally,...

Why you should get your selenium and zinc from foods, not synthetic vitamins

2/18/2011 - I first met the MegaFood company at a natural products expo two years ago. We sat down and had a conversation about "food-based nutrients" versus isolated or synthetic nutrients, and it turned into a fascinating hour that left me thinking we should be doing something with the MegaFood company at some...

Zinc lozenges effectively prevent, reduce duration of common colds

2/17/2011 - A comprehensive review of more than a dozen studies has shown that common zinc lozenges and supplements are effective at reducing the duration of the common cold, particularly when taken within the first 24 hours of visible symptoms. Published in The Cochrane Library, the review adds to the large body...

Balance hormones with nutrition and grow healthy hair

12/21/2010 - Everyone is in the process of growing and losing hair. Even the fullest head of hair loses anywhere from 50-150 hairs a day. Your hormones play a very large role in the process of hair growth. Many women commonly notice that their hair is at its fullest during times of pregnancy. After the pregnancy...

Learn what Raw Foods have the Zinc Your Diet Needs

10/24/2010 - Zinc is a naturally-occurring mineral necessary for human survival. There are ample raw, plant-based dietary sources of zinc that can help ensure one consumes enough zinc to fuel essential bodily processes. Zinc is necessary for human life and health. It plays important biological roles by assisting...

An Unknown Connection between Zinc and Your Health Exists

10/9/2010 - Zinc isn't just for colds. For years reports about zinc's benefits in the early stages of a cold has been known. But did you know that zinc has so many functions including determining how healthy you eat? Its role in mental health is being reviewed and in many circles is now being accepted as a "must...

Zinc helps prevent pneumonia in the elderly

8/20/2010 - A new report published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has found that zinc plays a very important role in health maintenance. In a study of over 600 seniors from 33 different nursing homes in the Boston area, researchers found that seniors with healthy blood levels of zinc are 50 percent...

Zinc necessary for eggs to develop into healthy embryos

8/11/2010 - Researchers from Northwestern University near Chicago have been researching what makes certain human eggs turn into healthy embryos when other eggs do not. Based on findings thus far, high levels of zinc seem to be the deciding factor that spurs an egg to full and healthy development. "Zinc helps...

Fight Diabetes with the Power of Zinc

5/26/2010 - Diabetes is an escalating issue in the United States, and there are no signs of this health ailment diminishing. According to the American Diabetes Association, 23.6 million adults and children have diabetes in the U.S. That is 7.8% of the population according to the latest data formed from 2007, and...

Zinc is Essential for Good Health

3/19/2010 - Most of us are familiar with the use of zinc as an aid to combating common colds and sore throats; however, many of us are unaware of just how vital zinc is in maintaining overall good health. Zinc is an essential trace element found in every cell in our bodies. While studies have indicated that about...

Think Zinc for Superbowl-Like Protection

3/5/2010 - Teams that reach the Superbowl know how to protect their quarterback. The offensive line consists of powerful players that give ball handlers time to make plays. Similarly, front lines in the body protect vital organs and tissues from damage. These systems depend on zinc for optimal function. Skin...

Zinc and Selenium are the Minerals that Fight Breast Cancer

5/24/2009 - Any woman wanting to avoid breast cancer or its recurrence needs to be aware of the real risk factors. These are not the factors you hear about from the typical oncologist who is interested in pushing drugs. Imbalances in the body are the real risk factors that explain why women get breast cancer, not...

Zinc is the Essential Mineral for Optimum Health

4/22/2009 - We are constantly being told that to keep our bodies in tip top condition we need to take vitamin supplements, whether it be Vitamin C to help fight colds and to boost the immune system, Vitamin B for increased energy or spirulina for an all round blast of nutrients. But recent studies have shown that...

A Closer Look at Zinc Poisoning from Denture Cream

4/3/2009 - The growing threats of lawsuits against denture cream manufacturers over zinc poisoning might raise concerns about zinc itself. Though zinc is the mineral involved as a cementing agent, it is critical to keep in mind that it is the misuse and overuse of zinc that is responsible, not the qualities of...

Universal Vaccine for the Flu? Look No Further Than Vitamin C and Zinc

2/23/2009 - The mainstream media is ablaze today with talk of an important new discovery that could lead to a "universal vaccine" that ends all colds for a lifetime. This universal vaccine, researchers say, would target a common configuration of proteins that occurs in virtually all cases of influenza, including...

Zinc Deficiency Linked to Prostate Enlargement

1/8/2009 - Zinc is an integral part of the male hormonal system, and a primary part of the semen. It plays a major role in the production of sperm. Studies also reveal that Zinc Deficiency may be a cause of Prostate Enlargement. As men age into their 50s and older, there is a natural decline in zinc. A zinc...

Vitamin A and Zinc Provide Resistance to Malaria

6/10/2008 - Malaria currently kills more people daily than AIDS, and kills more than one million children yearly. However, very little attention is paid to malaria since it is not a disease prevalent in the developed countries. Malaria is caused by protozoan parasites of the genus Plasmodium, which are introduced...

How to Beat and Prevent the Avian Flu and Other Influenzas

4/23/2008 - Are you worried about the possible outbreak of the Avian Flu among humans? Perhaps you should be! I hope that all of the publicity about the Bird Flu proves to be a false alarm, as well as the theories that it may be a deliberately engineered flu, but I have to tell you that from what I have learned...

Diet, Specifically Zinc, Plays a Key Role in Acne

3/23/2008 - There is nothing worse than owning a skin care store full of wonderful, natural products and getting a horrible bout of adult acne. I now sympathize with thousands of people that have to deal with this terrible skin affliction. Thank goodness, after some trials and tribulations, I was able to identify...

Use Selenium and Zinc to Ward Off Cancer and Boost Immunity

2/28/2008 - Cancer, a word that no one wants to think about or talk about and people dread hearing, is unfortunately affecting more and more Americans than ever before. The lies of the mainstream media, that we're "winning the war on cancer", are based on statistical nonsense. More and more people are getting cancer...

Zinc supplements save the lives of children

4/24/2007 - Taking zinc supplements significantly reduced the risk of death in children between the ages of one and four years, according to a study conducted in Zanzibar by scientists from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and published in The Lancet. Jump directly to: conventional view |...

Zinc helps prevent hardening of arteries, study finds

2/20/2007 - A study evaluating the relation of zinc to fighting athlerosclerosis the buildup of fatty material inside blood vessels suggested further evidence that the mineral can help preserve heart health. Zinc is found in high levels in oysters and, to a much lesser extent, other foods like animal meat,...

The mineral selenium proves itself as powerful anti-cancer medicine

1/4/2006 - One of the most effective naturally occurring weapons against cancer is, like most healthy things, something many of us are not getting enough of. The mineral selenium has been shown in multiple studies to be an effective tool in warding off various types of cancer, including breast, esophageal, stomach,...

The common cold is no match for natural healing therapies: minerals, herbs and foods stave off colds and flus

10/24/2005 - It happens to everyone, sometimes multiple times a year. That's why it's called the common cold, right? But while we're all familiar with the common cold, we may only know of one or two ways to fight it, which usually involve some sort of over-the-counter medication, or the folk remedy, a bowl of chicken...

Zinc deficiency during pregnancy causes bone problems in fetus

7/19/2004 - A lack of dietary zinc causes significant bone development problems in fetuses, new research shows. Sadly, most women -- pregnant or otherwise -- suffer from widespread nutritional deficiencies that frequently include zinc, meaning that most children are born with a lower level of health than possible....

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