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Latest study shows link between vegetarian diet and longevity, also notes environmental benefits

7/20/2014 - There are many reasons why one makes a certain dietary choice. From hoping to heal a specific health condition to seeking to avoid some of the dangers known to exist in many food manufacturing methods (or both), several people embrace a vegetarian lifestyle. However, others have said that such a lifestyle...

Play with your food: Creativity is key to making healthy, non-meat meals

7/9/2014 - Whether you're already a vegetarian, thinking of becoming one, or simply seeking to add more non-meat options to your diet, several foods exist that are satisfying from both a nutritional standpoint and a taste and texture perspective. Many people already know that "non-meat" need not be synonymous...

Switching to a vegetarian diet can increase longevity by 20 percent and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions

7/2/2014 - Saving the planet and extending one's lifespan in the process could be as simple as switching to a vegetarian diet, according to a new study out of California. Researchers from Loma Linda University say that sticking with fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts rather than meat products may help boost longevity...

Best foods for protein when considering a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle

6/23/2014 - Many people who are considering a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle are often concerned with making sure that they still fuel their body with the proper amounts of protein. Proteins, as most of us know, are the "building blocks" of life responsible for the proper function of organs, cells and tissues (1). The...

Blockbuster new study: Vegetarians are less healthy than meat eaters in key health categories

4/16/2014 - Vegans take note: A blockbuster new study from Austria which is sure to send shock waves and generate massive denials among vegetarians has concluded that people who eat only vegetables are less healthy in key health categories and have a poorer quality of life than people who include some meat in their...

Study shows 1 in 10 Swedes is vegetarian or vegan

3/28/2014 - A recent study commissioned by Animal Rights Sweden suggests that the number of people adopting vegetarian and vegan diets in Sweden is growing. The study has shown a 4 percent increase in the number of people adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet. A survey was carried out in February and March...

A tale of vegan and vegetarian 'potluck' nightmares

2/24/2014 - A vegetarian couple was walking through Trader Joe's one fine day, and the cook in the back at the little kiosk had some stuffed mushrooms "hot and ready" and offered them up, so the man grabbed two, shoved one in his mouth and handed the other one to his better half. She ate it too. Halfway through...

Hey vegetarians, did you check for calf stomach (rennet) in your cheese?

2/21/2014 - How many vegetarians think that their cheese does not contain animal byproducts? Did you think that, because it says on the package "no rBST hormones" or "no rBGH used with these cows," they didn't kill their babies and carve out their stomachs for some rennet? If you've abstained from eating meat because...

Vegetarians less likely to die from heart disease, study finds

9/26/2013 - It isn't difficult to find peer-reviewed studies affirming the benefits of a vegetarian diet. Long-term vegetarianism has been linked to increased longevity, a decreased risk of cancer and diabetes, weight loss and improved digestion. However, according to a new study published in the American Journal...

The benefits of going vegetarian: Weight loss, a healthier heart, drastically reduced cancer risk and more

6/27/2013 - With the proper planning and education, research shows that going vegetarian is an excellent step to improve and protect your health. By minimizing processed foods and emphasizing whole plant foods, vegetarians enjoy a more nutritious and far less toxic way of eating than the average. The bottom line:...

Vegetarian diet again shown to lower all-cause risk of death, especially in men

6/18/2013 - Extensive research over the past decade continues to show a distinct risk reduction for those following a predominately vegetarian-style diet. In prior research works, scientists have documented the effect of eating a vegetarian diet with a significant reduction in the risk of developing many chronic...

Vegetarian diet tied to lower death risk

6/12/2013 - A new study conducted by Dr. Michael Orlich of Loma Linda University in California is shedding more positive light on the benefits of switching to a vegetarian diet. A truly vegetarian diet is one that avoids all products that come from animals, even eggs and milk. A vegetarian diet consists primarily...

NYC public school is country's first to adopt all vegetarian menu

5/24/2013 - Officials at one public elementary school in New York City have turned to brainwashing children into accepting certain lifestyle choices that they otherwise might not if left to their own decision making. Granted, the decision by Public School 244 to be among the first in the nation to offer an all-vegetable...

Vegetarian diet lowers the risk of heart disease by one-third

3/15/2013 - Common sense dictates that a diet filed with fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and legumes that eliminate excessive red and processed meats, fried foods and sugary sweets will benefit overall health as it naturally extends lifespan. Many people rely heavily on fast convenience and processed foods...

Children with healthier diets are smarter, research proves

8/24/2012 - Most parents want to do whatever they can to ensure they give their children every advantage and opportunity to succeed in life. According to new research, that also includes making sure they have a healthy diet. According to a new study led by University of Adelaide, public health researcher, Dr....

Vegetarian cavemen died off while meat-eaters survived, according to scientists

8/23/2012 - Animal rights activists may be uncomfortable with it, but new research shows that a vegetarian branch of humans died off long ago, while their meat-eating brethren lived on and thrived. That is the conclusion of a recently published study in the journal Nature by a team of researchers from the Ecole...

Meatless Monday and Wheatless Wednesday - So what's for dinner?

4/7/2012 - Whether for ecological purposes or healthy lifestyles, less is definitely more. Think about the simple water conservation changes you may have made recently, like turning off the spigot while brushing your teeth, or the healthy choices you've made like reducing your overall calorie intake. These same...

