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Vaccine Zombie

Sunday, August 29, 2010 | Read Comments

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Song Lyrics

Standin' in line for the vaccine shot

Hope I get mine cause believe it or not
I think I might die less I take what they got
My brain's too fried so I give it no thought, no thought

Cause the FDA said it's safe for me
The drug companies claim that it's made for me
And the government, they gonna pay for me
It's not too late for me, is it?

Now it's my turn to be injected.
They say it's gonna hurt but I'll be protected.
When they give the word I do as I'm directed.
I'm not the kind of person to do something unexpected


I do everything the doctors tell me
Swallow all those pills they sell me
I'm afraid that germs might kill me!
Vaccine zombie, zombie

I forgot how to think for myself
I don't understand a thing about health
I do the same as everyone else
I'm a vaccine zombie, zombie

(Verse 2)

When I took the shot then my face turned blue
I started feelin' hot inside but I didn't have a clue what to do
My temperature was hundred and two
Then my nut sack shriveled up and fell off too

The nurse screamed and said something was missin'
she called the physician who said he had a suspicion
that the vaccine caused a neurological condition
and soon I would see the mortician

They started cuttin' out my brain happy as can be
Bunch of undead doctors from the CDC
I finally figured out what happened to me
When they said we got another vaccine zombie!

Step one: Remove your brain
Step two: Replace with zombie vaccines
Step three: Watch television for further instructions from the Centers for Zombie Control

(Chorus 2)

I do everything the doctors tell me
Swallow all those pills they sell me
I'm afraid that germs might kill me!
Vaccine zombie, zombie

I forgot how to think for myself
I don't understand a thing about health
I do the same as everyone else
I'm a vaccine zombie, zombie

(Verse 3)

I always do as requested
Like the media covertly suggested you guessed it
I finally gave in and confessed it I like to have my
body and my brain medically molested

Don't wanna be arrested, so I don't protest it
I give another pint of blood just to test it
I'm not takin those herbs, I detest it
Just give me more pills they gonna be ingested

I'm a sucker for the ads, a sucker for the labs
A sucker for the swine flu jabs
and I don't mind followin' a medical fad
Cause livin without a brain ain't half bad

Come and play, come and play,
Come and play in my vaccine lottery
You gonna pay, you gonna pay cause
the vaccine makes more profit than vitamin D
Listen up, listen up
The Big Pharma vaccine ain't even safe
They stick it in your arm, doin' permanent harm
And treat you like a medical slave

I'm afraid of invisible germs - I need a vaccine!
I'm afraid of parasites and worms - I need a vaccine!
I'm afraid of seasonal flu - I need a vaccine!
I'm afraid of having sex with you - I need a vaccine!

I'm afraid of my children's chicken pox - I need a vaccine!
I'm afraid of my roommate's dirty socks - I need a vaccine!
I believe all the news that's on television - no way!
I believe the official 9/11 commission

Those HERBS are woo woo quackery
I get my FOOD from a fast food factory
I got my psych drugs they talkin' back to me
Modern medical myths are like fact to me

Cause everything I know came from TV
Everything they say at the CDC
Is true, you see, you have to agree
With the words of a vaccine zombie

That's right. That's right.

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