Nutrition 101: Part 6 - The Spiritual Side (Opinion)

3/15/2012 9:18:21 PM - As you have surmised by now, the preceding five articles of Nutrition 101 lent itself more towards the vegetarian aspect of nutrition. Please understand, that a vegetarian diet is not being put forth as being the all in all, or glorified as being the goal in life, because it isn't. The vegetarian...

Study: Vegetarian diet may help children stay fit, avoid obesity

10/8/2011 - With the poor quality of many of today's conventional meat products, a vegetarian diet just might be an appropriate fit for some modern children, one of three that are now overweight in the US. A new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that people of all ages, including...

Wild grass makes many vegetarian diets work

3/21/2011 - In the health community there's often disagreement about whether to include meat in the diet. Some sources cite vegetarian or vegan diets as key for health, while others note that some people don't do well on these diets over extended periods of time. Ever wonder why? Let's have a look, but let's start...

Vegetarian truths empower

1/15/2011 - By the day, more people are becoming aware of the dangers of a traditional diet and have taken responsibility for their diets. They do so only to be told by well-intentioned peers and "people in the know" that abstaining from meat while being an athlete is not wise. The story has been told over and...

Omega-3: A Vegetarian Perspective Identifies the Best Source (Opinion)

4/22/2010 - This article has been removed

Find Enough Protein in a Vegetarian Diet (Opinion)

3/29/2010 - This article has been removed

Flexitarians on the Rise as Informed Consumers Avoid Meat

11/17/2009 - An increasing number of people in First World countries are becoming "flexitarians," or people who still eat meat (and are not, therefore, vegetarian) but who try to limit their intake of it and actively seek out regular vegetarian meals. In response, the number of vegetarian restaurants and restaurants...

Cayenne Pepper and a Vegetarian Recipe Bring Heart Health

9/10/2009 - Cayenne pepper's been called a cure-all herb, and while it may not cure all, cayenne pepper works miracles on at least one organ in the body: the heart. Cayenne pepper has been known to stop a heart attack instantly, and if you have heart problems you might be better off taking cayenne daily instead...

Eating Meat Kills More People Than Previously Thought

3/30/2009 - There is no more denying it. Meat contains highly toxic substances that are responsible for many deaths and diseases. Heavy meat consumption increases your risk of dying from all causes, including heart disease and cancer, according to a federal study conducted by the National Cancer Institute and featured...

Ten Tips for Your Vegetarian Diet Plan

3/12/2009 - Vegetarians and vegans typically live longer and healthier lives. Lower body weight, good cholesterol levels, and less risk to diabetes ( are just a few reasons to become vegetarian or vegan. The transition from a meat eater can often be hard. Many experienced...

Vegetarian Author John Robbins Financially Hit Hard by Madoff Ponzi Scheme Collapse

1/20/2009 - The $50 billion Ponzi scheme operated by Wall Street criminal Bernie Madoff has reportedly struck a victim in the vegetarian foods community: John Robbins, author of Diet For A New America and other popular food culture books has been reportedly wiped out. A letter on (

Myth Busted: Hitler Was Not a Vegetarian

12/24/2008 - It's common knowledge that Hitler was a vegetarian. Just ask anybody: They'll tell you so. Trouble is, the assumption is false. Hitler wasn't a vegetarian at all. Consider the historical facts: • Biographers who wrote about Hitler (and who knew him quite well on a personal basis) openly describe...

Plant-Based Diets: An Overview of Options for Optimal Health

8/12/2008 - The common question surrounding plant-based diets concerns the source of protein. Although food calories also consist of carbohydrates and fats, protein is typically considered the most essential of the three groups. In fact, Americans have long been dogmatic in their regard for the quality and quantity...

Debating Pescatarianism: To Fish or Not to Fish for a Protein Source

7/31/2008 - Pescetarian, Piscatarian, Pescatorian, Pesco-vegetarian, Fishetarian -- No, these are not the names for members of obscure religious sects. These are some of the different terms used for people who do not eat the meat of mammals and birds but do eat fish and shellfish. While these individuals essentially...

Finding Happiness the Natural Way

3/6/2008 - In a blue funk. Apathetic. High-strung. Premenstrual woman from hell. Enervated. Grouchy. Spacey. Turning on the waterworks for no real reason. Swinging from repressed fear to rage like an angst-ridden green monster. Do any of these describe you? Before you pop that Prozac into your mouth, ask yourself:...

Study of Seventh Day Adventist Diet Means Good News For Vegetarians

2/6/2008 - A study of Seventh Day Adventists, published in 2000, showed that several of their lifestyle factors increase longevity and quality of health. The study was conducted among 34,192 self-identified California Adventists. Subjects were asked to complete questionnaires that pinpointed demographics, medical...

Smart kids more likely to go vegetarian later in life

12/22/2006 - In a recent study from Britain, children with a higher intelligence quotient at age 10 were found to be more likely to become vegetarians later in life. In fact, people with an IQ of 110 were two-and-a-half times more likely to avoid eating meat, according to the lead author of the study. Catherine...

Red meat consumption doubles risk of colon cancer, says study; is it time to go vegetarian yet?

4/27/2005 - A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows a doubling of the risk of colon cancer for people who are heavy consumers of red meat. More specifically, it shows that the risk doubles compared to those who consume smaller quantities of red meat. But how does this compare...

Many "healthy" and vegetarian foods contain MSG in the form of yeast extract

7/27/2004 - There's a great deal of deception in the labeling of food products found at your local grocery store and even at many health food stores. A disturbing trend I've noticed is that many vegetarian products and grocery items billed as "healthy" or "natural" are using chemical additive taste enhancers found...

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